*We open in Central Park where we see Chuck sitting on a bench. He checks his watch, then goes back to looking around.*

Rachel: (She hurries over, now wearing a simple wide-brimmed straw hat trimmed with ribbons in addition to her dress and purse) I'm sorry I'm late. We had a big crowd at Louie's.

Chuck: *Smiles* That's okay.

Rachel: How was your afternoon?

Chuck: Um, okay, I guess...I've sorta...been here all afternoon.

Rachel: (Frowns) Now I'm really sorry I made you wait. I wish Louie would hire more help, but he keeps saying he can't afford it. I think he's just a cheapskate.

Chuck: *Shrugs* I was here by choice. I just wanted to...think.

Rachel: About the lady your friends mentioned?

Chuck: *Sighs* She was a part of it.

Rachel: You're a lot quieter than most of the guys around here. I like that. Usually, I have to talk louder just to make myself heard.

Chuck: *shrugs again* I don't like a lot of attention.

Rachel: I like attention...when I'm onstage. Usually, I just keep to myself.

Chuck: That's what I prefer, just keeping to myself. The last time I didn't, I got my feelings trampled on.

Rachel: Would it be too personal to ask what happened?

Chuck: Well...no, I guess not. *sighs* The fellas and I were at Louie's when...she walked in. Her car had a flat tire, so I offered to help her out. She said she was a writer. I hope to be a writer myself. I guess...I don't even know what happened. She gave me the card for her publisher and we ended up talking about writing about romance. *shrugs* I guess I was hoping for more than what was there. She said there aren't a lot of men who write romance, and I wanted to impress her. I got carried away.

Rachel: You fell in love with her.

Chuck: I don't know. I've never felt that way before. I didn't even realize what was happening.

Rachel: You were never in love before.

Chuck: No. *leans forward, looking at the ground* I had no idea what was going on, but the other fellas did.

Rachel: They've been in love before. At least, Slip and Bobby have.

Chuck: And Sach and Whitey just went along with it. *covers his eyes with one hand* I showed her some of my stories and articles, including a story I wrote the night I met her because we'd been talking about romantic stories. I never would've shown it to anyone! It was...personal and...I need to shut up.

Rachel: No, you don't. It's obvious she hurt you really badly.

Chuck: *Mumbles* I didn't even know she was hurting me! *sits up again; his face is red* I'm sorry, Rachel...I should be over this...shouldn't I?

Rachel: No. It takes a long time to heal when you've really been hurt.

Chuck: *Sighs* I don't even know THAT. *covers his face with his hands* What is wrong with me?

Rachel: Nothing, besides you're hurt and confused.

*Chuck mutters something, but with his hands over his face, it's unintelligible.*

Rachel: (Shakes her head) What you need to know is that what you're going through is normal. Everyone gets hurt. I've had a few guys love me and leave me before.

Chuck: *Turns his head to look at her* You? How...how did you handle it?

Rachel: I've been dumped a couple of times. I wasn't...girlish...enough. (Makes a face) I didn't want to put out fast enough.

Chuck: *Frowns* That's awful. That isn't what a relationship is about. It's two people who enjoy each other's company. *gives a questioning look* Isn't it?

Rachel: That's what I think, anyway. Most guys just want one thing.

Chuck: *Shakes his head* I don't.

Rachel: Sally says your brother's tried a few times, but she's held him off. She's not ready, either.

Chuck: *Nods* I know. He's mentioned that. I told him to quit pushing, but... *shrugs*

Sally: But he has hormones.

Chuck: Yeah. *shrugs* I do, too.

Rachel: You seem to have better control over yours.

Chuck: I'm not so sure. *Sighs* You're right, Rachel. I am very confused right now.

Rachel: Let's put it this way. You haven't tried to jump in my lap once this entire time.

Chuck: No way, no. I'd never do that!

Rachel: I rest my case. You're not the type. Most of the guys I've met...they only have one thing on their minds, and it's between their legs.

Chuck: I won't lie, I mean, yeah, I've thought about it, but I'd never push.

Rachel: You wouldn't?

Chuck: No, never.

Rachel: That makes you special already.

Chuck: Special...

Rachel: (Nods) Not like anybody else.

Chuck: Wow, um...

Rachel: (Blushes) But you probably hear that all the time.

Chuck: *Faintly* No.

Rachel: I'm surprised. You're a really nice guy.

Chuck: Thank you.

Rachel: You've been a real gentleman. I don't often see that in the Bowery.

Chuck: That's just...me.

Rachel: You're so different than those other guys you hang out with. For one thing, you have a brain, and you use it.

Chuck: *blushes brightly* I just... well... I'm not... uh...

(The camera moves from the blushing, stammering Chuck to a lens sticking out of the bushes. Cut to the view from the lens, mostly of the back of Rachel, Chuck, and the park bench.)

Sach: (From behind the camera) Oh boy, this is good stuff! I haven't seen anything this romantic since the time my 18-year-old brother asked his girlfriend to go steady.

Slip: *Scowling, with his arms folded* Hormones?

Sach: (The camera turns to reveal Slip's dark-cloud scowl) And here's the big brother! He doesn't look too happy! Maybe he's jealous.

Slip: Get that damn thing outta my face

Sach: (He turns the camera to the trees) Ok, ok. You'll probably break the lens, anyway. (Turns back to Chuck and Rachel) I could sell this for sure! This would be the best soap opera ever!

Slip: You gonna ask them remission first?

Sach: Uhh...what was the question?

Slip: You ain't sellin' this video unless ya ask 'em first. Chuck's havin' a hard enough time wit' all this without you tryin' ta show it to the world.

Sach: Ok, so I'll ask him.

Slip: He ain't gonna agree.

Sach: I'll talk him into it. Anyway, I have to get some more stuff on here, too.

Slip: *Shakes his head* Can ya just leave him alone? He's had a rough week.

Sach: And what else am I gonna film, you playin' gin rummy with Whitey n' Bobby?

Slip: Yes.

Sach: Do you want me to put the audience to sleep?

Slip: Do ya want me to put YOU to sleep?

Sach: What we need is a real story. (Grins) Slip, I just had a brilliant idea!

Slip: What?

Sach: What if we made our own soap opera?

Slip: Whadaya mean?

Sach: I mean, we could make our own "The Guiding Light!" They ain't hard to make. We could use our own clothes and probably film in our apartment. And all we'd have to do for a script is comb through our moms' romance novels.

Slip: I guess...it isn't a bad idea...

Sach: Yeah! We could ask all of our friends to be in it.

Slip: *glances toward Chuck and Rachel; there's a sudden gleam is his eyes* I wonder...

Sach: Yeah?

Slip: I caught wind of a story Chuck had written specifically to show that Vivianne chick, som'en romantic. I wonder if he'd let us film that?

Sach: Chuckie writes romance?

Slip: Or he did. I don't know exactly what the story's about, but I do know he put a lot of work into that story.

Sach: Then it's good. He put his whole heart into it.

Slip: An' then some. An' I think we know the girl to be in it wit' him.

Sach: Oh, Sally. She's a good actress.

Slip: *Whacks Sach with his hat* Rachel, ya moron!

Sach: (The camera jumps away from the hat, making the picture very shaky) Oop! Not while I'm filmin', Chiefy!

Slip: Then don't be dumb! Now, when'll we tell them?

Sach: How about now? Chuckie ain't sayin' much I can understand anyway.

Slip: Now yer talkin', Sach. C'mon...

*Slip leads Sach over to where Chuck and Rachel sit.*

Chuck: Slip, Sach, what're you guys doing here?

Slip: Sach actually had a good idea. Didn't ya, Sach?

Sach: (Takes the camera off his shoulder) Yeah! We're gonna make a soap opera...and we want you to be our writer!

Chuck: *Eyes widen* Me?

Slip: *Smirks* You've already got the first episode written.

Chuck: *Eyes narrow* What?

Slip: That cabin story ya wrote! I know how hard ya worked on that!

Chuck: Oh no... no, Slip, I can't...

Slip: Why not?

Chuck: Because...because...I can't!

Slip: *Rolls his eyes* Then let Rachel read it an' see what she thinks.

Chuck: Slip, I can't!

Rachel: I'd love to!

Slip: *Pulls out some papers from his jacket pocket* Just so happens I got it right here. *hands it to Rachel*

Chuck: *Puts his head in his hands* Ohhh...

Slip: Aw, Chuck, let 'er read it! You don't give yerself enough credit.

*Chuck groans, head still in his hands.*

Rachel: (She smiles and looks at Chuck) Oh, I really liked that! It was so sweet! It would be a great soap opera. The kind I like, too, with no diseases and people stealing other people's boyfriends.

Chuck: *Looks up at Rachel* Really? You really liked it? You're not just saying that?

*Slip grins.*

Rachel: No. I really liked it. It's unique. You don't often see how a guy feels about love without it...well, without other things being involved.

Slip: Would ya both be willin' ta act it out for Sach ta film?

Chuck: Act it...what?

Slip: Whadaya say, Rachel?

Rachel: Well, why not? I want to be an actress. Maybe this could be a better way to get my start than dancing in dives.

Chuck: But, I...

Slip: That settles it, then. We just gotta find the right settin'.

Chuck: But...

Slip: An' I'll play the brother. He seems kinda familiar anyway.

Sach: I'll be the cameraman. I'll bet Whitey would be great for sound effects and set dressin'!

*Chuck groans, putting his head in his hands again.*

Slip: C'mon, we got work to do on this!

Sach: Yeah! (He grabs Chuck's hand) Let's go!

*Chuck just looks up at Sach. Hes scared.*

Slip: *Grabs Chuck's other hand* We got some filmin' ta repair for!

*We fade out as Rachel grins as the guys' antics...and on Chuck's worried face.*