*We open with a slightly shaky view of Chuck laying on the couch. He turns his head toward the camera and sticks out his tongue.*

Chuck: I can't believe you guys talked me into this.

Slip: *Leans over the back of the couch* Why not? It's good stuff.

Sach: (From behind the shaky camera again) Yeah! You might win an award!

Chuck: I don't care about winning an award, Sach.

Slip: A'right. Letís pick up the story with Rachel comin' back in. *moves from the couch over to next to Sach*

Rachel: All right. Is everyone ready?

Sach: Your director is!

Bobby: So's the prop man.

Whitey: *Makes a spotlight appear on Chuck, causing him to wince* Your lighting man is ready!

Chuck: Whitey, you're blinding me.

Whitey: *Embarrassed grin; turns the light off* Sorry.

Rachel: I think natural light would be better until it gets darker out, anyway.

Whitey: *Snaps his fingers* Okay.

Slip: A'right, letís start filmin'.

(Rachel goes outside. Sach turns the camera to Chuck.)

Sach: Ok! (We see two fingers pointing to Chuck) Aaaannddd...action!

(The fingers move as Rachel comes in and runs over to Chuck.)

Rachel: Oh! You're awake! Are you ok?

Chuck: Yeah, I'm okay. *sighs* Just a little embarrassed. Can't believe I fainted like that. :P

Rachel: Perhaps you're just not feeling well? I could come back later... (She starts towards the door)

Chuck: *Quickly* No! I mean...please, stay. *starts to sit up*

Rachel: All right. (She goes back to him) Do you need any help?

Chuck: No, I think I'm all set. You said my brother sent you?

Rachel: (Nods) I met him at your father's store in New York. He said he thought you could use some help writing your novel.

Chuck: That was nice of him, but you don't know me from anything. Why would you help out a stranger like this?

Rachel: Because I'm a writer, too. Your brother said you needed help, and he's very persuasive.

Chuck: Of course he is. *sighs again* Well, we can try this again.

Rachel: All right. We were discussing the fact that you say you're trying to write a romance novel and are stuck.

Chuck: *Nods* Right. So, the girl just walked into the room. The guy wants to ask her out, but he's shy. That's where I stopped. *his cheeks tinge pink again*

Rachel: There's lots of ways to break the ice if youíre shy.

Chuck: How?

Rachel: Well, your guy could ask the girl what her favorite color was. Or if she's enjoying the party. Or if she likes ice cream.

Chuck: *Considers* What's your favorite color?

Rachel: Red.

Chuck: *Smiles* Mine, too.

Rachel: See? You're getting better already.

Chuck: *Nods* Do you like ice cream?

Rachel: Sure do! I love Butterscotch Ripple, and the butter pecan your father makes at his shop.

Chuck: He always complains I eat too much of the butter pecan.

Rachel: I can't get enough!

Chuck: *Blurts out* Would you like to go on a date?

Rachel: Me?

Chuck: The...the next part of the story! Would that work?

Rachel: (Nods) Sure! We could have dinner and work on the story together!

Chuck: You will? That's wonderful! That's perfect for the story, too.

Rachel: Thank you for letting you help me. Maybe you could help with my story, too. It's a historical romance about two sisters trying to get the attention of two brothers.

Chuck: Sure, I could help with that. Anything particular you're stuck on?

Rachel: Making the guys sound like guys.

Chuck: *Grins* You should follow my brother for a day.

Rachel: I saw him at the shop. It was enough to say "I am manly man, hear me beat my chest."

(We hear snickering behind the camera.)

*There's also a growl next to the camera.*

Chuck: *Bites his lip to stop from grinning* Yeah, that sounds like him.

*There's another growl.*

Rachel: Um...perhaps we should take another look at your story?

Chuck: Right. Okay, so we have our ice breaker. He gets up the nerve to ask her to dance. That sounds fair.

Rachel: And then, they dance... (Looks up at him) Have you ever danced? With a girl, I mean.

Chuck: *Shakes his head* Not with a girl.

Rachel: Would you like a quick lesson?

Chuck: Would I? Uh, sure! I mean, that'd be nice.

(The camera follows Rachel as she pulls a record from a shelf, then puts it on a record player. A slow instrumental swing tune plays.)

Rachel: Ok, then. (She takes his hand)

Chuck: Uh, right... *flails his other hand, trying to figure out where to put it*

Rachel: Right here. (Puts it on her waist)

*A whimper escapes Chuck's throat, but he puts on a grin immediately, his cheeks turning pink.*

Rachel: You're not going to faint again, are you?

Chuck: *Mutters* I hope not. *normally* No, I don't think so.

Sach: (We hear him mutter to Slip; the camera gets a slight glimpse of the side of Slip's face as it tilts to one side) Be ready to catch him just in case, Chief.

Slip: I'm ready, but I hope he stays upright this time, or I'm gonna get his head exemplified.

Sach: Uh, yeah. (The camera moves back up so fast, the lens gets whiplash. A hand reaches out to steady it; when it moves, we get a clear glimpse of Chuck and Rachel shakily waltzing across the room.)

Rachel: You're not bad!

Chuck: You're great.

Rachel: Thank you. I used to dance at Wally's Dance Palace for dimes a while back.

Chuck: Only dimes?

Rachel: Ten cents a dance. It was like that song.

Chuck: I'd give you more.

Rachel: I would have loved to dance with a sweet guy like you then.

Chuck: I love dancing with you now.

Rachel: So do I. You're not Fred Astaire, but you are moving pretty well. And you haven't stepped on me yet.

Chuck: I couldn't do that. *Gulps* There...there is something else I would like to do...

Rachel: Yes?

Chuck: *Stops their dance* This. *pulls her into a gentle kiss*

Rachel: (She sighs) Ummm...I think you're getting the hang of this romance business...

Chuck: I was always a fast learner.

Rachel: I like that, too. (She grabs him and kisses him.)

Slip: *Smirks, folding his arms* I think they forgot we're here.

Sach: Who cares? This is GREAT! All the ladies in New York are gonna swoon!

Rachel: (When they come back up, they're both flushed and gasping) Yeah...I think you know more about romance than you believe you do...

Chuck: I have a good teacher.

Rachel: You just have to believe in yourself. When you show confidence, girls see it.

Chuck: I guess I don't have a lot of confidence, but you've helped a lot.

Rachel: I hope so. You're too nice of a guy to think so badly of yourself.

Chuck: Thank you.

Rachel: (Smiles) Thank you for offering to help me with my story.

Chuck: I'd be honored to.

Rachel: (Smiles) Do you want another dance lesson?

Chuck: Sure!

Rachel: You can choose the music this time.

Chuck: Okay. *goes to the records and pulls one out immediately; it's a slow, romantic ballad; returns to her*

Rachel: (She smiles) This is a nice one. (Takes his hand again)

Chuck: Thanks. *puts his other hand on the small of her back*

Rachel: (She moves with him) You hand feels good there.

Chuck: I'm just glad I'm not being too forward.

Rachel: It might bother some girls, but I kind of like it.

Chuck: Good. I don't have to brace for a slap.

Rachel: I wouldn't slap you. Not unless your hand went somewhere inappropriate.

Chuck: Don't worry, I like my hand attached to my wrist where it belongs.

Rachel: That's good. I've had boys put their hands all kinds of places. I never knocked them off, but I considered it.

Chuck: *Makes a face* You should have.

Rachel: Murder is considered a federal offense. I was hoping the Nazis and Japanese would do it for me.

Chuck: They'd deserve a good punch, at least.

Rachel: Oh, I punched them. I can defend myself.

Chuck: Good. *pauses* This is nice.

Rachel: (Nods) Yes, it is. (She turns to him) Do you mind if I do something?

Chuck: I don't mind.

(Rachel leans her head on his shoulder.)

Rachel: (Sighs) You feel nice.

Chuck: *Smiles* So do you.

Rachel: (She leans closer to him) You smell nice, too.

Chuck: *His eyes close; quietly* I love you.

Rachel: (Murmurs) I do, too.

Sach: (From behind the camera) Oh boy, oh boy! This is the most romantic thing ever! Every lady in the audience is gonna just pass out from all the love in the room!

Slip: I don't think they're actin' no more.

Sach: Me neither...but it looks GREAT.

Slip: *Sighs* Yeah.

Sach: I don't think I've ever seen Chuckie so happy, not even before he went to the war.

Slip: He deserves it.

*They slowly turn and dance. Chuck sees the others watching them with great anticipation. He swallows hard.*

Chuck: *Faintly* Rachel, they're staring at us.

Rachel: (She's not paying attention) Uh-hm.

*Chuck makes a face at the others and mouths 'go away' before turning away from them so as to not disturb his moments with Rachel.*

Slip: *Scowls* He just told us to go away.

Sach: Well, I ain't goin' nowhere! This is great stuff!

Slip: I ain't goin', either.

Chuck: *Ignores the others; faintly* I don't want this to end, Rachel.

Rachel: I don't, either. I haven't felt this way with a guy in years.

Chuck: I can't remember the last time I felt this good.

Rachel: It's so right...

Sach: This is wonderful! It's the sweetest thing I ever saw!

*The song comes to an end, but the pair doesn't separate.*

Slip: Wonderful...

Chuck: Perfectly right...

Rachel: Yeah... (She snuggles into his chest)

Sach: Chief...I think we're filmin' somethin'....I don't know. Intimate.

Slip: *Raises an eyebrow* Yer just pickin' up on that? I figured that out when he told us to go away. Sach, turn the camera off. Letís give 'em a couple minutes alone.

Sach: (Nods) I don't think I can film this anymore. It's just too private. (Turns to Bobby and Whitey...but finds that they're already gone) I think the other two got the message.

Slip: About ten minutes ago. *grabs Sach's jacket and pulls* C'mon.

(Rachel looks up as Slip drags Sach and the camera outside.)

Rachel: I think they're gone.

Chuck: About time. *Sighs* I think we crossed the line from story to real life...and I like it.

Rachel: Me too. I'm glad this is on film. Now we can remember this special moment whenever we want.

Chuck: *Grins* And I'm glad I didn't pass out again. *holds her tight* I don't wanna this to end. I wanna take you out and be seen with you. I want...us. Together.

Rachel: I think I do, too. I've never...I've never been overwhelmed by a guy like this before.

Chuck: I wanna learn everything about you, Rachel. Every little thing. I'm so...I feel...wow.

Rachel: Well, I know I don't want to work at Louie's forever. I want to have a real career. Acting, writing. I want to DO things.

Chuck: I'd love to be there to help and give support. Right now, I'm so content just holding you like this.

Rachel: Yeah. I wish we could do this forever.

Chuck: Me, too. *Smiles* Thank you, Rachel. You don't know how much you've done for me.

Rachel: I know we must both be glowing hot enough to be seen in New York.

Chuck: I don't care. I do sorta wish the fellas had left the door open, though. It's really warm in here.

Rachel: Want me to open some windows?

Chuck: I don't wanna let go.

Rachel: I guess we're just going to have to be hot until the guys get back, then. (Snuggles into him again)

Chuck: Uh huh...not complaining...

*We suddenly hear Slip clear his throat loudly.*

Chuck: *Groans* Now I might complain.

Slip: I'm only breakin' up the party cuz we only have the camera for so long. If we wanna get the whole script filmed, we gotta keep this movin' along.

Chuck: *Sighs* I guess we don't have much choice.

Rachel: I think we could use some lunch and a bathroom break, anyway.

Chuck: *Nods* Yeah. *finally lets her go*

Slip: *Moves between them and puts arm arm over each one's shoulders* Besides, you two just gave us all a buncha cavities. I had ta go brush my teeth.

Rachel: (Laughs) We did, did we?

Slip: A'right, maybe not, but ya made me smile.

Chuck: Thanks, big brother.

Slip: *Shrugs* Anythin' for my little brother. Now letís get some grubí before Sach eats it all.

Rachel: (Laughs) You guys are something else.

Slip: You ain't seen nutin' yet.

*The trio heads for the kitchen as we fade out.*