*We open at Louie's. Slip is seated at the counter, occasionally chatting with Sally. The others are at a table, having ice cream sodas and flicking paper footballs across the table.*

Sally: How's the arm feeling, Slip?

Slip: Comin' along slowly.

Sally: You'll get there, honey. I know you will.

Slip: *Nods* Thanks, Sal.

Sally: (Nods at the other four) How's your men doing? Using the term "men" loosely, of course.

Slip: Of course. They're...them.

Sach: Hey Chief, how's the wooing comin'?

Slip: Do I gotta say more?

Sally: It's coming fine, Sach.

Sach: When are you guys getting married?

Sally: When pigs fly.

(Sach runs outside.)

Bobby: I hope he didn't go looking for flying bacon.

Chuck: A fin says he did.

Bobby: You're on.

Sach: (He comes back in, an attractive middle-aged woman in a simple but expensive suit on his heels) I didn't see any pigs flyin', but I did find a nice lady who needs help.

Bobby: Darn it! (Pays Chuck the money)

Lady: Hello, gentlemen. Would any of you know how to repair a flat tire, or be able to direct me to the nearest service station? I'm late for an appointment.

Chuck: *pockets the money* I could help change the tire. *stands*

Lady: (Nods) Very well. Thank you, young man. (She heads outside; Chuck follows her)

(Her car is a relatively new model, beautiful and expensive...and yes, the tire on the back right side is very flat.)

Lady: I must have run over a nail. Those tires aren't that old.

Chuck: *Nods* That would do it. Where is you jack, Miss...uh, oh, I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name.

Lady: I never gave it. Vivianne Hamilton, young man. What's yours?

Chuck: Charles Mahoney. My friends call me Chuck.

Lady: (Smiles) Nice to meet you, Mr. Mahoney. The jack is in the trunk. (She unlocks the trunk and opens it) Here you go.

Chuck: Thank you. *Comes out holding the jack* You said you're late for an appointment?

Lady: Today is our meeting of the Writer's Association. I'm a writer. Historic romances, mainly. Nothing you've probably read, though your mother may have.

Chuck: *His eyes widen* You're a writer? I've always wanted to be a writer...

Lady: (Nods) Yes, I am. Actually, most of my money is inherited, but I've always loved to write. What are you interested in writing?

Chuck: I'd like to be a reporter, a big newspaper man some day.

Lady: Have you done any writing?

Chuck: A few articles. I've yet to be published.

Lady: I'm sure you'll get there. This is New York. There's hundreds of publishing houses. I guess you don't write romance, or I'd recommend some of my publishers.

Chuck: I've never tried it.

*Chuck pulls the flat tire off. He places the new one on and tightens it.*

Vivianne: You do splendid work, Mr. Mahoney!

Chuck: Oh, it's nothing! *lowers the jack* Our car often has issues, so I've had the practice.

Vivianne: You don't know how much I appreciate the help. (She smiles as he opens the car door for her) You're such a gentleman!

Chuck: *smiles* I try my best.

Vivianne: I'd best be moving along. I'm going to be late. Thanks again! (She waves and drives off)

*Chuck watches her pull away. He sighs and goes back inside Louie's.*

Sach: (As he comes back in) What was that all about?

Chuck: *Shrugs* She just needed a helpful hand. Thatís all.

Slip: Yer blushin'.

Sach: I think you have a crush on her.

Chuck: No...no, I don't. *turns a little redder*

Bobby: Oooh, I think you do! You look like a tomato!

Chuck: She was really nice.

Whitey: *Nods* And he's turning redder!

Sach: You think she's cute, don't ya?

Bobby: I don't blame you. She IS cute.

Chuck: Guys...

Sally: Leave him alone, guys! Whether he likes her or not, it's none of your business.

Sach: Sure it is! We're his buddies!

Chuck: *Mutters* No, it isn't.

Buddy: (He comes in, wearing his messenger costume and carrying a bouquet of yellow roses with a card) I have a delivery for Mr. Charles Mahoney! From a Miss Vivanne Hamilton!

Sach: Ooooh, Chuckie, your girlfriend is sending you flowers already!

Chuck: Wha... *accepts the flowers and card* Uh, thanks, Buddy. *looks at the card* Business card for a publisher...

Buddy: Publisher?

Sach: Buying magazines?

Slip: No Sach, to be a writer.

*Chuck nods in shocked amazement.*

Bobby: Wow. She must really like you if she's givin' you that.

Sach: How would a lady know a publisher?

Sally: Sach, women write too, you know.

Chuck: Her appointment was as part of the Writer's Association. She's a writer...historical romance...

*Slip smirks.*

Sally: Historical romance? (Thinks) Ooh, Vivianne Hamilton! She writes some of those Jane Austen-style Regency novels. Not my thing, but very popular. Some of my friends love her.

Chuck: That's her.

Sach: Oh, I know her! My mom loves her! (Grins at Chuck) Are you gonna get to run around in a tight suit and top hat and cane, like the guys on the covers of her books?

Chuck: Uhh...

Sally: I doubt it. Those novels are fiction, fellas. She's probably married.

Sach: Sure, spoil all of our fun!

Chuck: I didn't see a ring on her finger.

Slip: *Still smirking* You were lookin'.

Chuck: Maybe.

Sally: Isn't she a bit old for you, Chuck?

Bobby: Who cares what age she is? She's still a dish!

Chuck: I...I don't know! I changed a tire on her car!

Bobby: Well, you sure made an impression on her! Look at those flowers!

Sach: They sure are pretty. Maybe we ought to go home and put them in some water.

Chuck: Louie might have something in the back room I can use. I'll just go take a look. *heads for the back room with the flowers in hand*

Slip: *Shakes his head* We shoulda followed him outside.

Bobby: What good would it have done? He would have fallen in love no matter how hard you hit him.

Slip: It woulda been more entertainin'.

Sach: I think it's sweet!

Sally: So do I, really.

Whitey: I think it's sweet, too.

Chuck: *comes back out with the flowers in a tall pot* This was all I could find... *sets them on the table*

Sally: I think they look lovely.

Sach: They really add color to this place.

Slip: So's yer face.

Sach: You're all red, Chuckie! Are you ok?

Bobby: Someone is blushin' like one of the chicks from Miss Hamilton's books.

Chuck: *Uncomfortable* I'm fine.

Sach: Are you warm? Do you need somethin' to drink?

Chuck: I don't need a drink.

Bobby: He needs to lay that Vivianne Hamilton.

*Chuck's eyes widen. Slip busts out laughing.*

Slip: Chuckie, Bob just read you like an open book.

Chuck: I'm not...I wouldn't...I don't even know her!

Sally: Boys, I'm sure it's perfectly platonic.

Slip: An older woman, Sal? Doubt it.

Sally: Maybe she just wants to be nice. He did help her.

Whitey: Yeah. She just wanted to thank him.

Sally: I think you're all reading too much into this. You're as bad as the heroines in Miss Hamilton's books.

Sach: What about the card to her publisher?

Bobby: Yeah! I didn't know you wrote romances, Chuck!

Chuck: I don't...well, I never tried...I've written articles...

Slip: Articles about how not to be a romantic.

Chuck: All right, fellas, enough. All I did was change the lady's tire! Now, she thanked me, and that's it! I'm sure I'll never even see her again.

Sach: Maybe you should go to her publisher and see if she's there.

Sally: I'm sure she was just trying to help you.

Slip: So you go to the publisher. What could it hurt?

Bobby: (Nods) Most of those publishers don't just put out one kind of book. They put out a lot of different lines.

Chuck: I'm not...worried about that...

Sach: You're afraid you'll run into Vivianne.

Chuck: No...well, uh... maybe, a little... yes.

Sach: If you like the lady, go thank her for the flowers!

Sally: It couldn't hurt. Maybe you'll make a new friend.

Chuck: *Sighs* Yeah, I will. I shouldn't be long. *heads out*

Slip: He wants her BAD.

Bobby: No kidding.

Sally: He's just embarrassed. The only older women who ever showed him attention like this are Ma and his mother.

Whitey: Yeah, guys. He seems confused by it.

Slip: Yeah...and he's a guy.

Sally: Who knows? Maybe something will come of this. He might be able to sell something.

Whitey: He has been sending out a lot to the magazines, but hasn't gotten anything back.

Slip: If she likes him enough, he won't have to sell. He can give it away.

Sally: (Nods) I've heard she's very influential.

Slip: Except we're talkin' about two different things, Sal.

Sally: We'll see, Slip.

*We fade out of Slip's smirk. Fade in on a tall office building. Chuck walks into the lobby and looks around.*

Chuck: *Walks up to the front desk* Hi, I was wondering where the Writer's Association meeting is being held?

Receptionist: (Points down the hall) Down the hall, first door on the left. Are you a member?

Chuck: No, but I was looking for Vivianne Hamilton. She said she was going to the meeting.

Receptionist: (Looks over the list and nods) Yes, she's at the meeting. She was a little late, in fact. Are you a nephew or a relative?

Chuck: *Shakes his head* No. I'm the guy who changed her flat tire.

Receptionist: How sweet of you! (Looks up as a group of women - some young, some old - come out of a room, chatting with each other) Here they come now!

*Chuck watches the group leave the room. He subconsciously runs his palms over his slacks.*

Vivianne: (She goes over to Chuck) Hello, Mr. Mahoney. Did you like the flowers?

Chuck: *nods* Yes, I did. Thank you.

Vivianne: I wish I could have found better ones, but I was in a hurry. They came from the florist around the corner. The messenger said he was a friend of yours and would get the flowers to you quickly. I'm glad he kept his word. He seemed like a nice boy.

Chuck: Yeah, he's a good friend. Uh, well, I just wanted to thank you for the flowers and the card, so I'm just gonna get going now...

Vivianne: Have you talked to some of our publishers yet? There are lines here for books other than romance.

Chuck: Uh, no, I haven't. I appreciate the help, but I don't know that I'm ready to try a publisher yet.

Vivianne: All right. Maybe I can give you some pointers?

Chuck: Oh-okay. I'd like that.

Vivianne: Maybe we could meet at that little cafe I met you at? It looks like a nice place. If we avoided the lunch crowd, I'm sure it would be pretty quiet.

Chuck: Uh, Louie's, yeah. When did you wanna meet?

Vivianne: Would around 2 be ok tomorrow? I have a lunch meeting with my publisher, but I'm free after that.

Chuck: Yeah, sure!

Vivianne: All right. I'll see you then. You have a nice evening.

Chuck: You too, Vivianne. *gives her a nervous smile, then nods and turns to leave*

(The camera follows him as he leaves nervously...and her as she leaves with a bit of a bounce in her step.)