(We open in a small cabin in the woods in Connecticut. After an establishing shot, we cut inside. The camera turns shaky as we get in front. Slip, Rachel, and Chuck are carrying scripts. Whitey holds several standing lights. Bobby has a basket of items.)

Sach: (From behind the camera) Oh boy, this is gonna be fun!

Chuck: I can't believe you talked me into this.

Rachel: I think it'll be fun!

Sach: And we have a brilliant script.

Bobby: And some great actors. (Grins at Chuck) You guys will be fine.

Chuck: I wish I could be so sure.

Sach: (A hand waves in front of the camera) Come on, guys! Let's get this set up, so I can start makin' our masterpiece!

Slip: Yeah. We got woik ta do here.

Bobby: At least we don't have to do a lot of makeup for a story about an older brother tryin' to get his younger brother and a nice girl together.

Slip: Chuck will provide his own blushin'.

Chuck: *Groans* Slip...

Sach: I wish this was in color. (The camera makes a quick spin to take in the rustic cabin and the greenery outside) It's so pretty here.

Bobby: Where did you guys find this place?

Slip: Letís just say someone owed me a favor.

Sach: I'm just glad it has electricity. Chiefy wouldn't let me run electrical cords from here to Louie's!

Slip: That'd cost way too darn much.

Sach: Hey Whitey, are you almost ready with the lights?

Whitey: *As a large spotlight comes on, aimed right at Sach's face* Ready!

Sach: Ok, everyone! (He turns...and gets a big close-up of Slip's face, so close, we see up his nose) Let's get a shot of our big stars!

Slip: *Points a finger at the lens* Get!

Sach: Hey! (The camera quickly returns to long-shot...so long, we can barely see Slip) How about that?

Slip: Quit the attics, Sach. We got filmin' ta do.

Sach: I ain't in the attic! (The camera returns to regular shot and switches over to Chuck) And here's our handsome leadin' man an' the writer, too.

Chuck: *Frowns* Sach, please.

Sach: Aaaannnddd... (Swings the camera to Rachel) His goorgeous leadin' lady!

Rachel: (Beams into the camera) That's me!

Bobby: So, how are we gonna start?

Sach: How about we start with the confrontation between the brothers? That's good stuff.

Rachel: Leaving me out already?

Slip: Yer part in this is bigger than mine.

Rachel: Very well, then. I'll be awaiting my cue. (She settles down on a couch...but she's smiling)

Sach: Ok, you boys know your scripts?

Slip: *Jerks a thumb at Chuck* I know he does.

Chuck: *Sighs* Yes.

Slip: I'm ready.

Chuck: Letís just start.

Sach: Ok, then. Chiefy, you go outside. Chuck, you're inside, mopin' 'cause some lady just left ya.

(Chuck sighs and flops down in a chair. He pulls a book off the bookcase as the camera zooms very quickly on him.)

Sach: Ok, Chiefy, you come in an' see him just readin'...

Slip: *Comes inside* Still readin'?

Chuck: What's it to you?

Slip: Chuck, ya been mopin' for days! Ain't there anythin' I can do ta help cheer ya up?

Chuck: No, Terry. I'm fine.

Slip: *sits on the arm of the couch* No, ya ain't. You ain't been fine since Viv let ya down.

Chuck: She didn't let me down. It...it just didn't work out, ok?

Slip: There wasn't anythin' there to work out! Ya need som'en ta get yer mind offa her.

Chuck: But...I really thought she was in love with me.

Slip: *Sighs* Chuck, all she wanted ta do was help wit' yer writing aní be yer friend. I'm sorry ya thought it was more than that, but you can't keep on about this. It ain't good for ya!

Chuck: (Throws down the book) How would you know? You've never had any problems getting a girlfriend!

Slip: *His eyes widen at the rather real reaction* So? That don't mean I can't understand what yer goin' through. I'm tryin' ta help ya here!

Sach: Oh, this is great! It's so real! I love all the emotion!

Bobby: (Mutters to Whitey) I'm not sure I do. This seems a little TOO real to me.

*Whitey watches wide-eyed and nods at Bobby.*

(Rachel just frowns. She can tell this is between the brothers, and she really feels bad for both of them.)

Slip: Whadaya want from me, Chuck? I'm just tryin' ta help ya feel better! You can't keep mopin' like this!

Chuck: (As the camera zooms in on him) Stop tryin' to shove girls in my face. You an' the other guys who hang out at the corner with us.

Slip: I ain't shovin' no one. Yer so damn shy, ya wouldn't know if a girl was throwin' herself at ya!

Chuck: So I'm quiet. I'm not like you, who just has to crook his finger and a girl will go running!

Slip: I ain't done that! An' I ain't the one bein' all miserable! All I'm tryin' ta do is show ya it ain't the end of the world.

Chuck: I've just never had a woman look at me that way before. Usually, girls see me as their little brother.

Slip: An' yer gonna marry the first one that does? What dream world are you livin' in?

Chuck: I never met a woman like her before!

Slip: She was tellin' ya everythin' ya ever wanted ta hear. She was too good ta be true.

Chuck: I guess I deluded myself into believing I was right for her.

Slip: She wasn't lookin' for Mr. Right. She weren't even lookin' for Mr. Right Now. It ain't got nutin' ta do wit' you.

*Whitey is flipping through the script. He shrugs; they've gone completely off the script.*

Sach: Um, guys....

Bobby: (Nods at Whitey and whispers) Yeah. I think they're wagin' their own war here, and it ain't got nuthin' to do with what Chuck wrote.

*Whitey nods, frowning.*

Slip: Yer futzin' over nutin', Chuck.

Chuck: Maybe it's "nutin'" to you, but it ain't to me. I've spent all of my life bein' a joke, 'cause I'd rather be readin' than chasin the rest of you. She took me seriously.

Slip: I ain't never called ya a joke! Ain't I always helped ya, huh? What's wrong, Chuckie? This is more than just Vivianne dumpin' ya.

Sach: Yeah! You ain't anywhere near the script!

Rachel: Are you all right?

Slip: Chuck, do ya wanna talk in private or som'en?

Chuck: (Sighs) Yeah. Let's talk in private, Slip.

(They go outside...not seeing Bobby and Whitey race for the door. Sach puts the camera aside and joins them. Rachel just sits and listens.)

Slip: Well?

Chuck: Slip, I'm tired of being treated like I'm still some kid. I went to war, Slip! I'm not a baby anymore!

Slip: I ain't doin' that! *pauses* Or I didn't think I was.

Chuck: I guess I'm kind of tired of bein' your shadow.

Slip: Shadow? Chuckie, you ain't my shadow. Yer my brother, an' it hurts me ta see you hurtin'.

Chuck: I've always been in your shadow.

Slip: But... *sighs* Yeah, ya feel like that. *shakes his head* An' I never saw it.

Chuck: I guess it's hard not to be. You're so...vocal...and I'm...well, I'm just not.

Slip: Chuckie, I just want ya ta be happy. I'm tryin' ta help ya an' ya ain't workin' wit' me. Yer just pushin' back.

Chuck: I guess...I'm just confused. I just came back from overseas. Yeah, I didn't see some of the things other guys saw, but I did get hurt. And when I came back, I discovered you'd nearly killed yourself trying to see me! And then, Vivianne...

Slip: *Puts an arm around Chuck's shoulders* But here we are, maybe a little worse for wear, but we're here. I'm really just tryin' ta help.

Chuck: I guess we Mahoneys aren't very good at accepting help.

Slip: No, we ain't.

Chuck: I just kind of...panicked. (Blushes) Rachel...oh man, she must think I'm a nut!

Slip: Actually, I'll let you in on a little som'en ya might not-a picked up on. She likes you.

Chuck: I...like her, too. She's nice. I'm not as good at talking to girls as you are.

Slip: Just give her a chance. I think yer gonna find she's easy to talk to.

Chuck: Well, all right. She's the first girl our own age who's been really interested in me in years. (Grins) I guess it's time to go back in there and try sticking to the script.

Slip: We might as well. It is a really good script. *Grins* An' I ain't just sayin' that.

Chuck: (Blushes again) Thanks, Slip. (Small grin) Do you really think Sach will be able to sell this to one of the local TV stations?

Slip: I know he's gonna try. All we can do is hope for the best.

Chuck: I just hope they don't try to write themselves into the script. I've seen Sach act. Whitey's not great, either.

Slip: I ain't gonna let 'em.

Sach: (From behind the door) We wouldn't do that!

Bobby: (Sound of smacking) Sach!

Slip: *Sighs* Figures.

Chuck: (Loudly) I think Slip and I are coming in now. (He opens the door...and Whitey, Sach, and Bobby fall out and onto each other. Bobby winces.)

Bobby: What in the heck have you guys been eatin' lately, lead?

Whitey: No, I had to lay off the pencils.

Sach: Well, I had that tuna fish on rye with pepperoni and peas, and then there was that ice cream soda chaser, and then...

Bobby: Pepperoni and peas?

Sach: Yeah, it was great! You should try it sometime.

Chuck: I think we're ready to start filming again, fellas.

Slip: Now.

Rachel: (Pokes her head out) Is everything ok out here?

Chuck: Um, yeah. We're just...fine.

Slip: *Nudges Chuck* Go on.

Rachel: Are you ready to start filming again?

Chuck: (All he can do is nod) Uh-huh.

Slip: *Grins* Yer doin' great.

Rachel: Good. I'll be waiting for my cue. (She gives Chuck a kiss on the cheek) That's for practice. (She pops back in.)

Chuck: Oh...oh man...she practiced on me... (His legs get weak; Sach and Whitey grab him and hold him up)

Sach: Whoa, fella!

Slip: *His eyes widen* Chuck...

Chuck: (He shakes his head and turns to Slip) Um...what was your question?

Sach: There wasn't one!

Slip: Ya nearly passed out from Rachel kissin' yer cheek!

Whitey: Are you okay, Chuck?

Chuck: (Coughs; then) Yeah, I'm ok. I'm fine. Let's go work on that script, shall we? (He heads in. Bobby shakes his head and turns to Slip.)

Bobby: Boy, is he gone.

Slip: *Nods* Yeah. Yeah, he is, but I feel a lot better this time around.

Bobby: Yeah. She's a nice girl, she's closer to his age...and she actually LIKES likes him.

Slip: An' without pretense, too.

Bobby: (Shakes his head) First you, then Chuck. It makes me feel like there's hope for the rest of us. Maybe even Sach.

Slip: 'Course there is! Well, 'cept maybe Sach.

Bobby: (As they go inside) I'll bet his girl is under a rock or somethin'.

Slip: Or a store window.

Sach: (We return to the shaky camera as Sach swings to Slip and Bobby) What's in a store window?

Bobby: (Grins at Slip) Nuthin'.

Sach: Ok, then. Why don't we try doin' somethin' with Chuck an' Rachel? Maybe you guys just need to settle down before we can do the two of ya together.

Slip: *Nods* Yer right, Sach. Go on, Chuckie, do yer scene.

Chuck: Yeah, okay.

Rachel: (Grins) Oh good, that means it's my turn. Just tell me where I'm supposed to come in.

Chuck: From the door is fine.

Slip: A'right, fellas, letís set the scene.

Sach: Ok, Chuck. You're readin' again. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. (We hear the knock)

Chuck: *Puts a book mark in the page and opens the door* Yes?

Rachel: (She peers in) Hello? Are you David?

Chuck: *Nods* Yes, I am. Can I help you?

Rachel: Your brother sent me here. Something about you needing help...

Chuck: *Frowns* Well, I don't know...

Rachel: I think he said you needed help with writing?

Chuck: *Nods* Writer's block. *sighs* While I appreciate that he's trying to help me, I really think I need to work through this scene on my own.

Rachel: Well, what are you writing about?

Chuck: *his cheeks turn pink* Well...it's a romantic scene.

Rachel: How interesting? Who's involved? What's it about?

Chuck: It's, uh...about a young man wanting to ask out a girl he knows, but he's very shy.

Rachel: Where are you stuck?

Chuck: The girl just walked into the room...

Rachel: And she sees the man?

Chuck: And, then...I'm blocked. I...I'm afraid I haven't much experience with girls.

Rachel: Haven't you ever loved anyone?

Chuck: Only my family.

Rachel: You don't know what it's like, then.

Chuck: No, I don't.

Rachel: How would you like to know what it's like?

Chuck: *Eyes widen a little* Well, yes, I would.

Rachel: Just for research purposes. (She puts her arms around him.)

Chuck: *His eyes widen more* Oh... of course!

Sach: (Behind the camera) Oh, this is great! This is good! It's even swell!

Slip: *Stands next to Sach* Yeah, it is.

*Meanwhile, Chuck stands a bit more frozen than he should be according to the script.*

Slip: *Whispers loudly to Chuck* Put yer arms around her!

Rachel: (Whispers to him) You can touch me. I'm not made of glass.

Chuck: *Quietly* I...uh...

Slip: *Whispers loudly and a bit harshly* C'mon, Chuck!

Rachel: (Out loud) You put your hands here. (She takes his hands and puts them around her waist) That's how you do it.

Chuck: *Swallows hard; his cheeks flush* Oh-kay... *Slip grins.*

Sach: Ooh, this is great stuff! Come on, Chuck! Hold her tighter!

Rachel: (Sighs) You're so sweet!

Chuck: *Squeaks* Me?

*Chuck's hands start to tremble, still holding Rachel's waist. He swallows hard again.*

Rachel: You're debonair and a gentleman.

Sach: That's it...now, melt into her arms...

*Chuck's sweating now.*

Slip: *Sees a change in Chuck's face; mutters* Oh no...

Rachel: (Frowns) Are you ok, Chuck? You don't feel right.

*Chuck starts blinking rapidly.*

Sach: Uh, I think we need to call "cut," cause the leadin' man's meltin' too well!

Bobby: He's gonna be a puddle on the floor in five seconds.

Slip: *Loudly* Catch him!

*Chuck slumps in a dead faint.*

Rachel: Whoa! (She barely keeps from going down with him; looks up at the guys) What did I do?

Sach: Called him things I don't think anyone's ever called him before.

Rachel: But it was in the script... (smiles) and I think it's true.

(Sach puts the camera aside and fans the book Chuck was reading over him.)

Sach: Give this poor boy some air!

Slip: *Shakes his head* He wrote it!

*Chuck's eyelids start to flutter.*

Slip: *Leans over him* Chuckie, you okay? *Chuck just groans.*

Bobby: Maybe we should do that over again.

*Chuck groans again and turns his head in Slip's direction.*

Slip: C'mon, Chuck... *pats his cheek* wake up...

*Chuck groans, then opens his eyes a little.*

Rachel: (She smiles at him) Hi, honey. Are you ok?

Chuck: *Moans* Ooohh. What happened?

Sach: You melted.

Chuck: *Blinks* I... *realizes, then moans again* oooohhh...

Slip: Wanna sit up yet?

Chuck: *Turns to face the ceiling, then closes his eyes* Not yet.

Rachel: Did you hit your head? (She gently lifts him up) Better?

Chuck: *Opens his eyes* No, I didn't. *tries to give her a small smile, but he still seems out of it*

(Rachel gives him a small kiss on the lips.)

*Chuck's eyes widen...but he slowly reaches to hold her.*

Sach: Oooh, wait a minute! (He grabs his camera as we cut to Chuck and Rachel)

*Slip rolls his eyes, but he's grinning.*

(Rachel leans into Chuck's hold.)

Whitey: Aww... *slides his cap off and hugs it*

Chuck: *Slumps a little, pulling away* Wow...

Rachel: How...how do you feel now?

Chuck: I...wow...

Slip: He feels great.

Rachel: I...I feel pretty great, too.

Chuck: Yeah...

Sach: Ok, Chuckie, kiss her passionately!

*Slip whacks Sach with his hat...but Chuck DOES kiss Rachel passionately.*

Slip: *Pauses before a second whack* Whoa...

Rachel: (Puffs; then) Are you SURE you've never done this before?

Sach: Wow, he's good! That's some actin'!

Chuck: *Smiles* I ain't acting. I haven't done this before.

Rachel: I think you'll win an Oscar.

Chuck: I'd rather win a Rachel.

Slip: I think ya already did.

Chuck: *Slumps down again, but he's smiling* Thank you...

Rachel: You're welcome. (She helps him sit up again)

Chuck: *Leans forward a bit; sighs as he puts his chin in his hands* I just... need another moment...

*Slip heads for the kitchen. He returns with a cup of water.*

Slip: *Kneels next to Chuck* Here, Chuckie, have some water. *offers the cup*

Chuck: *Accepts the water* Thanks, Slip. *takes a drink; looks up at Rachel* I know I wrote all that, but I never imagined it'd actually be said to me.

Rachel: You described yourself nicely.

Chuck: Thank you. Would you...say it again?

Rachel: That you're debonair and a gentleman?

Sach: Oooh, I'm gonna win fifteen different awards for this! This is the most romantic thing I've ever seen!

Chuck: *Ignores Sach; to Rachel* And you're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on.

Rachel: (Now she's blushing) Thank you. I'm not that pretty. Kind of skinny, really.

Chuck: You look wonderful to me.

Rachel: Aww. You're so sweet.

*Chuck smiles.*

Slip: This worked out better than I ever coulda imagined.