(We open in Louie's Corner Tavern...which is Louie's Sweet Shop with wooden tables and booths instead of Formica, a long wooden bar instead of a counter, and lanterns instead of lights. Louie, wearing his costume from the flashback sequence of "Loose In London," polishes the bar. Sally, wearing her brown and yellow peasant outfit from "Sally and the Beast," takes orders from several large men.)

(Butch is in the corner, playing what looks like a smaller piano. Whitey leads the group through what's now swinging doors.)

Sach: Here we are! Welcome to Louie's Corner Tavern, where the elite meet to get drunk!

Slip: *Nods* Cute place.

Sach: It ain't much, but we sometimes call it home.

Louie: (His eyes widen when he sees Sach) Oh no! Not you! Every time you come here, you eat every bit of fish and chips in the house, and you never pay for it!

Sach: But I'm hungry!

Louie: I don't care what you are. Unless you can pay me and eat one fish at a time, no food! (Turns to Slip and Chuck) It's nice to meet you, gentlemen. Would you be ordering today?

Slip: What have ya go that's good?

Louie: Well, I highly recommend the fish and chips. Fresh fish right off the boats, fried to a nice golden brown color, with fried potatoes. Nothing finer.

Chuck: I'll take that.

Slip: *Shrugs* Yeah, sure, I'll take that, too.

Sach: (He leads Slip and Sach to a seat in the middle of the room) This is our usual space. I'm a regular. Whitey an' Butch work here.

Sally: (She comes up to their seat) Hello, gentlemen. May I get you something to drink?

Slip: *Smiles at her, which causes Chuck to raise an eyebrow* You certainly may. Yer cheapest ale.

Sach: I'll have that, too.

Sally: (Smiles at Slip) Ok. I've never seen you here before. New in town?

Slip: Yeah, we sorta just washed in.

Sally: Do you need a job? Uncle is always looking for help.

Chuck: We are, as a matter of fact.

Sally: You could work here, then. We have Whitey and Butch here. Butch plays harpsichord and other instruments and sometimes helps with waiting when the crowd's restless. Whitey helps Uncle with drinks and repairs things around the Tavern.

Slip: I think we could handle that.

Sally: Do you cook? Uncle could use some help in the kitchen.

Chuck: *Grins* Slip can cook.

Sally: Have you ever made fish and chips?

Slip: A few times, but stew is my especiality.

Sally: I'm sure Uncle could add something new to the menu.

Louie: (He brings fish and chips for Slip and Chuck over) Here you go, gentlemen. Now, I heard Sally say something about offering you boys a job.

Chuck: We are looking for work, sir.

Louie: We could always use good, hard workers here. I heard you say that you cook.

Slip: Yeah, I can cook.

Louie: I'm going to give you a trial. If you please customers and do good work, you're hired.

Chuck: *Nods* Thank you. We really appreciate it.

(As the boys eat their lunch, we see a carriage stop outside. Sach raises an eyebrow.)

Sach: Wow! That's a real fancy ride. I wonder what someone with a ride like that would be doin' in this part of town?

Whitey: Maybe they're lost.

(A dainty foot in a dark red shoe steps out of the carriage. The camera moves up...and up...revealing Sheila in a fancy red and black colonial gown, her hair back in an elaborate style under a ruffled pinner cap. A man helps her out. He wears fine dark blue velvet breeches and hose and carries a wide-brimmed blue hat with a huge feather. He has long golden hair, but his ice-blue eyes are cruel.)

*A shorter woman in a deep violet gown follows them in.*

Sally: (Narrows her eyes) What are they doing here?

Louie: (Frowns) It's Mistress Sheila Saunders. She's a very influential and wealthy woman in New York (makes a face), but she's also well known for being something of a trollop and for her underhanded deals.

Sally: I've never seen the gentleman before, though. He must be new here.

Sach: (Sees Slip's eyes widen) Is there somethin' wrong?

Louie: Yeah, there's somethin' wrong. They're here. I ainít sellin' them my tavern.

Slip: Yeah, there's som'en wrong, all right. We know that guy.

Sach: You do?

Sally: (Shivers) His gaze is so cold, I'll bet he could freeze sea water at thirty paces.

Chuck: *Gulps* It can.

Sally: Are you guys ok?

Sach: Yeah, you both look real pale. Are you sick?

Slip: *Turns to Chuck* I think it's time for a hasty retread. *Chuck nods his agreement.*

Sally: What's happening?

DuVal: (He, Sheila, and Zelda walk up to their table; DuVal is smirking) Well, well. Look what we have here.

Sheila: Didn't you say these two men belong to you?

DuVal: They're servants of mine. I thought they were lost on a ship that was attacked by pirates. It seems that they weren't.

Sach: You were on a ship that was attacked by pirates?

Slip: *Nods, making a face* We ain't goin' back, DuVal.

DuVal: I'm not sending you back. I could use you here.

Sally: (She looks at Slip) You're servants?

Slip: Not by choice.

DuVal: Come come, is that any way to talk to the man who took you in after your parents died?

Sheila: I'm sure we could find good places for both of you in our...organizations.

DuVal: And perhaps you'll be a bit less...spirited...here in the colonies, away from your friends and family.

Sheila: You look good and strong. You'd probably be splendid for our nautical operations.

Slip: *Stands* I'm gonna tell ya one more time. We ain't goin' wit' ya.

DuVal: (Stands up to Slip...revealing that he's at least eight inches taller) And I'm telling you that you and your brother still belong to me, boy. Legally, you're both mine.

Sally: (Frowns) There's no slavery in this part of the colonies, sir. That sort of thing isn't encouraged here.

Slip: *looks up at DuVal* An' I'm tellin' you, Shorty, that we don't belong to nobody! Chuck, Routine 7!

*Chuck tosses some ale in DuVal's face.*

(Sally grabs Sheila and hits her as hard as she can in the chin. Sach jumps on the counter and cheers everyone on.)

(Louie dives behind the counter and ducks the flying tables. Butch just keeps playing the harpsichord, ignoring the occasional bar patron banging into it.)

*Slip punches DuVal in the gut while he's blinded.*

(DuVal doubles over...allowing Chuck to kick him in a sensitive spot.)

*Zelda jumps on Slip's back. He staggers as she holds on.*

(Sally grabs at Zelda...and Sheila grabs her. Both go flying into a table.)

(Louie peeks from behind the counter...and then ducks back under when a goon goes flying into the shelves behind him.)

DuVal: Zelda, keep a hold on him! He and his brother are servants. They were supposed to have come over on the Merrywell, but the ship sank. All aboard...and the precious cargo of gold - were feared lost, but these two somehow survived.

Slip: *Struggles to get Zelda off his back* Gedoffame!

Sach: Hey! You let him go! That ain't nice! (He grabs a quill and tickles Zelda's nose with it)

*Zelda sneezes. She slides off of Slip and onto the floor.*

Sach: (Goes to Slip) Are you ok?

Slip: Yeah, I'm all right. I'd be better if we could get ridda these three.

Sheila: Perhaps this wouldn't be such a wonderful place to have lunch at after all.

DuVal: (Growls at Slip) I'll go to the courts. You legally belong to me, boy. You and that weakling brother of yours.

Slip: Go to the courts. They ain't gonna let ya continue that here. And my brother ain't no weaklin'.

Louie: Get out of here! I don't want your business! Not when you ruin my place and disrupt my customers!

Sheila: Very well. Come along, Zelda.

Zelda: *Brushes herself off* Fine.

(They storm out of the building. DuVal turns to Sheila and Zelda as he helps them into the carriage.)

DuVal: We will be returning here. I want those boys back. They belong to me. I took then in when their parents died.

Sheila: We'll have to go after them another time. Not now. That little brawl will have the whole tavern up in arms!

DuVal: Those boys were always a problem, particularly the older one. He has too much spirit. I tried to break him in Ireland, but he kept running away and encouraging other servants to revolt.

Sheila: It looks like little has changed but their location.

DuVal: We'll have to corner then when they're alone.

*Zelda just grins at this.*

Sheila: What's making you so happy, Zelda dear?

Zelda: I'm hoping to be a part of that cornering idea.

DuVal: I think we could manage that.

Sheila: For now, we have business attend to. (DuVal gets into the carriage, and they drive off.)

(Cut back to inside. The Boys are all helping Louie set the tables up again. Some of the bar patrons help, too.)

Sally: What was that all about?

Sach: (As he rights a chair) Yeah. That guy sure seemed to know ya.

Butch: In fact, he seemed to think he owned ya. (Brushes dust off the top of the harpsichord.)

Sally: Does he?

Slip: *Sighs* Yeah, he does. Or did, before we made a break for it.

Sach: Then you are his servants?

Chuck: *Nods* Yes.

Butch: I take it you didn't like bein' servants.

Sally: How did you end up being his servants in the first place?

Slip: Not one bit. We never had a choice in it.

Chuck: Our parents died when we were young. DuVal took us in and proceeded to turn us into his servants.

Slip: *Folds his arms* Stole the family fortune and made us do whatever the hell he pleased, or we'd get it.

Sally: That bastard!

Butch: What a jerk!

Sach: Nasty man.

Louie: I don't care how much money he has. He and those trollops won't come in here anymore! I don't want them spooking my customers! You're in America now. This is the New World...and here, you're free men.

Sach: We won't let that guy take you away!

Slip: We ain't lettin' him, neither. We've spent nearly all our lives bein' pushed around. I ain't doin' that no more!

Louie: But what can you do? We can protect you when you're here, but when you're on the streets, he'll be able to get to you.

Sally: There has to be some way we can get at them!

Slip: *Makes a face* It's too bad we couldn't have stayed dead like they assumed we were.

*Chuck gulps, making a face of his own at Slip's wording.*

Sach: Aww, I like you better livin'!

Sally: Don't say things like that!

Louie: Well, you're alive now...but you won't be if that man gets a hold of you.

Slip: *Rolls his eyes* All right, all right...

Sally: Maybe you could get to DuVal's goat in another way besides physical violence.

Slip: There's other ways?

Louie: Yeah. You have to hit a guy like that where it'll really hurt - his pocketbook.

Sally: Most of Sheila's business involves shipping and freight.

Slip: Considerin' he stole our family's wealth, I'm all for that.

Sally: And we've been having a lot of trouble with pirates lately. Ships have barely been coming into the harbor without being attacked.

Sach: I'll bet we could be pirates.

Slip: *Eyes Sach* You?

Sach: Sure, why not? I've done just about every other job there is.

Butch: I'm a musician... (frowns) ...but what they did to you ain't fair. Count me in.

Sach: I'm in. How 'bout you, Whitey?

Whitey: Count me in!

Louie: I have to stay with my store.

Sally: But we get a lot of sailors who pass through here. We could give you information on ships that are leaving the harbor. (Sighs) Piratry is illegal...but it sounds like what DuVal did to you is, too. Besides, I want someone to figure out who is attacking ships for real.

Louie: So do I. They're hurting our business! We've been getting fewer supplies from overseas, like rum and sugar, and fewer customers, too.

Slip: This is great, but we got a problem. We ain't got no boat.

Sach: We know a guy who sells boats down at the docks! Gabriel! He's real nice. Popular with the ladies, too! I'll bet he'd sell one to us cheap!

Butch: He's a good friend of ours. We could probably get him to give you a good price.

Louie: Nice boy. I hope he can keep his job this time.

Slip: Better be a REAL good price. *turns out empty pockets*

Chuck: *Shakes his head* Don't look at me for money.

Sach: (Turns to Louie) Oh Louuuiiieeee...

Louie: Oh no. Just because I'm going to give you information...

Butch: You're the only one with any real money!

Sally: Come on, Uncle. Think of this as your way of sticking it to Sheila and DuVal...and finding out who's attacking those ships.

Louie: (Grumbles, but hands Slip some coins) Here you go, boy. That should be enough for a decent boat.

Slip: Ya won't regret this!

Louie: (Mutters) I ain't so sure.

(Slip kisses Louie on the forehead - he pushes Slip away.)

Louie: Don't be that gratefull!

Slip: C'mon, we got a boat to buy.

Louie: You boys go buy that boat! Just don't go kissin' me! (They hurry off. Louie shakes his head and goes to the back room. Sally watches them leave....especially Slip...as we fade out.)