*We begin still in the theater, but the show has begun. Girls are onstage, doing a dance number. We spy Sach and Whitey off in the wings, watching them. Their jaws are on the floor.*

Sach: (His eyes are almost bigger than his face) Wow. I've never seen girls wear so little. Look at those little feet in those tights!

*Whitey's mouth moves a little, but nothing comes out.*

Sach: I sure would love to be on that stage. Those girls are so pretty.

*Whitey just nods.*

Sach: (Shakes his head as if to clear it) Come on, Whitey. We can't look at girls all day, even if we want to. We've gotta figure out who stole those jewels! Is your clue-finder workin'?

Whitey: Hm? Oh! *holds up a hand-held device* Yeah, it's workin'.

Sach: Good! Let's go use it. (Grins) You think we'd find any clues in the women's dressin' rooms?

Whitey: We won't know unless we check them out.

Sach: Ok, then. Come on! (He leads them over to the women's dressing rooms.) All the girls should be on the stage now. We should be ok.

(He flings the door open...and we hear a scream as the camera focuses on a very pretty young woman with long, slender white legs and long, silky black ringlets. She grabs a kimono-like robe to cover her skimpy ruffles-sequins-and-feathers dancing costume.)

Suzanne: What are you doing in here?

Sach: (Blushes - his eyes widen at the woman) I...I...I...oh boy...

*Whitey stands frozen beside Sach, his eyes wide.*

Suzanne: Go on! Shoo! Shoo! If you want to see me, catch my act out front! Dannnielll! Dannnn! Get these two out of here! Bela!

Sach: Hey, lady, where were you yesterday at 12 PM?

Suzanne: Why?

Sach: Do you know anything about someone stealin' jewels?

*Suddenly, a tall man dressed in an all-black dancer's outfit with red hair partially hidden by a black beret appears behind the boys.*

Suzanne: No, I don't. I'm not like that little Sally Dumbrowski who stole the Blue Diamond from some fat old lady, (Nods at the man) Daniel, could you please get rid of these Peeking Toms?

Sach: But my name's Horace and his name's Whitmore! We ain't named Tom.

Daniel: *Nods, speaks with a French accent* I don't care if your name is Maurice Chevalier! You don't belong back here! *Grabs them by the back of their jackets*

Whitey: We weren't hurtin' nothin'!

Sach: Yeah! We can't help it if the lady wasn't dressed!

Suzanne: Get rid of them!

Sach: Honest, mister! We weren't gonna hurt her! We were just lookin'!

Daniel: Still, you don't belong back here! *starts pulling them away*

Sach: Hey! (He struggles) Put us down!

Daniel: *Peeks over his shoulder, then with no accent* Shh! Quiet, until we get farther away.

Whitey: *Makes a face* Am I hearin' things, Sach, or did this guy just lose his accent?

Sach: No, you ain't hearin' things...unless I am, too. How come you sound different, mister?

Daniel: *They round a corner, and he lets them go; peeks back around the corner, then turns back to them* Because there's something funny going on here. I know you *motions to Sach* work as a detective.

Sach: Hey, you're a smart guy, jus' like Butch! Have you seen anythin' interestin'? Found any jewels?

Daniel: *Eyes widen* Jewels?! *slaps both hands over his mouth, then repeats quieter* Jewels? *shakes his head* No, no jewels. But... *looks around again; quietly* I've seen some mighty weird machines being kept under tarps. *shrugs* I stay late a lot. *Looks around again; whispers* I also saw Suzanne plant the Blue Diamond in Sally's dressing room.

Whitey: *Gasps* Oh no!

Sach: I knew that pretty Sally wouldn't steal! And good thing, too. I think the Chief likes her.

Daniel: I don't know why she did that.

Sach: 'Cause she's mean and her boyfriend's a thief, that's why! We think DuVal stole more jewels yesterday when we were at the Natural History Museum.

Daniel: What a jerk.

Whitey: No one else knows you know this, right?

Daniel: Right, no one.

Sach: (He grins) We have to find my partner and let him talk to ya! You could talk to his brother, too. His brother works for the New York Examiner.

Daniel: Sure, I'd be happy to. But, I gotta get back to work.

Sach: You go work, an' we'll go get the Chief. He'll love talkin' to you!

Daniel: Thanks, fellas. I'll see you later.

*The three separate. Sach and Whitey hurry off to rejoin the others, while Daniel heads back towards the stage. We follow Daniel as he goes down the hall. He walks past a closed door, which opens immediately after. DuVal comes out, smirking.*

DuVal: *Calls after him* Daniel, may I have a word with you?

Daniel: *Stops and turns; speaks with a French accent again* Oui, Monsieur?

DuVal: Won't you come in my office?

Daniel: Monsieur, I really must get back out to the show...

DuVal: *as Daniel starts to turn, he grabs his arm* Not so fast, boy. *pulls him into the office*

*We fade on the office door closing.*

(Fade in on Sach and Whitey hurrying backstage. They meet Sally, Chuck, and Slip there.)

Sach: Chief! Chief! We found another guy to talk to Chuckie! He knows 'bout those machines and that Suzanne planted the Blue Diamond in Sally's dressin' room.

Sally: (Growls) The nerve of that witch!

Slip: That's great! Who is he, aní why ain't he wit' you now?

Chuck: Yeah, I'd really like to talk to him as soon as possible.

Sach: His name is Daniel. He's the director. He said he had to do his job, but I figured he'd meet us back here! He's a tall guy with red hair, an' he talks French, but only sometimes.

Chuck: You're kidding, right? Him? I had to interview him last week. I couldn't understand a word he said. It sounded French, but there was no English. I'm not even sure he was speaking French.

Slip: *Folds his arms* Sounds like a nut to me.

Sach: No, really! He was great! He even helped us get away from that really pretty crazy lady who was half-dressed!

Whitey: Yeah, she wanted him to throw us out, but he didn't.

Sach: We could even ask his boss where he is!

Sally: I'd like to talk to his boss, too. And it won't be very ladylike.

Sach: Come on! (He leads them back to DuVal's office. He knocks on the door. He's still knocking when DuVal opens it; Sach knocks on his chest.)

DuVal: *Glowers* May I help you?

Sach: Yeah, I'm lookin' for a fella named Daniel. Tall guy, red hair, funny French accent. He works here. (Looks around DuVal) You seen him?

Sally: (Growls) Yeah, I want to talk to you, all right. You helped set me up, you bastard.

DuVal: Yes, I saw him. He works for me. *turns to Sally* And I did nothing of the sort.

Sally: Yes, you did! That cheap bitch Suzanne set me up to take the fall for your jewel stealing! Everyone knows this theater is in trouble!

Sach: Hey, where's Daniel?

DuVal: *Ignores Sally* He went to back stage where he belongs.

Sach: But we didn't see him there!

Sally: What did you do to him? You did something to poor Butch, too! He's just a kid!

Slip: Better speak up now, before we really get mad.

DuVal: I have absolutely no idea what you people are talking about. Now leave.

Sach: Not without Daniel! He was gonna talk to us!

Sally: You have them somewhere!

Slip: You done som'en wit' him, or you'd let us see 'im.

DuVal: I've done nothing. The man's an eccentric. He's probably directing from the catwalk.

Sach: Then why hasn't he fallen off yet?

*Slip smacks Sach with his hat.*

DuVal: How should I know? I only know that he left this office.

Sally: You're hiding something.

Sach: Yeah! (He tries to look around DuVal again) Can we go in your office?

Slip: Yeah, how 'bout you let us in, hmmmm?

DuVal: *Smirks and steps aside* Be my guests.

(The boys and Sally enter the office. It's smaller and less ornate than the one upstairs...and there's no sign of Daniel anywhere. Sally leans over his desk while the Boys search the shelves.)

Sach: Dannnn! Danniel! (Looks around DuVal again) Are you here, Dan?

Slip: *As DuVal winces; sticks a finger in his ear* Sach! Not so loud. The dogs'll start barkin'.

DuVal: Just don't make a mess in here.

*Slip grunts.*

Sally: (As she goes through the papers on DuVal's desk) Hmm. (She turns to DuVal) You got invited to Mrs. Dilsbury Diamond Days Cotillion again this year?

DuVal: I've attended the last five years. Yes, I did get invited again.

Sally: It sounds quite...interesting. (When his back is turned, she grabs the invitation and stuffs it down her dress cleavage)

*Slip sees this, however, and smirks.*

Sach: Aw, let's get out of here. I don't see Dan anywhere. (Turns to DuVal) If you see him, tell him we wanted to talk to him. (Frowns) And I liked the guy, too!

DuVal: *Patronizingly* I'll let him know.

*Slip just sneers as he passes DuVal.*

Sach: (As they head out) Even I could tell that guy was lyin'. He did somethin' to Daniel, and probably to Butch, too.

Slip: *Shakes a fist* I'd like to show 'im what lyin' gets.

Sally: I know he and that tramp Suzanne set me up. They had to. (Turns to Chuck) Would you like to cover a big, fancy ball for the Examiner tonight?

Chuck: *Grins* I'd love to.

Slip: An' how 'bout a little help in coverin' that shindig?

Sach: Yeah! I'd love to go to one of those fancy parties! I'll bet they have great food.

Sally: Perhaps we could all pass as reporters?

Slip: We will.

Sally: They wouldn't let me in as myself! Not with my reputation as a thief.

Sach: (He grins and turns to Slip) But before we go to the ball...can we go out front and watch the show?

Slip: Sach...

Sach: Please? I wanna see what that Suzanne lady does in that costume when she's not screaming at us.

Sally: I really don't think we should linger here. DuVal is probably suspicious as it is.

Slip: We're leavin', Sach.

Sach: Aw Chiefy, you don't know how ta live!

*Slip grabs Sach's arm and tugs him along.*

Sally: (Laughs and takes Chuck's arm) Shall we? At least one Mahoney brother knows how to behave.

Chuck: Certainly.

(They head out together, followed by Whitey and his machine...but what they don't see is Suzanne go up to DuVal as he steps out of his office.)

Suzanne: I think they know something, honey. That idiot Daniel and the musician talked.

DuVal: *Nods* I'm afraid we'll have to take out the whole lot of them now.

Suzanne: I'd like to take out that little interfering Sally Dumbrowski! I thought we got rid of her when we planted that diamond in her dressing room! (Narrows her eyes) Let's take her or that nosy reporter out tonight.

DuVal: *Nods* It must be done.

Suzanne: Those three detectives will have nothing to go on without her. (Smirks) And if we can somehow discredit them...

DuVal: It won't matter how much they know. No one will believe them.

Suzanne: Exactly. (She nods at the stage) I have to get back over there for my next number. (Kisses him) I'll see you later.

DuVal: And I you.

*We fade out on DuVal smirking evilly.*