(We open in Louie's Sweet Shop. Butch, Whitey, and Chuck are all primping in a mirror set up on the counter. Sally is wiping the rest of the counter and chewing Slip out. Sach is eating a banana split.)

Sally: An ESCORT SERVICE? (She throws down her rag) I can't believe you! And then the whole thing with the uranium. Uncle only just got this place fixed up again, no thanks to you!

Slip: Sally, if you would listen for one minute....

Sally: No! I'm tired of listening. I'm tired of listening to you and your stupid ideas and your dumb malaprops. I'm tired of what you put my uncle through and my aunt and ME through with all your stupid ideas that do nothing but cost my uncle money!

Slip: *Curious* Dumb malaprops?

Sally: You can't string two words together without messing them up!

Slip: Obliviously, you don't pay detention to how verbose I am.

Sally: Oh, yes, I do! And the word is "attention." (She waggles a finger in his face) And don't say it's the past tense or whatever. I know it isn't. I'm not as dumb as all the girls you and those pack of Lost Boys like to chase around the Bowery.

Slip: But, Sally...

Sally: I'm through with you. Slip, when are you going to start earning an honest dollar? A real honest dollar. Work for my uncle. He likes you. Why, I don't know, but he likes you. You might last more than three hours here!

Slip: Through?

Sally: Yes, through. I'm sick of you, sick of your temper and your immaturity. How old are you? 30? 31? You're not a juevenile delinquent anymore.

Slip: Sally...

Sally: I know you, Terrance Mahoney. I've known you since we were kids and you used to pull on my pigtails and thought you were cute. Well, acting like a teenager isn't cute anymore. You're worse than some...some beast!

Sach: (Looks up) Chiefy's a beast? When did he stop shaving?

Slip: Beast!?

Sally: Yes, beast! A...a gorilla! An undersized gorilla! You beat up on your best friend and anyone who doesn't agree with you. You walk out on perfectly good jobs because they won't do what you want. Well, here's a wake-up call for you, Mr. Mahoney. You may be able to boss Sach and the others around, but you're NOT the boss of the whole universe...and you're not mature enough to handle it!

Sach: See, Chief? She thinks you look like a gorilla, too!

Slip: Shudup, Sach! *Swats him with his hat*

Sach: (He tries to duck) Oop! You got whipped cream on your hat!

Sally: Why don't you try getting along for once?

Slip: But this maniac...

Sally: Ok, so Sach probably shouldn't have put his two cents in. That's still no reason to pound on a man!

Sach: I put two cents in? I have two cents? (Starts checking his pockets)

Slip: SACH!

Sach: You seen my two cents? (He starts checking the floor for it)

(He's still checking the floor when three attractive girls walk in. The tallest giggles at Sally and Slip.)

Rachel: Are you two fighting again?

Marsha: (Shakes her head) They're always fighting! You'd think they were already married!

Jane: Considering all the time those two lovebirds spend together, they might as well be!

Marsha: (Looks down at Sach, who bumps into her and keeps going) What's the nut doing on the floor, checking for squirrels?

Sach: There's squirrels in here, too?

Sally: There better not be, or Uncle Louie will have a fit.

Rachel: (She turns to Chuck) You folks ready to go out on the town? We're going to the Perrault Club, that swanky new nightspot.

Marsha: It's supposed to be so elegant! The waitresses dress like princesses, and the waiters all have plastic swords!

Chuck: You bet we're ready.

Whitey: I can't wait to get there!

Marsha: (Takes Whitey's arm) I'm glad your friend Gabe got us seats with his new girl. She's the singer there. They're supposed to be great reservations!

Jane: What about you, Sally?

Sally: (Goes back behind the counter and starts washing it again) I'm not going. I have to help Uncle clean up the store.

Rachel: Come on, Sal. You do nothing but work. Don't you ever want to dress up and play princess?

Sally: There's more to life than night clubs that cost money, Rach. (Shrugs) I'll just finish in here, then read a good book.

Jane: You're always reading! Don't you ever want to do anything?

Sally: Not tonight.

Butch: (Turns to Slip) What about you, Chief?

Sach: Chief won't go if Sally doesn't go. They're like this. (Holds two fingers together.)

Slip: I ain't in no mood to go nowhere!

Rachel: I guess that's a no, then. (Takes Chuck's arm) But we can still have fun.

Chuck: You bet we can.

Jane: (As she takes Butch's arm) See ya later! (They all stroll off)

Sach: (Waves his hands at them) Don't mind them. I think they're jealous, Sal, 'cause you got the Chief and they didn't.

Sally: I'm not so sure I want the Chief anymore.

Slip: Well, who says I want you anymore, hmmmm?

Sally: Fine, then! We're finished! (She starts wiping the counter even harder than before)

Slip: Fine! *Heads for the front door, but doesn't go out; takes a seat nearest the window and turns to look out it.*

Sach: (He turns to Slip) Um, Chief, it's getting late. It's almost my bedtime. (He picks up a book that was next to his banana split.) Will you read me a bedtime story?

Slip: *sighs, irritated* I ain't in the mood, Sach. Just forget I'm here.

Sach: Ok. (He turns to Sally) Could you read me a bedtime story, Sally?

Sally: Well...just one. Then you'll go to your apartment and go to sleep?

Sach: (Nods) I'll go to sleep like a good little boy.

Sally: All right. (Opens the book) Oh, here's one of my favorite fairy tales, "Beauty and the Beast."

Sach: Oh, I like that one. It's spooky. Read that one.

Sally: (Nods) Ok. Once upon a time, there was a merchant who had four daughters. The youngest was named Beauty. He and his family were once wealthy, but they had recently lost all their money and had become poor. The merchant was on his way back from another lost investment when he ran into a fierce snowstorm...

(The screen gets wavy, and we fade out on the scene. Fade in on Louie, dressed in his king's costume from "Bowery and the Beanstalk" with a plainer hat and cloak instead of royal robes. Snow swirls all around him. He holds up his hands to shade his eyes.)

Louie: Oh, it's black as pitch out there. (Makes a face) How did I get lost in this storm? First I lose all of my money, and my daughters lose their suitors. Then I find out that one of my ships might have come in, and oh, they all want every dress and piece of lace on the planet! (Sighs) Except my dear little Beauty. All she wants is a single rose. I hate to disappoint that dear girl. She's so different from her sisters. So sweet and gentle and smart! But there's no roses to be found in the winter. (He tries to spur his horse on) Come on, you old nag! Where are you taking me? (The horse stops before a heavy wrought-iron gate.) You're taking me here? (He frowns) But...but this place is dark! It looks haunted! Deserted! (He's hit by another blast from the storm and is almost knocked off his horse.) Ok, ok. I guess scary shelter is better than no shelter at all.

(He leads his horse inside the gate. The camera follows the two down a cobblestone path, past a snow-covered yard and a thick iron fence that surrounds the back of the courtyard. He leaves the horse in a stable, then walks in the building.)

Louie: (He peers inside) Hello? Is anyone there? (Sees a torch; takes it) There must be someone here. There's lights on!

Whisper #1: (We see four outlines in the shadows) Should we help him, guys? You know how the Chief feels 'bout people bein' here. 'Specially with the way we are now, n' everythin'.

Whisper #2: I think he looks nice! I'm sure he wouldn't cause any harm!

Whisper #3: Yeah, he looks harmless enough.

Whisper #4: We should help him.

Louie: H...hello? (He leans into the shadows...but the outlines have scattered, and he sees nothing. He shrugs.) Hm. Must be hearing things.

(He finally arrives in what looks like the library/study set used in many other stories. There's a roaring fire prepared by a huge, plush maroon armchair. One outline with what looks like spikes on his back appears with a footstool. Another, more feathery outline brings a maroon pillow. Two more bring tea and sandwiches.)

Louie: Ahh, this is more like it. (He leans against the pillow) What wonderful service! This is better than a hotel.

Outline #1: We hope you like it, Mister. We don't often get company. It's real nice to have you.

Louie: (Frowns and looks around) Who said that? (He gulps) Who are you?

Outline #1: Who're we? We're us, that's who we are!

Outline #4: Don't confuse the poor guy.

Outline #1: I ain't confusin' him! He asked me who we are, and I told him.

Louie: Well, why can't I see you?

Outline #2: 'Cause we...we...uh....

Outline #1: ...Are really shy an' don't like to be seen.

Louie: That makes me nervous. What are you, then? Are you human? Why can't I see you?

Outline #1: You think we oughta show him?

Louie: Show me what? Who are you?

Outline #4: Sir, please understand, we're outcasts.

Outline #3: We just wanna make ya comfy and help out.

Louie: That's very kind of you. (Shrugs) I guess I'm an outcast, too. I don't have any money anymore. All of my old friends in the city have turned me away. All I have left is one old shop in the country and my daughters.

Outline #1: Oh, we've got money, tons of it, but it don't do us no good.

Louie: You're lucky, then. I haven't got a sou. (He looks around) Are you the master of this place?

Outline #1: (We can see him point to himself) Me? Nahh. That's our Chief. He's out in his garden, eatin' bananas.

Louie: Must really need his potassium.

Outline #1: That's sorta what he's done ever since we...ouch! (One of the outlines smacks him...and we can see the shadow of a rabbit's paw smacking feathers) Did ya have to do that, Chuck?

Outline #4: Then knock it off.

Louie: You boys have awfully hairy hands. (Gulps) You're not...werewolves, are you? I read about those. They attack in the night, and howl at the full moon.

Sach: See what you did, Chuck? You're scarin' the poor old guy!

Chuck: *Ignores Sach* Sir, we aren't werewolves, I assure you.

Louie: Then what are you?

Butch: (Looks at the others) I guess we sorta have to tell him now. He saw your paw, Chuck.

Chuck: *Steps out first; he's a brown bunny with a white cotton tail* We are animals.

Sach: (He steps out next; he's an eagle with a much longer nose than usual, even for him. His hair is whitish.) Yeah.

*Whitey steps out. He's a light-colored porcupine.*

Butch: (He's a golden dog with floppy ears, a fluffy tail, and large paws) Now you know.

Louie: You...you're....but you can't be....you talk, walk upright like men...but you have feathers...quills...fur....no! You can't be! You...you...

Chuck: Sir, please calm down! We wish you no harm.

Louie: No...no....this is crazy! (Shakes his head) Thank you for your hospitality, but I think...I think I'll have a look around. I'm not hungry. (Indicates the food.) Help yourself. (He jumps up and hurries out the door.)

Butch: That didn't go well.

Chuck: *Sighs* Not at all.

Sach: Yeah, it did! (He grabs a sandwich) He left us his dinner! Wasn't that nice of him?

*Whitey smacks Sach this time.*

(Cut to Louie wandering around. He's jumping at every shadow and quivering at every sound.)

Louie: I have to get out of here. Storm or no storm, I can't stay in this place with those...those whatever they are. (He pushes a door) I didn't see this before.

(Cut to a beautiful garden. It's filled with every kind of flower and tree known to man. Louie wanders around the lush flora, admiring its beauty.)

Louie: This must be an enchanted garden. Oh, it's amazing! (He turns to see a huge rose bush filled with red roses.) Oh, a rose bush! Just what my Beauty wanted! I'll be able to bring her home a gift, and I won't have to break the bank, like I did buying gifts for her sisters! (Just as he plucks the rose from the bush, we hear growling and snarling in the flora behind him.)

Growly Voice: What're you doin'?

Louie: (He jumps and looks around) Where are you? Are you another animal human thing? I'm just getting a rose for my daughter!

*A small gorilla steps out from the flora, still growling.*

Gorilla: Who let you in?

Louie: You...you're...you're like the others...th..they..let me in. It was them, I tell ya!

Gorilla: So what if I am?

Louie: I don't mean anything against it. It's just that you...you're not...well, you're not what I expected. (He gulps) I just need to rest for the night. I have to get back to my daughters with this rose and their things.

Gorilla: An' you think I'm just gonna let you steal from me?

Louie: No...I mean yes...I mean no, but...

Gorilla: My friends let you in, then you steal! You're a very defusing little man!

Louie: I didn't mean to steal! I didn't know this garden was occupied! My daughter Beauty just wanted a rose! You're the only one who has any! It's January!

Gorilla: Then ya won't mind repayin' by stayin' here as a hostess.

Louie: But..no! My daughters need me!

Gorilla: *Appears to smirk* Then I'll take one-a yer daughters.

Louie: No! Not my precious girls!

Gorilla: I guess yer stayin' then...

Louie: (Looks at the rose; then) No! No, I...I'll have to do it. You'll like them, Mr. Gorilla. They're all very sweet and very pretty.

Gorilla: You mentioned one named Beauty.

Louie: That's her nickname, 'cause she's such a lovely girl. Her real name is Sally. To tell the truth, I think she's my favorite. She's sweet and kind and beautiful, and smart as a whip. She'll be reading at home with me while her sisters are out with young men. She's not afraid of hard work, that girl. I think she works too hard sometimes. She says she has to take care of me and the shop.

Gorilla: An' she's the one yer snitchin' the rose for.

Louie: (Nods) Yes. Her sisters wanted fine dresses and lace and ribbons. All she asked for was a single rose to brighten her day.

Gorilla: Her...Sally. You must get her here.

Louie: Oh, not Sally! I'm sure she wouldn't agree to it!

Gorilla: Then yer stayin'.

Louie: I'll...I'll get her to agree to it. I'll leave in the morning. I can't go anywhere in this storm.

Gorilla: *Sighs* Alright.

Louie: Thank you...I mean, that's really...uh...thank you! (He hurries out of the garden, just as Sach the Eagle comes in.)

Sach: I wonder what got into him? (Turns to the gorilla) Isn't he a nice guy? Little jumpy, though. He ran out here when he saw us. Left us his dinner. (Holds out a sandwich) Want some? I saved you one.

Gorilla: No, Sach, I don't. Little guy was tryin' to snitch a rose! Caught 'im in the act.

Sach: And he looked like such a nice guy, too! (Frowns) Is he stayin' the night? If he is, I'll have Chuck n' Butch set up a room for him.

Gorilla: Yeah, he's stayin' till the storm passes, then he's sendin' his daughter in his place.

Sach: His daughter? A goil? (Grins) Oooh, is she pretty?

Gorilla: He says she is. (Growls) I got first dibs! He stole my rose!

Sach: Ok, ok, Chief. I was just askin'. (Frowns) You think she could be the one who'll break the spell?

Gorilla: *His looks softens; he thumps down on a bench* I hope so.

Sach: (Nods) Yeah, me too.

(We fade out on the two unhappy man-animals. Fade in on a snow-covered area in front of what looks like the Louie's Sweet Shop set with straw over the window instead of an awning. Rachel, Marsha, Jane, and Louie all stand around Sally, who sits on a horse. All of the girls wear peasant outfits. The girls' are fancier than Sally's very plain yellow and brown dress.)

Rachel: Are you crazy? That monster will eat you!

Sally: Rachel, he's a gorilla. Gorillas are actually very gentle animals.

Louie: He sure didn't sound gentle to me!

Sally: My mind is made up, Father. (She squeezes Louie's hand) I'll be ok.

Louie: Are you sure you won't change your mind? We'll miss you terribly.

(Rachel, Jane, and Marsha all exchange annoyed looks. They know Sally is Louie's favorite, and they're very jealous.)

Sally: (Ignores them) I'll miss you too, Father, but..he asked for me. I have to do this.

Louie: Just be careful. You don't know what those creatures might do!

Sally: Don't worry. I'll be fine. (She hugs him and rides off into the snowy landscape.)

Louie: (Waves) I'll miss you, my darling girl! (The camera fades on his fearful face and his other daughters' jealous ones and back on the dark, forbidding castle. Sally rides right through the gate. Cut to inside the main hall. She takes a torch and walks down the hall, holding her cloak.)

Sally: This place is so spooky. (Calls) Hello? Is anyone here? I'm here for my father. Your master wanted me to come here.

(We hear the sound of something rubbery going in the darkness...and then a smack on feathers.)

Sach: (From the shadows) What? She's really cute!

Chuck: Knock it off for once, huh?

Sally: (Looks around) Who's there? And what's with the vaudeville act?

Sach: You think she's the old guy's daughter? The one the Chief was talkin' about?

Chuck: What other girl would willingly come in here?

Whitey: He's got a point.

Chuck: An older, sorta small gentleman was here yesterday, miss. Are you his daughter Sally?

Sally: Yes, I am. (She turns around, looking for them.) Who are you? Show yourselves!

Sach: (Sighs) Here we go again. At least she don't seem as jumpy as the old guy!

Chuck: Probably because he told her about us.

Sally: You must be those creatures Father talked about. You can come out.

(They all pull out of the shadows. She draws a breath, but doesn't run.)

Sally: You're certainly...interesting-looking.

Sach: Did ya hear that? She thinks we're interestin'!

Whitey: I've always wanted to be interestin'!

Sally: You're not as frightening as Father said, once you get used to you.

Sach: Oh boy, we're not frightening! That old guy must have just had ants in his pants or somethin'!

Sally: (Laughs) Father is easily frightened. Don't take him to heart.

Chuck: We tried to calm him, but it didn't work.

Sally: Sometimes, even I can't calm him when he's upset. His blood pressure goes up so easily! (Looks around) There's only four of you. Where's your master? The one Father said looked like a gorilla.

Sach: Oh, he's in the garden. Can't be disturbed. He'll see you at dinner.

Sally: Ahh. (Rubs her stomach) I am a little hungry.

Sach: (Nods at the others) Well, why don't we take her upstairs, so she can dress for dinner? We have to show her those rooms the Chief picked out for her.

Chuck: *Also nods* Yeah, letís do that.

(Cut to upstairs. The room is the bedroom suite seen in so many stories...but the modern furnishings have been replaced by antiques and tapestries in soft, rich autumn reds and golds. There's a huge old wardrobe, a fireplace with a roaring fire, a piano, and a bookshelf filled to the brim with every book imagineable. Sally gasps at the beauty of the room.)

Sach: This is the room we used ta use for lady guests. Do ya like it, Sally?

Sally: Like it? (She turns around and around, her eyes wide) It's the most amazing room I've ever seen!

Whitey: I think she likes it, guys.

Sach: You ain't seen nuthin' yet! (He flings open the wardrobe to reveal a closet filled with beautiful gowns in every color)

Sally: Oh...oh my. This is all for me?

Chuck: Yup, courtesy of the Chief.

Sally: Your Chief is quite a ma...uh, ape.

Sach: Oh, that he is, Sal. That he is.

Butch: You're our guest here. The Chief wants us to treat you like one.

Chuck: Nothin' but the best for you.

Sally: That's very sweet of him. (She turns to the others) Why don't I dress for dinner?

Sach: Oh boy! (He grins, but Butch elbows him)

Butch: I don't think she means a free show!

Sach: Awww!

Sally: Sorry, boys.

Chuck: Come on, fellas. Letís leave the lady alone.

(They do so. Sally sighs and goes to the dresses, shaking her head. As she pulls out a ruffly red gown, admiring it, she happens to look up at the window...and sees a dark, ape-like head there. When she looks again, it's gone. She shrugs, and starts to take off her gown.)

(Cut to the dining room. It's a huge room with a very long table filled with food. The Boys escort Sally, now weariing the red gown and a tiara with red stones in her upswept hair, to a chair. Sach pulls it out for her; she sits down.)

Sally: Thank you. You're all so gentlemanly. Are there any female animals in the castle for you?

Sach: Oh no. It's just us, an' some of the cooks in the kitchen. They're all cats and dogs.

Sally: So, where is this mysterious Chief that everyone keeps talking about?

Sach: Oh, he's around. He hadda dress for dinner, too, ya know.

Sally: (Her eyes widen as cats in maid's costumes bring food out) Oh my...what, um, interesting service.

Sach: Yeah, and you should hear them meow.

*Chuck elbows Sach.*

Sach: What? I've seen you pawing a maid or two. Didn't you offer one a carrot the other day?

Chuck: *Mutters* Not now!

Sally: (Chuckles) I'm sure they're all nice girls...um, cats.

Chief: Are you mugs done yet? *Stops at the table*

Sally: Oh...you...you must be the Chief everyone talks about.

*Amidst the fur, he does wear a bowtie and has a rose somehow attached wear a carnation would normally be.*

Sally: You...you look very nice. The rose suits you.

Sach: How'd you get it on there, with all that fur n' fat?

Chief: *Glares at Sach, but ignores him as Chuck bops him on the head; to Sally, he seems to turn a shade of red* Thank you. Yer very pretty.

Sally: (Blushes) Thank you. You...you're not bad, for a gorilla.

Sach: (Elbows Chuck) See? She likes him!

Chuck: *Winces* Yeah, I see, I see.

Chief: *Frowns a bit* Thanks.

Sally: (She starts cutting her meat) So, what do you do here?

Sach: He eats bananas.

Chuck: *Bonks Sach on the head again.* Will you stop that?

Chief: *Growls* Would the slow-roasted nut gallery mind gettin' outta here?

Sally: Roughly translated, this is a dinner for two, fellas.

Chuck: Letís go. *Grabs Sach's feathers and pulls him away.*

Sach: Ouch! Ooh, not the feathers! They bruise easy!

Sally: (Laughs as the other two follow them) Those four are something else. Are they your brothers?

Chief: *Sighs* The bunny boppin' the eagle's my brother. The rest are friends.

Sally: They seem harmless, for monsters. Not too bright, but harmless. Especially the Eagle.

Chief: Infinitely not too bright for Eagle Beak.

Sally: (As she continues her dinner) You know, Father told me about that garden. It sounds lovely. If I promise not to touch any of the flowers, would you show it to me?

Chief: *Eyes light up a bit; small smile* I'd love to.

Sally: You seem so sweet, not at all like the terrible beast my father described. He was so upset!

Chief: *Frowns* I was grumpy. We didn't get along. I scared him, like everyone else.

Sally: (Takes his paw across the table) You don't scare me. Gorillas are very gentle animals, you know. I read that.

Chief: Good news fer me. *Clears his throat* Uhh... you can call me Slip.

Sally: You can call me Sally, then. Only Father calls me Beauty. (She smiles.) Slip. That's an odd name.

Slip: *Smiles* Sally. *shrugs* Those guys gave me that name Ďcuz they said I have a slip of the tongue sometimes. I dunno what they're blabberin' about.

Sally: I don't, either. You seem perfectly fine to me. You get some of your longer words mixed up, but other people do that, too.

Slip: *Gives her a questioning look* I'm just as legitimate as the next guy.

Sally: Yes, you are. (She holds his hand again)

*Slip just smiles at her, not really believing she's taken such a liking to him.*

Sally: (She smiles) Thank you for the room and the lovely dresses. They fit just right!

Slip: Yer welcome, Sally. I was hopin' you'd like everythin'.

Sally: Oh, I do! It's beautiful! I've never been in such a room! (She looks around.) This is an amazing place. It's almost like it's...enchanted.

*Slip starts coughing, taken by surprise that she practically knows about the enchantment! He grabs his water and takes a long drink.*

Sally: (She jumps out of her chair and thumps his back) Are you ok?

Slip: *Gasps a little* Yeah...sorry...

Sally: You shouldn't drink that so fast! You'll choke yourself, and I'm not that great with the Heimlich Maneuver.

Slip: *Waves it off* I'm okay. Had a tickle.

Sally: Are you coming down with something? (Touches his forehead) You seem ok...

Slip: *Grins* I am feelin' a little warm suddenly...

Sally: Maybe you ought to go lie down.

Slip: No! I'll be fine!

Sally: Are you sure you're ok? You look flushed, even under the fur.

Slip: Yer so pretty...

Sally: Thank you. You...you're very nice. (She squeezes his leathery hand)

Slip: *Frowns* Thanks.

Sally: Now, maybe we'd better finish our dinner and head to bed. You don't look so good, and we've both had a long night.

Slip: *Still frowning* I'm done.

Sally: I am, too. (She takes his arm) Would you like to accompany me upstairs, Master of the Castle?

Slip: *Sad smile* I'd love to.

(The two stroll up the long staircase together. Slip's smile remains sad as Sally talks about her father and sisters.)

(Cut to later that night, in Sally's bedroom. She lays in bed, wearing a beautiful white silk nightgown...but her sleep is anything but restful! As she tosses and turns, the screen becomes less focused and wavier.)

(We then dissolve to the rose garden again. Sally sits next to the rose bush Louie took the rose for her from, wearing her red gown again. She looks around her.)

Sally: W...where am I? Is this the garden? (She leans over and sniffs the roses) These are so beautiful. How could they have made Slip so angry?

Sally: (Looks up as she hears footsteps) Who's there?

*A young man of slightly less than medium height comes forward. He wears a fancy maroon robe a small tasteful crown on his head. He gives her a sad look.*

Sally: Who...who are you?

Young Man: I am Prince Terrence.

Sally: A prince? Are you the owner of this castle?

Terrence: *Nods once* Yes, a prince. *Pauses; his words are deliberate* I am the owner of this castle.

Sally: You seem so familiar... (She touches his face.) Have I seen you before?

Terrence: *Melts a little at her touch* No, you haven't seen me before.

Sally: I swear, there's something about you that's so...it's like I know you, and you're so sweet...

Terrence: Please, you must help me.

Sally: Help you? How? What's happened to you?

Terrence: I am trapped in the castle. I need your help to free me.

Sally: How? Who trapped you? The Beast?

Terrence: *Sadly* Yes.

Sally: And he seemed so kind and gentle. (She takes his soft hand and squeezes it) Where is he keeping you?

Terrence: I... *melts into her gaze* I...

(Suddenly, there's a blast of black light. Terrance pulls Sally close to him as the black light and sparkles coalesce before them. When it subsides, it reveals a beautiful woman with long red hair in a lacy, silky gown, like spider webbing. She has webby black wings and holds a black wand.)

Sally: Who are you?

Woman: Oh no you don't, little prince. You won't give the game away that easily.

Terrence: But...

Woman: (She raises her wand over him) I can do far worse things to you and your friends, especially that precious brother of yours. Keep your trap shut.

Sally: What have you done to him and his friends?

*Terrence frowns, but does as told.*

Woman: (She reaches for Terrance and runs her fingers across his face) That's a good boy. You'll make a fine husband for me, and your pretty brother will be lovely for my own youngest daughter.

*Terrence still frowns, but his eyes are flaming.*

Sally: (She shoves her hand away) Get OFF of him!

Woman: (She grabs Sally's hand and pulls her off the bench) Don't play games with me, sister. You don't know whom you're dealing with.

Terrence: Don't touch her!

Woman: You, be quiet. Keep that temper to yourself, little prince. (Turns to Sally and yanks her arm behind her back) Stay away from Prince Terrance and his brother and their court, little girl. They're none of your concern.

Terrence: No, I won't be quiet! She hasn't done anything!

Sally: (Struggles) Let me go! They are of my concern!

Woman: (Smirks at Terrance) Remember what I can do to your brother...or her.

Terrence: Please... don't hurt them. I... I don't care what you do to me. Just don't hurt them!

Woman: (Pats his cheek) That's a good boy. (She shoves Sally aside) As for you, you stay away from Prince Terrance and his court, or you'll find yourself facing worse than them.

Sally: What's happened to them? What did you do to them, you witch! Where are they?

Woman: You won't find out from me. (She runs her wand over Terrance's face.) Or him. He's going to keep quiet like the good little pet he is, isn't he?

*Terrence opens his mouth, but nothing comes out. He glares at her, eyes flaming.*

Sally: What have you done to him?

Woman: I've cast a spell of silence on him. He knows he's mine. He'll keep his place now.

*Terrence frowns at Sally and nods.*

Woman: (Pushes Sally away) And you'll keep yours. (She waves her wand over Terrance) You come with me now, my pretty pet.

Sally: NOO! Terrance!

*Terrence nods and moves to follow the woman. He's unable to give Sally a parting look.*

Sally: Noooo! Nooo! (She screams...and keeps screaming as we cut back to her bedroom. Sach and Whitey come rushing in, having overheard her screams. She's thrashing in her bed, tossing and turning wildly.)

Sach: (Points to Sally) There she is! She's makin' the noise, poor kid!

Whitey: We gotta calm her down or she'll wake up the whole place!

Sach: Sally! Sal, ol' girl! (He shakes her awake)

Sally: TERRANCE! NOOO! Leave him alone! Let him go! (Sach finally shakes her awake. She flings herself into his arms.)

Sach: (Grins) If this is what you do after nightmares, I hope you have one every night!

Whitey: You'd better share then, Sach!

Sally: Oh...oh boys... (She looks from one to the others) I had the strangest, scariest nightmare! But it seemed so real. There was a prince in the rose garden...Terrence. He was so sweet, and not unattractive. I know I've seen him before. But the witch...a horrible, nasty fairy...she...oh, she took him away. Put a spell on him, so he couldn't talk to me or tell me where the Beast was keeping him! (She nods at the two) Do you know if Slip is keeping any prisoners?

Sach: Prisoners? (Frowns) Did you say Terrence?

*Whitey's eyes widen.*

Sally: That's what he called himself. I heard the evil fairy call him that, too. (She looks thoughtful) He mentioned that he was a prisoner in the castle. The Beast is holding him prisoner. Him and his friends and his brother. The fairy threatened his brother. That's how she was able to get him to cooperate.

*Whitey gulps, looking to Sach.*

Sach: (Nods and just continues holding Sally) You've had a terrible scare. Maybe you oughta sleep in the room we all share. You could sleep on the couch.

Sally: (Nods) Yes. I don't think I could stay here again tonight. (She shudders)

Sally: Tomorrow, will you help me find that prince? I have to find him! That fairy may have hurt him and his brother!

Whitey: *Forces a smile* We'll try.

Sally: (She takes Whitey's hand) Do it for me. Do it for him...and for all of you. I think Prince Terrance and his brother may be the key to figuring out what's going on in this castle.

*Whitey nods.*

Sach: (The three of them stand) Come on, Sal. Let's get you to our room, before we wake up everyone else in the castle. (They all walk off as we fade out on the moon...and the sound of evil laughter in the air...)