(We open with a long exterior shot of what looks like the exterior of the Boys' apartment building with more Victorian trappings and curly-cues. As the camera moves in, we discover Sach in his Sherlock Holmes deerstalker cap blowing bubbles out of his pipe while reading the comics while Slip, wearing a more typical Victorian suit, reads the front page. Ma Kelly comes in with tea.)

Ma: Here ya go, boys, Chow's on. (Shakes her head at Slip and takes the newspaper) It'll keep, boy.

Sach: Oh boy! Mrs. Kelly, you make the best tea and muffins in New York! (Grabs two and the pot of jam)

Slip: *Frowns, but it's amazingly good natured* You sure about that, Mrs. Kelly?

Ma: (Smacks Sach's hand) Save some for everyone! (Turns to Slip) I'm sure there's plenty of crime in this city to go around, Slip. You'd think that in this day and age of 1892, people would learn to not go around killin' anyone they get their hands on.

Sach: Never talk 'bout killin' while I'm eatin', Mrs. Kelly. (He slathers jam on his muffin.)

Slip: Mrs. Kelly, that's our bread an' water. Without killin' an' other crimes, we got nutin'.

Ma: Well, one of these days, you boys are gonna land in somethin' you can't handle.

(That's when we hear a knock at the door. Ma Kelly goes to get it while Sach bites into a muffin.)

Sach: (Between bites) How much longer do you think we can get away with not payin' the rent? We ain't had a case in weeks!

Slip: We're gonna find out whether we wanna or not.

Ma: (Brings in Sally in a simple but elegant blue suit with matching hat, gloves, and parasol) A miss Sally Dumbrowski here to see you, gentlemen.

Sach: Hey, wasn't she in the papers? Stole some jewels, or something.

Sally: (Frowns) I can assure you, I'm innocent. I had nothing to do with that.

Slip: *Stands quickly, grinning* Of course, yer innocent. *Kisses her hand.*

Sally: (Smiles) How sweet. Thank you, Mr. Mahoney.

Slip: Yer welcome, Miss Dumbrowski.

Sally: I need your help. I want you to prove me innocent of robbing the Blue Diamond. My uncle had to put up his tavern for collateral to get me out of jail. If we don't solve this, I'll lose my job, and he'll lose his life's work!

Slip: I won't let that happen.

Sally: Then you'll take the job?

Sach: (Looks at Slip) Are we gonna take the job? After all, we're pretty popular.

Slip: We're takin' this job. *smiles at Sally again*

Sally: (She throws her arms around Slip and Sach) Oh thank you! You don't know how much this means to me.

Slip: *Mutters* Neither do you.

Sach: (Mutters) Hey Chief, are you ok? You look kinda red.

*Slip makes a face at Sach, but doesn't answer him.*

Sally: The Blue Diamond originally belonged to a Miss Suzanne DeLiss, the mistress of Mr. Bela DuVal, a well-known millionaire philanthropist who frequents Uncle's tavern. I thought they sold it to the London Museum, but it vanished from there several weeks ago.

Slip: How did you get blamed for the robbery, Miss Dumbrowski?

Sally: I work part-time at the Princess Theater as a dancer. I went on-stage to do my routine. When I came off-stage, the Blue Diamond was sitting on my vanity...and the cops were sitting in front of it, asking me a barrage of questions I can't answer.

Slip: Obliviously a set-up. *folds his arms* We need to figure out the real thief. I'd like to see the museum where it was on display.

Sach: We oughta talk to Whitey upstairs, too. I'll bet he has six different gizmos that could help us find the thief!

Sally: Whitey?

Ma: He's still up there? And the house is in one piece?

Slip: He's been warned.

Sach: Let's go visit Whitey! (Grabs Sally's hand) You'll like him! He's a genius! He's the greatest inventor who ever lived!

Sally: Then why haven't I ever heard of him?

Sach: People don't appreciate him, that's why!

(Sach pulls Sally upstairs, followed by Slip. Cut to upstairs. There's a sign that says "Geniuses at Work" on the door. Sach barges in. Whitey stands at a work bench, surrounded by tools. parts, and tons of strange, shiny objects and machines.)

Sach: Hiya, Whitey! Look, we brought a friend! This is Sally! She's our new client.

Sally: Hello, Whitey.

Whitey: *Lifts his visor* Hi, fellas. Hello, Miss Sally. I'm working on a couple projects. What's the job?

Slip: We gotta find out who framed Miss Dumbrowski of stealing a diamond.

Sach: Is that thief-finder thing you were workin' on ready yet?

Whitey: Yeah, the radar is working.

Sach: Oh boy! (Turns to Slip) Do you think they'd mind if we used it in the museum? Pleeeese, Chiefy?

Slip: Even if I tell ya no, yer still gonna use it.

Sach: Then let's go! Come on, Whitey!

Sally: (Turns to Slip as Sach drags Whitey out) Thank you again for helping me.

Slip: It is indubiously my pleasure.

Sally: (Takes his arm) Shall we?

Slip: We shall.

(Cut to the museum. Sally leads Whitey, Slip, and Sach to an empty pedestal. Whitey holds a large machine with a needle that goes back and forth.)

Sally: This is where the Blue Diamond was. They have it at the police station as evidence right now.

Sach: (He starts to move the glass) I wanna take a closer look...

Sally: Maybe that isn't a good idea...

Slip: Sach, ya ain't s'posed ta touch nutin'.

Sach: Aww, I just wanted to see it!

Sally: Why don't we take a look around instead? We could talk to any guards that were on duty then, too.

Slip: If there's any clues to be found, we'll find 'em.

Sach: Whitey'll find 'em! His machines are wonderful! Someday, he's gonna patent them, an' we'll all be the most famous detectives in America! Maybe we'll even have our own dime novel series!

Slip: You an' yer dime novels.

Sach: Chiefy, I love 'em! I even see you borrowin' them every now and then.

Sally: Well, Whitey, do you hear or see anything out of the ordinary?

Whitey: I hear hissing.

Sach: Oop! Someone needs to fix the boiler!

Sally: In the Museum of Natural History?

Whitey: I don't know what it is.

Sach: Maybe we ought to check it out, Chief. After all, someone should know if the boiler needs to be fixed.

(But Slip isn't listening. He's watching a tall, blond man in a fine silk suit, a top hat, a cane, and a long opera cape admiring a case of emeralds and rubies.)

Slip: I'm busy, Sach.

DuVal: (Sees Slip coming and smirks) Well, if it isn't the great Terrence Mahoney and his dopey sidekicks. Found anyone robbing vegetable carts lately?

Sally: I know you. I've seen you at the theater and Uncle's tavern.

DuVal: (His smirk widens when he sees Sally) Ahh, my loveliest attraction. (Kisses Sally's hand) How are we today, Miss Dumbrowski?

Sally: (Grabs her hand away) Free, no thanks to you. I know you had to have something to do with this.

DuVal: Me? Rob my own theater? Why, I wouldn't dream of it!

Slip: Back off, DuVal.

Sach: You get outta here, you bad man, you! We know you've been involved in a lot of stuff!

DuVal: How come you've never been able to prove it?

Sach: You always weasel out at the last moment.

Slip: That's why yer a weasel.

DuVal: (Smirks at Slip) And you still look like a gorilla accompanied by two mice.

Slip: Rather be a gorilla than a weasel.

DuVal: (Nods at the display in front of him) These are lovely, aren't they? How much do you think they'd be worth?

Sach: (Looks at Slip) Oh, I'd say about $2.25. How 'bout you, Chief?

Slip: Buck-fifty, tops.

DuVal: (Snorts) Try $15,000 for the rubies, $20,000 for the emeralds.

Sach: (Peers into the glass) Wow! Just for those little stones?

DuVal: (Sniffs as we see smoke coming from behind the display) Oh my, what's that?

Slip: *Sees the smoke* What's goin' on?

(That's when we hear a piercing whistle. Whitey's machine is going crazy!)

Sach: Whitey, you're gettin' somethin'! (Coughs) How, in all this smoke, I ain't sure, but you are!

Sally: Look! (Something long and made of brass appears to be breaking through the glass and grabbing the jewels!)

Sach: We've gotta stop it! (He tries to lunge for the brass arm, but it just picks him up and tosses him back)

Sally: Oh! (She manages to shove the arm away)

Slip: That thing's got a mind of its own!

(The arm picks up Slip, turns him upside-down, and starts shaking him. Money, dice, a penknife, and several pieces of paper fall out.)


Sach: Hey! (As the arm drops Slip and grabs the money) Give Chiefy his stuff back! (It then grabs Sach and shakes him. All that falls out is a dog-eared dime novel, a half-eaten chocolate bar, and a mouse. The arm drops Sach, makes an "oh darn" movement, and reaches for Whitey.)

*The arm does the same to Whitey. Some tools and a pocketknife fall out. Again, it does the "Oh darn" movement and drops him.*

Sally: (She pulls away from the arm) Don't you dare touch me! (But the arm strokes her cheek and actually seems to take her wrist and "kiss" it, making hissing noises. It finally vanishes as the smoke clears)

Sach: (Grabs his chocolate bar and novel as he gets to his feet) Hey, has anyone seen my mouse? (Calls out) Harry? Oh Haarrryyy! (Turns to Slip) Are you ok, Chief? And have you seen Harry? I hope he didn't run off. He might get lost in this big place!

Slip: *Snatches his things off the floor* I could only be so lucky. That thing stole my money!

Sally: It stole the jewels, too.

Sach: Whitey, could you tell what that thing was?

Whitey: A machine I'm very jealous of.

Sally: Maybe we ought to talk to those guards...at least before they realize that the jewels are missing and start thinking we did it.

Sach: And where's that DuVal creep?

Slip: Ran away while he had the chance.

*Suddenly we see Chuck run over, a small notepad in his hand. He frowns as he nears the others.*

Chuck: What was that smoke? What did I miss?

Sach: Chuckie! Here's somethin' you can print in that paper you're workin' for now! (Points to the broken display) A big brass arm stole these pretty red and green stones!

Sally: Something created that smoke, too. We don't know what.

Sach: And the arm turned me n' Whitey n' Slip upside-down an' stole Slip's money!

Sally: I hired these three to try to prove that I didn't steal the Blue Diamond.

Sach: We think DuVal did it!

Chuck: *Eyes widen* DuVal!? I received a tip the other day that he's the potential thief of the Blue Diamond, but I have no proof or anything else to go on besides the anonymous tip.

Slip: DuVal might've took it, huh? Hmmmm...

Sach: (We hear Whitey's radar go off again) Hey, I think we found somethin' else! (Whitey picks up what looks like a playbill; Sach squints at it) Uhh..."Princess Theater Proudly Presents DuVal's Dainties of 1892."

Sally: That's the show I was appearing in!

Slip: It was?

Sally: (Nods) I had one of the featured dancing spots. (Makes a face) They let me go when I was arrested and replaced me with DuVal's newest mistress.

Slip: That figures.

Sach: Oh, I've heard wonderful things about the theater! Gas-lit stages, pretty girls in pink tights... (sighs, then turns to Slip) Can we go there, Chiefy? Can we? Plleeeese?

Slip: For once, Sach, you can get what ya want. DuVal's up to som'en, an' I wanna find out what.

Chuck: And I'm coming with you. I wanna find out the same thing.

Sally: I'm coming, too.

Slip: Sally, I don't think that's such a good idea.

Sally: I know everything about that theater. I know the people. I know the layout and how a lot of the special effects work.

Sach: She has a point, Chief.

Slip: I don't like it... *sighs* Fine. Sally, you can come with us.

Sally: Thank you. (She kisses him on the cheek again, then pulls away, blushing)

Sach: What about you, Whitey?

Whitey: I'm coming, too.

Sach: (Grabs Slip and jumps up and down, squeezing him) Oh Chiefy, let's go now! I can't wait to see the show an' the girls in pink tights!

Slip: Down, Sach! Letís go.

(Cut to the front of the Princess Theater. Sally wears a lovely white gown trimmed with ruffles and blue ribbons. She has white and blue flowers in her golden hair. Sach wears a slightly dilapidated suit with a dusty top hat with a fake flower in the brim.)

*Slip wears a slightly battered suit with his usual hat. Whitey wears an even more battered suit with his usual driving cap.*

Sally: Well, I have the most interesting escorts at the show. (Takes Slip's arm) How would you like to get in through the back door?

Sach: Oooh, we'll get to see all the pretty girls!

Slip: Better to snoop.

Sally: I know the door man. He'll let us in.

(She leads them around to the back door. We see Gabe, in a door man's uniform with shiny brass buttons, turning well-dressed suitors for the chorus girls away.)

Sally: Hello, Gabe dear. How's work tonight?

Gabe: Fine. Little slow, as a matter of fact. How are you?

Sally: Very well. (Sighs) I know I no longer work here, but I thought I'd bring my friends backstage. You know, show them what this business is really like.

Gabe: Sure, Sally. I know I can trust you.

Sally: Thank you, Gabe. (Grins) And I would appreciate it if you didn't tell Mr. DuVal or Miss DeLiss that I'm here. I want it to be a surprise.

Gabe: No problem.

Sally: (Nods at the other boys) Come on. (She leads them backstage...which is the same backstage set we saw in "The Bowery Boys Get a Clue" with somewhat different lights and props) The show will be starting soon. We can search Suzanne's dressing room then and the front lobby. DuVal has his private offices upstairs, too. Someone might want to check them out.

(As Sally leads the boys to the stage, we see Chuck chatting with what would appear to be Butch in a very nice tuxedo, holding sheet music.)

Butch: Chuck, you wouldn't believe the things I've heard. They don't pay much attention to the musicians around here.

Sach: Hi, Chuckie! And Butchy! Is this where you're workin' now?

Butch: (Nods) Yeah. And I've seen some stuff goin' on here, I can tell you!

Chuck: He was just about to share.

Butch: They've been cutting corners here for ages. A lot of the other musicians have been let go recently...but I saw Suzanne DeLiss show up in a huge fur and a diamond necklace and one of those fancy hats with the big feathers that's all the rage. Someone's buying her a lot of pretty dresses and huge bunches of flowers, too.

Sach: (Shrugs) So some guy likes her!

Butch: But I've seen her and DuVal going upstairs to his office and spending a lot of time behind closed doors, talkin' about somethin'...and I don't think it's all about her contract.

Sally: I know DuVal has the reputation for being a playboy...but if the theater's doing badly, why spend money on chorus girls?

Sach: 'Cause the girls are pretty an' the theater ain't.

Butch: There's gotta be somethin' in that office that's really important.

Sach: But I wanna see the show!

Sally: Maybe we should split up, Slip.

Slip: *Nods* We'll cover more ground that way.

Sach: We'll do more damage that way, too.

Sally: (Sighs and takes Slip's arm) Let's go, while everyone is distracted by the show.

Slip: *Smiles at Sally* Gladly.

(Sally takes Slip's arm, and they head for the stairs, followed by Chuck and Butch. Sach and Whitey go in the opposite direction towards the stage.)

(Cut to an elaborate office. There's lots of plush red velvet upholstery and curtains and beautiful wood furniture. A huge desk takes up the side of the room near the fireplace. There's two large bookcases filled with books, and a soft velvet settee on one side, next to a nearly-nude statue of a chorus girl. Slip leads Sally, Chuck, and Butch into the room.)

Sally: Nice work, Slip. I'm glad you were able to get past the lock.

Slip: Thank Whitey. He made the gizmo I used on the door.

Sally: (As they go in) He's certainly a man of many gizmos. (Looks around and sighs) I was up here once. He said he was going to give me a better contract. What he ended up doing was putting his hands all over me. That was a few days before the diamond turned up in my room.

Slip: *Frowns deeply* Another reason ta tear 'im apart.

Butch: He's a real snob, too. Won't hob-nob with us musicians. Thinks he's too good for us, 'just cause he has money. (Smirks as he starts searching a bookshelf) Rumor has it that his parents got tired of him spending their money and cut him off...and then he made some bad business deals, including this theater, which has always been a money-loser.

Slip: Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Sally: We need to find papers or something to prove that he's desperate for money. That would be a wonderful motive for him to steal those jewels.

*Chuck flips through some papers dumped in a basket. He get part way down...and his eyes widen.*

Chuck: Guys!

Butch: Yeah? (He joins Chuck...and grins) Hey Slip, Sally, I think Chuck really found something!

Sally: What is it? (She and Slip join the other two.)

Slip: *Chuck hands him a couple of the papers* Blueprints!

Butch: (Frowns) Yeah, but of what?

Sally: That smoke machine and the arms that stole the jewels, I'll bet!

Butch: Wow! This is really big!

Sally: I wonder if DuVal would miss these. Whitey would understand them.

Butch: Maybe we better get 'em outta here, before someone sees us. This room is private. DuVal doesn't like people comin' in here.

Stagehand #1: (Several large, beefy men in shirtsleeves and suspenders come in, some carrying rope or tools) What are you doin' in here?

Sally: (Gulps) Hello, boys. I'm glad to see you. We're just...looking for something.

Stagehand #1: No one goes in Mr. DuVal's private office. Not even you, Miss Sally.

Sally: Now, fellas, these boys are friends of mine.

Stagehand #1: They're snoops. Mr. DuVal don't like snoops. He wants 'em gone. We're gonna get rid of 'em.

Butch: (Gulps) Oh man...

Sally: Come on. Why don't we just leave without bloodshed?

Stagehand #1: (Grabs Chuck) Put those down, boy. They don't belong to you. (Shakes him)

*Chuck struggles with the stagehand.*

Butch: Hey, let him go! He's my friend! (Decks the stagehand)

Sally: Get the blueprints!

Stagehand #2: (He takes Butch's arm) Ain't this the one we heard about? The mouthy one?

Butch: Yeah, I have a mouth. What's it to ya?

Stagehand #3: Our boss don't like people who talk too much...or to reporters.

Stagehand #4: (Shoves Slip) I think this one's familiar, too. The boss really don't like this one.

Slip: *Puts both fists up* Quit yer shovin'.

Stagehand #4: I can shove ya if I want ta. (Pushes Slip harder)

Slip: *Shoves back* I can do it, too!

Stagehand #4: Oh, a wise guy, huh? (They get into a real drag-out brawl, wrestling across the room.)

(Sally hits one on top of the head with her parasol.)

*Chuck still struggles with the same stagehand. They're practically playing tug of war with the papers.*

(Butch goes to help Chuck...but we hear a hissing sound, and two brass arms grab his shoulders. A human hand pops out and wraps itself around his mouth...and arms both metal and flesh drag him behind the heavy velvet curtains!)

Sally: (Tries to grab Slip's arm) Slip! Slip! Butch is gone! Someone...or something...grabbed him!

Slip: What?

Sally: I couldn't tell because of the curtains, but...they might have been those brass arms from the museum!

Slip: Great.

Sally: (As Slip finally knocks the stagehand out) Are you ok?

Slip: Fine. *makes a face* Jerk wouldn't fall down.

Sally: (Turns around) Chuck? Did you get the blueprints?

Chuck: *Joins them; heís empty-handed* I couldn't hold onto them.

Sally: Maybe we should go warn Sach and Whitey that they at least have some idea of what we're up to and we really need to go.

Slip: Letís find 'em, before they get into trouble.

(The three hurry out of the room, shutting the door behind them...but what they don't see is the faint gleam of brass behind the curtain and a muffled scream before we fade out all together.)