(We open with that shaky camera again. This time, it's focusing on Chuck and Rachel talking together as they eat sandwiches and strawberries. The camera moves up close on them, practically showing Rachel's teeth...and other parts.)

*Suddenly a strawberry appears, looming large in the lens.*

Chuck: Sach...

*The strawberry disappears. Chuck pops it in his mouth, frowning as he chews.*

Sach: Aw, come on, Chuckie! I'm just havin' a little fun!

Chuck: Just watch it where you point that thing.

Slip: *Walks into the kitchen* We gonna start the next scene some time today or not?

Sach: Sure!

Bobby: (Frowns) You know, that was sweet an' everything, but...can't we get some action into this?

Chuck: *Raises an eyebrow* What kind of action?

Bobby: I don't know. Can we start a brawl with the guy or something?

Chuck: There's no brawl in the story.

Slip: I like yer thinkin', Bobby.

Chuck: Fellas...

Sach: Or maybe we could tie up the girl and make the guy pay ransom. Or even tie up the guy.

Chuck: Tie up? Ransom? When did this turn into a gangster flick?

Whitey: Oh boy, this is getting exciting!

Sach: (Hands Whitey the camera; we finally cut back to a front shot of him) Here, Whitey. You be the director. I want in on this.

Whitey: I get to be camera man!

Slip: *Grins* This oughta be good.

Chuck: *Turns to Rachel* What do you think about this, Rachel?

Rachel: (Shrugs) What harm could it do? It'll give the others more to do than stand around, anyway.

Chuck: *Sighs* Fine.

Sach: Let's be really evil. Let's tie up both of them.

Chuck: What!?

Bobby: Maybe we're trying to get money off the brother.

Slip: Now yer talkin'.

Slip: I'll be the hero.

Whitey: Sounds like fun!

Sach: Ok, everyone! Let's go inside and get you two tied up.

Chuck: Guys, this is crazy!

Slip: Just play along! *Yanks Chuck by his arm.*

Rachel: (Shrugs) It sounds kind of fun to me. I've never been kidnapped before. Stella Dallas and her daughter get kidnapped all the time on the radio soaps.

*Slip almost literally drags Chuck back into the living room. Whitey follows with the camera.*

Sach: (Follows Whitey) Ok, Chuckie, Rachel, you stay right there. Bobby n' I are gonna bust in an' kidnap ya.

Chuck: *shakes his head* Can't believe we're doing this...

Rachel: It'll be interesting, anyway.

Sach: It'll be great! You'll be stars!

Bobby: And it's better than being a prop man.

Whitey: And I'm a camera man now! That's a lot better than the lighting man!

Slip: Chuck, give it a chance, a'right?

Chuck: Fine.

Rachel: I'm going to. (She kisses him) I've never done action before.

Chuck: All right.

Sach: Ok, then. We'll pick up from you guys workin' on your story. Bobby n' I will come in, stick ya up, n' tie ya up. Then Slip will fight us n' save ya.

Bobby: (Grins at Slip) Don't worry, Chief. We'll go easy on ya.

Slip: I depreciate that.

Sach: Ok. Chief n' Whitey, you're the camera man an' prop man for now. Chuckie n' Rachel, get in place. Come on, Bobby. Let's go try to look mean.

Bobby: Gotcha. (They go outside)

Slip: Try to look mean?

Chuck: Letís just get started.

Whitey: Okay, Chuck and Rachel working on the story. Action!

Rachel: (Smiles; to Chuck) This story is really coming out well, honey!

Chuck: It sure is! Boy, I can't get over how well we're doing working on this together.

Rachel: Me either. (Sighs and leans against him) You're just wonderful!

Chuck: *leans his head against Rachel's* You're wonderful, too.

Rachel: I'm so glad your brother talked me into this.

Chuck: Me, too. *pulls Rachel closer to him*

Rachel: I hope this story is a best-seller. It's certainly coming from experience.

Chuck: I hope so, too. 'Chel... *leans in closer*

Rachel: Yeah? (She leans in)

Chuck: I... *leans in so that his lips just brush hers*

(Suddenly, Sach and Bobby burst into the room! They both have towels from the kitchen tied around their mouths bandana-style. Bobby points what's obviously a plastic water gun at the two. Sach points a banana)

Bobby: Stick 'em up!

Sach: Yeah! Reach for the sky!

Chuck: *Eyes widen* Wh...what's going on!? *He moves in front of Rachel.*

Sach: We want money, and we want it now, or you're gonna get a face fulla lead!

Bobby: Where's the money, smart boy?

(Rachel has to cover her mouth to hide her giggles.)

Chuck: What money? We don't have any money!

Bobby: Your big brother told us he had money up here, and we're gonna find it!

Sach: Yeah! It's our money!

Chuck: He...he's not here!

Rachel: (Whispers to Chuck) Oh boy, are these guys hams. I don't even want to know what's with the banana. I don't know how I'm gonna keep a straight face.

*Chuck just frowns. They're making a farce of his story.*

Bobby: Then where is he, huh smart guy? Where's our money?

Chuck: I don't know where he is!

Sach: Yeah! (Pushes the banana into Chuck's chest) Talk, or I'll blow ya away!

Chuck: *Gives a scowl Slip would be proud of* I ain't talkin'.

Bobby: Talk, or... (grabs Rachel's arm) we'll hurt her.

Rachel: Hey! Watch it, buddy!

Chuck: Leave her alone! *aims a fist at Bobby*

(Bobby pretends to pull back and get hit, but Sach grabs Chuck's arm.)

Sach: I got him! I got him! He ain't gonna hurt ya anymore!

*Chuck just looks at him like he has two heads.*

Bobby: (Rubs his chin) Let's tie them up while we search the house.

Sach: Yeah!

Chuck: No!

*Chuck struggles, but not hard.*

Bobby: Bring 'em over here. (He pushes Rachel into one of the chairs. Sach pushes Chuck into another char that's back-to-back with Rachel's.)

Sach: (Whispers as he and Bobby wrap rope around them) Did I push ya too hard, Chuckie?

Chuck: *Frowns* No.

Sach: Good. (He stands) Ok, ya got one more chance. (Shoves the banana in Chuck's face) Where's that money?

Chuck: *Scowls again* Get that outta my face.

Sach: What, my heater?

Chuck: Yes.

Sach: Ok. (He stands and turns to Bobby) You found that money yet, Bob?

Bobby: (Shakes his head) That brother of his hid it good. (Turns to Rachel and Chuck and smirks) How important are you two to that brother of yours?

Chuck: *Eyes widen* Wh...what do you mean? I'm his brother!

Bobby: Would he pay for ya?

Sach: Yeah!

Rachel: Ransom?

Sach: Yeah, that too!

Bobby: We'll see if he'll cough up the dough in exchange for you two.

Sach: Yeah! And if he don't pay, you guys (points the banana at Chuck again) get to taste my heater.

Rachel: (Whispers to Chuck) Yeah, in a cream pie later.

*Chuck just scowls again.*

Bobby: When's your brother comin' back?

Chuck: I don't know.

Bobby: Who brought you and your lady friend from the city? I didn't see no car out there.

Chuck: Terry. But he didn't say when he was coming back!

Bobby: We'll wait for him, then.

Sach: Yeah. Do you mind if I clear out your refrigerator?

Chuck: Yes, I do mind!

Sach: Ok! Bob, do you want anything?

Bobby: Not really. I'm going to search the rest of the apartment. (He keeps the gun on them) Don't you two go nowhere.

Chuck: Where could we go?

Rachel: (Makes a face as Bobby "leaves" - actually, goes behind the camera with Whitey) Well, this is a fine kettle of fish! I didn't know your brother had such lovely friends.

Chuck: I know he's dealt with some less than on the level guys, but I didn't know he owed them money!

Rachel: What's he been buying recently, Times Square?

Chuck: I don't know. He only tells me what he wants me to know, and that isn't much.

Rachel: We have to get out of here, before those guys come back.

Chuck: I'm trying. I can feel the end of the rope with my finger tips, but I can't quite get the knot...

Rachel: Maybe I can reach... (She stretches her fingers as far as she can go...and grasps fingers) Well hello there.

Chuck: *Smiles faintly* Hello. *shifts a little* I still can't reach it. :P

Rachel: I might be able to... (Whitey's shaky camera zooms in quickly on her fingers going upwards and tugging at the rope) Do they feel looser?

Chuck: A little. Keep doing what you're doing.

Rachel: All right. (She tugs more, then mutters to Chuck) I didn't know Sach tied such good knots.

Chuck: *Mutters* He's full of surprises.

Rachel: I think I just about have it...

Chuck: You can do it...

Rachel: I got it! (She manages to pull her hand free) Ok. Do you have any way we can overpower these guys and get a hold of your brother?

Chuck: Um, well...

Rachel: How good are you with your fists?

Chuck: Not that great.

Rachel: Ok, then. We need some kind of a plan. Isn't there anything around here we can use to disarm them?

Chuck: *Smirks* A blender?

Rachel: (Laughs) At this point, it's not a bad idea.

Chuck: *Holds up his fists* I'll just have to try my best with these.

Rachel: Maybe we could outsmart them somehow.

Chuck: Doesn't seem too difficult.

Chuck: Just stay behind me 'Chel. I don't want you to get hurt.

Rachel: All right. (She does so) Maybe we could hit them over the head, or set up some kind of trap.

Sach: (He comes in the room with a sandwich in one hand and an oatmeal cookie in the other; his mouth is full) Heyf, guth, youth beffer noth be goffin no fere...

*Chuck rolls his eyes. He takes advantage of Sach's hands being full and jumps at him.*

Sach: Heyf! (Sach doesn't even have time to swallow before Chuck pounces on him. He easily pins him to the ground.)

Sach: Warn a guy before you do stuff like that! I lost my sandwich!

Chuck: That was the idea.

Rachel: (Runs over with the discarded rope) I have the rope. Let's give these guys a taste of their own medicine.

Chuck: *struggles against Sach* Hold still!

(Rachel leans over Sach, grinning. Bobby emerges just in time for the camera to get a close-up on Sach wound loosely in rope.)

Rachel: Not bad, huh?

Sach: This doesn't feel very nice.

Chuck: Now you know how we felt.

Bobby: What's goin' on here?

Rachel: (Pokes her finger into Bobby's chest) We're takin' back the joint, see?

Bobby: If you don't move that finger, you're gonna lose it, sister.

Chuck: You can't talk to her like that!

*Chuck gets up into Bobby's face.*

Bobby: (Stands his full height...which is about a foot taller than Chuck) Who says?

Chuck: *Swallows hard and looks up* I say.

Rachel: Oh boy...

*The door slams off camera.*

Slip: *Off camera* Leave 'em alone!

Bobby: (Turns to Slip and points the gun at him) There you are. I was wonderin' where you were hidin'.

Slip: *Comes into view* I weren't hidin'. You wasn't lookin' in the right place.

Slip: I'm the one yer lookin' for.

Bobby: Where's that money?

Sach: Yeah! And can you get me my sandwich?

Slip: That money ain't yers.

Rachel: That's enough! (She finally hits Bobby right in the chin...and he ends up hitting the floor) Leave him alone!

Rachel: (Looks at her fist) Holy cow! I didn't know I could hit like THAT!

Chuck: Wow!

Slip: *Smirks* Nice fist.

Rachel: Thanks! I never hit anyone like that in my life! Not even ex-boyfriends!

Bobby: (Rubs his chin) I guess you needed the right motivation...'cause you REALLY hit me.

Rachel: I'm sorry! I guess I just got carried away.

Bobby: I don't think there's any major harm done.

Whitey: That was great! We gotta wrap this scene, though!

Slip: I can take these two inta town. The police've been lookin' for them.

*Slip hauls Sach onto his feet, the tangled rope sliding down towards the floor.*

Slip: C'mon, you two, yer comin' wit' me. *grabs a handful of the front of Bobby's jacket*

Bobby: Hey, watch the leather!

*Slip just shakes his head and pulls both of them out the door as Whitey follows them outside.*

Chuck: *Sighs* Well, that was interesting. *turns to Rachel* I am definitely going to remember to stay on your good side.

Rachel: I swear, I did not know I could do that. Could be useful if other guys try anything.

Chuck: Well, they'd have to get through me, first.

Rachel: I'm almost hoping Sach does sell this. That was fun!

Chuck: Yeah, it was. *pauses* I can't help but notice that they willingly left us alone in here.

Rachel: They're up to something again. I wouldn't be surprised if we were locked in.

Chuck: That is something they'd do, too. *motions to the couch* Care to take a seat?

Rachel: Sure. (She sits on the couch)

Chuck: *Sits next to her, close but not too close* I wonder what they're up to? *sighs* I liked earlier, before Slip came in, before lunch.

Rachel: (Smiles) I did, too. That was so...magical. There's no other words for it.

Chuck: *Nods* No, there aren't any words for it... *fidgets with his hands, not sure what to do next*

Rachel: I'm glad your brother invited me to help out with your script. It came out very well.

Chuck: *Still fidgeting* So am I, despite their changes. I'm glad you're here.

Rachel: I am, too. (Looks around) It's so pretty here. I don't think I'd want to live here, but it's nice for a romantic scene.

Chuck: I don't know how Slip managed to borrow it. He didn't tell me much...but it doesn't matter. *smiles at her* I think it did it's job well.

Rachel: It sure did! (Takes his hands) We need to find you something to do with these.

Chuck: Oh...

Rachel: I wonder what your brother and friends are up to?

Chuck: I don't care.

Rachel: Would you like to get together again sometime?

Chuck: *nods* I'd love to.

Rachel: Would you mind it if...if I kissed you again?

Chuck: I'd love it.

(As Rachel kisses Chuck, we cut to the nearest window...where Sach, Slip, Bobby, and Whitey lean in, watching. Whitey is still filming.)

Slip: Ya gettin' all this, Whitey?

Whitey; *Nods* I sure am, Slip!

Sach: Ain't it just gorgeous?

Bobby: I think they're in love, Chief. You done good.

Slip: Just doin' the job of a good brother.

Whitey: *Sniffs* It's so beautiful...

(Sach bawls on Bobby's shoulder. Bobby pats him on the back.)

Slip: Here, Whitey, gimme the camera. *Whitey hands him the camera. He zooms in on the pair inside, but keeps a respectable distance on the zoom; narrates quietly* Just for you, Chuckie. I hope ya enjoy this video for years ta come. *pauses* And don't forget to name yer first-born after me, or else. *turns off the camera, causing the scene to fade out*