(We open in the rose garden again, with the screen all soft-focused. Sally once again sits on the bench in the rose garden in her red dress...but this time, she's obviously looking for someone.)

*Prince Terrence appears, keeping a wary eye out.*

Sally: Terrence! (She jumps up and runs to him) I'm so glad to see you!

Terrence: Sally! I'm glad to see you, too!

Sally: It's been a few weeks since I last saw you here. I wish you could tell me where they're keeping you!

Sally: I've searched everywhere when I can get away, and I haven't been able to find you.

Terrence: Unfortunately, I'm not always able to get away. It's a huge risk, sneaking out like this.

Sally: I can't believe Slip is holding you prisoner. After what happened in the gardens a few months ago, he's been nothing but good to me! (She smiles) Granted, we've had a few more dust-ups, and he's thrown a couple more vases around in his room. But it's nothing like that one fight we had.

Terrence: I wish I could tell you more, but I just can't.

Sally: Why?

Terrence: It's part of the deal. Something...bad...will happen if I tell you.

Sally: What about your brother? Is he all right? I know that...that witch threatened him.

Terrence: Yes, my brother's okay.

Sally: (She gets closer to him) I'm glad. You must be very close to him.

Terrence: *Nods* We are close.

Sally: What about your mother and father? Where are they? Are the King and Queen prisoners, too?

Terrence: No, they aren't prisoners. They've been deceased for a couple years.

Sally: I can understand that. My mother's been dead since I was a child. It's just my father, my sisters, and me. (Sighs) I miss them so, especially Father.

Sally: It's just you and your brother, then. (Frowns) Then that's why those fairies want you. You're going to inherit this castle and it's lands. They said it's magic. (Growls a little) Those fairies are horrible! I wish I could throw water on them and make them dissolve or something!

Terrence: Exactly. I wish we could do the same.

Sally: I swear, I will find you. I've tried to ask Slip about you, but he either throws a fit, or he or one of the other boys will change the subject. (She smiles) They're really dears, all of them. Strange, but dears.

Terrence: Don't take it out on them. It really isn't their fault.

Sally: Honestly, I can't believe any of them would keep you locked up somewhere, or your brother. They're a little dumb, but they're so sweet, and a lot of fun.

Terrence: I can't be any more specific without giving away too much. I'm sorry.

Sally: (She snuggles against him) You're so warm...so sweet and gentle, like a big furry stuffed bear. I wish I could be here with you forever. You're kind and intelligent and handsome.

Terrence: *Pulls her just a little closer* Sally, we need you to free us. Then...forever.

Sally: I want to free you and your brother. I want forever. I want you to meet my father and sisters. (Leans against him) I want to be with you.

Terrence: Just keep in mind that the castle is magic. Nothing is as it may seem. Look beyond what you see at first.

Sally: (Nods) I've certainly been learning to do that! (Smiles) Take Slip, for instance. He may seem like, well, a dumb ape...but I think there's a lot more to him than fur and mixed-up words. He reads all those books on many different subjects, and he's much braver and more noble than he thinks.

Terrence: That's nice to hear.

Sally: I wish I knew where he was keeping you! (She leans closer) I wish I could find you.

Zelda: *Appears with her arms folded* Not so fast, dearie.

Sally: (Frowns and makes a face) Go away. I'm enjoying this dream!

Zelda: There is no enjoyment here!

Sally: You're just jealous, because you can't get Chuck.

Zelda: So little do you know.

Sally: (Closes her eyes) If this is a dream, I can do whatever I want in it...and that includes making you disappear.

Zelda: Oh really?

Terrence: Sally...

Sally: (Opens her eyes...and makes a face at Zelda, who has not disappeared) Why are you still here? (She pulls Terrence closer to her)

Terrence: I wanted to tell you it won't work. They're too strong.

Sally: Look, sister, just go away. I love him, and I'm going to find him and keep him...and if you and your mother don't like it, tough!

Zelda: Tough? Wow, that hurts.

Sally: You know what I can do to you, and I can do it in dreams, too. Go away, before you're sporting that smirk out of your left nostril.

Zelda: You do that and both brothers will be walking with a limp.

Sally: What do you mean? (Frowns and turns to Terrence) What are they doing to you and your brother?

Zelda: *Pats Terrence's cheek* More than you could ever guess.

Terrence: Zelda, I'll come along, just leave Sally alone.

Sally: Terrence, don't! Don't let her bully you!

Terrence: I'm sorry, Sally, but I'll be worse off it I don't just go.

Sally: No! I'm not letting one of these bitches take you away from me again! (She pulls him closer to her.)

Terrence: But, Sally...

Zelda: *Very evil smirk* I'm right here, dearie.

Sally: Where are they? Where does Slip have them...or whomever has them? Because I'm beginning to suspect it's not the boys.

Zelda: *Glares at Terrence* Someone's been a bad boy.

Terrence: I didn't say anything.

Sally: Do you think I'm stupid, that I wouldn't figure it out?

Zelda: That's beside the point.

Sally: I want to know what you've done with him and his brother...and to them.

Zelda: Dearie, I'm not telling you! Maybe if you weren't so blind, you might see what happened.

Sally: What do you mean?

Terrence: Look beyond appearances, Sally! Appearances are not as they seem!

Zelda: *Turns to Terrence* You be quiet!

Sally: Appearances aren't what they seem? What...

Zelda: *To Terrence* You're going to wish you hadn't done that! *waves her own black wand; Terrence stands, not under his own power* Come along, you naughty boy. Mother clearly needs to discipline you.

*Terrence nods.*

Sally: (Grabs his arm) Terrence, don't let her control you!

Zelda: Sorry, dearie! *takes Terrence away*

Sally: No! Stop! (She tries to lunge for them, but she ends up on the ground, sobbing) No! No! Oh Terrence! (She lays on the grass, sobbing for all she's worth...and as the screen goes wavy again, we find her now back in her bed, sobbing. Chuck, Whitey, Butch, and Sach are in the room, all looking worried. Chuck shakes her arm.)

Chuck: Sally! Sally, wake up!

Sally: (She shoots up, still sobbing and clutching her pillow) Oh, let him go! For heaven's sake, let the poor man go! (She finally opens her eyes...and frowns) Oh boys, I had another one of those dreams.

Chuck: *Frowns* So we heard.

Sach: It's a shame to have such a bad dream on such a nice day. Look! (Points to the window, where the sun streams through) The sun's shinin'!

Sally: (She smiles) So it is. (Looks around) Where's Slip?

Butch: He, uh...

Chuck: Um...

*Whitey just shrugs.*

Sally: Did he have another one of his temper tantrums?

Chuck: Well...

Sach: Oh, I'm sure Chiefy will show up. He's probably just out monkeying around in the garden.

*Chuck bops Sach on the head.*

Sally: (Chuckles) Actually, I thought that was a good one!

Sach: See, Chuck? She knows good humor.

*Chuck just sighs, folding his arms.*

Sally: Oh, stop looking like Rabbit from the Winnie the Pooh illustrations.

Butch: Sally, we need to talk for a minute. Why don't you get dressed while we go downstairs into the main hall and begin preparations for the party?

Sally: (Indicates her white nightgown) I guess I can't go in this.

Sach: Why not? I sure wouldn't mind!

(This time it's Butch who bops him on the bean.)

Sach: Ouch! Oh, my head's getting more tender by the minute.

Sally: (Laughs) Ok, ok, guys. I'm going to get dressed. I'll meet you downstairs as soon as I'm done.

Butch: (Takes Sach by the feathers on his head) Come on, fellas. Let's get down there. (He pulls him out the door, followed by Chuck and Whitey.)

(Cut to the dining hall downstairs. The moment the boys get in the room, Butch turns to Chuck and frowns.)

Butch: Ok, Chuck, you can tell us. Sally isn't here. Where's Slip?

Sach: Is he ok?

Chuck: I don't know where he is. We checked his rooms, and he's nowhere to be found. Considering how Sally was screaming, I've got a feeling he went to her in her dream and at least one of the fairies got him.

Sach: Oh, those darn fairies! (Let's out a noisy, angry squawk and hiss) I'd like to stick my claws in them again!

Butch: I wish they'd leave Slip alone. He's gotten better about covering up his bruises, but if he's not careful, he's going to be one big purple spot soon!

Chuck: I'm just afraid they're gonna do worse than give him bruises. He's pushing them too much. I'm sure they won't have any problem doing further harm to him.

Sach: I sure hope this party works. I think Sally's really beginnin' to like the Chief, and when she likes the Chief, she might just...you know...

Butch: Their arguements haven't been anywhere near as noisy over the past few weeks.

Whitey: *Nods* They seem to agree to disagree!

Butch: I think she really likes him. (Frowns) Trouble is, I think she really likes the guy in her dream, too.

Sach: Oh, she's just confused. When she figures it out, she'll love the Chief - all of him.

Chuck: If only she knew the guy in her dream is putting on a small act.

Sach: Yeah. He ain't nearly that smart with us!

*Chuck makes a face. Whitey bops Sach this time.*

Chuck: *Sighs* Thanks, Whitey.

Whitey: You're welcome.

Sach: (Rubs his head) What, are you all takin' turns?

Sally: (She walks in, wearing a simpler orange dress with brown swiss dotted trim) You're all taking turns with what?

Sach: Boppin' me on the head. I'm surprised I still have a head left!

Butch: That's debateable.

Sally: I think you have a very nice head, Sach.

Sach: I knew she was a wonderful girl. Such good taste, too.

Sally: All right, all right. Why don't we plan this party you've all been talking about for days?

*Just then we hear some low, growly groaning. Slip staggers in, limping slightly. He drops into the nearest chair.*

Sally: Slip! (She and the boys run over to him) Are you hurt bad? (Turns to Whitey) Go to the kitchen and get the maids to find some ice, orange juice, and aspirin, quickly!

Sach: (Mutters to him) Did they work you over badly, Your Highness? I wish there was somethin' we could do to stop them!

Slip: *Mutters back* Yeah.

Butch: (Also mutters) You were in her dream again. She was cryin' in bed this mornin'. What did they do to you?

Slip: *Groans* Don't ask...

*Chuck just stands behind him, shaking his head.*

Sally: (Takes a napkin from the table and dabs his bleeding mouth with it) Slip, who on Earth did this to you?

Slip: I can't...

*Whitey returns with aspirin and orange juice.*

Whitey: Here you go, Chief.

Sally: Don't tell me there's invisible strongmen in this place who beat the tar out of you!

Sach: That's who it was! Yeah, they're in the attic!

Slip: Yeah, there are.

Sally: (Raises her eyebrows) You really expect me to believe that.

Slip: No. *groans*

Sach: Chief, have you been walkin' into trees in your sleep again? (He tsks) What have I told you 'bout tryin' to get in touch with your gorilla reletives in Africa durin' the night?

Sally: That's slightly more believeable.

*Slip just grunts, not feeling enough on par to whack Sach for it.*

Butch: I know somethin' that'll make you feel better, Chief. We're gonna hold that party this afternoon. (Whispers in his ear) And we'll make sure you and Sally get some time to dance together. Alone. Show her how good of a dancer you are, even when you're an ape.

*Slip gives a slight grin and nods. Chuck gently puts a hand on Slip's shoulder.*

Sally: (Rubs his arm) Is there any way I could make those bruises feel better? You must be awfully sore.

Slip: I am sore...very sore...

Sally: (She leans her head on his lap) I can't believe anyone would do this to you.

*Slip's grin widens as he slowly rests his hand on her arm.*

Sally: (Rubs his leg) Does that hurt?

Slip: *Winces* A little.

Sally: (She goes a little further up) How about this?

*Slip whimpers.*

Sally: Are you ok? (She rubs his thigh) How badly did they hurt you?

Slip: Sally, I...

Sach: Chiefy! (He leans over his friend's face) What do you think? The pink crepe paper, or the green?

Slip: *Blinks* Wha...

Sach: Well, Chief?

Sally: Oh, I think the pink is very pretty.

Slip: *Groans again* You pick, Sach.

Sach: The lady has spoken! Pink it is! (He hurries off to Whitey to help him with the crepe paper. Sally stands, brushing off her dress.)

Sally: Maybe I'd better give them a hand. I have the feeling most of that paper will end up on Whitey's back. (Frowns) What was it you were going to tell me?

Slip: I forgot. (Shakes his head) That's the other reason they call me "Slip."

Sally: (Shakes her head and chuckles) When you think if it later, tell me. (She kisses him on his hairy cheek) I'm going to go make sure all that crepe paper decorates the wall and not Whitey's quills. Join us when you can, ok?

Slip: *Gives her the best smile he can manage & nods slightly* I will, Sally.

Sally: (Pats him on the shoulder) You'll be ok. I'll see you later. (She goes off to unwrap Whitey from the pink crepe paper. Butch joins Slip this time.)

Butch: She's crazy about you, Chief.

Slip: Yeah, she is. Just wish it didn't cost a piece of me to get it. *winces*

Butch: You'll get her soon. This party'll do the trick, I'm sure of it! (Grins) Got any mood music requests from your court musician, Your Highness?

Slip: Som'en to make me forget how much I hurt so I can dance wit' her.

Butch: You'll forget how much you hurt when she's in your arms and you're melting into the floor.

Slip: I think I'm gettin' there already.

Butch: That's our Chief! (Nods at the others) Come on. Let's see if we can help out with the party decorations, before they all end up gettin' caught on Whitey.

Chuck: *Leans in to whisper to Slip* If you don't quit scarin' me like this, I'M gonna be the older brother!

Slip: Gotta keep ya on yer toes.

Chuck: *Sighs* Not the answer I was lookin' for. *Goes to help the others.*

(Fade out on everyone beginning the decorating. Fade in on a bit later. The dining hall/ballroom looks festive with crystal vases filled with fresh flowers from the garden, pink crepe paper hanging from the celing, and flowers on baskets hung on the walls. Some of the cat maids bring out tons of food. Others dance with Whitey and Chuck. Butch plays a lively tune on the piano.)

Sally: (She enters in a beautiful golden taffeta gown trimmed with roses and ribbons, her hair swept high on top of her head) Looks like everyone's having a good time. I wonder where my escort is?

Sach: Oh, come on, Chief! You look fine. (He drags the now-clean Slip into the dining hall.)

Slip: Sach... *Heís wearing his bowtie and rose boutinere.*

Sach: Don't mess with your rose! I just pinned it on!

Slip: Stabbed me with it.

Sach: You moved!

Slip: You stepped on my toe!

Sally: Ok, ok, you two. (She takes both their arms) Shall we go?

Sach: Go where?

Slip: Letís go.

(They lead Sally into the gaily bedecked room. Sach immediately goes to the table and starts piling up his plate. Sally turns to Slip and curtseys before him.)

Sally: Would you care to dance, m'lord?

Slip: (Bows) I'd love to, Milady.

(Butch starts playing a lively jitterbug tune. The two swing into it as well as they can in Sally's oversized dress.)

Slip: Yer a good dancer, Sal.

Sally: You're not bad yourself, for a guy with feet your size!

Slip: It took a lot of gettin' used to.

Cat Maid #1: (She's dancing with Chuck) Wow, look at 'em go!

Chuck: Yeah, Sally's a good dancer.

Cat Maid #2: And your brother is still the best dancer in the kingdom!

Chuck: Even with his big feet and bigger ego.

Cat Maid #1: (Giggles, which sounds something like a meow) No kiddin'!

(As the music ends, everyone stops and applauds them. Sally and Slip bow for the crowd.)

Sally: I think we're a hit!

Slip: Well, natterally! *Nods behind him* Sally, wanna get some drinks and go out on the patio?

Sally: (Smiles) Sure! I'm thirsty after all that dancing.

Slip: I'll grab 'em. *Slip returns with two drinks and hands one to Sally.*

Sally: (She smiles and takes it) Thank you.

Slip: Yer welcome.

(They head out to the patio. The garden is bathed in the eerie purple and white light of a full moon. Everything is covered in deep purple and black shadows.)

Sally: (Smiles) It's a beautiful night tonight.

Slip: I love comin' out here. *sighs*

Sally: I don't blame you. We have a wonderful view. (Takes his big, leathery hand and squeezes it.)

Slip: *Looks at her* I have a better view.

Sally: (Smiles) Slip, I'm so happy here. You're all so good to me. I have everything I could ever want. (She turns away) But...

Slip: "But?" *sighs* Yer family?

Sally: (Nods) I miss them. I miss helping Father in his shop and being with the customers. I miss my sisters.

Slip: I think I have som'en that might help ya out. It's a mirror that can show ya just about anythin' ya wanna see, includin' yer family.

Sally: Oh, would you, Slip? I miss them so!

Slip: Sure, Sally. It's up in my rooms.

Sally: (She squeezes Slip's hand again) Let's go, Slip.

*Slip smiles and leads Sally back inside and towards the stairwell leading to his rooms. He opens the door to the room with the pool table and jukebox. Things are neater than the last time we saw the room, but some things are still in disarray.*

Slip: It's part of the jukebox...

Sally: (Runs her fingers over it) Wow, you actually dusted it!

Slip: *Turns red under his fur* I was sorta threatened into it. (Nods at the jukebox) The mirror's right on the front. Just touch it and think of yer family.

Sally: All right. (She does...and we see light and colors from the jukebox reflected ands swirling in the mirror. When it subsides, we get a very clear picture of Louie laying in bed, moaning, while the other three girls stand around him. Rachel holds his hand.)

Louie: (Moaning) Oh, I've never felt worse in my life! If only my little Beauty were here...

Rachel: Don't worry, Father! You'll soon be on the mend.

Louie: I hope so! I have a shop to run!

Sally: (Shakes her head) That's my father. He'd be at death's door, and the first thought in his mind is of his shop. (He turns to Slip) I have to go to him. He's sick.

Slip: *Nods* Yeah. *sighs* Sally...go to him. Help him feel better, but... *seems torn, considering something* One week, that's it. I need you back in one week.

Sally: (Nods and gives him a kiss on the cheek) Thank you for understanding how much he needs me.

Slip: *Smiles* Yer welcome, Sally. Just know...I'm gonna miss you.

Sally: (Nods) I'll be thinking of you. Maybe I'll even bring my father and sisters back for a visit when he's well.

Slip: That'd be swell, Sally.

Sally: (She hugs him) Thanks again! (As she heads out, Sach and Whitey topple in.)

Sach: Well? Did you two have a good time?

Slip: You tell me.

Whitey: Aw Chief, we didn't hear THAT much...or at least, none of the good stuff.

Sach: Did she kiss ya?

Slip: *Sighs* Peck on the cheek. *pauses* She's goin' home for a week.

Sach: And then she's comin' back?

Slip: I hope so.

(Cut to a shot of Sally, now back in her brown and yellow peasant gown and cape, riding out into the chilly spring night. The camera catches Slip in the window of his room, watching her sadly.)

(Cut to Louie's shop. Actually, it's the Sweet Shop set with older-looking wooden tables and a long wooden counter. The girls have Louie in the back room, which is now made over to look like a bedroom. Sally hurries back there the moment she arrives, without even hanging up her cloak.)

Sally: Girls! (She hugs Jane first, who is closest to the door) How is he? How are you?

Jane: I'm well. Father's still sick. Oh, he's been so wanting to see you! You're going to make him so happy!

Louie: (He's holding Rachel's hand) S...sally? My Sally?

Rachel: *Smiles* Yes, father, Sally's here! She just arrived!

Sally: Father! (She sits on the bed and takes his other hand) How are you feeling now?

Louie: (Coughs a little, but then) Better, now that all of my girls are here with me. (Frowns) How did you escape those terrible monsters?

Sally: Father, they're not monsters! They're kind and sweet and gentle, Slip most of all...

Louie: Slip? What's a Slip?

Sally: The one who looks like a gorilla. (Shakes her head) He has a temper, that one...but he can also be the dearest man or ape alive sometimes.

*The girls exchange looks, smiling.*

Louie: He acted like a monster to me!

Sally: He's very particular about the garden, Father! (She grins at her sisters) His friends are nice, too. Chuck's so quiet, but he's such a dear, and he puts up with his brother so well. Sach seems simple, but I think he's a lot smarter than he lets on. Whitey's brilliant with electronics, and Butch is one of the finest pianists I've ever seen.

Rachel: They sound wonderful!

Sally: Oh, they are. They treated me like a queen when I was there. Gave me everything I wanted, played games with me, made me laugh. (Sighs) I fought with Slip. We fought a lot. He has quite a temper. But he never hurt me.

Jane: Sounds like you've enjoyed your time with them.

Sally: I did. As soon as Father's well again, I want to go back there. (Squeezes Louie's hand.) And I want all of you to come with me.

Rachel: Really?

Marsha: Really? Us? Live in a big castle?

Jane: That's great!

Sally: We'll be wealthy again, like we once were. (Smiled) And there will be no shortage of suitors who love us for what we are, not for our money! (Frowns) In fact, I think there's something else going on. I kept having strange dreams about a prince, and a wicked fairy...

Marsha: Oooh! Just like in a fairy story!

Rachel: Oh my!

Louie: That drafty old castle was playing tricks on your mind, my Beauty.

Sally: I don't think so. It seemed so real. (Frowns) And I saw the fairies. They were evil creatures who attacked us. They would have strangled me if Slip and the others hadn't saved me!

Jane: They rescued you!

Sally: (Nods) You'd be surprised what animals with teeth, claws, and big hands can do to evil fairies.

Louie: But what about my shop?

Sally: We could keep the shop. You could expand it a thousand times over!

Rachel: Can we go, Father, please?

Jane: As soon as you're well, please?

Louie: Well... (sighs) ...if those monsters are really as kind as you say they are and won't bite my head off over one little rose...

Sally: (Leans over and kisses the top of Louie's head) We'll have all the roses we could ever want, Father. They're not monsters. They're good men. (Frowns) I think they're under some kind of a spell. Those fairies probably did something horrible to them.

Marsha: Why would they do that, if they're so nice?

Rachel: Maybe they have something the fairies want?

Jane: You did say they're rich.

Sally: (Thinks...then brightens) The castle. The castle is magic and full of money. They might be after the money...but being fairies, the magic might be even more of a draw.

Louie: If I were them, I'd skip the magic and take the money. All this talk of magic is doing is giving me an ulcer.

Rachel: Oh, Father...

Louie: (Sighs) If you're going to do this, I'll go with you as soon as I'm well. (Makes a face) But if that gorilla tries to threaten me again...

Sally: He won't, Father. He likes me. (Blushes a little) And I like him. He's really a good soul, under all the ego and bluster.

Marsha: Sally's got a crush on a gorilla-man!

Rachel: It has to be the fur.

Jane: Forget gorilla, I bet he reminds her of a teddy bear!

Sally: (She's really blushing now) I...well...he does, sort of...

Louie: Do you love him?

Sally: I'm not sure. There's something he's not telling me. (Softly; to herself) And then, there's Terrence...

Rachel: Oooh, mystery!

Jane: This is better than a romance novel!

Marsha: We've gotta go to this castle!

Sally: (She rubs Louie's hand) As soon as you're well, Father.

Louie: All I care about is that he makes you happy, my Beauty.

Sally: (Nods) Yes, Father, he does. He does a lot.

*We switch back to the castle a couple days later. Slip sits in one of his rooms, with an extremely forlorn look on his face.*

Chuck: (He sits next to him) Come on, Slip. She'll be back in a few days!

Slip: No, she won't. How could I have let her go? She was the answer to all our problems, and I let 'er go! I'm such an idiot.

Chuck: Slip, don't do this to yourself! She loves you! You know she'll be back.

Slip: *Shakes his head* No, she won't! She has her father to take care of and her sisters to keep 'er company. What's she want wit' an ugly baby gorilla?

Chuck: The way you two tore up the dance floor a few nights ago, I'd say just about everything.

Slip: The longer it takes 'er to come back, the less likely she will! She ain't comin' back. I know it!

Chuck: (He stands and shakes Slip's shoulders) Get a hold of yourself! Of course she's coming back! She loves you, loves living here! Don't do this to yourself!

Slip: Tell Sach he can blow up the rose garden, Ďcuz I ain't never goin' back out there. It reminds me too much of 'er.

Chuck: First of all, I'm not going to tell him any such thing. You love that garden. Second, what makes you think she's not coming back? She just went to make sure her dad's ok! Didn't you tell me she said she wanted to bring her whole family to see us?

Slip: She prob'ly just said that to get outta here!

Chuck: How can you believe that? Don't you love her?

Slip: Yeah, I do. That's why I feel like I'm dyin' without 'er.

Chuck: Give her a chance, (very quiet) Terrence. She'll be back. She loves you.

Slip: *Swipes at an eye; quietly* I'm tryin', Charles, I just...I miss 'er...I love 'er...

Chuck: We all miss her. (He smiles and wipes his brother's eyes) But it's only a few days more. We'll think of ways to distract you until she comes back. You know Whitmore and Horace are very good at that. They always were.

Slip: *Sniffs* Thanks.

Chuck: (Pats his shoulders) What are brothers for?

Slip: More than either of us could ever know...

(That's when there's a black swirl of light that blends in with the darkness of the room. When it subsides, Sheila and Zelda, both in their black spider webbing gowns, appear.)

Chuck: Can't you two leave us alone?

Sheila: (Looks around) I hope you haven't cleaned the place up for our benefit, (smirks) Your Highness.

Chuck: (Looks at Slip) We've gotta get the other fellas!

Zelda: Not so fast, boys.

Slip: We haven't done nutin'!

Sheila: We heard your little Beauty abandoned you. Such a shame.

Chuck: She didnt' abandon us! She went home to see her father!

Zelda: It is a shame. Seemed like a nice girl. A little too strong-willed, but...

Chuck: She is a nice girl...and she's going to marry my brother!

Slip: *Frowns* She did abandon us...me...

Zelda: Seems your brother doesn't think so.

Chuck: Slip, stop! She didn't! Don't listen to them!

Zelda: Don't delude the poor guy, sweetie!

Chuck: (Steps right up to Zelda, angrier than he's ever been) You're the one who's deluding HIM! Sally would never abandon him or us! She loves him!

Zelda: I knew ya had some fire in ya, sweetie!

Slip: *Moans* Sally...

Chuck: (Points to the upset Slip) Look at what you're doing to him! He's already missing her something horrible. You don't need to make it worse!

Zelda: Did you know it was possible to die of a broken heart?

Chuck: He won't. She's comin' back! She promised!

Sheila: If she does, we'll be ready for her and her family. (She pulls Slip close to her) Won't we, my pet?

*Slip just frowns.*

Chuck: NO! (He lunges for Sheila, his own claws out)

Zelda: *Grabs Chuck* Naughty boy! How dare you do that?!

Chuck: (Struggles, his claws still out) NO! I won't let you do this to us anymore! You're killing him!

Zelda: I didn't know you liked to play rough! I like this new side of you, sweetie!

Chuck: You're gonna see a lot more of it if you don't let us go! (He closes his eyes, then shouts at the top of his lungs) WHITEY! BUTCH! SACH! HELP!

Sheila: Must you bring in those idiots?

Zelda: *Winces* Owww...

*Slip continues to frown. The door flies open, and the other three pile in.*

Whitey: Where's the fire?

Chuck: It's the fairies! (He continues to struggle; finally bites Zelda in the arm)

Zelda: *Yelps* Yoooowww!

Sheila: You little bastard. I do NOT like this more agressive side, Rabbit! (She wallops Slip hard over the side of his head.)

Chuck: Don't abuse him! I don't want you hurting him anymore!

*Slip whimpers, dazed.*

Whitey: Leave the Chief alone!

Zelda: *Rubs her arm* Do it again, Mother!

(Sheila hits him across the back this time, sending him sprawling on the floor. The others run to his side.)

Chuck: Slip, are you ok?

Sach: Oh Chiefy, are you hurt? Speak to me!

Whitey: Chief!?

*Slip groans, but he doesn't move.*

Zelda: Maybe NOW you'll cooperate?

Chuck: (Nods and holds him on his lap) Just don't hurt him anymore. He didn't do anything.

Zelda: What do you say, Mother?

Sheila: As long as you all do what youíre told to do. There hasn't been much coperation around here lately.

Zelda: Very little. I think they should all be punished for that.

Sheila: So do I. (She throws her black light over Sach, Whitey, and Butch. The trio disappear.) Those three are in the dungeons until we can figure out what to do with them.

Chuck: (Holds Slip closer to him) And us?

*Slip moans.*

Sheila: You're going to stay right here, my pets. We have plans for you and this castle with all its magic.

Zelda: We certainly do.

Sheila: And you need to be separated. You do too much damage together. (Turns to Zelda) Would you like to prepare your bridegroom pet?

Chuck: No! Please! Do what you want, but keep us together!

Zelda: I'd love to!

Zelda: Now, now, sweetie... *Grabs his chin*

Chuck: (Tries to pull away) No...

Zelda: Yes. *Throws her black light over herself and Chuck; they disappear*

*Slip whimpers.*

Sheila: (Smirks and roughly yanks Slip by the fur on his chest to his knees) And now, my little ape man...I'm going to prepare my bridegroom.