(We open back in the dirty, cobblestone streets of New York City. The remaining Boys are all sitting in the back of a cart. Their wrists are in irons. Sach frowns.)

Sach: I wish I knew what they did with the Chief!

Duke: I'm more worried about what's gonna happen to the rest of us.

Whitey: So am I.

Gabe: There has to be a way to get out of this.

Duke: Whitey, do you still carry your tool kit?

Whitey: I don't leave home without it.

Duke: You think you could pick the locks on these handcuffs?

Whitey: I can sure try. *wiggles the kit out of his pocket*

Duke: Need any help?

Sach: Come on, Whitey! You can do it!

Bobby: Shhh! If the carriage driver comes back here, he'll take the tool kit away!

*Whitey frees the tool kit and goes to work on Duke's cuffs, as he's nearest to him.*

Duke: (When the cuffs finally come loose, he gets them off) Thanks, Whitey. (He does Gabe's and Bobby's, then hands Whitey the pick) You do the others. (Turns to Gabe and Bobby) We're gonna give that driver a surprise.

Gabe: Gladly.

*Whitey finishes freeing the others. He tucks the tool kit back in his pocket.*

Duke: Gabe, Bobby, come with me. (They lift the flap separating them from the carriage driver; he puts his hand over the driver's eyes) Peek-a-boo! (Turns to Bobby) You're the driver here. Gabe, help him get in there, so he can take the reins!

(Gabe does so, climbing in next to Bobby as the two get up front.)

Duke: Buddy, Junior, help me get the driver up here. Handcuff his arms and feet. Junior, use your belt to gag him.

Junior: Consider it done.

(The trio haul the protesting driver in the back. Junior ties his cloth belt in the man's mouth while Buddy and Butch put the shackles on his wrists and ankles.)

Buddy: What are we gonna do with him?

Duke: Leave him at the jail house. They'll deal with him there.

Sach: Now, we've gotta find that nasty DuVal's mansion an' save the Chief an' poor Chuckie!

Duke: I think I heard DuVal's men say it was one of the manor houses outside of town.

Duke: Gabe, you sit in front with Bobby. If anyone asks what we're doin', we're takin' a prisoner to the jail house.

Gabe: Aye aye, Dukey.

Sach: (Grabs Duke) Come on! We've got a Chief and a Chuckie to save!

(Cut to hills overlooking the manor house. We see the carriage bump and skip down the road. A few of the boys look a little green.)

Sach: (Pokes his head out of the back of the carriage) How much further?

Gabe: Almost there.

Bobby: I don't think it's much farther, according to the directions I got at the jail house. (Makes a face) Apparently, DuVal makes a lot of donations there.

Sach: I ain't surprised. (His eyes widen when they go over the next hill) Would you lookit that!

Bobby: (We get a glimpse of DuVal's huge stone manor house) Wow. It looks like a fortress, or somethin'!

Sach: I knew that DuVal was a bad magician, like in the old stories!

Gabe: Amazing.

Sach: Where are we gonna park the cart?

Bobby: That's a good question. Maybe in that grove of trees over there. (Points to a large grove of trees near the main house) I think that'll hide it nicely. We don't want anyone knowin' we're here.

Sach: At least until we find the Chief.

Bobby: And there's a lot of us. Maybe we'd better split up.

Gabe: Good idea. Most likely, they aren't keeping them both in the same place.

Sach: Or maybe they escaped, and are wanderin' around, lookin' for a way out.

Bobby: Either way, we'll have to look for both of them separately.

(Bobby stops the cart in the grove. They open the door to let the others out.)

Bobby: Ok. We came up with an idea. We're going to split into two groups.

Duke: (Nods) Yeah, I heard that. I agree. One group will look for Chuck, n' the other will look for Slip.

Duke: I'm gonna take Buddy, Junior, and Butch. Gabe, why don't you take Whitey, Bobby, and Sach?

Gabe: Okay, that's fine.

Duke: Ok. My group will search the main manor house. Gabe's will search the grounds and out houses.

Bobby: And we could meet back here when we find them.

Duke: (Nods) Agreed. Ok boys, let's move!

(The camera follows Gabe, Whitey, Bobby, and Sach as they head for the grounds.)

Bobby: We're gonna have to be careful. If DuVal or any of his goons see us, they'll arrest us...or worse.

Sach: Did you have to mention the "or worse?"

Bobby: Gabe, you see anything?

Gabe: Nothing yet...

Sach: (Points to several guards patrolling the grounds) Yikes! Guardsmen!

Bobby: Maybe we ought to get out of sight. :O

Sach: Sounds good to me! (The quartet duck into a large barn. When the camera pulls back, it reveals that the barn is filled with hay, tools, and plows.)

Bobby: (He ducks into a horse stall; behind the stall) Sorry, Mr. Horse, but we need to share this for a second.

Gabe: We won't be long.

Sach: I'm goin' upstairs! (He shimmies up a ladder to a hay loft)

Whitey: Sach, wait for me! *goes after him*

(Three guardsmen wander in, insisting that they heard something. They start checking the stalls. We cut to Bobby and Gabe, sweating profusely and looking fearful.)

(That's when we suddenly hear what appears to be a firecracker going off just outside the barn! The guards run outside to check on the noise. Gabe and Bobby exchange looks that clearly say "whew!," then head out of the stalls.)

Sach: (Pops his head out) Is it safe to come downstairs? (Frowns) And what was with the noise? We thought we heard a firecracker outside!

Bobby: I wonder where that came from? Someone had to have thrown that.

Sach: It wasn't us! You guys don't let us play with firecrackers!

Bobby: Whomever threw that firecracker can come out now! The Guardsmen are gone!

*A dark-haired head pops up from the loft, near the window.*

Chuck: *Surprised* Fellas?

Sach: CHUCKIE! IT'S YOU! (He grabs Chuck in a huge hug, bawling) You're ok! You're ok!

Bobby: What happened?

Chuck: Long story short, DuVal is trying to marry off Slip and me to Sheila and Zelda. Zelda tried to hex me, but it wouldn't work. I ran out. *sighs* Sheila still had Slip under her thumb...and more.

Bobby: Slip? Slip got hexed?

Sach: (Growls) She hexed my Chiefy?

Chuck: *Becoming angrier as he speaks* DuVal drugged him. He's their slave...a lap dog! Sheila was all over him when I left, and he was likin' it!

Sach: (He's not happy, either) Chiefy ain't no dog! He's a man!

Bobby: We've gotta break Slip out of it and stop that wedding!

Chuck: I think they said it's being held in the main ballroom.

Bobby: Then we've gotta get there. The others are already back in the main house.

Sach: I'll murder 'em! I'll tear 'em apart! (He swings his fists wildly)

Gabe: *As Whitey ducks Sach's swinging fists* Down, Sach!

Bobby: We've gotta get to 'em first! Chuck, do you know where the ballroom is?

Chuck: Yeah, I passed it coming out here.

Sach: Take us to 'em! I'll rip 'em to shreds!

Chuck: Come on, fellas. *leads them out of the barn*

(We cut inside. Duke peers around the corner. He nods behind him.)

Duke: Come on, guys. (Junior, Buddy, and Butch follow him.)

Buddy: Where do you think they're keepin' Slip in this crazy joint?

Butch: How about upstairs? We've looked everywhere downstairs.

Buddy: I wonder where everyone is?

Duke: I have no idea. I figured we'd run into a lot more people around here.

Butch: (As they head upstairs) Maybe there's somethin' goin' on.

Duke: I figured that. The question is, what? (When they make it to the landing) Ok, Buddy n' Junior, you take that side. Butch n' I will take this side.

Buddy: (Nods and grabs a doornob) I'll go in this door. You go in the one next-door. We'll meet in the middle.

Junior: *nods* Okay. *He goes to the door and tries the knob. Finding it open. he pulls at the door...and yelps, his eyes wide. Slip is in the room, half-dressed. The yelp gains his attention, but his gaze is still dull.* Chief! *turns away from the door* Guys, over here!

Buddy: What is it, Jun.... (He sees Slip half-dressed) Whoa! Um, Chief, aren't you cold?

Sheila: (Steps out from behind an Oriental silk screen in a long satin nightgown) No, he's not. For that matter, neither am I.

*Slip just stares at them.*

Junior: Oh, this isn't good.

Duke: (He and Butch join them) What's goin'.... (his eyes widen) Slip? (He goes up to Slip) What's goin' on? Where are your clothes?

Sheila: (She grins at Duke) Well well, what do we have here? (Turns to Slip) What's your handsome friend's name, pet?

Duke: Pet? Lady, that ain't a cocker spaniel!

Slip: *To Sheila* His name is Duke.

Sheila: An appropriate name, for such an aristocratic man. (She puts her arms around Duke) You're quite attractive, dear.

Duke: (Pushes her arms off) You'd be moreso if you were dressed and would give me a straight answer. What in the hell did you do to my friend?

Sheila: I improved him. We're going to be (makes a face) married in a few hours.

Duke: Married?

Buddy: To you?

Sheila: Of course, to me!

Junior: No!

Butch: But you can't marry him! He already has a girl!

Duke: That's right! (He turns to Slip and shakes his shoulders) Snap out of it, Slip! What about us? What about the Lucy Ursula, our ship? What about Sally, your woman? Your real true love?

*Slip just stares dully at him.*

Sheila: This is ridiculous. (Pulls a bell; Zelda and three guards appear)

Duke: So you wanna fight, huh? (He puts up his fists) We can fight!

Butch: Yeah!

Junior: You bet we can!

Sheila: You won't now. You boys take the three children. Keep the dark-haired man here with my pet. I want to have a word with him.

Duke: I'd like to have some words with you too, lady...and you can't say none of them in front of the "children" you just mentioned.

Junior: You tell her, Duke!

Sheila: Zelda, you can have one for yourself, if you wish, since yours seems to have vanished into thin air.

Duke: Don't you play those games, too...hey! (One of the goons shoves him into a chair.)

Sheila: Pet, tie Duke to that chair. Use the sheets.

Duke: Slip, don't you dare listen to her!

*Slip nods and grabs the sheets. He goes over to Duke and ties him to the chair.*

Sheila: (Shoves Junior into Zelda's arms as one goon yanks Butch's arms behind his back and the other swings Buddy over his shoulder) Here. Have this one. He's not unattractive, if rather childish for my taste.

Zelda: *Grins at Junior* I'll take him. He's cute.

Duke: What do we look like, dresses in a dress shop? You can't just pick out one and try it on to see if it fits!

Zelda: That's what you think.

Sheila: I'll keep these two up here until the wedding is ready. Take them downstairs and outside to the out houses. We'll keep them in one of the cooking houses until we're ready to handle them.

(We fade out on the group being dragged out of the room. The last shot is of a smirking, evil-looking Sheila turning to the blank Slip and the struggling Duke.)