(We open back in the main dining room. Sally walks in, now wearing a corniflour blue day gown trimmed with ruffles and bows. Sach, Chuck, Whitey, and Butch are already there, eating breakfast. They jump up the moment she arrives. Whitey gets to pull out her chair this time.)

Butch: (Mutters to Chuck) How'd he win the toss?

Chuck: He cheated. It was his coin.

Whitey: Here you go, my dear!

Sally: Why, thank you, Whitey. That was very sweet of you.

Whitey: Aww...

Butch: We're having oatmeal and eggs and stewed apples and bacon this morning!

Sach: And fish, 'cause I'm a growin' boy.

Chuck: Yeah, growin' OUT.

Sach: How many bowls of carrots and green stuff do you have on the table?

Chuck: *Makes a face* Too many. I'm gettin' sick of this stuff.

Butch: (Hands Chuck a bone) Have a bone, then. Good for your teeth.

Chuck: Very funny. *Clunks Butch lightly over the head with it.*

Butch: Hey! (Grabs the bone) That's my favorite one!

Chuck: Then why'd ya give it to me?

Butch: I didn't think you were gonna hit me with it!

Sach: Gentlemen! (He gets between them.) No arguing! There's a lady present.

Chuck: *Sighs* I'm sorry. I didn't sleep very well last night.

Sally: That's ok. You guys are (yawns) funny. (Shakes her head) I didn't sleep well, either.

Sach: Did you sleep any better in our room?

Sally: A little. (Frowns) Where's Slip this morning? Is he ok?

Chuck: He, uhhh...had a kinda rough night. He goes through bouts of insomnia, and it was really bad last night.

Sally: (Nods and yawns) I understand that. I had a terrible nightmare! I woke up screaming. In fact, I woke up Sach and Whitey and ended up sleeping on the couch in their room.

Whitey: We thought she was gonna wake up the whole castle!

Sach: Yeah!

Sally: (She frowns and pushes her eggs around) I wonder...was it even a nightmare? It seemed so real. That poor Prince Terrence, and his brother...

Chuck: *Eyes widen a bit* What...what happened in your dream?

Sally: Terrence came to me in the garden and asked for help. He said he was being held prisoner by the Beast.

Chuck: Oh my...

Sally: He...he was so sweet and gentle. I thought I'd seen him before, but he said I'd never seen him before.

*Whitey sniffs, despite having already heard about the dream.*

Sally: He told me he was the owner of the castle. He kept emphasizing that. (Frowns) He was going to tell me more, but a horrible woman with black wings interrupted him. Told him not to talk, or she'd hurt his brother and his friends.

*Now, it's Chuck turn to start coughing. Whitey whacks him on the back, giving a sympathetic look.*

Sally: (Looks up at Chuck) Are you all right? Bad carrots?

Chuck: *Clears his throat* You could say that.

Sally: (Growls a little) She tried to hurt me. Yanked my arm behind my back. Threatened me. She put a spell over Terrence that silenced him, then lead him away. (Gulps) She...that dreadful woman...she wants to marry Terrence. Said she wanted her younger daughter to marry his brother.

Whitey: That's awful!

*Chuck groans.*

Sally: Do any of you know if there's any prisoners in the castle?

Sach: I have a pet turtle! He's in an aquarium!

Chuck: Not what she meant.

Whitey: Well, umm...

Sally: I have to find poor Terrence and his friends! I feel like that wasn't a dream!

Sach: Why don't you think of something else? Maybe this would be a good time to explore the gardens...

Chuck: Yeah, we could show you around the castle!

Sally: That would be marvelous! I've never been in an enchanted castle before!

Sach: Hey guys, are we enchanted?

Sally: Don't even try. I figured that part out myself.

Sach: Well, I guess we can tell her that much. Yeah, there's magic here.

Sally: I'd like to see all of it!

Sach: Well, why don't we start from the top and work our way down? (Makes a face) But not the Chief's rooms. You know he likes his privacy.

Chuck: Yeah, you don't wanna make him unhappy.

Sally: Then we'll start away from his rooms.

Butch: How about we start in the library?

Sally: You have a library?

Sach: Chuck, do we have a library?

Chuck: Yes, Sach, but you've never been in there. (Sighs and nods at the others) Letís go.

(Cut to upstairs. The boys lead Sally into a huge library. It's a giant room filled with nothing but books, books, and more books. Sally looks around in delight.)

Sally: Oh...oh my...I've never seen so many books! This is wonderful!

Chuck: This collection belongs to all of us, even Sach, who's never been here before.

Sach: I think Chiefy told me I have some comics around here somewhere... (He goes to a shelf and starts riffling through it.)

Sally: There must be every book in the world in here!

Butch: It sure feels like it sometimes.

Chuck: *Nods* Yeah, it does. *motions to one small wall of books* I have managed my way through most of those so far.

Butch: All of mine are books on music history and sheet music.

Sach: I have the comics! (He pulls out one, plops down in a chair, and starts reading) Oooh, Captain Marvel!

Whitey: *Points out a section of science and electronics books* These are mine.

Sally: Which ones are Slip's?

Chuck: Over here, next to mine. He's got every type you could imagine, from fiction to historical to music...

Sally: (She pulls out a book) Ohh, a collection of pulp fiction novels! (She smiles) I didn't think he had such a wide range of interests.

Chuck: I often think the same thing.

Sally: It's a shame he can't join us. Maybe we should go see if he's feeling ok?

Chuck: No! We can't. He said he'd come out when he's better.

Sally: Maybe we could just leave him some chicken soup...

Sach: (Looks up from his comic) And have him hit me with his hat 'cause I disrupted his beauty sleep? No thanks. He needs all the beauty sleep he can get. One of these days, it might even make him beautiful.

Chuck: The thought's appreciated, Sally, but he's gonna be okay without us buggin' him.

Sally: Then why don't we move on to the next room? (She looks up at a portrait over the shelves that belong to Slip and Chuck...and gasp) Oh...oh...that's him! (Points and tugs at Chuck's arm) That's Prince Terrence! It's dusty and I can't really see it all the way in the corner, but it looks like him. The young man with him must be his brother. They do look a bit alike.

Chuck: *Winces* Oh dear. *He gives the other three a look that says "Help me!"*

Sach: Why don't we go somewhere else? This comic is boring anyway.

Butch: Let's go in the garden! I want to bury bones.

Whitey: You always wanna bury bones!

Chuck: *Tugs on her* Come on, Sally, letís move on.

Sally: Well, all right. (She's still looking at the portrait.)

Butch: (Mutters to Chuck) Your Highness, I'm sorry. I forgot about that picture. I woulda suggested takin' her somewhere else if I remembered it was there!

Chuck: *Sighs, frowning* It's okay, Butch. I sorta forgot about it, too.

Sach: We gotta keep her away from Chiefy's rooms. You know he'll have a fit if she gets in there...or worse!

Chuck: Worse. MUCH worse.

Sach: Where can we take her that ain't near here?

Chuck: She loves the garden.

Sally: (She points to a set of shadowy stairs) What's up there?

Sach: (He pulls her away) How'd you like to see the garden now?

Sally: The enchanted garden, with those beautiful roses?

Chuck: Yes, you loved it yesterday.

Sally: Even after that nightmare, I'd still like to see the garden. (Grins) Do fairies show up there often, and are they nicer than that black fairy?

Sach: Well, why don't we go see?

(Sally, however, looks over her shoulder at the shadowy staircase...)

*The guys start off toward the garden.*

(Sally starts to join them...but as much as she wants to figure out what happened in the garden the night before, she wants to know what's upstairs, too. She finally turns in the opposite direction and takes off for the staircase.)

(Sally wanders up the staircase. She pushes open the door to the main room. The room is dark and shadowy. A pool table is covered with dust and is ripped in several spots. A huge old jukebox gathers cobwebs in another corner. Pictures have been knocked off the walls. The odd antique furniture is overturned. There's another bookshelf filled with more books on every subject, including yes, some comic books and pulp fiction novels. Stacks of records, some broken, sit on another shelf.)

Sally: It looks like a whirlwind came through and destroyed this place! (She takes her handkerchief out of her pocket and starts dusting one of the fallen pictures) Slip needs to either hire a housekeeper or find a nice female gorilla who cleans. He really shouldn't have been so unkind to this picture. It has a beautiful frame. (She startles when she realizes that the eyes and hair she sees when she removes the dust from the top half of the picture looks familiar) Wait a minute. I know who this is. (She starts dusting more.)

*A door opens. There's a loud growl.*

Slip: What're you doin' here?

Sally: I...I got lost. I was looking for...someone...

Slip: Why don't I believe you?

Sally: Where is he?

Slip: I dunno what yer talkin' about.

Sally: Prince Terrence! He said he was a prisoner in this castle!

Slip: There ain't no one else here but us.

Sally: I saw him last night! He was in the garden! He was there, and a horrible black fairy...

Slip: Yer seein' things.

Sally: No, I'm not. I saw his picture and his brother's in the library!

Slip: What?

Sally: I saw the man from the dream last night in a portrait in the library. There was a younger man with him. It must have been the brother that fairy was using to make him keep silent. They look a bit alike.

Slip: *turns* You need to get outta here. I told the guys to not let anyone up here!

Sally: You need to either hire a housekeeper or learn to control your temper!

Slip: Who're you to tell me about my temper!?

Sally: My room doesn't look like I sent a hurricane through it!

Slip: Maybe I'm just messier, hmmmm?

Sally: I don't think "messier" means a ripped pool table or broken records.

Slip: Better I take it out on animated objects than people! Ya need to leave, Sally. Go back to the others.

Sally: Maybe I should... (That's when he turns his neck to her...and she sees bruises on it, even under his fur) What happened to you? (She goes to him) There's bruises on your neck. Big ones. (Takes his hand) There's one on your hand, too. That must hurt!

Slip: *Frowns* I tripped.

Sally: And landed on your neck? (Frowns) The bruises on your hands look like fingers....

Slip: Sally, don't.

Sally: Has someone been hurting you?

Slip: Please, Sally, don't ask!

Sally: Who is it?

Slip: I can't tell you.

Sally: Yes, you can! I won't hurt you.

Slip: It ain't you I'm worried about!

Sally: Then who are you worried about?

Slip: Go to the others and leave me alone!

Sally: Fine! Be a beast! You probably are holding Prince Terrence prisoner! I'll go find him. Maybe he'll be more responsive!

Slip: Fine! Go look for 'im! Ya won't find 'im here!

Sally: You probably have him locked away in some dungeon! Or maybe that's what you're hiding in that enchanted garden!

Slip: I don't have 'im, Sally! Now, get outta here!

Sally: I'm getting! (She turns to storm off)

*Suddenly an already broken vase goes sailing by her and shatters against the wall.*

Sally: Oh, what a brat! How could I have ever believed he was such a dear? He's nothing but an overgrown ape child! (She storms downstairs) I'm going to find that poor Terrence if it kills me! Maybe he can explain what's going on around here!

*More crashing and clunking and other assorted noises can be heard from the room, accompanied by growling.*

(Cut to the garden. Sally runs over to the rose bushes again, calling Terrence's name.)

Sally: Hello? (She looks around) Prince Terrence! (Sighs) As much as I hate to admit it, maybe Slip was right. Maybe it was just a dream. Maybe I only wanted it to be real, because that prince...he seemed so... (She sighs) He was so sad. It nearly broke my heart. (Looks up as she sees a black light by the rose bushes and hears rustling) Slip? Terrence? Boys?

(That's when the woman with the black wings and red hair appears from out of the bushes. She tugs her dress away from the roses' sharp thorns. A younger woman in a similar dress steps out from behind a tree.)

Sheila: Oh, blast it. The first thing I'm going to do when I take over this castle is get rid of those roses. Those thorns are a nuisence.

Sally: I wasn't dreaming! You're her!

Sheila: (She smacks her wand against Sally's chest) Don't get in my way, child. I will have Prince Terrence for my groom...and this castle and it's secrets will be mine.

Sally: Who ARE you?

Sheila: Sheila, young lady. A dark fairy. And so is my daughter, Zelda.

*Zelda smirks and wiggles her fingers at Sally.*

Sally: What have you done with Terrence and his brother?

Sheila: You mean, you still don't know?

Sally: Know what?

Sheila: Oh, this is rich. (turns to Zelda) Isn't it, dear?

Zelda: It is indeed, Mother.

Sally: (She puts up her fists) Tell me where they are, or I'll...I'll smack you silly!

Sheila: (Laughs) You really think that'll hurt us?

Zelda: I'd die of laughter, first!

(Sally doesn't give them a chance to die laughing. She clips Sheila in the chin, knocking her against a cherry blossom tree, then turns to Zelda.)

Sally: Wanna take me on, girlie? I'm not playing games. Where's Terrence?

Zelda: Really? You think I'll tell you? *puts her fists up* I'll take you on.

Zelda: Come on, show me what ya got.

Sally: My pleasure! (She lunges for Zelda with her right)

*Zelda barely dodges her, not expecting Sally to know how to fight. Zelda grabs Sally around the waist and tugs on her.*

(Sally grabs Zelda's nose and tweaks it.)

Zelda: Ow! *tries to give Sally a pick-two*

(Sally just stamps on her foot.

*Zelda hops around on her other foot, whimpering.*

Sally: Now do you believe I'm not playing games?

Sheila: (As she starts to come-to) Oooh....we're going to need reenforcements...

Zelda: You're telling me!

Sheila: It's time to bring the girls in. (Smirks) I'm sure they'll want to greet their prospective bridegrooms, anyway.

Sally: Bridegrooms?

Zelda: That's right.

(Sheila waves her wand. There's a black light...and three large, hairy creatures with ribbons in their fur appear.)

Demon #1: Ooh, Ma brought us to the nice garden!

Demon #2: Where's our boys?

Sally: Your boys?

Demon #3: Ma promised them to us!

Demon #1: I want my little yella one with all the prickles!

Demon #2: I want my doggie!

Demon #3: I like mine! He has feathers!

Sally: (Raises an eyebrow) These are your children? My condolences.

Sheila: These three are adopted.

Sally: (She puts up her dukes as the three demons and Zelda close in around her) I'll take on all of you if I have to!

Chuck: No, you won't! *He and the others enter the garden.*

Sally: Boys!

Sach: It's her! (Puts up his wings) Put 'em up! I've got claws now! I can really poke you to death!

Sheila: (Rolls her eyes) I'm so worried.

Demon #1: It's our boys!

Sach: We aint' your boys! We never even went on a date!

Butch: We don't want any part of you!

Sheila: (Waves her wand over Chuck) Zelda, I believe I found your bridegroom...

Sally: Get OFF him! (She lunges for her, trying to grab the wand. Sheila pulls away, and she ends up on the ground.)

Sheila: You're too much of a nusence. (She waves her wand again...and vines start to wrap around Sally) That'll hold you.

Sally: (She tugs hard at the vines, but they keep wrapping around her) Get 'em off!

*Zelda leaps onto Sach.*

Zelda: Put those away and leave my Mother alone, you bad bird! *Shoves him at Demon #3.*

Demon #3: Oh boy! Thanks, Miss Zelda! *squashes Sach in a hug*

Sach: (Gasps) Hey! Watch the beak!

Demon #1: (She pulls Whitey as close to her as she dares) You're so cute! I can't wait to have you!

Zelda: *Goes to Chuck* I always wanted my own bunny.

Chuck: Then get a pet.

(The third demon chases Butch around the garden. He tries to hold her off with his bones, but she just grabs them and eats them herself.)

Sheila: We do have pets. (She strokes Chuck's lop-ears) You're our pets.

Sally: No... (But her screams are drowned out by the winding vines)

Chuck: Don't touch me!

Sheila: (Continues to stroke his ears) How tough are you without that ape of a brother of yours nearby, timid little rabbit?

Chuck: *Swallows hard* Stop that.

Zelda: Aw, what's wrong? *Smirks and grabs at his fluffy tail.*

Chuck: *Yelps* Watch it!

Zelda: Oh, I am. I am.

Sheila: (She continues to stroke Chuck's ears and head) You're nothing but a quiet little bunny rabbit without your big, bad ape of a brother near. You'll be a fine husband for Zelda, one who obeys orders without question.

Chuck: I won't!

Zelda: Yes, you will.

Sheila: (She yanks one of Chuck's ears) Why do you think I turned you into a rabbit in the first place, little one? You've spent your whole life cowed by your brother, unable to stand up to his temper tantrums. Why do you think I want you for my daughter? >:)

Chuck: Ow! That hurts!

Zelda: It isn't right. You should be your own man. You're just a shadow, without a voice of your own. I can give you one.

Sheila: You do know rabbits can't make noise. (She fingers his throat) There's so much more I can take away from you, little bunny.

Chuck: *Gulps* Nooo!/P>

*There's a very loud growl that echos through the gardens. Slip suddenly lands in front of Sheila, having literally swung himself into the scene.*

Sheila: (Smirks) And the ape appears. What are you going to do, hit me with a banana?

Slip: *points at Chuck* Let him & the others go! I told you, if you want me, keep me, but let them free!

Sally: (Muffled under the vines) Slip!

Sheila: Yes, I want you. But I also want him (yanks Chuck's ear again) for Zelda.

Slip: *as Chuck yelps* No dice.

Sach: Oh, I don't wanna be hugged by a lady with more hair than the Chief! You're mussin' my feathers! (He finally digs his claws into her arms; she screams and lets him go)

*Whitey uses his prickles to stab the demon hanging off of him.*

(Butch bites her arm when she tries to reach for her, then gives her backside a scratch with his claws.)

Butch: (He goes to Slip) Chief, Sally needs you! (Growls) We'll take care of Zelda and Shiela.

Sach: (Pops his claws again) My pleasure, Chiefy.

Slip: Thanks. *Goes to the vines that have wrapped around Sally*

Sally: (Chokes; gasps) Slip! Oh Slip, he...help...

Slip: *Tugs at the vines, breaking them* I"m tryin', Sally! :P

(Butch goes after Zelda, biting and clawing her.)

*Zelda cries out.*

Slip: *Breaks the vines* C'mon, c'mon! Stupid vines...

Sach: (Points to Sally) Whitey, why don't you help the Chief? Your quills can cut through anythin'! (He glares at Sheila) I'll take her on. X(

Whitey: Okay, Sach! *runs over to Slip and Sally*

Whitey: Chief, use my quills!

(Sach turns on Sheila, looking more angry than he probably ever has in his life.)

Slip: *Grins* I've never been so happy to see you, Whitey. *pulls off a quill*

Sally: (As Slip cuts away at her face) Oh, thank goodness! I'm so happy to see both of you!

Slip: *As he cuts a vine near her head; whispers* I'm sorry about earlier.

Sally: (Sighs as her hands are freed; she leans over to help with her legs and feet) I'm sorry, too. I shouldn't have been in your private rooms without permission.

Slip: I wish I could tell ya what I wanna tell ya.

Sally: We'll talk about it later, after we've gotten rid of the Wacko Magic Users' Club.)

Slip: It prob'ly won't be that easy.

(Sach angrily stabs his claws into Sheila, drawing blood. She drops her wand and grabs her arm.)

Sheila: You...you....

Sach: And you'll get worse if you try to attack my Chief or poor Chuck again!

Sheila: You little feathered bastard!

Sach: Maybe I'm not as much as a coward as you think I am.

Sheila: Girls, Zelda, we'd better get out of here. We'll talk to them about...certain indiscretions...later.

Zelda: *Yelps* Good idea, Mother!

Sally: (As she gets to her feet) Don't you ever touch them again.

Sach: Or you'll feel the wrath of my claws!

Butch: (Puts out his claws) And mine!

Whitey: And my quills!

Sheila: All right, we get the point. (Turns to Slip and Sally) You won this round...but I hold the Aces.

Slip: Goodbye, Sheila.

(Sheila, Zelda, and the three demons finally disappear. Sally turns to Slip and frowns.)

Sally: Ok, Slip. Talk. Who is she?

Slip: She's an evil fairy with contents on marryin' me.

Sally: I heard that much the other night. (Looks up) She did something to Terrence and his brother, too. She lead him away...

Slip: I don't know nutin' more.

Sally: (She turns to Chuck) She attacked you first. Why you? Because you're Slip's brother?

Chuck: Maybe..

*Slip glares at him. Don't even!*

Sach: (He exchanges looks with Whitey, then gently puts his wing on Sally's arm) You know, it just occured to this dope that you ain't seen the garden yet.

Whitey; *Goes to the other side of Sally and smiles* How would you like two dopes to show ya 'round?

Sally: Well, all right. I do want to see the garden. (Turns to Slip) But we will discuss this later.

Slip: *turns away from her* Yeah.

(Sally takes Sach and Whitey's arms and walks off into the garden with them. Butch and Chuck join Slip.)

Butch: Thanks for helping us out there, Your Majesty.

Slip: I couldn't just stand around and do nutin', though I'll prob'ly get another wallopin' for it.

Chuck: How are you feelin' anyway?

Slip: All right. I just wish Sally hadn't seen the bruises.

Butch: It wasn't really insomina that kept you in bed last night, was it?

Slip: *Shakes his head* No. Wish it was.

Chuck: I wish there was som'en we could do to help Sally catch on.

Butch: We can't do much more without Sheila catching wind. You know we can only be human at night, in dreams.

Slip: That's why I'm gonna keep after Sally even if it means bein' black and blue from head to toe. I don't mind that so much as...other things.

Chuck: Slip, ya gotta be careful.

Butch: Yeah. Beatin' on us ain't the only stuff she tries after she's caught us messin' around in the dreamscape.

Slip: I don't care. We need ta end this, and I'm positive Sally can do it...no matter what it takes.

Butch: Your Majesty, you know we're behind you.

Slip: Course I know, and I depreciate it.

Chuck: Just make sure you don't get yourself killed in the process.

Slip: *Sighs* I'd like to, Chuck.

Butch: And that they don't try to hurt Sally again. She's a nice girl. (He grins) And I think she's perfect for you. Her temper's just as bad as yours!

Slip: I saw it earlier, too. She snuck into my rooms and gave it back as much as I gave 'er. *sighs* She found my latest transom leftovers.

Butch: You gotta stop blowin' up over nuthin'! You ain't gonna have a room left if ya keep doin' that!

Chuck: *Nods* I know none of us are happy over what's happened to us, but, Slip, ya gotta control yourself a little, at least.

Slip: What'm I s'posed ta do, hmmmm?

Butch: Not scare Sally away. You're lucky she didn't run out!

Chuck: He's right.

Slip: She weren't s'posed to be up there!

Chuck: Slip...

Butch: Ok, so she probably shoudn't have trespassed. You didn't need to throw things. I know you did. We heard the crash.

*Slip just growls and takes off.*

Chuck: What're we gonna do? He's gettin' worse.

Butch: We're gonna have to talk to him. If he keeps this up, he'll scare Sally off, and that won't help anyone.

Chuck: I wonder if we could tie him down first?

Butch: Not if we want to live through it. (Shrugs) Let's catch up with the others. Sach n' Whitey might have some ideas. We'll talk to the Chief later.

Chuck: Yeah, besides I'd like to clear my head a little.

Butch: Boy, they sure went after you today!

Chuck: Yeah, tryin' to get to Slip. *sighs* I love the guy, but I really hate bein' his brother sometimes.

Butch: (Pats Chuck on the back) You can't choose your family, ya know. Only your friends. (Nods ahead of them) And speaking of friends, let's go catch up with the others, before Whitey's quills get caught on something and Sach tries to eat those seeds the Chief planted the other day.

Chuck: *Can't help but a grin a little* That was pretty funny last time Whitey got his quills caught.

Butch: Yeah. Good thing they can come out. He might still be squawkin' out there!

Chuck: No kiddin'.

Butch: (We hear a familiar squawk) Hoo boy. Come on. Sounds like he's stuck again. (They head off into the garden as the camera moves to a window over them...one that shows the distinct and familar outline of an angry half-human gorilla - as we fade out.)