(We open with the boys' Model T pulling into a gravel parking lot in front of a large barn-like building. The sign outside says "Marlborough Farms Store and Nursery - Pick Your Own.")

Sach: (He bounces out first) Oh boy, this is gonna be fun!

Slip: Oughta be nice fer a change of pace.

Sach: We're gonna have so many melons and squash and pumpkins and apples, we ain't gonna have room for all of 'em in Lucy!

Butch: We're lucky a friend of Slip's is letting us have them half-price.

Slip: He owed me a favor.

Sach: Can we go to the gift shop after we pick our veggies?

Butch: Can we, Slip? I'll bet we could have lunch there.

Slip: Yeah, sure.

Sach: (Points to the pile of baskets next to a sales window on the front of the building) There's where we pay and get our baskets.

Slip: Letís go.

(Cut to the wide fields. There's dirt paths through the fields and past a fence that leads to orchards. Sach looks around the fields with his basket.)

Sach: Where should we start?

Butch: Maybe we could separate into smaller groups.

Whitey: Yeah, and we can check out what we like.

Sach: I want the pumpkins, so Ma can make pumpkin pie!

Whitey: I'll go with you, Sach.

Sach: Great! I'll need all the help I can to carry those big pumpkins. I want the biggest for Ma!

Whitey: Okay!

Butch: (Turns to Chuck) Why don't we cover the apple orchards, then maybe pick zucchini and squash?

Chuck: Sure, okay.

Slip: I'm goin' after the corn. See ya later. *heads off*

Butch: (Grins as they make their way to the trees on the edge of the property) This is going to be fun! When was the last time we climbed trees in Central Park?

Chuck: We were fifteen. I slipped and had to walk on crutches for two weeks.

Butch: Only because the trees were slippery after it just rained. They should be ok now.

Chuck: I didn't say that was gonna stop me.

Butch: (Points to the nearest tree - there's a ladder there) Oh good. Someone already decided to help out.

Chuck: Last one up is a rotten egg! *takes off toward the tree, laughing*

Butch: Hey! (He follows him to the ladder; Chuck's already half-way up) Wait for me! (He follows him up the ladder.)

Chuck: *Takes a seat up in the tree; sniffs* I smell a rotten egg!

Butch: (He puffs on the top of the ladder) Geez. Maybe I've had a few too many ice cream sodas at Louie's. (Looks around) How's the apples up here?

Butch: (Sniffs) They sure smell good! (Gets on the limb on the other side of Chuck's)

Chuck: *Looks up and around in the limbs* They look great! *grabs one* Look at this one! It's perfect!

Butch: (Nods) It's absolutely gorgeous! I've never seen such a perfect shade of red! (Pulls another one) And look at this beauty!

Chuck: A very close second place.

Butch: (Buffs it on his jacket and drops it in his basket) We'll fill our baskets in no time! (Grabs another one)

Chuck: *Grins* I'm up to five already! *picks another*

Butch: (He climbs up to another branch) Oooh, look at this one! (Grabs it) It's huge!

Chuck: Wow! *climbs higher as well* These are beautiful!

Butch: We're going to have the best apple cobblers and apple cider donuts in New York! (He grabs another one and bites into it) And the best snacks, too!

Chuck: Apple pie, apple fritters, apple sauce...

Butch: (Between bites) And Louie can make Jewish Apple Cake for the Jewish fall holidays.

Chuck: It's so nice up here. *takes in a deep breath, then lets it out*

Butch: (Swallows) Yeah. It's so different than the city. (Also takes a deep breath) It even smells different.

Chuck: Yeah. *picks a few more apples*

Butch: (Tosses another apple into his basket) So, what was that surprise all about last night? The one Rachel was giving you? Jane said she was awfully cagey about getting their roommates out of the apartment.

Chuck: Rachel made us dinner.

Butch: Aw, that was sweet of her. What did you have?

Chuck: *Sighs* A very nice time.

Butch: (Laughs) You must have. Your face is a million miles away.

Chuck: Rachel is so wonderful. *sighs again* She didn't even mind when I got a little over zealous.

Butch: Over-zealous?

Chuck: I got caught up in the moment and said something I shouldn't have, but she was very understanding. We went back inside and listened to the radio with our arms around each other.

Butch: Awwww. She loves you, Chuck. She really, really loves you.

Chuck: There's still times I just can't believe it. It took so long...

Butch: See? There was someone waiting for you.

Chuck: *Leans back against the tree* I love spending time with her. I just...I don't know what to do next. That wasn't the first time my hormones took over my thought processes.

Butch: (Shrugs) That's gonna happen. We're guys. We're human. We're hormonal.

Chuck: I know, but after what happened...

Butch: Was there any harm done?

Chuck: Well, no, but...

Butch: Then don't worry about it, and don't castrate yourself.

Chuck: I made the shower run out of COLD water, Butch.

Butch: Do you know how many cold showers I've taken since I've met Jane?

Butch: Jane just....she DOES something to me!

Chuck: *Leans his head back and looks up into the leaves* It doesn't feel like the same thing. I don't want to hurt Rachel.

Butch: I'm sure she'll let you know if you're hurting her. Jane does with me. (Rubs his chest)

Chuck: *Frowns* I don't wanna get to that point.

Butch: I doubt you will. Rachel trusts you. Did she...let you know physically last night?

Chuck: No, but she knows how if I were to get fresh. Now I'm afraid to even just hold her for fear of my hands getting a mind of their own.

Butch: Unless she throws you across the room, I wouldn't worry about it.

Chuck: I think maybe we should move on from the apples. Go get something else.

Butch: (Nods) Yeah, my basket is just about full. How about we get some squash, or zucchini, or see if Sach and Whitey left any pumpkins?

Chuck: *Shrugs* Doesn't matter to me.

Butch: And before we go down there...don't worry so much about Rachel. You'll be fine. She'll let you know if you go too far. Girls do that.

Chuck: I don't want to do that to her, Butch. She called me sweet. I wanna stay that way, but she...she turns me into someone else. I don't know if I like the way that someone acts sometimes. I love Rachel, but if I'm gonna keep losing myself, then she deserves someone else. Rachel was right. I am confused. VERY confused.

Butch: Whoa, boy! I think it sounds like she loves you the way you are, confusion and all.

Chuck: She does. But, I just...I'm confusing myself. Last night I was fine, other than being a little embarrassed. This morning I was on cloud nine. Now, I sound like I'm dump her, but that isn't what I want to do...I just...I don't know what to do, Butch.

Butch: What you need to do is stop worrying about the whole thing and enjoy it. A girl likes you for you. That's what's important. Figure the rest out later.

Chuck: I'm over thinking this whole thing, huh?

Butch: Do you love Rachel?

Chuck: Yes.

Butch: Then you'll be fine. (He starts for the ladder) I'm gonna beat you to the squash!

Chuck: *Frowns a little* Yeah, you are.

Butch: You can go faster n' that!

Chuck: Butch...

(But Butch has already scrambled down the ladder and is starting down the path.)

Chuck: *Rolls his eyes* This is not my month. *starts down the ladder*

Butch: (Waves from the path) Come on! I might even save you a squash or two!

*Chuck grumbles as he heads for the path.*

Butch: (Cut to the field; he's already piling butternut squash into another basket) Where have you been? I've already gotten half a basket full!

Chuck: Butch, I appreciate the help, but I don't have the damnedest clue of what I'm doing.

Butch: (As he tugs at a large squash) Who does?

Chuck: Well, everyone else seems to be able to handle it. Why can't I?

Butch: How do you think I feel? (Tries to break the vine holding the squash) Jane's already told me in no uncertain terms that I need to keep my hands off certain places.

Chuck: *Folds his arms, the basket looped in the crook of his right elbow* And just what have you tried?

Butch: I groped her butt. She has a really nice one. (He pulls at the squash, but ends up on his rear instead) Darn it!

Chuck: *Helps Butch back onto his feet* I'd like to say I wouldn't try something like that, but I can't. I don't wanna do something like that to Rachel.

Butch: You're not the only one who doesn't think where his hormones are concerned. I never tried that again. (Pulls at the squash again) Aren't you gonna get any?

Chuck: This is really bothering me now, Butch.

Butch: If it's bothering you, you can start gathering your own squash.

Chuck: What?

Butch: You're mad that I have more squash than you.

*We see Slip headed towards them, carrying his own basket.*

Chuck: I must've missed when this conversation turned into squash talk. I thought we were talking about the girls.

Butch: (Looks up) Hi, Slip. Can you get this squash? It won't come loose.

Slip: *Eyes Chuck, but turns to Butch* I can try. *grabs onto the squash and pulls*

Chuck: I guess the conversation's over. *turns to starts down the path towards the apple trees again*

Slip: *Glances up at Butch, while tugging on the squash* Do I wanna know what just happened?

Butch: Chuck! (Turns to Slip) He's upset that he might try to jump on Rachel and she'll dump him.

Slip: Dammit. He was so happy last night, aní even this mornin'! What the hell happened? *finally frees the squash*

Butch: We started talking about Rachel. I tried to change the subject or point out that we're only human, but he wouldn't listen.

Slip: *Shakes his head* He's so scared of losing her, he don't realize that he can just be himself. An' y'know what? I ain't goin' after 'im. I'm gettin' real tired of this.

Butch: Isn't there any way we can explain that he can just be himself?

Slip: We can't, he won't listen. Rachel might get through to 'im. We're gonna get everythin' we came to get, then if he ain't already at the car, we'll find him. But if he wants to sulk right now, fine. I'm gonna have a good afternoon. *Grins* How're you an' Jane doin'?

Butch: Great! I can't wait to take her out tomorrow. (Blushes a little) I just wish I didn't feel so horny around her. Chuck thinks he's the only one.

Slip: *Smirks* Ya do?

Butch: (Blushes harder) Yeah.

Slip: Yer turnin' the same color as the apples. *Smirks more* How horny?

Butch: I really wanna make out.

Slip: Ain't nutin' wrong with that.

Butch: I just have to learn to not act on that.

Slip: Me an' Sal have spent our fair share of evenin's lip-locked.

Butch: Did you ever...you know...want to do more?

Slip: Yeah, an' Sal's slapped me or worse every time. I ain't proud of it, but when the blood leaves yer brain, it's kinda hard ta think.

Butch: I know that. You know that. We're both ok with it. Ok, maybe we're not ok with it, but we know it happens. Chuck is scared to death of it!

Slip: Yeah, but he's had a bad experience similar to it an' he never had anything like that before, he doesn't wanna get hurt again or hurt someone else the way he was. I ain't meanin' that as an excuse fer 'im, but I'm pretty darn sure that's what's goin' on in his head.

Butch: He's not like those ladies, and neither's Rachel! (Sighs) Or Jane, for that matter. Or even Sally.

Slip: That's the frustratin' thing. *sighs* He's a good kid, an' he don't deserve it, but it happened and he's gotta deal with it. An' so do we.

Butch: Maybe we ought to get him back out veggie picking. It could help.

Slip: He's had enough time ta sulk. Letís go find 'im.

Butch: I don't think it's Rachel that sets him off. When he talks about her, he gets all mushy. It's sex.

Slip: Yeah, he came in last night with his head in the clouds. *sighs* I prob'ly oughta regret all those times I called him a prude as far as sex goes. An' he won't talk about it, so I don't know what he's thinkin' or not thinkin'. Hell, we were lucky he let us read what he wrote the other day.

Butch: Yeah... (Frowns as they make their way to the car and it's empty) He's not here.

Slip: Great. Where could he have gone?

Butch: Maybe he went to the pumpkin patch to talk to Sach and Whitey?

Slip: I hope so, or I'll knock his head off. C'mon, lets go check the pumpkin patch, before I lose my temper.

(We fade out as the two return to the fields behind the barn building.)