*We open in the woods with the boys walking along. Butch and Whitey lead, while Sach walks with Slip's arm around him and his own arm over Slip's shoulders. Chuck walks alongside Slip on the opposite side.*

Butch: I sure hope we find Sally soon! We've been walkin' for days!

Sach: My stomach's growlin'.

Slip: *Head bowed* Sach, yer stomach's always growlin'.

Whitey: My feet are hurtin'.

Sach: Can't we find another berry bush and have lunch?

Chuck: We can't keep stopping every hour, Sach.

Sach: But I'm hungry!

Butch: That's not news. (Looks behind him) How are you doing, Chief?

Slip: *Shrugs* Been better. *sighs* Still can't see, if that's what yer lookin' for.

Sach: (Frowns) I wish that bad lady hadn't taken your sight. Why'd she do such a rotten thing, anyway?

Chuck: *Makes a face* Because he wouldn't let her do what she wanted.

Slip: She was tryin' to hex me, I think, but it weren't workin'.

Sach: I wish there was somethin' we could do.

Slip: Just don't let me trip over som'en.

Sach: We won't. (Frowns) I wonder what she did to Sally? She had her hair, an' she wasn't movin'.

Butch: That witch is awful. And she's the one who took care of Sally all these years! Some mother!

Sach: Don't worry, Chief, We'll find her for you.

Slip: I just wanna know she's okay. *Frowns* As long as you guys ain't been takin' us in circles. I know how bad some of ya are wit' directions.

Sach: We know where we're goin'!

Slip: We ain't found 'er yet, have we?

Butch: (Mutters to Whitey) Or at least, we know where WE'RE goin'. Sach couldn't find his way out of his underwear.

*Whitey nods.*

Chuck: Maybe we should stop for a few minutes.

Slip: I ain't stoppin' ‘till I find Sally. *pushes Sach away with the arm that was around him*

Chuck: But Slip...

Sach: Chiefy...

Slip: *As he walks away* I gotta find her!

Chuck: *To the others* Oh, he's gonna get himself hurt, or even killed!

Sach: We've gotta stop him! Chiefy, come back! (He runs after Slip)

Slip: *Just keeps walking* Will ya knock it off, Sach?

Sach: Chief.... (That's when we hear rustling) What's that?

Slip: Rustlin'...from the brush. It's... *Listens intently; hears it again* Over there. *He points to his left and nearly whacks Sach with his arm.*

Sach: Whoa! (He turns Slip - and his arm - towards the bushes) Take that arm where it won't do no harm.

Slip: *Tries to yell in Sach's direction but he's off by at least 90 degrees* Sach, quit foolin' around! There's som'en there! I heard it!

Sach: (We hear rustling again) I hear it, too. (Turns Slip around to yell at him...and keeps his arm at a safe distance) There. You can yell at me now, Chief.

Slip: *Growls* Well, what the hell is it!?

Sach: I don't know. I hope it isn't a monster. I wouldn't want to be eaten by a bear.

Slip: *Listens for it again; turns in the direction he thinks it's coming from* I'LL find out what it is! *He starts towards the brush, his arms out in front of him, waving for anything that might pop up in front of him. He doesn’t realize he’s reached the brush until he trips over something and falls down into it.* SAAAAACH!

Sach: Oop! (He pulls Slip out of the brush and dusts him off) Sorry, Chief. Anything broken? Let me check. (Starts turning Slip around.)

Slip: *Starts swatting at Sach, but his aim is off* WHAT DID I TRIP OVER!?

Sach: Bush. (Looks up; sees something golden flash in the bushes behind them) Chief, I see somethin'! Somethin' yella!

Slip: *His back is to Sach now; puts his arms out* Where!? Sach, help me out a little here!

Sach: (Turns Slip to the flash) There!

(He turns it just in time for Slip to run head-on into that somethin' yella...which also turns out to be wearing a ragged purple gown and carrying a makeshift basket of berries.)

Slip: Oof! *yells* SACH, YOU CRAZY MORON, I OUGHTA...

(Suddenly, Slip feels a pair of warm, slender arms wrap around him. Sach gasps in delight.)

Sach: SALLY!

Slip: Sally? *pauses* Sach, so help me if this is some kinda joke...

(But then a warm pair of lips kiss Slip's. Sach grins.)

Sach: Nope! It ain't a joke!

Slip: *As Sally pulls away* Good. Then I won't hafta kill ya. *pauses* Sally...I...

(Sally smiles and runs her fingers over his cheek, then takes his hand and squeezes it.)

Slip: Sally, say something, please...

Sach: Sally, what's wrong with you? You haven't said one thing since we got here! Cat got your tongue?

(Sally shakes her head. She puts Slip's hand on her throat, then touches it herself.)

Sach: You can't talk?

Slip: What?!

(Sally nods sadly.)

Sach: What happened?

(Sally just clenches her fist. When she opens it, she takes Slip's finger and spells out "Zelda" in his palm.)

Slip: *Growls* So she's likes takin' away people's senses, huh?

*Slip shakes his closed fist, accidentally hitting Sach's arm.*

Sach: (Sally gently pulls Slip's arm away as he rubs his arm) You sure you ain't boxin' anymore, Chief?

Slip: *Tries to turn in Sach's direction, but his aim is off again* You need ta quit gettin' in my way! Ya know I can't see, so why don'tcha help me!

(Sally's eyes widen. Slip can't see?)

Sach: Sally...you don't know about the Chief?

(Sally shakes her head and leans against Slip, running her fingers over his eyes.)

Slip: *swallows hard as his eyes close* Sally, I can't see a damn thing. Zelda took my sight away because she couldn't hex me an’ I wouldn't cooperate wit' her. *His eyes open again, but they just stare straight ahead.*

(Sally takes his chin in her hands and leans close to him. Her eyes are filled with tears that spill over and run on Slip's face. Sach's eyes widen as a soft white light surrounds Slip's face.)

Sach: Chiefy...

Slip: I... *blinks; his eyes widen* Sally... *He looks right at her, blinking* Thanks. *he gives her a kiss now*

(Sally's eyes widen, too. She touches his eyes again. Sach's mouth drops open.)

Sach: Chief, your eyes...are they...

Slip: *Blinks again...and smiles* I can see. *hugs Sally*

(Sally hugs him back. Sach grins.)

Sach: Group hug! (He wraps his arms around both of them!)

Slip: Oof! Sach, not so hard!

(The two men laugh as the other three Boys make their way into the clearing.)

Butch: Guys, here they are!

Chuck: Slip! Sach! *his eyes widen* Sally!

(Sally looks up, nods, and waves at the other boys.)

Sach: Hi, guys! Sally healed Slip! He can see again!

(Sally shrugs. She's not sure how it happened...but she's glad it did.)

Slip: *As the others join them* Yeah, but Zelda took Sally's voice an' it don't seem as easy to return as my sight was.

(Sally shakes her head.)

Butch: How are we gonna fix her?

(Sally shrugs helplessly and shakes her head.)

Sach: And what did that mean lady do to your hair, Sally? It's really short! We have longer hair n' you do now!

(Sally gently pulls at a lock of Slip's hair and makes a slicing motion through it with her hand.)

Slip: *sighs* And then she tried to use your hair against us.

(Sally narrows her eyes and clenches her fists.)

Butch: What can we do? How can we help Sally?

Sach: We've gotta stop that witch an' get her to fix Sally's voice!

Slip: An' get rid of that witch for good.

*Suddenly, Zelda arrives in a puff of smoke. Her arms are folded, and she's clearly not happy.*

(Sally narrows her eyes. She steps in front of Slip and Sach. The others hurry behind them.)

Sach: Go away, you nasty lady! Shoo! Shoo! (Waves his hand at her)

Slip: *Steps up next to Sally* Give Sally her voice back!

Sach: Yeah! How'd you like to lose your voice, or an ear or somethin'?

(Sally nods and touches her throat.)

Zelda: Or I could make all of you lose something.

(Sally shakes her head and steps up to Zelda. She won't let her hurt them anymore.)

Zelda: And you think you're going to stop me?

Butch: We're sure gonna try.

*Zelda draws her hands up, causing a whirlwind to pick up Chuck, Butch, and Whitey. It carries them over to some trees, where they get tangled.*

Butch: Hey! (He struggles...but the tree's branches wrap around him, enfolding him)

Sach: What did you do to our friends?

(Sally glares at Zelda.)

Slip: You'd better let them go!

Whitey: HEEEELP!

(Sally goes right up to Zelda and stamps on her foot! Let her friends go!)

Sach: (He ducks behind Slip) Oh, this isn't good.

Zelda: *Grabs her foot and hops around, holding it* Why you little!? *Waves her hand at Slip and Sach. Sach starts to float.*

Sach: Hey! Stop that! Put me down! I've always wanted to fly, but not like this! Oh Chiefy, please get me down! (He grabs Slip's arm, trying to pull himself back down to the ground.)

*Slip tries to pull Sach back down, but Sach floats out of his reach. Slip tries to jump to reach him, but only ends up face down on the ground.*

Sach: Put me down! I'm gettin' seasick! (He tries to float over to Zelda) Oh please, bad witch, let me down!

(Sally puts her hands on her hips and glares at Zelda. She aims a punch right at her chin.)

*Zelda staggers back from the hit. She growls and shoves Sally aside, then makes a bee line for Slip, who's starting to get to his feet.*

(Sally runs in front of him and takes him in her hands. Don't hurt him! She loves him!)

Zelda: *Smirks* Make me. *starts to wave a hand*

(Sally grabs Zelda's hand before she can wave it. She looks into her eyes.)

*Zelda's eyes widen, as she's unable to move her gaze from Sally's eyes.*

(Sally leans closer into Zelda. She wants her to free the boys and restore her voice.)

Sach: (He's bobbing in the air) Oh please, get her to let us down! I'm gonna lose all those berries over the side! (He does look a little green.)

Butch: (He gasps; the tree squeezes him) Hurry!

(Sally runs her fingers over the back of Zelda's neck and strokes her longish brown hair. She just wants Zelda to stop hurting them.)

*Slowly, Sach starts being lowered back to the ground.*

Sach: (He finally lands on his feet with a thump) Oh thank you! Thank you, Sally!

(Sally raises her hand...and Zelda stands, too.)

Sach: Wow! Her eyes look like glazed donuts.

*Butch, Whitey, and Chuck are released from the trees.*

Slip: Sally...how...

Butch: (As the boys drop to the ground) Thank goodness!

(Sally touches her throat next. Fix her voice.)

Butch: What's goin' on?

*Zelda nods, then reaches out and touches Sally's throat. There's a light around her.*

Sally: (Coughs, then says) Oh, thank goodness! (She turns to Zelda) Why are you doing this? Why did you hurt me and these boys? I want the whole truth. And how am I able to do these things?

Zelda: You are the daughter of King Louie and Queen Gertrude. You have great powers that become lessened as you lose your innocence. At your birth, it was rumored that you had more magic than both your parents combined, which drew me to you. That’s why I took the opportunity to make the deal with King Louie.

Sally: (Blinks) I...I am?

Slip: *To Sally* Yer the King and Queen's lost daughter?

*Zelda simply nods.*

Butch: The King told us. He stole lettuce from her garden...and she made him give you up to get the lettuce for your ma. :

Sally: (Growls) You still shouldn't have done that, even if he did steal.

Butch: I think we ought to turn her into something!

Sach: I think we ought to cut off her hair an' see if she likes it!

Sally: (Nods) That'll be the first punishment. Zelda, cut your hair as short as mine, and never grow it out again.

Butch: It's only fair.

*Zelda waves a hand around her hair. The long locks fall to the ground, leaving her with closed cropped hair.*

Sach: I think we should make sure she can't look into people's eyes anymore.

Slip: *Folds his arms* Could blind her.

Sally: I don't want to blind her. That's something she could do. Maybe we could turn her into something or make her agree to something that would render her harmless.

Sach: I think she'd make a nice bunny rabbit. I always wanted one of those.

Butch: Or a piano we could pound on.

Sally: (She looks deeply into Zelda's eyes) No, we'll keep her human. Perhaps she'd like to work for my father? She knows about gardens. She could be the gardener's assistant. (Puts her hands on Zelda's throat) His MUTE assistant. Zelda, you will work as the gardener's assistant from now on. You will obey anything he or my parents or I tell you to do. You will never attempt any kind of magic ever again, nor will you cause anyone any trouble.

*Zelda nods.*

Sach: Ok...how are we gonna get back to the palace?

Sally: Maybe I could... (She closes her eyes. The wind picks up around them and seems to gently pick them up in animated, feathery "arms.")

Butch: Wow!

Sach: Easy! (He pushes at the wind, trying to "fluff" it.)

Chuck: Now this is how to travel!

Sally: Wind, take us to King Louie's palace!

(The wind does so. We see them seemingly carried aloft by the invisible wind...though some strings are visible.)

(Cut to King Louie's palace. He and Queen Gertrude are inspecting their gardens when the wind seems to pick up around them.)

King Louie: What's this? It wasn't windy just a second ago!

Queen Gertrude: It does seem rather strange...

(We see seven figures seemingly carried by strings in the air. They finally land on their feet in front of the Queen and King...all except Slip, who is dropped on his rear.)

Sally: (Laughs) Sorry, honey. We need to work on your landings.

Slip: *Winces, rubbing at his rear* Yeah, no kiddin'.

King Louie: Boys! You found her! Good work!

Sach: We not only found Sally. We found your daughter!

King Louie: You did?

Slip: *As he gets up* Yer lookin' at her.

Queen Gertrude: (She goes to Sally and smiles) My dear girl...it's been so long since I've held you in my arms....

Sally: Mother.... (She leans over and hugs her; both women are crying)

Sach: (Sobs on Whitey's shoulder) Isn't that beautiful?

King Louie: (Eyes Zelda) What about her?

Butch: She's your new gardener's assistant.

Slip: She won't talk back, an' she'll do everythin' ya tell her to.

King Louie: I'm sure our gardener will be delighted to hear that! His last assistant got married and moved to another kingdom. He could use the help.

Butch: And we have something to confess, too. (Looks at the other guys) Should we tell him about the potatoes?

Slip: *Nods* It's only fair after what we just went through.

Sach: Your honor, we sorta...kinda...stole some stuff from you.

Butch: (Sighs) It wasn't even borrowing. We stole some potatoes from your garden yesterday morning.

Slip: We figured ya wouldn't miss 'em. *shrugs*

Sach: Sir, we were desperate! We hadn't had work in a while, and we didn't have no food! (He grabs Louie's sleeve and starts bawling) Please don't toss us in the clink! We're too young and beautiful to die!

*Slip rolls his eyes and tugs Sach away from the King.*

King Louie: Normally, that would be a punishable offense... (sighs) but no one's perfect. Remember how I lost my little Rapunzel... (turns to his daughter) Sally.

Slip: Thank you, sire.

King Louie: I couldn't arrest all of you now, especially since I intend to pass along how I lost my daughter and regained her.

Sally: Father...could they stay? They're my dear friends now. They saved me from Zelda.

King Louie: (Nods) If you wish it, my little one.

Sally: (Takes Slip's hand) I want to marry Slip. (Looks into his eyes) He's the only man for me.

King Louie: Normally, I'd protest that he's a commoner... (Queen Gertrude elbows him) ...but he did save your life.

*Slip just smiles at Sally.*

King Louie: Marry him and be happy, my dear Rapunzel.

Sally: (Hugs Slip) Oh, I will! I will!

Slip: *Hugs her back* I love ya, Sally.

Sally: I love you, too. (She kisses him....and we fade out on them and everyone cheering around them, and on cheering kids as Sach finishes his story.)

Sach: And they lived happily ever after! The end. (He closes the book) Wasn't that a nice story? Well, I've gotta go now. My buddy Slip will read to ya next. (He heads back to where the others still stand with their books.) So, how did I do?

Sally: I liked the ending, where Rapunzel got to hex the witch.

Slip: *His arms are still folded, his hand rubbing subconsciously at his shoulder; gives Sach a nod* Ya did good, Sach. The kids really liked it.

Sach: Thanks! Ok, Chief, go at it!

Sally: And Slip... (She kisses him) Good luck.

Slip: *Smiles a little more as they separate* Thanks, Sal. *Heads out in front of the group of kids with his book.*

Butch: That sure was an interestin' story, Sach!

Sally: I almost wish it was true. I'd love to really stick it to Zelda that way.

Chuck: *Nods* Yeah, I think we all would.

Whitey: *To Sach* You even managed to crack a smile from Slip.

Sach: That's kinda what I was hopin' for. Sometimes, it feels good to really let things out...even if it's just a story.

Sally: Especially in a story. The imagination is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Sach: You bet, Sally!

(We fade out on Slip reading "Robin Hood" to a still-rapturous young audience...and a shot of the fairy tale books on the shelves behind him.)