(We open in the party room...which is now a mess. Butch, who is covered with cream pie, chats with the musicians on the bandstand. They're too busy talking to him and Jane to play. Sach dumps custard down a lady's dress. Louie and Sally are barricaded behind a table, ducking cake. Marsha eats a plate filled with petit fours in one corner, occasionally feeding one to Whitey.)

*Slip stands in the middle of everything. Hes covered in food and acting like he's directing traffic.*

Rachel: Looks like we shouldn't have left these guys unsupervised.

Chuck: I guess not.

Rachel: (She goes over to Slip, stepping over petit fours on the floor) What in the heck happened here?

Slip: *Smirks* Bowery Olympics.

Chuck: *Makes a face* Slip...

Vivianne: (She's brushing the cream filling off her sleeves) Goodness, you certainly know how to make a party interesting!

Slip: We do our best.

Vivianne: And since you've cleared out my guests, perhaps you can do your best in cleaning up this mess, too.

*Slip makes a face and grabs some frosting. He flings it at Sach.*

Sach: Hey! (He flings it back. Vivianne has the sense to duck.)

Vivianne: Ok, boys. Enough.

Louie: (He makes a face as he and Sally join them) I'm gonna cream all of ya! Those restaurant critics got hit with cream puffs and left!

Sally: I don't think they wanted to trade recipes for cheese blintzes anyway, Uncle.

Vivianne: (Turns to Chuck) I need to talk to you while the others clean.

Chuck: Oh! Um, okay...

Vivianne: (Takes Chuck aside) I still think you have great promise. Even after tonight.

Chuck: Really?

Vivianne: Really. Don't mind those old hens. Doris is all right when she's not around the others, but Muffy can be a real snob sometimes. I think you'll be wonderful at whatever you decide to write, whether it's romance or something else.

Chuck: *Nods with a small smile* Thank you.

Vivianne: You know, if you really want to work at a newspaper, I have an old lover who is an editor at the New York Star. We haven't dated seriously in years, but we're still good friends, and he does owe me a few favors.

Chuck: *eyes widen* The New York Star!? Really?!

Vivianne: (Nods) You'll have to work your way up the ladder, but I'm pretty sure Sam could at least find you a copyboy job.

Chuck: Anything's better than newsboy!

Vivianne: (Grins) Definitely not newsboy. For one thing, you're not a boy. You're a man.

Chuck: *his cheeks flush* Thank you.

Vivianne: You're welcome. (Nods at Rachel, who wipes down a table) I think she thinks you're a man, too. She's seems like a nice girl. You chose well.

Chuck: *Turns redder; looks at Rachel* She's wonderful.

Vivianne: You really chose well. I know that look. I've had it a few times in my life. You're half-way in the clouds.

Chuck: Hmm...

Vivianne: (Shakes Chuck a little) I'm sorry to wake you up, but you really can't go home like that.

Chuck: Huh? *blinks* Oh. Sorry.

Vivianne: That's all right. People who are really in love tend to get like that. I've had my fair share of head-in-the-clouds days.

Chuck: Yeah. *clears his throat* Vivianne...thank you...for everything. You've been a bigger help than I think either of us will ever know.

Vivianne: I'm just glad I could do something for someone. Unlike Muffy, I remember what it was like to be young. And just because I have money doesn't mean I didn't struggle. It took me years to be taken seriously by many publishers because they considered me a dabbler.

Chuck: And I've felt like a perpetual boy.

Vivianne: In twenty years, you'll be glad you have that young face.

Chuck: In twenty years, yeah. Right now... *sighs* not so much.

Vivianne: Don't worry. You'll grow up.

Chuck: *Nods* Thanks. *puts his hand out to shake*

Viviane: You're welcome. (Takes it and shakes it) Now, why don't you go help your young lady friend with the tables? (Winks at him)

Chuck: Yeah. *nods at her, then goes over to Rachel*

Rachel: Hi. (Hands him a wet cloth) You do that side. I'll do this side. The servants cleared any leftovers already.

Chuck: Darn. I was kinda hungry.

Rachel: Maybe we can ask Vivianne for doggy bags.

Chuck: No. She's already given me something. Vivianne is going to ask an acquaintance of hers who works at the New York Star if I could get a job there.

Rachel: Oh honey, that's wonderful! (She gives him a hug) I knew your career would finally take off.

Chuck: I'm just... *sniffs as Rachel pulls away* I'm so happy...

Rachel: And I'm proud of you. You're going to be a real reporter.

Chuck: *Sniffs* Something if finally happening! First you, and now the job! *hugs her tightly*

Rachel: I guess good things do happen to those who wait. (Hugs him back)

Chuck: *Whispers in Rachel's ear* Would you like to go find another closet with me?

Rachel: Sure! These guys made the mess. They should clean it up.

Chuck: *Puts an arm around Rachel's waist* Lets go.

Vivianne: (Elbows Chuck; out the corner of her mouth) There's a closet in the hall that's free, if you don't mind moving a mop or two.

Chuck: *Nods at Vivianne; turns to Rachel* Now, lets go find that closet. *leads Rachel out into the hall*

Rachel: There it is! (She drags him into the closet. There are some mops and buckets, and it's smaller than the other one)

Chuck: *They're very close together* This is comfy.

Rachel: Yeah. (Grins) So, how does it feel to be on your way?

Chuck: Amazing. It's like some wonderful dream, just like being with you.

Rachel: Awwww. I feel the same way about you.

Chuck: *Wraps both arms around Rachel's waist* This is one dream I don't ever want to wake up from.

Rachel: And if you can get a job on a paper, maybe I can get a job with a real show, even one in a basement somewhere.

Chuck: I'd love to review you. Though, if you want, I could practice right now.

Rachel: Go right ahead. You never know when you might need a really big interview.

Chuck: Well, you're smart and gorgeous, for starters.

Rachel: (Blushes) Thank you. And you're handsome and sweet.

*Chuck leans in to kiss Rachel and just brushes her lips when the closet door opens.*

Slip: *Leans against the door frame* Havin' fun?

Chuck: *Only his eyes move to look at Slip* Uhh...

Slip: Don't let me stop you. *smirks* Kiss 'er. Im just lookin' fer a mop.

Rachel: (Pulls him close to her) Why don't we do what Big Brother says?

Chuck: Yeah... *kisses Rachel*

Slip: *Nods* Much better. *grabs a mop and closes the door after him*