(We open right where we left off - with the Boys confronted by Sheila and her goons. She chuckles.)

Sheila: It's nice to actually meet you. Shame it couldn't have been under more pleasant circumstances.

Slip: "Nice?"

Sach: I'd meet you anytime.

Sheila: I didn't get to really address you the first time I encountered you. My people have learned quite a bit since then (smirks) Terrence Mahoney.

Slip: *Folds his arms* You expectin' a prize or som'en?

Sheila: (She goes to Bobby, running her fingers through his hair) Oh, I know quite a bit about all of you now. I know, for instance, that none of you are as foolish as you behaved in that beauty parlor. You're definitely not hair stylists, either. Our friend Jordan is a pilot. Jones knows quite a bit about chemistry, and Johnson is a radio enthusiast. (She turns to Slip) And you're the leader of the group. I could use that.

Sach: Beautiful and smart. She's the perfect woman.

Slip: Yeah, right. We ain't interested. And don't touch Bobby.

Sheila: Why not? You'd all be getting good pay. I've heard your brother is following around that very attractive reporter Gabriel Moreno. (Her smirk gets evil) I could certainly use someone like him in...many places.

(She continues to run her fingers over Bobby's face and hair. He tries to pull away, but the goons hold him down.)

Sheila: We already have Jordan in our pay. I could use the little one - Butch? - too. (Makes a face) And you're all friendly with that annoying little shop keeper, Louis Dumbrowski. Perhaps you could persuade the old man to see the light and sell that shop.

Whitey: Louie isn't annoying! He's really nice!

Sheila: (She leaves Bobby and goes to Slip) So, what do you say? You'd be on with full salary and all the perks. You'd finally have all the money you could ask for, a nice office, real cushy jobs for you and your friends...

Sach: Chief?

Slip: I don't want it the way you'd give it.

Allan: You're insane. You know Sheila is one of the richest people in this city. She could give you and your boys everything.

Sach: (Grins) Everything?

Sheila: You don't know whom you're messing with, Mahoney. If you defy me, I could make things very bad for you.

Slip: I know who I'm messin' with, aní I don't care.

Sheila: Allan has already sent men to kill that delicate brother of yours. (She nods; one of the goons grabs Bobby's hair and holds a knife to his neck) Neither he nor I would be adverse to two murders.

Sach: (Whimpers) Oh...oh! Chief, what are we going to do?

Slip: Routine ten!

Sach: (Nods) Got'cha. (He and Slip go to either side of the goons...then do a pattycake routine and hit them both in the chin. The knife goes flying. Sach grabs it.)

Sach: (He holds off Sheila) Don't come near me, or you'll get it through the ribs!

Sheila: (Makes a face at Sach) You couldn't hurt a fly.

Sach: You're an awfully pretty fly... (frowns) ...but I don't like ladies who wanna hurt my friends.

(Slip ducks aside of two guys, letting them run into each other. Whitey unties Bobby.)

Bobby: (He grins at Whitey after he unties his gag) Thanks, man.

Whitey: Anytime, Bobby.

Allen: (He lunges for Slip) Come over here, little fat boy.

Slip: Who you callin' little?

Allen: You and that pretty little bastard have caused me enough grief. (He grabs an knife from his pocket to use like a razor) I'm going to give you the same treatment you fools gave me in the beauty parlor.

Slip: I like to see ya try.

(He reaches for Slip's hair and is about to run the knife across his cheek and head when he slumps, out cold. As he falls, we see Bobby Jordan behind him, holding a paperweight from Sheila's desk.)

Bobby: Vain jerk. (He turns to Slip) You ok, Chief?

Slip: Fine. Nice shot, Bobby.

Bobby: Thanks, Chief. (Makes a face) They grabbed me here. They were going to take me to Allan's office, but decided to stay here and use me as bait for you guys, Chuck, and Gabe instead.

Sheila: And all we got were you three.

Slip: Sorry to let you down.

Bobby: We've gotta get outta here, Slip. They're going to make another attempt on Chuck's life.

Slip: Great. Letís go, fellas.

Sach: (He still holds the knife on Sheila) What should we do with her?

Slip: Tie 'er up.

Sach: But don't hurt her! She's too pretty to hurt.

Sheila: (As Bobby and Slip pull her into the chair Bobby just vacated) That's nice to know.

(Bobby and Whitey tie her with the ropes.)

*Slip grabs a handkerchief and ties it around her mouth.

Sach: You didn't do it too tightly, did you?

(Sheila growls at them and makes a face.)

Slip: No, I didn't.

Sach: Good. I like her. (He gives her a little kiss on the cheek...and his rubber lips go crazy afterwards. Sheila lets out a muffled roar.)

*Slip belts Sach with his hat.*

Sach: Oop! (As he goes out the door) I can't help it if I'm in love!

Slip: Yes you can.

Bobby: (Follows them out the door; Whitey follows him) We've gotta get moving, guys. They could have already gotten Chuck!

Slip: They better not've.

(All four hurry out to Lucy. Sach helps Bobby in the front, then gets in the back with Whitey.)

Bobby: How's Lucy running these days? Just as bad as ever?

Slip: Better than that. *starts up the jalopy*

Bobby: (As Lucy rumbles to a start) Took her to Scruno again?

Slip: Natterally. He knows her best.

Sach: Come on. We gotta get to Louie's, before the bad guys do!

(Fade out on Lucy rumbling out of the parking lot. Fade in on the beauty parlor. Butch stands next to a screen, whistling.)

Butch: How's the wig coming, Chuck?

Chuck: *Sighs* Lovely.

Butch: You ready now?

*Chuck comes out. His wig is long black hair pulled back in a single braid. He wears a cotton dress with a blue and green check pattern, with black strap shoes and dark stockings. He also wears pink lipstick.*

Chuck: *Folds his arms* I hate this.

(Butch can't help it. He doubles over laughing.)

Butch: You look...interesting. Don't make Louie wear that.

Chuck: See! You're laughing! I knew you'd laugh!

Butch: (Straightens) Sorry. Why don't we try Gabe when he comes in and see what he says?

Chuck: Fine.

(Gabe comes in at that moment. He hurries over to the boys.)

Gabe: Butch, who's your...oh my... *starts laughing*

Chuck: Would you stop that?

*Gabe keeps laughing.*

Chuck: *Turns to Butch* I'm not doing this!

Butch: Would you rather die?

Chuck: I'm starting to consider it.

Butch: You'll be fine! It's only until we can get those guys off your tail. (He turns to Gabe, looks around, then says) Gabe, Slip, Sach, and Whitey went after Bobby.

Gabe: I hope they don't get themselves in trouble.

Butch: Louie's going to tell them to meet us here when they get back to the Sweet Shop. You'll get your interview with Bobby yet!

Gabe: *Nods* It'll be even more interesting with the kidnapping angle now.

(A young woman comes in next. It's Adriana in a dark purple suit and fancy hat. She goes over to the receptionist.)

Adriana: I'm here for my 2 o'clock hair appointment, please.

Butch: (His eyes widen; he tugs on Chuck's sleeve) It's her! The dame who dumped you!

Chuck: *Looks; his eyes widen* Adriana...

Adriana: (She looks up...and her eyes widen) Chuck! What are you doing here? (She grins) And I do hope you know that Halloween isn't for another couple of weeks.

Chuck: I, uh...

Butch: He's practicing.

Adriana: Ahh. (She sighs, then) Chuck...I left Allan. I told him early this morning. I've had enough of his diva attitude and his vanity.

Chuck: I'm glad to hear that.

Adriana: In fact, I want to talk to your friend Gabe. I know how he's been getting those jewels from the matrons. Most of the women who work in the parlors are in his employ...and they were hired not only because they're good with hair. (Makes a face) They're fast on their fingers in another way, too.

Chuck: *Motions to Gabe* Gabe's right here.

Adriana: (She smiles) Oh, good. I hope you just heard all that, Gabe. And I have lots more to tell you.

Gabe: *Nods* Of which I'm very interested to hear.

Chuck: Adriana...

Adriana: (She takes his hand) Yes?

Chuck: Well, first...I wish I was dressed like a man to tell you this...I really like you. I'm really happy to hear you left Allan, but...

Adriana: But...

Chuck: We think he and his goons are trying to kill me.

Adriana: Oh no! Oh god! That...that...he's crazy!

Chuck: They've tried twice already.

Adriana: He's always threatened to kill any boy who looked at me...but I thought he was just being protective!

Chuck: I was almost poisoned, then nearly strangled. I don't think that's being protective.

Adriana: He's a madman! A cold-blooded madman!

Chuck: That's why I'm dressed like this.

Butch: He's in disguise.

Adriana: (Chuckles) It's not bad. Not great either, but...

Chuck: I hate it.

Adriana: I wish I'd come on sooner. I could have helped you with your makeup and wig. I used to be a beautician myself before I started dating Allan.

Gabe: I would have liked to have seen that.

(As Adriana takes Chuck's hand, a group of older women enter. One starts when she sees Chuck and Adriana and narrows her eyes. She is tall and slender. Her fluffy blond hair is obviously a wig. She wears a fashionable dress, a mink stole, and a huge flowered hat. She brushes past them, "accidentally" bumping into Chuck on the way.)

*Zelda walks in just behind them, wearing a purple dress with a lavender shawl and low heels. She eyes Chuck and Adriana, then turns her gaze to the group in front of her.*

Beautician #1: (She and several other women join the ladies) You're all here for your 2 o'clock appointments?

Woman In Wig: (Her voice sounds a bit unnatural) Um, yes. I'd like to get my nails trimmed and painted. I want one of those new bright pink shades, the ones that really stand out! (Flutters her eyelashes...but her eyes are really on Chuck and Adriana.)

Adriana: (Smiles at Chuck) I think I'd better join them. I do need to get my hair trimmed.

Chuck: I'll see you later?

Adriana: Yes. (Whispers in his ear) You're the only man I love.

Woman In Wig: (She frowns and grabs Chuck out of the line) I want this one to do my nails!

Beautician #1: But...but...

Butch: Hey!

Chuck: *Voice raises several octaves* Me!?

Adriana: No, I'd rather Charlotte did my hair.

Woman In Wig: But I requested her first, right Miss Zelda?

Zelda: That's right. She has first dibs.

Chuck: *Keeps his voice high* But, I...I'm still training!

Woman In Wig: So I'll help you train! You can learn how to do nails!

Chuck: I've never done nails...see? *holds up his own hands to show his lack of fingernails*

Butch: That's right!

Woman In Wig: Well, there's no better time to learn!

Woman In Wig: If you do a good job, I might even have a treat for you!

Zelda: *To Adriana* You can wait. She won't be long.

Adriana: But...

Butch: Yeah!

Gabe: Ladies, can't we all compromise?

Beautician #1: Um, Ma'am, that lady is...

Woman In Wig: Coming with me! (She grabs Chuck by the wrist and pulls him into the back room, where the nail polishes and tools are.)

Butch: Lady! (He starts after her, but Zelda stops him.)

Zelda: Where's your hurry? Is there a 'fire?'

*Zelda nods to the Beautician handling Adriana.*

(The beautician pulls a scented towel over Adriana's nose until her head nods and her eyes close. Butch's eyes widen.)

Butch: What's going on? What are you going to do to my best friend? (He makes for the nail room.)

Gabe: *Follows Butch* Wait for me, Butch!

Zelda: *Growls, turning to the group of women* Ladies!

(The other women were also covered and drugged. Three of the beauticians grab Butch; the other two grab Gabe.)

Butch: Hey! You're damn strong for dames! (He struggles)

Gabe: Let us go!

Beautician #1: Should we drug them too, Miss Zelda?

Zelda: *Smirks* Sure.

(They drag Gabe and Butch over to the chairs and force the same scented towels over their faces. After a few minutes, both are on the floor, out cold.)

Beautician #2: Should we leave them there, or dump them in chairs?

Zelda: Letís put them in a closet. Thatíll really keep them out of our way.

Beautician #2: Sounds good to me! (They drag the two men to a closet and shove both in.)

(Cut to the nail room. The woman settles down in a chair on one side of the table with all the polishes and clippers and files. Chuck sits nervously on the other end.)

Woman In Wig: I want my nails buffed and done in one of those gorgeous new bright pink shades.

Chuck: Um, okay. I just... *Looks over all the different polishes & whatnot; he groans*

Woman In Wig: (Grabs a clear coat) How about this one first, then the pink?

Chuck: Okay... *Opens the clear coat and dribbles it all over the place* Oh dear...

Woman In Wig: You have to be careful with it. I've seen my girlfriends do this. (She shows him how to apply the first coat) See?

*Chuck tries to copy, but his hands are shaking and he gets it all over the Woman's fingers.*

Woman In Wig: You're so nervous! (Pats his hand) First time?

Chuck: You could say that.

Woman In Wig: I have something that might calm you down. (She pulls a bright red apple out of her bag) Have an apple, young lady.

Chuck: *Blinks, but takes it* An apple?

Woman In Wig: A good apple always relaxes me! After all (she smirks a bit here) an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Chuck: Yeah. *shrugs* Alright. Thank you. *He takes a bite & chews.*

(The woman stands up with a smirk as Chuck gasps, gags, and falls to the ground, white as a sheet. The apple falls from his hand. She laughs as she yanks off Chuck's wig...then yanks off her own, revealing Allan.)

Allan: I finally got you, you little bastard!

*The door slams open, and we hear a VERY unhappy growl.*

Slip: YER the bastard!

Allan: You! I was wondering where you ran off to after your gimpy friend smacked me over the head. I'd like to give him this (holds up the apple) next. And I hope he chokes on it! He might have ruined what's left of my hair.

Slip: *Gets right in Allan's face; points at Chuck* So help me, if he's dead, YER NEXT!

Allan: I never did give you the beauty treatment I wanted to give you.

*Slip swings a fist toward Allan's jaw.*

(He connects and sends Allan back...but he recovers quickly and sends a right towards Slip's jaw.)

*Slip dodges and jabs at Allan's stomach.*

(He manages to get Allan doubled over...just as a drowsy Adriana and Sach runs in.)

Sach: I got her up an' goin'! Whitey's lookin' for Butch. Bobby's callin' the cops.

Slip: I got this goon! Help Chuck!

Sach: Oh god! Chuck!

Adriana: Oh no! No, no, no! (They both kneel beside him. Adriana takes his wrists. Sach pulls off a shoe and listens to his foot.)

Sach: I can't feel a heartbeat!

Adriana: (Her hands are on his wrists) Um, Sach, his pulse is up here. He has one. It's faint, but he has one. (She leans over and looks like she's kissing him.)

Sach: Oooh, how romantic! Kissin' her prince awake, jus' like in fairy tales!

*Meanwhile, Slip and Allan continue their fist-fight in the background.*

Adriana: (Comes up for air) Come on, honey. I'm sure glad I took that first aid course in high school. (She "kisses" him again.)

Sach: Boy, she's really gettin' into this!

*Chuck suddenly starts coughing and gasping.*

Sach: Chuck! (He throws his arms around him) Oh Chuck! Speak to me! (Eyes his costume) And what's with the dress? You playin' the lead in "Charley's Aunt?"

Adriana: (Squeezes his hand) Oh honey. (She pats his back)

Chuck: *Between gasps and coughs* Adriana...poison apple...

Adriana: You were poisoned again?

*Slip decks Allan but good, sending him sprawling.* X( :P

Sach: (He sees the apple near Chuck; picks it up between his fingers) This apple?

*Chucks nods, still gasping.*

Allan: (He rubs his face where he was hit) If I have a broken jaw, you're gettin' the bill for my facial reconstruction, boy.

Slip: Why? I just gave ya a free one.

Sach: (He hurries over to Slip) Chief! Chief! They poisoned poor Chuck with this apple! (He holds it out)

Adriana: (She holds up a small piece of apple) I think he got most of it out, but he should still go to the hospital to make sure none of it got in his system.

Slip: *To Allan* You little piece of garbage!

Allan: Look who's talking.

*Slip swings hard at Allan again.*

(This one knocks him on the floor. This time, he's out like a light.)

Zelda: *Comes in* What's going on here?

Sach: You! You're that bad lady from Louie's!

Slip: *Turns to Zelda* Yer just as much trouble.

Zelda: Me? I'm no trouble.

Adriana: Zelda. Sheila's personal secretary, assistant, confidante, and errand girl.

Zelda: *Strides over to Slip and fingers his neck and chin* I may be all that, but I'm so much more, too.

Slip: I'd suggest moving that finger before you only have NINE.

Zelda: *Hmphs* Well, that's not very nice.

Slip: Didn't say I was tryin' to be nice.

Adriana: Zelda, I know what you and Sheila do to the young men you get your hooks on. (Narrows her eyes and pulls Chuck closer to her) It's outlawed in fifteen states.

Sach: (He grabs Zelda's hand) You don't touch my Chief, you bad lady!

Zelda: *To Sach* Get off of me, you moron! *spins Sach away, then turns to Slip and plants a kiss on him*

(Sach lands against a wall, dazed.)

*Zelda holds on as Slip tries to pull away. He reaches a hand out toward the table with all the nail stuff on it and feels around. He appears to be fading as he fingers finally close on something on the table. He flicks his wrist and reveals the bottle of clear nail polish. The polish goes all over the front of Zelda, from her lower neck down. She pulls away from him, surprised. Slip staggers a little*

Zelda: *Disgusted* Why you little...

Sach: (He manages to shake his head just in time to see Zelda and Slip) Chief, be careful! She's tricky!

Slip: You ain't gettin' away with none of this. *He swings a fist, but he's been slowed considerably. Zelda ducks and runs out.*

Slip: *Leans over the nearest chair* Dammit.

Sach: (He stumbles over to Slip) Chiefy, are you ok?

Slip: *Still using the chair to lean on* Feel like I'm surrounded by molasses.

Sach: Oooh, maybe she poisoned you, too!

Adriana: But you didn't eat anything!

Slip: Her lipstick... *winces* how's Chuck?

Adriana: (She turns to Chuck) How are you feeling, honey? You're still upright, which is good.

Chuck: Better.

Sach: We've gotta get both of you outta here an' find that bad lady!

Slip: *Pushes himself up a little* Cops can get 'er.

Bobby: (He, Whitey, and a dazed Butch come in) The cops are here. They collared Zelda London on her way out and grabbed the hair stylists just as they were about to pull some towel over Whiteyís face.

Slip: Good. *slumps a little more forward over the chair*

Butch: They were gonna do the same thing to Whitey that they did to Gabe, me, an' the other ladies - knock us out. (He and Whitey hurry to Slip) What's wrong with him?

Adriana: He's been drugged...and Chuck's been poisoned.

Chuck: The usual.

Sach: These people have gotta stay off the chemistry sets! They're even more dangerous than I am!

*Suddenly, Sach gets hit in the head by Slip's hat...which was thrown.*

Sach: Oop! Darn Chief, you've still got the good arm!

*Slip just groans.*

(Gabe comes in with several cops. He's a little shaky on his feet, too.)

Adriana: (Points to the groaning Allan, who is just starting to come to) Officer, arrest that man. He tried to kill this man (rubs Chuck's back) three times and is the head of a jewel smuggling racket.

Officer Murphy: (Turns to Slip) Is this true, boy? Your friend Gabe says it's true.

*Slip nods, now just trying to hold himself upright.*

Butch: (He and Adriana help Chuck to his feet) Officer, we really need to get these men to a hospital, and quickly! You can question them there!

Officer Murphy: Under the circumstances, perhaps it's best.

Bobby: (He and Sach help Slip) Come on, Chief. Let's get you checked out.

*Slip groans. He hates the hospital!*

Sach: Aw, come on, Chief! I'll bet you'll be out in no time! And you'll even get free ice cream!

*Slip just glares at Sach.*

Sach: What? Maybe we'll even sneak you a banana split from Louie's.

(We fade out on Slip as he groans.)

(Fade in on the hospital. Sach paces. Butch and Whitey sit on chairs, both looking worried.)

Sach: We should have heard somethin' by now! Why haven't we heard anythin'?

Whitey: I'm so worried, my worries are nervous!

Butch: I wish they'd let non-family members in!

Sach: (Nods) Yeah! We're almost family!

Whitey: We are family!

(Gabe comes in at this point. He's holding the newspaper.)

Gabe: We have some good news, at least. We made the evening paper. Allan and the beauticians were arrested. Unfortunately, they couldn't hold Sheila and Zelda. They walked.

Butch: What?!

Sach: That's not fair! They were bad, too! (Sighs) Except for Sheila. She could never be bad.

Whitey: Slip ain't gonna like that.

Butch: But why couldn't they hold Sheila and Zelda?

Gabe: Not enough evidence to convict. The police couldn't prove they had legitimate ties to Allan.

Butch: But...we saw them! Sheila threatened us and Bobby! Zelda drugged us!

Sach: And practically threw herself at the Chief.

Gabe: *Sighs* Sorry, fellas.

Sach: (Makes a face) That ain't fair! I want a recount!

Butch: At least we got Allan put away.

Gabe: Right. He was the most dangerous.

Bobby: (He appears at this point) Hi, guys. How's the brothers Mahoney?

Butch: (Shrugs) We don't know. They won't let non-family members in.

*The room door opens. Slip comes out with a very familiar-looking doctor walking beside him.*

Slip: You guys ain't never gonna guess who got to check us out!

Sach: (He jumps up and runs over to the doctor) Bernie! Bernard Punsley! I ain't seen you in forever!

Bernard: Hey, Sach. Hi, fellas. *smiles* Good to see you guys again.

Bobby: Hi, Bernie. (Grins) He's the one who checked out my leg, too.

Butch: Wow, it's old home night!

Whitey: Anyone else we know around here?

Gabe: Talk about a family reunion.

Sach: We gotta invite Buddy n' Scruno and have a party!

Slip: Down, guys. If we're partyin', it'll hafta be here, at least for one night.

Butch: (Frowns) Chuck. Is he...bad?

Bernard: *Nods* I'm afraid we'll have to keep Chuck overnight to make sure there's nothing left in his system.

Slip: He ain't in any bad way, though, considerin' he's got his girl in there keepin' him company.

Butch: How'd you sneak Adriana in? She ain't related to him, either!

Bernard: She makes a convincing nurse.

Slip: Helps when ya know the doc.

Sach: Yeah, we saw that earlier. Boy, can she kiss! She kissed him so good, he coughed up the bad stuff!

Bernard: *Grinning* That's right, Sach.

Butch: Can we see him now?

Bernard: Be my guests.

Sach: Come on, guys!

Slip: Don't stampede!

(But they do anyway...except for Bobby, who can't. He helps Slip back to his feet.)

Slip: Thanks, Bob.

Bobby: Sure. You should know better than to stand in front of the traffic, Chief!

Slip: Hey, I talked my way outta havin' to stay here myself. I just ain't quite myself yet.

Bobby: (He puts an arm around Slip) Well, let's go...before we hit more traffic and you do end up havin' to stay here overnight.

Slip: *Puts an arm around Bobby* An' before you get run over in the first place.

(They laugh and head for Chuck's room.)

(Cut to Chuck's room. He's laying in the hospital bed. Adriana is dressed as a nurse and holds his hand. She squeezes it just as the boys come in.)

Sach: Hi, Chuck. Look what followed us here! (He puts an arm around Bernard) Remember ol' Bernie? Used to hang around with us when we were kids?

Chuck: He was just checking on me, Sach.

Bernard: *Chuckles* Good ol' Sach.

Butch: (He goes up to Chuck's bedside) How are you feeling?

Chuck: I'm all right. Should be good to leave tomorrow.

Bernard: As long as you behave and rest.

Butch: (Frowns) I'm sorry, Chuck. I guess that disguise idea was kinda dumb...and everyone saw through it. (He looks at his feet) I guess I sorta let you down.

Chuck: Hey, you didn't let me down. You tried, at least. *claps his arm*

Butch: (Smiles) Thanks. (Grins at Adriana) So, are you two officially a couple again?

Adriana: (Nods) Yes. And I'm going to go back to beauty school. I want to reopen that salon...with legitimate hair stylists this time.

Chuck: And I know nothing about any of that stuff, but I'd like to help out somehow.

Adriana: You can write our first press book. (Kisses him)

Butch: Oh yeah, we made the news!

Sach: They arrested that Allan guy, but Sheila and Zelda got un-arrested.

Gabe: *Sets a newspaper on a table nearest Chuck* It's all right here in black and white.

*Slip gives off an involuntary grunt at the mention of Sheila and Zelda.*

Bobby: (Shrugs) My airplane job is ok. My boss apparently didn't know what was in those crates. He was only following orders...and the other pilots really didn't know. My boss is being held right now, but they'll probably let him go.

Adriana: Perhaps the rest of you could help Chuck with the advertising when he's well again and I open my salon? You may be bad hair stylists, but you're great promoters...and bodyguards.

Slip: We'd depreciate the honor.

Sach: Ooh, promotion! I could even promote my new shampoo!

*Slip belts Sach with his hat.*

(The others turn to them and shake their heads...which distracts them long enough for Adriana and Chuck to get a passionate kiss in as we fade out.)