(We open at a series of weathered wooden picnic benches alongside the barn-like gift shop building. Sally carries a basket of food out to the tables. Slip is on her arm. Chuck and Rachel follow behind them.)

Sally: I'm glad we decided to eat lunch outside. Those other guys are chicken.

Slip: And Sach wanted ta be closer to the food.

Sally: I feel sorry for the people behind the counters. He'll eat every cake they have.

Chuck: Then he'll start in on the pies.

Rachel: How many bags of candy did he buy, anyway?

Slip: Way too many.

Sally: (As they settle at the picnic tables) He'll get through those bags in two days.

Slip: Less if that's all he eats.

Sally: (She pulls sandwiches and sodas out of the hamper) Ok, who has what?

Rachel: I have the ham and cheese.

Chuck: Turkey and Swiss here.

Slip: I got the reuben.

Sally: And I went with turkey, cheese, and tomato. (She hands out the sandwiches, all wrapped in wax paper) There's apples, grapes, and potato chips in here too, if you want them. Oh (hands out the bottles of soda) and these. I claim the root beer.

Rachel: I get the Dr. Pepper!

Slip: I got the Coke.

Chuck: And the cream soda for me.

Sally: Ok, then. Now, we eat. (She opens her sandwich) There's nothing like fresh country air to give you an appetite.

Slip: Yer right, Sal.

Rachel: I'm glad we all found each other. This was fun.

Sally: Yeah. We got some great produce out of it and a lot of things we don't often find in New York.

Chuck: What was that you bought in the apothecary, Slip?

Slip: I dunno what yer talkin' about.

Sally: He'll know at Christmas.

Chuck: Gotcha.

Slip: What the heck did you have me totin' around, Sal?

Sally: Many things, some of them I can't mention because they're for you.

Slip: Are they all actually for me or are some for you for me?

Sally: Some are for me. Some are for you. There's a few things for my aunt and uncle and the girls, too.

Slip: But not for you for me?

Sally: Maybe.

Slip: Maybe?

Sally: Maybe.

Slip: Sal...

Sally: Don't you want to be surprised at Christmas?

Slip: Not even a little hint?

Sally: That's no fun!

Slip: A'right, fine, Sal.

Rachel: What did you get me?

Sally: Don't you start, too!

Chuck: How about me?

Slip: *Throws a grape at Chuck* Quiet, you. It ain't like Rachel got you anything.

Chuck: Hey, no food-throwing, Slip.

Sally: Boys, please. This isn't a school cafeteria.

Rachel: Wellll...

Slip: *His eyes widen at Rachel's response* Wait...you DID get him som'en! What'd you get?

Chuck: Slip, it's none of your business.

Slip: *Smirks at Chuck* You know what it is, too.

Chuck: Yes, I did, but I'm not telling you.

Rachel: And I won't tell, either.

Sally: Now who isn't fun?

Slip: Not them.

Sally: You two have been blushing for half the afternoon, especially after you came out of the dressing rooms. What happened in there?

Rachel: We got caught with our pants down.

Chuck: So to speak.

Slip: Curious.

Sally: How did a guy end up in a girl's dressing room and vice versa?

Rachel: I wanted to see if he was done yet.

Chuck: I did the same thing. We're both a little impatient.

Slip: Uh huh, sure.

Sally: Sounds like you're a lot impatient to me.

Slip: I thought I was impatient, but I ain't pulled that yet.

Chuck: Slip...

Sally: Or I would have slapped him.

Rachel: There was no harm done. I was wearing a nightgown.

Slip: Really? *leans on an elbow* What's this nightgown look like?

Chuck: Here we go.

Rachel: Not see-through, if that's what you're hoping.

Sally: They don't really sell those little frilly nighties here.

Slip: Where do they sell 'em?

Sally: In the city. And no, I'm not buying one either, Slip. Those things are so uncomfortable.

Slip: Ya ain't s'poseta wear 'em long enough ta get uncomfortable.

Chuck: The nightgown is very pretty with a floral print, flowing down to the knees, with short sleeves. Very tasteful... *seems to stare off a moment* and gorgeous...

Slip: Chuck? Still in there? *waves a hand in front of his face*

Chuck: Hm?

Rachel: And it made him weak in the knees.

Sally: Always a plus.

Slip: I'm just glad ta see him spacin' out over a nice girl like this.

Sally: And I'm glad to see Rachel found a man who respects her.

Rachel: Me too.

Slip: *Shakes Chuck's arm* C'mon back ta earth, Chuckie.

Chuck: Huh? Oh boy...

Rachel: (She shakes Chuck's arm) Come on home, honey.

Chuck: *Blinks* Sorry. *slight smile* Sorta lost myself there...

Slip: Maybe we oughta give ya a collar so the next time ya get lost, we can find ya quicker.

Rachel: I think you were somewhere over the rainbow.

Chuck: Well, it wasn't Oz...

Slip: No, it was Rachel Land.

Rachel: I don't think that's such a bad place to be. (Gives him a small kiss on the cheek)

Chuck: It's a wonderful place. *returns the kiss on her cheek, but it lingers*

Slip: *to Sally* Ain't this fun ta watch?

Sally: I think it's adorable. It's about time Rachel found a good man for herself.

Slip: And about time Chuckie found someone. If anyone deserves a good companion, he does.

Sally: They've both been so badly hurt. They need each other.

Slip: Yeah, they do. *Smiles* Think they'd notice if we cut out?

Sally: Probably not. They wouldn't notice if the whole world cut out.

Slip: Lets go see what else we can occupy ourselves with and let them have some time together. *offers his arm* M'lady?

Sally: Certainly. (She picks up the basket) We need to meet the others, anyway. They should be almost done by now.

Slip: This was fun today. *pauses* Sal, I'm sorry about our disagreement a couple days ago.

Sally: (Sighs) That's all right. (Sheepish smile) I don't even remember what we were fighting about!

Slip: I don't really, either. It's hard ta disagree when I'm around those two. There's som'en between them that even makes me happy.

Sally: They're just...perfect, and it shows.

Slip: It does show, an' I know they see it. I just they can keep that spirit, y'know.

Sally: We'll have to see. Right now, they're just in the first blush of love.

Slip: I'd like ta be an uncle.

Sally: Rachel's such a good friend, I'd practically be an aunt. I think she'd be a great mother.

Sally: And you know, Slip, there's us, too...

Slip: There's always us. We'll have a nice sprawlin' ranch...buncha kids runnin' around...

Sally: Five or six at least...

Slip: At least.

Sally: I'll run my own little diner, with my own recipes and Uncle's, and you'll run the ranch.

Slip: We'll grow practically everythin' ourselves...

Sally: Even our meat will be fresh, and our eggs...

Slip: We'll even make our own heat...

Sally: We'll raise the temperature in New England by at least ten degrees above normal.

Slip: Twenty.

Sally: It'll be so wonderful to finally get out of the city! I have a lot of friends whose husbands or boyfriends want to buy houses in all those new housing developments in Long Island and Conneticut. (Shakes her head) I'd rather have a farm house with character.

Slip: Me too, but I'll be happy anywhere as long as we're there together.

Sally: (Nods) Yeah. And we'll never have another disagreement like this again.

Slip: Damn right...whatever it was.

Sally: We'll both finally get to be as in charge as we want.

Slip: An' we can let each other be in charge in other areas.

Sally: And not have to be in charge of a group of five-year-olds in twenty-year-olds' bodies.

Slip: It's beautiful, ain't it? An' it's gonna happen.

Sally: You bet it will, someday.

Slip: Someday can't come soon enough.

Sally: Yeah. (She kisses Slip)

*Slip pulls her closer to deepen the kiss.*

*We switch back to the picnic table where Rachel and Chuck are still kissing.*

Chuck: *As they separate* Wow...

Rachel: Yeah. You're a good kisser.

Chuck: I am?

Rachel: Yeah...you are... (Sighs)

Chuck: I've never been told that before.

Rachel: You haven't?

Chuck: *Shakes his head* No.

Rachel: (Sighs) You should. You're wonderful.

Chuck: *Smiles, still blushing* So are you.

Rachel: Uh-huh....

Chuck: *Pulls her to him* Rachel, I'm sorry about the dressing room thing earlier.

Rachel: So am I. :

Chuck: You really looked gorgeous in that nightgown, though. I'd be honored to see you in it again, on our wedding night, of course.

Rachel: Thank you. I'm glad I finally decided to buy it. I liked it, too. (Grins) Since we've already kissed, let's just make up, ok?

Chuck: *Nods* Okay.

Rachel: (She looks around) I wonder where the other two went? I didn't even see them leave.

Chuck: *Also looks around* I didn't, either.

Rachel: Maybe they went to find the others.

Chuck: I hope so.

Rachel: They even took the picnic baskets, and we didn't notice! Boy, were we really out of it! You ARE a good kisser!

Chuck: Would you like to try me again?

Rachel: Yeah... (She kisses him again)

*Chuck wraps his arms around her, deepening the kiss.*

(Rachel pulls him closer.)

*Despite the closeness, Chuck locks his hands together around her back and doesn't move them.*

(Rachel moves his hands to her waist.)

*Chuck's eyes widen as the kiss continues.*

Rachel: (When they finally move away) That was...that was good.

Chuck: Amazing. *his cheeks flush* Thanks for placing my hands. They sorta felt out of place before that.

Rachel: I told you I would show you where to put your hands. You just need to learn.

Chuck: I'm more than willing to learn. Just tell me or show me what to do.

Rachel: All right. I guess...we're both not quite comfortable with this intimacy thing. I've never gone with a guy who didn't want to jump on me after the second date.

Chuck: Can I... let you in on a little secret?

Rachel: Yes.

Chuck: There is a part of me that does want to jump on you, but I couldn't do that. I respect & love you.

Rachel: And that's why I've fallen so hard. You're the first guy I've ever gone out with who really respected me and loved me that way.

Chuck: You're just so kind and loving and beautiful. That's what makes it difficult to keep from touching you and why I'm afraid to. I'm afraid I'll do something wrong, and you'll hate me.

Rachel: I'll tell you when something doesn't feel right, ok?

Chuck: Okay. *takes his hands away from her waist and slides them down her arms* You're so perfect...

Rachel: No guy ever called me perfect before.

Chuck: I'm just telling the truth.

Rachel: And you're the sweetest gentleman I've ever met.

Chuck: Aw...

Rachel: I'm just telling the truth.

Chuck: And I'll let you know if something doesn't feel right. *places her hands on his waist, pauses briefly, then wraps his arms around her shoulders*

Rachel: This definately feels right.

Chuck: Absolutely. Do you think the others would mind if we just stayed here forever?

Rachel: Maybe not.

Chuck: Shall we kiss some more?

Rachel: Sure!

*They resume kissing just as the others appear headed toward them*

Sach: (Points; he carries a lot of paper bags) There they are!

Marsha: Oh, that's so sweet!

Slip: That's how we left them.

Sach: They've been kissin' all this time?

Marsha: Darn, they're GOOD!

Butch: They're in love.

Jane: Isn't it beautiful?

Sach: It's the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

Marsha: I'd say we leave them there, but they do need to get home.

Slip: I hate to break this up, though. *Shrugs* But maybe it oughta be me. *Taps Chuck on the shoulder* Hey.

Chuck: *Turns red as he and Rachel separate* Uh, hi, Slip.

Slip: We gotta get goin'.

Chuck: Yeah... *smiles wistfully at Rachel* okay.

Rachel: Yeah. (Smiles) I'll see you tomorrow?

Chuck: Definitely.

Rachel: (Gives him another kiss on the cheek) See you later!

Chuck: See you later. *stands and stumbles; rights himself, blushing* I'm okay.

Slip: Sure ya are, Chuckie. C'mon. *grabs his arm and pulls him along*

Sally: Come on, Rach. We'll see the guys back in New York. (Grabs her and pulls her in the opposite direction.)

Sach: (Sighs as the boys return to Lucy) You're so lucky, Chuck. What a gal!

Chuck: Yeah, I am lucky. *light smile*

Slip: We'd need a crowbar ta get that smile of yer face. Now, lets get goin'.

Sach: Yeah! I have candy to eat!

(We get a shot of the guys jumping into Lucy. Chuck is so busy paying attention to Rachel and the girls climbing into a smaller, somewhat newer car, he ends up going in head-first.)

*As we fade out, we hear Chuck say "I'm okay!" and the two vehicles head home to New York.*