(We open at Louie's. Sach is sitting at the counter reading comic books. Whitey fiddles with the radio. Butch and Chuck are listening to Louie talk. Sally is wiping down counters.)

Louie: (He's having a rather big sword fight with himself) So he slashed at him with his sword... (Makes slashing motions) ...then a left, then a right... (He stabs into the counter) Then he stabbed the evil Count DuVal with a final jab!

Chuck: And there I thought the breeze from missing would have knocked out Count DuVal.

Louie: (Shrugs) Well, that's the story they gave me about my ancestor. They say he owned a tavern right here in New York where all the great pirates of the day spent their time. (Grins) He even used a sword once or twice himself. To defend a pretty lady, they say.

Chuck: And then she took the sword and used it to defend herself.

Louie: Yes...well, no! At least, that's not what the stories say.

Chuck: Uh huh.

Sach: (Looks up from his comics) I don't think your old ancestor stories are as good as these pirate comics, Louie. Damsels in a dress, crossin' swords, digging skulls, boy, it must have been fun to live then!

Louie: Not entirely, Sachula. Pirates weren't really good guys. Most of them were cutthroats who would kill you so much as look at you. My ancestor was probably lucky he lived as long as he did.

Sally: I'm not sure I'd want to live then, either. Sure, the rugged type could be romantic, but have you ever seen the clothes? How did women move around in those huge gowns? And you've heard what they did to women in a lot of those stories.

Slip: *Comes in from the back room* Who did what to women? What'd I miss? *stops next to Sally*

Sally: Uncle's telling stories about his ancestors again.

Louie: And how he faced a fierce band of pirates and defended his tavern and his family from invaders.

Sach: And I'm reading these great pirate comics! Wanna see? (Shoves them in Slip's face.)

Slip: *swats the comics away* Sach, what've I told ya about shovin' things in my face?

Sach: I just wanted you to see my new comics!

Butch: I wonder if our ancestors had great adventures?

Louie: (Snorts) They were probably begging fish and chips off of my ancestor at his tavern.

Sach: Do you think they might have been pirates?

Slip: *Sits at the counter, scratching his shoulder absently* Not yers, Sach. Maybe mine aní Chuck's were...

*The screen turns wavy on the scene in the Sweet Shop. When it clears, we see the Atlantic Ocean and the beach off of New York. The water is restless with the waves crashing into the shore. As one crash of the waves moves away from the beach, two bodies are revealed, sprawled on the sand.*

(The camera first reveals an unconscious Slip, then Chuck. Both wear plain, dark clothing that has been soaked in the waves. Slip's eyes blink open first.)

Slip: *Groans as he lifts his head* What a ride! *glances around; his gaze lands on Chuck, several feet away* Chuck? *coughs out some water* Chuck!

Chuck: (His eyes flutter) Hmmm...

Slip: Chuck, you okay? Say som'en!

Chuck: (Coughs) I'm...ok...I think....

Slip: *Coughs as he crawls over to Chuck; reaches him and grins* We made it.

Chuck: We're at the New World?

Slip: I think so.

Chuck: That's wonderful! (Looks around) I hope those pirates didn't see us jump overboard.

Slip: *Sits up, looking out at the water* I don't see no one out there.

Chuck: (Frowns) I don't see the ship, either. They must have really done her in.

Slip: She was the best ship, too. *sighs* Gonna miss the old girl.

Chuck: (Nods) And to think, we almost had enough money to buy our freedom!

Slip: *nods* Yeah, we were very close.

Chuck: Do you think anyone in New York would know we're indentured servants? (Nods at the buildings seen over the tops of the dunes.)

Slip: Not unless we told 'em. We ain't that... *looks down at him* Maybe we are. Bein' soaked definitely don't help none, an' we do look ragged.

Chuck: We need to find some better clothes, and maybe some work. (Nods at the city) Let's get going, before someone sees us like this. If anyone asks, we'll say we just arrived on the boat and not give details.

Slip: Fine wit' me.

*Slip and Chuck walk toward the city, where they find people bustling about.*

Chuck: There has to be somethin' two smart guys like us can do to find work.

(Suddenly, we hear a cry from a store selling fruits and vegetables near the wharf. An older man with long, grizzled hair wearing a white apron across his dark clothing is yelling at the top of his lungs.)

Store Owner: Stop! Thief! My former apprentice stole my best apples!

Chuck: Maybe we could stop him!

Slip: Maybe we'll retrieve a nice reward for it. C'mon!

(The two dart into the crowds. They duck around carts filled with all kinds of things, from fish to fruit to spices. They make their way down alleys and over fences. Slip finally tackles the tall, lanky young man carrying three fat apples in his apron.)

Chuck: (As he catches up with them) You got him, Slip! Good work!

Slip: *As he gets up* Thanks, Chuck. *to the young man* Whadaya think yer doin', hmmmm?

Young Man: (He looks up; it's definitely Sach, completely with curls and large nose) I was just takin' my last pay check! I'm hungry!

Chuck: That's not what your master says!

Young Man: Well, he's a meanie anyway. He's always yellin' an' hittin' me with a stick. He says I'm clumsy and drop too much, or I eat too much of the merchandise. I can't help it if I'm growin' boy!

Slip: Yer gonna be growin' out instead up if ya don't be careful.

Sach: Not me! I have meta-lism! I don't ever get big!

Chuck: (He and Slip haul Sach to his feet) What you have is a problem. Your master said you're a thief.

Sach: I'm just takin' what he owes me!

Chuck: Come on, Slip. Let's take this guy back to his master and return those apples.

Slip: C'mon, pal. We're gonna find out exactly what he owes you.

(The two take Sach by the arms and pull him away.)

(Cut back to the grocery shop. The old man comes outside as the two drag Sach over to him.)

Man: You! You rascal! Stealing my fruit! I ought to call the militia on you!

Sach: But Master Harrison, I was just taking my payment!

Man: I told you, you ate your last payment! You've been my apprentice for two months, and all you've done is eaten half my store!

Sach: But I get hungry!

Man: (Grabs his apples) No excuses! I told you, you're fired...and no more freebies! (He turns to Slip and Chuck) Thank you for bringing back my apples, gentlemen. What are your names?

Chuck: I'm Charles Mahoney. (Nods at Slip) This is my brother Terrence.

Man: I don't think I've ever seen you two here before. You new in town?

Slip: We're so new you could say we just washed up.

Man: You're both soaked through to the skin! Don't tell me you went swimming in your clothes at this time of year?

Chuck: Uh, we...fell off the docks. We kind of lost our jobs there. We have no money and no clothes.

Man: Well, maybe I have some spare clothing you could have. You can't stay in those wet ones! You'll catch cold!

Chuck: We both thank you, sir. We really...well, what we need is a job.

Man: Well, I've hired another apprentice, so I'm all set here. Maybe you could try Louie's Corner Tavern? He only has his young niece working for him. I'm sure he would appreciate the help of fine, upstanding boys like you.

Sach: What about me?

Man: I don't care what you do, as long as it doesn't involve stealing food from me again!

Slip: Thank you, sir, we really depreciate it.

Man: Come in here, and we'll find you something that fits. (Sach is about to join them, but the man glares at him.) Not you! You're not allowed in this shop again.

Sach: Awww!

Man: No! (Sach finds the door slammed on his face after the other two enter. He shrugs and plops down next to the door to wait.)

(Cut to a bit later. Slip and Chuck come back out, now wearing dry clothing. The grocer is with them. He shake's Chuck's hand, then Slip's.)

Man: Well, I wish you boys all the luck in the world!

Chuck: Thank you, kind sir!

Sach: (He jumps up as the two head down the street) Hi there! Gee, he was nice to you!

Slip: Cuz we were nice to him.

Chuck: (Nods) He gave us these clothes. Said we could keep them. We've never had such nice clothes before!

Sach: (Nods) He musta given you the good stuff. I never got stuff like that. (Puts out his hand) My name is Horace DuBussy Jones, but my friends call me Sach.

Slip: An' I'm Terrence Aloysius Mahoney, but I'd thank ya to not repeat that in public. You can call me Slip.

Sach: I don't think I could, even if I wanted to. You've got almost as long of a name as me. (He puts his arms around both guys) So, what'cha doin' in New York?

Chuck: At the moment, looking for work.

Sach: I'll find work when I need to, but right now, I'm hungry. Let's go see if Louie'll give us some fish n' chips. I have a tab there.

Chuck: Slip, did you get the directions to the tavern from Master Harrison?

Slip: Yeah, I wrote 'em down right here. *shows a piece of scrap paper in his hand*

Sach; Besides, I know the way to Louie's like the back of my hand. Come on.

(Cut to a dark alley. All three boys now look more than a little lost.)

Chuck: Are you SURE the directions said to go this way, Slip?

Slip: I got it right here... *taps the paper*

Sach: (Shivers) It sure is spooky here.

Chuck: (Nods) My goosebumps have goosebumps.

Sach: (He looks up, frowning, as we hear voices on the other end of the alley) Hey, what's that?

Chuck: Sounds like someone's in trouble.

Sach: (He hears a familiar yelp) Whitey! (Dashes off to the other end of the alley.)

Slip: C'mon, Chuck, lets check it out... *runs after Sach*

(We see three men beating up on a delicate-looking blond man in the alley. The men are all three times the blond's size. Sach runs up to the first guy and spins him around.)

Sach: Hey, why don't you pick on someone your own size?

Goon #1: (Smirks) Like you, Skinny?

Sach: Oop! No... (runs behind Slip) like him! (Points to the goon) Oh get 'im, Slip! Tear him apart!

Slip: *Sighs, but grins* This never gets old. *Immediately swings a fist at the nearest goon.*

(Chuck's already handling the other goon. The blond recovers well enough to take on the third.)

Goon #1: (As Slip drags him to his feet) Where did you come from?

Slip: What's that matter to ya?

Goon #1: We were just tryin' to get our pay from this guy an' his boss. Our boss owns this area.

Chuck: Who's your boss?

Goon #2: Count DuVal. He owns everything here, and his boss is late on the rent again.

Chuck: (Exchanges looks with Slip) Count DuVal?

Goon #3: Yeah! He's one of the wealthiest men in New York.

Slip: Really, ya don't say?

Goon #3: DuVal will have your head when he hears about this!

Sach: He can't have our heads! They're still attached to our bodies!

Goon #1: Not if you're all swingin' from ropes!

Sach: (Gulps and puts a hand around his neck) I don't like swingin' from ropes. I always fall off.

Slip: *Gives his goon a shove* Eh, go on, git! Go tell this DuVal guy anythin' ya want. We ain't scared of him!

Goon #1: You'll be sorry, runt! (They scurry off. Sach goes to the blond, who's dusting himself off.)

Sach: Whitey, are you ok?

Whitey: Yeah, I'm all right. Thanks for jumpin' in.

Slip: *Shrugs* It weren't nutin'. 'Sides, we haven't had a good fight since... *looks at Chuck* yesterday?

Chuck: (Nods) Yeah.

Sach: (Shivers) Let's get outta here, before we get attacked again. Hey Whitey, has Louie made a new batch of fish and chips yet today?

Whitey: He was just about to when I left.

Sach: Then let's go get some! My new friends and I are hungry!

(We fade out on the four heading down the alley and around the corner.)