*We open with an outside shot of a very large General Store and just glimpse the guys and girls heading inside.*

Sach: (He looks around, taking a deep sniff) Oooh, I think I've found heaven!

Butch: Where's the musical instruments?

Sally: What an amazing store! They must have everything in the world here!

Marsha: I wanna see their makeup.

Slip: I think we oughta split up ta look around. I ain't followin' Sach while stares at the toys and candy.

Sally: (Takes Slip's arm) How about we check out the apothecary section and maybe buy some warm clothes for the winter?

Slip: Just the section I was hopin' you'd wanna go look at.

Sally: We know each other well. (She leads him to where the health and beauty section is)

Marsha: (Grins at Jane) I wanna see their makeup. I hope they have that new lipstick that comes in six different shades.

Jane: *nods* Me too, and the eye shadow!

Whitey: Sach, lets go look at the toys!

Sach: Yeah! I wanna buy a yo-yo!

Butch: I'll go with you. I want to see if they have any musical instruments.

Rachel: (Turns to Chuck) That leaves us. Where would you like to go?

Chuck: *Shrugs* Where would you like to go?

Rachel: Maybe we could check out the food, before the others get there and don't leave any for us.

Chuck: *Nods* Okay.

Rachel: (The two walk down a pair of steps) Oh, look! (She strolls over to a series of shelves filled with bottles and bags of various shapes and sizes) Real maple syrup!

Chuck: And look at the candies.

Rachel: Oh, wow! (She gasps in delight at the long rows of candies, in every size, shape, and color under the sun) There's types I haven't seen since I was little! (Pulls out two colorful packages) Taffy! The kind you crack on the sidewalk!

Chuck: *Sighs* Sure makes you wanna be a kid again.

Rachel: (Nods) I remember so many of these...Baby Ruths, Walnettos... (Picks up a box of cookies) Look at this box! These cookies are so tiny! You could probably eat handfuls at a time!

Chuck: Sach would eat boxfuls at a time.

Rachel: I wouldn't be surprised if he's already bought eight.

Chuck: Me either.

Rachel: I like how old fashioned this place is. It's so different from New York. (She leans over a group of jewel-toned jelly slices shaped like fruit slices) Oooh, Fruit Slices! I have a friend from Boston who once gave me some of these. They're sooo good!

Chuck: *Glances over the candies; sighs* I'm not being any fun, am I?

Rachel: Would you like to look at something else? Maybe we could go back and look at clothes, or check out the cooking supplies?

Chuck: Maybe the clothes. Yeah, lets look look at the clothes.

Rachel: (Leads him back over to the room they entered in) They're not the most fashionable outfits, but some of these skirts look very comfortable.

Chuck: *Leans over a section of pants* Hey, I actually wouldn't have to roll up some of these!

Rachel: (Tugs at a pretty ruffled floral nightgown) Look at this lovely nightgown. I'd feel like a princess.

Chuck: *His eyebrows go up* A gorgeous princess.

Rachel: (Blushes) Awww. Maybe I'll have to get this nightgown, then. It's expensive, but it would be worth it.

Chuck: *Nods* Uh huh...

Rachel: Are you in there? I don't want you passing out in the middle of the store.

Chuck: *Shakes it off* Sorry. No, I won't pass out. Um, why don't you go try it on? I'm gonna grab some pants to try on.

Rachel: All right. I'll meet you back out here. (She goes in the women's dressing room)

*Chuck grabs a couple pairs of pants, then looks around and darts into the same dressing area Rachel went into. He checks under the doors and finds only one occupied. He steps up to the door.*

Chuck: *Carefully* Rach, are you decent?

Rachel: (From behind a door) Yeah. (She steps out in the nightgown) Though I feel a little strange about letting you see me in this before our wedding night.

Chuck: Holy cats...

Rachel: What's wrong? (Looks at herself) Do I bulge? Is it too tight? Too lose?

Chuck: Nothing wrong... Gosh... *turns his gaze to her eyes* What am I doing in here?

Rachel: Trying on pants?

Chuck: That...was the intention...

Rachel: Well, go right ahead! I think you'd look cute in those colors.

Chuck: You're not mad at me for this?

Rachel: Well, it's not the way I would have preferred you to see me, but this is a bad place to kill people.

Chuck: I'm sorry, Rach. I'm just gonna... *points to the door* head out.

Rachel: All right. I'll join you in a minute.

*As Rachel closes the door, we hear a stumble and a muttered curse. We cut to outside the dressing area in time to see Chuck hobble out. He heads over to the men's dressing rooms and goes in.*

Rachel: (Peers in; she now wears her dress again and carries the nightgown) Hello? Chuck, I've decided to get the nightgown. It'll cost me a lot of my paycheck, but it'll be worth it.

Chuck's Voice: You are? *there's a thump and a faint "ow"*

Rachel: Yeah. I like how it looks, and it's so comfortable! It'll be great in that drafty apartment we have now.

Chuck: *Steps out of the dressing room...but he's forgotten something* You look great in it.

Rachel: Nice boxers. You have cute legs.

Chuck: Huh? *looks down, then up at her again, blushing brightly* I... I... oh boy...

Rachel: Don't be embarrassed. I live with two brothers and a father. I see men's legs all the time.

Chuck: God, Rachel, what's the matter with me?

Rachel: You're not used to a girl who can see your legs.

Chuck: You're right.

Rachel: Go put your pants on, before you catch cold.

Chuck: Right. *turns to go back into the dressing room, bumps into the door frame, then manages to get the door closed before he moans*

Rachel: (Shakes her head) Poor boy.