(We open on-board what appears to be a rather dilapidated ship. Slip, Butch, and Chuck are inspecting the main deck. Gabriel - Gabe Moreno - walks around with them. He wears slightly fancier clothing than the boys, though not quite as fancy as DuVal's.)

Butch: (Shakes his head) I dunno, Chief. This boat doesn't really seem sea-worthy to me.

Slip: I dunno, either, but it is in Louie's price range.

Sach: (He and Whitey run upstairs) Chief, we've gotta take this thing! You should see all the neat features it has!

Slip: Yeah, sails and an anchor.

Sach: No, they have all kinds of little cubbyholes and furniture downstairs! There's even a lot of chests n' stuff to store loot! Please, Chief, let's take this one!

Butch: It'll probably sink the moment it hits the open ocean.

Chuck: *nods* That's what I'm thinking.

Whitey: Please, Slip!

Gabe: What do you think, Slip? Interested?

Slip: *Sighs* We ain't got much choice. We'll take 'er.

Gabe: Great! *immediately puts a hand out for payment*

Slip: Uh huh. *digs the money out of his pocket and hands it over to Gabe*

Sach: Oh boy! (Hugs Slip) We're gonna have so much fun!

Slip: Gedoff, Sach! *whacks him with his hat*

Sach: Oop! I guess the Chief ain't in the mood for celebratin'. :

Butch: Are we gonna shove off right away? None of us know the first thing 'bout runnin' ships!

Slip: Who says? Chuck and me have had a fair share of time on tubs like this.

Sach: Well, Butchy n' Whitey n' me don't.

Butch: (Shrugs) Just show me whatever makes music, and I can figure it out.

Chuck: We can teach you some of it.

Sach: Are you gonna stay here, Gabe?

Gabe: I can't right now fellas. I've got some work to do. I'll catch up with you later.

Sach: Ok, Gabe.

Butch: (As Gabe heads down the gangplank) What now?

Sach: I wanna take her for a spin!

Slip: We gotta get supplies first.

Sach: We gotta get lotsa food!

Butch: And a guitar. A piano won't fit.

Slip: *Turns to Chuck* Maybe we oughta split up. You take Butch and Whitey and get the food. I'll take Sach to get other supplies so he don't eat 'em all.

Chuck: Fine with me.

Sach: (Grabs Slip's arm) Come on, Chief, let's go get some food! I'm hungry!

(Cut to another dark alleyway. Sach and Slip carry heavy burlap bags over their shoulders. Slip does not look happy.)

Sach: Of course I need this much food, Chiefy! I'm a growin' boy!

Slip: Yer growin' out, not up.

Sach: Out where?

(That's when four large men step out of the alley way. The largest confronts Slip.)

Goon #1: Goin' somewhere, boy?

Slip: Yeah, I was, shorty. Now get outta my way.

Goon #1: Not so fast. You're comin' with us.

Goon #2: Yeah. Our employers don't like their servants runnin' free all over New York.

Slip: *Pokes the big man* I told him we ain't his servants no more.

Goon #3: That ain't what he told us.

Sach: Hey! (Two guys grab his arms) Watch it! We have my lunch and a lot of other important things in there, like rope n' stuff for upset tummies!

Slip: *Begs them on* Come on. Letís fight.

Goon #1: You got it. (He takes a swing at Slip)

*Slip dodges and aims a fist for the goon's gut.*

(The goon doubles over...but one of the goons holding Sach runs over to him and jumps on his back. Sach continues to struggle with the other goon.)

Sach: Chief!

Goon #3: You ain't escapin', pal.

Slip: Get OFF!

Sach: You let him go! (He finally manages to push the other goon away; yanks the goon off Slip's back) So you like pickin' on little guys, huh? How'd you like to pick on someone your own size? (Doesn't give the goon a chance to respond. He hits him so hard, he goes out the alleyway and finally runs into a cart holding fish.)

Slip: *Eyes widen* Where'd you learn that?

Sach: I grew up near the docks. It gets kinda rough over there. You gotta learn to hit. I just don't like to unless I have to.

Slip: *Grins* Good ta know. Thanks, Sach.

Sach: Anytime. (Sees the doubled-over goon start to straighten himself) Uh oh. Here comes another one!

Goon #1: (As he gets to his feet) You'll...pay...for this....pal...

Sach: With what? We just spent our money on supplies!

Goon #1: Your hides...

Slip: Sorry, but we're sorta usin' our hides right now.

Goon #1: You're...gonna...be...sorry...your friends....

Slip: Wait, what about our friends?

Sach: Yeah!

Goon #1: They went...to get 'em...

Slip: Who?

Goon #1: My employers.

Slip: *Grabs two fists full of the goon's shirt* Who's that?

Goon #1: DuVal...Lady Saunders...

Slip: Shit! *shakes the goon* Where are they!?

Goon #2: (He's just getting up from flying into a wall when Sach threw him off) They're at Lady Saunders' home near the Battery. It's the large brick mansion.

Slip: *shoves the goon he's holding; turns to Sach* We gotta go NOW!

Sach: (Grabs his bag; hands Slip his) I hope they didn't hurt the guys and your brother!

Slip: They better not've!

(Cut to the front of a tall, imposing brick mansion. Sach and Slip jump off of a carriage. Sach nods at the man driving it as he heads off.)

Sach: Thanks, Billy. We'll see ya later. (Turns to Slip) Looks like this is it.

Slip: Looks like it. C'mon. Letís find a way in.

Sach: Why don't we just use the front door?

Slip: Whadaya want me to do, knock an' ask 'em to let us in to rescue our friends?

Sach: Well, it would be polite. (Frowns) Ok, so how ARE we going to get in? The back door?

Slip: Yeah, letís try it.

(Cut to the back of the building. Yes, there's a back door. Sach peers inside...and grins.)

Sach: Oooh, there's people makin' soup in there! (Sniffs noisily) Smells good!

Sach: Come on, Chiefy! Let's go in there! I'm hungry!

(Sach grabs Slip's arm.)

Slip: Sach...

Sach: Maybe we could snitch some soup!

(Sach pushes into the busy kitchen. A woman in a white-striped dress and white cap turns towards the two young men.)

Cook #1: Are you the boys makin' the deliveries?

Sach: Are we?

Cook #1: Well, are ye or aren't ye?

Slip: Yeah, we are. Yer all set.

Cook #1: Very well. Take it to the pantry area just off the kitchen. The parlor servant will show you out.

Sach: Can we have some soup?

Cook #1: Of course you can't! It's for Lady Saunders an' her very important guests! Do you think I'm gonna give soup to just anyone?

Sach: What if I said "please?"

Cook #1: (Grabs a broom and waves it at the young men) Off wit' ya, now!

Slip: *Grabs Sach's wrist & pulls him away* C'mon, Sach.

Sach: (As they stumble into the hall) Ok, that was close. Where do you think they'd keep the guys?

Slip: *nods towards the staircase* Lets try upstairs.

(They head upstairs. Sach points to one side of the hallway.)

Sach: You try that side, I'll get this side.

(Sach pops his head in a room...and pops it out again, his eyes wide. He tugs on Slip's sleeve.)

Sach: Chiefy!

Slip: *Pulls out of the door he's looking in* What, Sach?

Sach: I found 'em! (He pulls Slip into the room...revealing Whitey and Butch sitting on two plush chairs in what appears to be a sitting room. They're tied together and gagged.)

Butch: (As Sach yanks his gag off) Hi, boys. We've gotta save Chuck! They have him upstairs in the servants' quarters!

Slip: *Yanks of Whitey's gag* We gotta get 'im! You guys okay?

Butch: Yeah. They jumped us near the wharf. There were too many of them. They just dumped us here and trussed us up like turkeys at the meat market.

Whitey: We tried, but didn't stand a chance.

Butch: Yeah, they outweighed us by a good twenty stone and their arms were the size of our heads.

Sach: (He helps Butch to his feet; Slip helps Whitey) Are you guys ok?

Butch: Yeah. They didn't damage anything important.

Sach: Chief, we've gotta get goin'. They might be hurtin' your brother!

Slip: If they are, they're gonna need help.

Butch: I think they're gonna hex him!

Slip: Letís get movin'.

(Cut to upstairs. Chuck lays on a bed in a plain room under a vaulted roof, unconscious. His eyes flutter open just as someone enters the room. Zelda enters, in a simpler purple gown. She sits on the bed next to Chuck and whispers in his ear.)

Zelda: Awaken, pretty servant.

Chuck: *Groans and looks up at her* What happened?

Zelda: (Runs her fingers through his hair) A couple of Lady Saunders' employees brought you here.

Chuck: *Tries to pull away* The others...where are they?

Zelda: Oh, they're downstairs. They'll get their turns next. We could use some more servants around here.

Chuck: No. We aren't servants...

Zelda: That's not what James told me. Count DuVal to you. (She runs her fingers across his temples, then his cheeks.)

Chuck: *Turns his head* Don't...

Zelda: Why not? James told me you've been his servants for a while now. You should know the drill. You're here to serve me. (Her hands go further down to his chest)

Chuck: *Squirms* Had no choice.

Zelda: He told me you and your brother had quite a bit of spirit. (She continues stroking his chest, but slower.)

Chuck: *Looks down at her hands on his chest* What're you doing?

Zelda: Just playing.

Zelda: (Her hands go back up to his head. She gently turns his eyes to hers) You want to be a servant.

Chuck: No, I don't.

Zelda: (Pulls him closer) Yes, you do. Look deeper.

Chuck: *Can't help but look* I...I...

Zelda: You will serve Count DuVal without question...and occasionally give Lady Saunders and me a day of pleasure.

Chuck: *struggling internally* I... serve...

Zelda: You serve Count DuVal, Lady Saunders, and me. You won't rebel, and you won't ask questions. Your brother will do the same.

Chuck: I won't rebel...

Zelda: You'll stay here with me...and when we're ready to move you, you'll be DuVal's personal servant at his country estate.

Chuck: Yes...

Zelda: You and your brother will attend to him like good servants...and occasionally, you'll attend to Lady Saunders and me. In bed.

Chuck: *His eyes become dull* Yes.

Zelda: (Smirks at his dull eyes) You're ready now, my pretty servant. You'll do your duty to James like a good little boy.

*Chuck just stares back, awaiting a command.*

(Suddenly, the door flies open. The four Boys storm into the small room, Slip's eyes blazing.)

Butch: It's that lady again! Lady Saunders' assistant!

Zelda: *Scowls at them, but turns back to Chuck* My servant! Dispatch them!

Slip: I'll give you servant!

*Chuck nods and goes to Slip first, aiming a punch. Slip dodges his fist and grabs Chuck's forearm.*

Sach: Chuckie, this is your brother!

Zelda: No, stop them!

*Chuck tries to pull his arm from Slip's grasp, but Slip holds firm and glares into Chuck's dulled gaze.*

Butch: (Turns angrily to Zelda) What did you do to him?

Zelda: He wasn't cooperating, so I hexed him, of course.

Sach: How can we break him outta it?

Butch: (Mutters) I'd rather break HER, even if she is a lady.

Zelda: You don't seriously expect me to tell you?

Butch: How'd you like to eat this and for me to forget you're a chick? (Shoves his fist in her face)

Zelda: I'm not hungry.

Slip: *Starting to struggle more with his hold on Chuck* Someone do som'en! I dunno how much longer I can hold 'im.

Sach: Don't kill me Chief, but... (He hits Chuck hard in the chin as Butch yanks Zelda's arms behind her back.)

Zelda: Noo!

Slip: *Holds on as Chuck sags into his arms* I won't kill ya...yet.

Butch: Guys, get outta here. I can't hold her for much longer!

Sach: (He grabs Chuck's feet) Let's get him back to the ship.

Slip: C'mon... *Leads Sach out, with Chuck in tow and Whitey following.*

Zelda: Let me go!

Butch: Sure! But first...I hate doin' this to a lady... (Hits Zelda as hard as he can in the chin and takes off)

*Zelda crumples to the floor. We fade out on her unconscious form.*