(We open in Louie's Sweet Shop. It's night. Slip, Whitey, Chuck, and Butch are all standing around, primping their rented tuxedos and checking out the flowers they bought for dimes from the flower cart around the corner. Sach helps Slip with his bow tie.)

Slip: *Slightly annoyed* Sach, it's a clip-on.

Sach: It still needs to look good! What would Sally say to a crooked bow tie, especially at the big Charity Ball at the Starlight Ballroom?

Slip: She'd know you touched it.

Sach: I wish I could go. (He sighs) Angelina Patterson is going to be there. She's the most beautiful singing star in all of New York, maybe even the world! She got her start singing in East Side saloons, you know. And now she's coming home for a special benefit performance!

Slip: I know. You've been tellin' us for weeks.

Sach: You guys are so lucky. You get to see Angelina Patterson and dance and eat fancy food all night! (Frowns) And I gotta stay at Louie's. I don't have a date, or the time to rent a tux. An' I gotta pay Louie back for all those chocolate bars I ate last week.

Slip: That's what ya get fer bein' a glutton.

Sach: Chief, are you going to bring me back a treat from the ball?

Slip: Whadaya want, a door prize or som'en?

Sach: Could you bring me back something from the buffet? DiAngelo's Bakery on the next block is supplying the cookies and cake. Could you bring me back some of their peanut butter cookies? They make the best peanut butter!

Slip: Sach...

Sach: (He gets on his knees) Oh, please Chief, bring me SOMEHTHIN'! I'm dyin' here. I so wish I could go, but I gotta help Louie, so...

Slip: *Suddenly makes his hat appear from apparently inside his jacket and belts Sach over the head with it* SACH!

Sach: Oop! The magic is startin' already! You made your hat appear! (He jumps away...just as we hear giggling at the door. Sally and her girlfriends stand in the doorway. They all wear good coats over their pretty gowns.)

Sally: What did Sach do this time, Slip?

Sach: I want Chiefy to bring me some cookies!

Slip: An' I doubt they take kindly to doggie bags.

Sally: I'm sure we could sneak something home. I could put it my purse. (She takes Slip's arm) Shall we go?

Slip: Lets, before I ferget this suit's rented.

Sach: (As they leave) Bye, guys! Bring me back lots of cookies! (He sighs and grabs a broom as the door closes) It ain't fair. I wish I were goin' to that ball. Instead, here I am, stuck sweepin' for Louie. So I ate five chocolate bars! That don't give him any right to make me into a slave! (He sighs and leans against the broom handle.) I feel like Cinderella. Mean ol' step-brothers won't let me go to the ball an' make me do all the work. I can't have peanut butter cookies from DiAngelo's, and I can't dance in a nice rented tux, and I can't hear Angelina Patterson sing. (Sighs) I wish I could go to that ball and win her heart...

(The screen goes wavy as Sach nods off on the broom handle. When the waves subside, he's still where he is, snoring away. Suddenly, we see a puff of smoke. Louie appears. He wears his usual white outfit...but he also has a pair of white wings and a long silver ice cream soda spoon for a wand.)

Louie: Sachula? Oh Sach! (He finally smacks Sach on the head with the spoon) Sachula, wake up!

Sach: Oop! Mornin' already? Where's breakfast?

Louie: No, Sachula, it's not morning. I'm Louis, your Fairy Godfather, and I'm going to help you get to the ball.

Sach: You are?! I'll get to see Angelina Patterson!

Louie: Yes, you will, Sach. Now first of all, I need that toy car you were playing with earlier this afternoon. The little car you had in your pocket.

Sach: *Pulls the car from his pocket* Here it is. What do you need it for?

Louie: That's how you're going to get to the ball.

Sach: I don't think I'm gonna fit.

Louie: (Takes the car) Watch this. (He heads outside. Sach follows him. He sets the tiny car down next to the curb and waves his wand over it. There's a puff of smoke...and the large, elaborate car is now life-sized.)

Sach: Wow! Can ya do that with a banana split, too?

Louie: Maybe later, Sach. Now, I need that fat little white mouse that was in a trap in the back room. The one your friend Louie screamed over earlier.

Sach: *Pulls the mouse out of his pocket* Here he is.

Louie: (Raises his eyebrows) Well, at least you're fast. Put him next to the car.

*Sach shrugs, but does as told.*

(Louie waves his wand spoon over the mouse. There's another poof of white smoke. When this one subsides, the mouse is now a very fat little man with thick brownish whiskers in a white uniform.)

Louie: He'll be your chauffeur.

Sach: Oop, wouldja lookit that.

Louie: Now (he turns Sach around) we have to do something about you.

Sach: What's wrong with me?

Louie: Oh, nothing wrong with you, Sachula. It's your clothes.

Sach: Oh. Just don't lose 'em. This is my favorite jacket!

Louie: Oh, I won't. I'll just turn them over to the wardrobe department. (He stands back) I have just the thing for you. (Waves his wand again. There's a white puff of smoke around him. When it subsides, he wears a magnificent tuxedo, far more grand than the other Bowery Boys'. His tux is all-white, from his white carnation down to his almost-transparent shoes.)

Sach: You sure know how ta dress, Louie!

Louie: (Grins) Thank you, Sachula. And here. (Hands him a white mask) This will make sure your friends don't try to send you back to work. Just be careful with the shoes. They're glass, you know. And don't get anything on the tux. It's rented. You have to be back by midnight, or I'll be late getting that tux back in the morning.

Sach: *Nods* Scout's honor, Louie!

Louie: Thank you, Sachula. Now you go that ball and have the best time of your life. Eat a peanut butter cookie for me.

Sach: You got it, Louie!

*Sach gets into the car.*

(Louie gives it another shot from his wand. There's a puff of white smoke, and the car speeds off into the night. Louie waves until the car can no longer be seen...then waves the wand over himself. He disappears in the same white smoke as we fade out.)

(We fade in a large ballroom. There's a chandelier overhead, a long staircase, and a buffet table with all kinds of goodies on one side. A beautiful brunette sings "So This Is Love" with a full dance band orchestra on the stage. Slip, Sally, and the other Boys and their girls are just leaving the buffet table.)

Sally: Hasn't this been a wonderful night, Slip?

Slip: Sure has, Sally.

Butch: I'd like to talk to those guys in the orchestra. They sure have been tearin' up the floor all night!

Sally: I heard Angelina Patterson is going to choose the man she dances the special spotlight dance with right after this number.

Rachel: (She takes Chuck) Well, she'd better be careful about who she picks. I already have my dance partner chosen.

Chuck: *Smiles at Rachel* And I've already my eyes on a lovely lady.

Sally: (Grins at Slip) I bet whomever she chooses isn't even a quarter of the dancer you are.

Slip: Not even an eighth.

Sally: Here she comes now! (Angelina Patterson steps off the stage and is immediately surrounded by a whole platoon of young men. She laughs and takes their autographs and tries to reassure them that yes, she'll dance with someone...soon.)

Rachel: I wonder what's takin' her so long to pick?

Sally: (As everyone turns to the door) Hey, who's that?

(It's Sach, of course, in his white tux and mask and shoes. He looks around, dazed at all the fancy decorations and tons of people. He takes one look at the buffet and makes a bee-line for that.)

Slip: I'd say it's a glutton.

Rachel: He's a pretty good-looking glutton!

Butch: I wonder where he got that tux and those crystal shoes? They had to cost a mint!

Angelina: (She looks over her shoulder at the new arrival and smiles. She turns to the other young men) Excuse me, gentlemen, but I think I found my dancing partner.

Sally: (Points at Angelina as she heads over to the buffet) Would 'ya look at that!

Angelina: (Taps Sach on the shoulder) Excuse me, sir?

Sach: *Turns, holding a very full plate. His mouth is full. His eyes widen, and he swallows quickly* Angelina!

Angelina: Hello, young man. (Laughs) You're rather hungry, aren't you?

Sach: *Nods* I haven't eaten since lunch!

Angelina: (Takes his hand) Do you think your stomach could wait long enough to dance with me? :)

*Sach nods, putting his plate down. He does his motor lips bit as follows her.*

Slip: Oh, I don't believe it! That glutton is Sach!

Sally: How can you tell?

Slip: Cuz she just got his motor runnin', that's how.

(Angelina leads Sach out to the ballroom as the crowd parts and an instrumental "So This Is Love" begins. They move through the dance in a fluid Fred-and-Ginger dreamy romantic style.)

Butch: Are you sure that's Sach, Chief? He sure doesn't usually dance like that!

Slip: It's gotta be him.

Angelina: (She smiles at Sach) I'm glad I chose you. You're a wonderful dancer.

Sach: And you're just wonderful!

Angelina: (She turns to the ballroom in general) Ok, everyone, why don't we all join in for this next number?

Sally: (Nods at Slip) This will be a great way to get close and find out if that's Sach!

Slip: Of which I have every detention to do.

Sally: Come on! (An instrumental "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" begins as Sally pulls Slip out to the dance floor, followed by the other Boys and their ladies.)

Angelina: (As she and Sach dance) You know, I've never seen you around the ballroom before. Are you new in town?

Sach: *Shakes his head* No, I been around, but I don't usually come out to these fancy things.

Angelina: That's a shame. You seem so sweet and charming. (Sighs) So different from all the other men I meet here. They're all so...phoney.

Sally: (As she and Slip try to get close to Angelina and Sach) Can you hear what they're saying?

Slip: Som'en about phoney. We gotta get closer.

Sally: I can only dance so close without ending up in their laps.

Angelina: (As we cut back to her; they're really starting to get into the swing of it) Hey, you're pretty good at this!

Sach: Thanks! It's the first time I tried!

Angelina: You'd never know it. (They all get into a synchronized number at this point, leaving no opportunity for Slip and Sally get closer to the pair. Everyone's dancing in unison - the number is starting to look like a big MGM dance number from their 40s and early 50s musicals.)

(Sally and Slip pull out of the crowd, dancing up a storm.)

Slip: *Grins at Sally* Might as well show 'em what we got.

(And they do show them what they've got. As Slip and Sally tear up the ballroom, finally joined by the other dancers, Angelina and Sach make their way over to a patio in the back of the building for some privacy.)

(We end with everyone all gathered around the bandstand. As the number breaks up, the other Bowery Boys hurry over to Slip and shake their heads.)

Butch: We can't find Sach anywhere, Chief!

Slip: Where could that crazy moron have gone?

Butch: Maybe we should split up and look for him.

Chuck: He couldn't have gone far.

Whitey: I gotta find my friend!

Slip: Everyone split up. We're gonna find the lunatic, before he does som'en we regret.

(The Boys all nod and hurry off in different directions.)

(Cut to the patio. The patio is surrounded by roses and vines with flowers. Angelina leans against the railings and sighs dreamily.)

Angelina: Isn't this a lovely night?

Sach: *Smiles* Not as lovely as you.

Angelina: You're pretty lovely yourself.

Sach: Awwww...

Angelina: You're so sweet and gentle! I feel like I've known you for years. Are you sure I've never seen you? Maybe around town somewhere...

Sach: *Shrugs* Ever been in Louie's Sweet Shop?

Angelina: (Shakes her head) I'm afraid not. It sounds like a nice place, though. I haven't had a good banana split in years. They're my favorite!

Sach: Mine too!

Angelina: I can't eat too many. I have to maintain my girlish figure. (Grins) But every once in a while, I'll have one of the boys in the band make them for me and just dig in!

Sach: I'd love to share one with you.

Angelina: You never did get to finish your treats. Maybe we could get someone to make one for us when we get back in the ballroom. (Sighs) I love a man with a good appetite.

Sach: I have a great appetite!

Angelina: I like that. (She taps his nose) And I like your funny nose. It's cute.

Sach: *Tilts his head to show off his profile* This nose?

Angelina: Yes. It makes you look noble.

*Sach does his embarrassed laugh.*

Angelina: I really like you. I think you're a dear. I've never met anyone quite like you.

Sach: I like you, too.

Angelina: (Laughs as he blushes) You act like a girl never told you she likes you before!

*Sach blush turns deeper.*

Angelina: You're kidding! A girl has never told you she likes you before?

*Sach shakes his head slightly, blushing even deeper.*

Angelina: Well, this one just did. I like you. (She kisses him.)

*Sach grins, wide eyed and still blushing a deep red.*

Angelina: Some people may think you're strange or funny-looking, but I don't. I've seen what's inside. (She sings "My Funny Valentine" to Sach, ending with another kiss. As she pulls away) What's your name? You know my name, but you haven't told me yours.

Sach: My name... *stares off for a moment, trying to remember it* ...Sach! Yeah!

Angelina: "Sach?" That's an odd name.

Sach: Oop! Silly me! *laughs* It's, uh...oh yeah, Horace DeBussy Jones!

(Suddenly, we hear the sound of the large clock in the hallway leading to the ballroom striking, drowning out Sach's full name.)

Angelina: What did you say? Horace...what?

Butch: (Slip and Chuck are with him; points in the patio) There he is!

Sach: *Eyes widen* Oop! Outta time! Gotta go! Bye! *Gets up, tripping over himself and losing a shoe in the process. The lanky young man runs away, right past the other boys.*

Slip: SACH!

Butch: What got into him?

Chuck: I've never seen him move so fast before.

Angelina: (To Slip) Did you boys see where that young man went?

Slip: Back inside, but I think I know where he's gonna end up.

Angelina: Where? Tell me! (She picks up the crystal shoe) He lost this, poor dear. Didn't tie it properly.

Slip: *Looks at the shoe and makes a face* He was wearin' THAT?

Angelina: (Shrugs) That's the way the story works.

Slip: Crazy story.

Angelina: Could you take me to him?

Slip: *Shrugs* If you really want to...

Angelina: Yes, I want to. (Smiles dreamily) I like him.

*Slip gives the other guys a "this girl is nuts!" look, then rolls his eyes.*

Butch: Are you sure that was Sach, Slip? She's really gone about him.

Slip: It looked like him. Who else would walk around lookin' like him?

Angelina: Can you tell me where Louie's Sweet Shop is?

Slip: We can show ya. That's our hangout.

Angelina: He said he'd share a banana split with me there. It sounds wonderful.

Slip: Are you sure yer feelin' okay, miss?

Angelina: (Dreamily) Oh, I'm fine. Just fine.

Slip: Letís go.

(Cut to Sach hurrying over to the car. The little driver in white opens the door for him.)

Driver: Come on, Mr. Jones! We've gotta go! The little man with the wings don't like it when you're late!

Sach: I lost track of time! And I lost my shoe!

Driver: There's no time to get it back! We have to be at the Sweet Shop before the last bell tolls midnight! (He jumps into the car and speeds off, just as Angelina and the Bowery Boys hurry to the curb.)

Angelina: Oh blast it! There goes his driver. (She waves to the retreating car) Sach! Mr. Sach, you lost your shoe!

Slip: C'mon, we'll take ours. Whitey's gettin' it.

*Whitey pulls up in the jalopy.*

Angelina: (Raises an eyebrow) Is that thing safe?

Slip: Natterally! (Waves to the others) Everyone in.

Angelina: The things a girl does for true love.

Butch: (As Slip helps Angelina into the car) I told the girls what's going on. They're going to take Rachel's car and meet us at the Sweet Shop.

Slip: Good.

Angelina: (Clutches the shoe as Butch gets on the side) Does this thing even run?

Whitey: Just sit back and watch! *pulls the car out onto the street*

(The car lets out a noisy pop, then rumbles down Broadway as the camera moves down the street.)

(Cut to in front of Louie's Sweet Shop. Just as Sach's car pulls up in front of the curb, there's a puff of white smoke. When it subsides, Sach sits next to a white mouse and his little toy car, wearing his regular clothes and one crystal shoe.)

Sach: Oop! Made it just in time! *Gathers the toy car and the mouse and puts each in separate jacket pockets, the goes into the Sweet Shop*

(Just as he goes in, the jalopy rumbles to a stop in front of the Sweet Shop. Angelina Patterson looks rather winded.)

Angelina: I like Sach...but I think I'd rather ride in his car than this one.

Slip: He doesn't have a car. I dunno where he got the one he left in.

Angelina: (Frowns as Whitey helps her out) He pulled up in the car, but I don't see him or the car now.

Slip: Iíll bet heís inside. Like I said, he don't have a car. He prob'ly borrowed it.

Angelina: Sach! Sach!

(She hurries inside the Sweet Shop...but Sach isn't there.)

Angelina: Oh, where could he be? (She turns to the other Boys as they enter) I guess none of you would fit into this shoe. You all seem to have smaller feet than he does.

Slip: *folds his arms* There's a back room. And, no, none of us fit that thing.

Butch: Not to mention, we all have girls of our own.

Louie: (He comes out with a wet rag) What's all the noise out here? (Smiles at Angelina) Hello, miss. What's the trouble? Did one of the boys do something wrong?

Angelina: I am looking for someone, but it's not because of anything wrong. Have you seen a Sach, or a Horace...something...

Louie: I don't know a Horace something, but I do know a Horace Jones. We call him Sach. He's in the back, getting more candy supplies. You'd better check on him, before he eats all the Mallowmars.

Angelina: Jones! That's his name! (She hurries in the back, followed by the Boys and the newly-arrived Sally and her friends. Louie just watches them with a knowing smile.)

*Sach is in the back room, rooting through candy boxes.*

Angelina: Sach? (She goes up to him) Horace?

Sach: *Turns and nearly drops the box* Angelina!

Angelina: (Holds out the crystal shoe) You lost this.

Sach: My shoe! You brought me my shoe!

Angelina: It wasn't tied right and came off when you left. (She smiles) You're just as handsome in a shirt and slacks as you are in that tux. I'd know that nose anywhere.

Sach: Aww...

Sally: (Grins at Slip) This has got to be Sach's dream.

Slip: If it ain't, it's my nightmare.

Angelina: Will you come back to the dance and go steady with me, Horace?

Sach: *Nods excitedly* I sure will!

*Slip's eyes roll upwards and he slumps to the floor, shock by what he's heard.*

Sally: Slip! (She goes to the floor to revive him as Louie pushes past them and into the room. His wings appear on his back. He takes Sach and puts his hands in Angelina's)

Louie: I hope you're both very happy. You deserve each other...and lots of banana splits.

Angelina: You bet!

Sach: Yeah!

(They kiss again as Sally keeps slapping Slip's cheek and the others all cheer. Fade out on the group. Fade in on Sach leaning against the broom, just as he was in the beginning of the story.)

*The other boys come in, only to find Sach leaning on his broom.*

Slip: Well, gentlemen, there's Sach, just like I said he'd be.

Chuck: *Slaps some cash into Slip's hand* That's the last time I take a bet on how we find Sach when we return from somewhere.

Butch: He looks so peaceful like that, it would almost be a shame to wake him up.

Slip: I feel no shame. *Belts Sach with his hat* Saaaach!

Sach: (He jolts awake) Angelina...oop! (Frowns at Slip) You ain't Angelina!

Slip: At least you didn't try ta kiss me or som'en.

Sach: I wouldn't kiss you! I only kiss goils.

Slip: For which I'm internally happy.

Sach: Boy, did I have a honey of a dream! I dreamed that Louie turned up here with wings. He turned my little car into a big one, and the mouse from the back room into the driver, and they took me to the charity ball. I got to dance with Angelina Patterson, and she really liked me. But that's not the best part. The best part is when she found me here, gave me my glass shoe, and said she wanted to go steady with me. (Gives Slip a little push) And you fainted, Chief!

Slip: If I'd had that dream, it woulda been a nightmare.

Sach: That was no nightmare. It was the best dream I ever had. (Turns to the other Boys) Did you get to see Angelina Patterson at the ball? How was she? Did you get to dance with her?

Chuck: *Shakes his head* She didn't dance with any of us.

Slip: I was too busy dancin' with Sally to notice.

Sach: I'll bet you were tearin' up the floor, Chief. You were in my dream! It was a real MGM musical there for a while.

Slip: *Half smirk* Always knew I shoulda been in one-a them.

Female Voice: Hello? (A familiar face peeks in - Angelina Patterson. She now wears a wrap over her evening gown, but she otherwise looks the same as she did in the dream sequence)

Sach: *Turns; his eyes widen* Angelina Patterson!

Slip: I don't believe it.

Angelina Patterson: I was wondering if someone could give me some directions? I was on my way to the Crown Hotel, but I got lost.

Sach: *Grabs Slip's arm* I wanna show her, Chief! *Goes to Angelina* Can I show you? I'll take you there!

Angelina: Certainly.

Sach: *As he and Angelina head out* Do you like banana splits?

Angelina: I love them! They're my favorites.

Sach: Woulda ya like to share one some time? My treat!

Angelina: I'd love to! (They stroll out, arm in arm.)

Chuck: She left with him!

*Slip drops in a faint.*

(We end with all the Bowery Boys trying to revive their Chief. The camera moves outside, revealing Sach and Angelina climbing into her car. Sach waves to the camera as she gets into the driver's side, and the two speed off into the night.)