(We open in one of the dressing rooms. Bobby's reading a flight manual when Slip, Whitey, Duke, and Sach come in. Duke still carries Butch, who continues to groan.)

Bobby: (Eyes widen) What happened?

Slip: Sheila decided to use Butch as her personal bodyguard.

Whitey: *Nods* He was fighting with the Chief!

Duke: I don't know what she did to the kid, but he went nuts. He almost broke Slip's shoulder clean off. (He sets Butch in the chair next to Bobby.)

Bobby: Slip, are you ok?

Slip: *Shrugs his good shoulder* Whitey fixed it, but it's sore. All I care about right now is that Butch is gonna be okay.

Butch: (He groans again. His eyes flutter open) Where am I...and why do I feel like I've been hit by a truck in the Lincoln Memorial Tunnel at rush hour?

Slip: Nah, that prob'ly woulda felt better.

Butch: (He's still groaning) Sheila...

Bobby: Sheila's involved?

Sach: (Sighs) Yeah. How can someone so pretty be so mean?

Butch: Slip... (He looks like he may cry) I...I'm so sorry. I know I hurt you...

Slip: I don't care. Are you okay?

Butch: (Nods) I think so. She sorta...well, her hands got all over the place. We kissed. (Blushes deeply) I don't remember much after that.

Slip: *Makes a face, but raises an eyebrow* Did she hurt ya?

Butch: If you mean "did she go any further than hands"... (he gets even redder) I don't think so. I was still wearing my clothes when I ended up on the roof. My mind's so jumbled up, not a whole lot makes sense.

Slip: *Pats his shoulder* Just relax, Butch. Yer here now, aní yer okay.

Butch: If Jane finds out what we did... (He gulps) she won't be happy.

Slip: Prob'ly not, but it weren't yer choice.

Butch: And Sheila still has the Milk Fund money.

Sach: Maybe she doesn't! Gabe and Scruno are still out there!

Whitey: *Nods* I bet they got it!

Slip: She won't be keepin' it, I can tell ya that.

Butch: Sheila...she just looked in my eyes, and my brain got foggy. (Frowns) She's done that to Gabe before, too.

Slip: *Leans over Butch* Snap outta it, Butch. Yer okay now. We all fall for this crap at some point.

Bobby: He does have one point. We know her schtick now...and we know what to watch out for.

Sach: (Frowns) I look into her eyes, and all I see are pretty eyes.

Bobby: Maybe it doesn't work on Sach!

Slip: In order ta brain wash someone, they gotta have a brain first.

Butch: (Turns to Whitey) What about you? She tried it on you, too!

Whitey: *shrugs* I was scared & too busy freakin' out.

Bobby: So, what are we gonna do about the money?

Butch: Maybe we could try going back to the office and searching it. (Makes a face) As long as all of you come with me.

Duke: Someone oughta find Gabe n' Scruno, too, an' tell them what happened with Butch n' Sheila. She may try somethin' on them, too.

Slip: Duke, you, Bobby, and Whitey go find Gabe and Scruno. Sach, Butch, you two come with me to search the office.

Butch: I'm not leaving your side again until you go onstage, or anyone's side. I don't want to be alone when Sheila's around!

Duke: (Nods) Ok then, Slip. Let's head out, before Sheila catches us and tries hexin' someone else.

(Cut to the office Sheila hypnotized Butch in earlier. Slip pokes his head in first.)

Slip: *Looks around* There's no one here, c'mon. *enters fully and lets the other two in*

Butch: (Nods) This is the place, all right.

Sach: She's gotta have the money here! (He starts pulling pillows off the couch)

*Slip goes through the desk drawers. The first drawer he tries to open with his injured arm & hisses. From the second one on, he only uses his good arm.*

Butch: (He moves away from the couch) I ain't touchin' that. (He goes through the file cabinets instead.)

Sach: (Turns to Slip, frowning) Chief, are you really ok? I know Whitey fixed your arm an' everythin, but...

*Slip just glares at him, then turns his gaze back to the drawers.*

Sach: (Grumbles as he tosses pillows around) I don't see no money. All I see is stuffin'.

Butch: (Makes a face) And this is just old Playbills and scripts and theater-related stuff.

Slip: *Pulls open a bottom drawer* Jackpot.

Butch: (Shoves a file closed) You found something?

Slip: *Pulls out several papers and plops them on the desk* A nice list of all the criminal endives Sheila plans on givin' the money to.

Butch: (He and Sach join him) Wow! Casinos, gambling houses, money laundering...

Sach: Why would anyone launder money? Is it dirty?

Slip: Yes, Sach, extremely dirty.

Slip: This is huge. This is all we need right here.

Butch: We have to call the cops. The real cops, not Duke and the other guys playing cops.

Sach: What's wrong with Dukie?

Slip: He ain't a real cop.

Sach: What are we gonna do 'bout the papers before the cops come?

Slip: They're goin' wit' me. *folds them up & stuffs them inside his jacket*

Butch: Are you sure that's a good idea, Chief? What if someone gets them off of you?

Slip: They ain't gonna get 'em.

Slip: 'Sides, we leave 'em here, we'll never see 'em again.

Slip: Now, lets get the real cops.

(The door opens at this point. Two stagehands come in, carrying trash bags and mops. One frowns.)

Stagehand #1: Hey, what are you guys doing here?

Slip: Cleanin' up. What about you?

Stagehand #1: Miss Saunders just asked us to do the same. (Makes a face) Shouldn't you guys be learnin' your lines?

Butch: I don't have any lines! I do the music!

Slip: I already know mine, and Sach hasn't been on script the whole play.

Stagehand #2: Why don't you guys get lost?

Slip: We was just about to when ya showed up.

Sach: Yeah, we were just leavin'. (Grabs Slip's hand) Come on, Chiefy. We don't wanna bother these nice men.

Slip: *Nods at Butch* C'mon, Butch, lets let these guys do their job.

(The trio slip past the stagehands and out the door.)

(Cut to backstage. Gabe and Scruno are poking around the prop rooms.)

Gabe: I've got nothin'. How about you, Scruno?

Scruno: I got nothin'er here. Maybe if we search different rooms we might find somethin' sooner?

Gabe: Can't deny that. Yeah, go ahead, Scruno.

*Scruno heads out to check the room next door.*

(As Gabe continues to check the prop room, a shadow emerges from behind the door Scruno just vacated.)

Sheila: (Purrs; barely an outline) Hello, Mr. Moreno.

Gabe: *Pauses* Scruno, did your voice change?

Sheila: (Steps out of the shadows) Hardly, Mr. Moreno. (Shuts the door.)

Gabe: *Nods* Miss Saunders.

Sheila: How have you been these days?

Gabe: I'm good. *nods* You?

Sheila: A bit lonely. Haven't really been seeing anyone. (She gets a bit closer to him.) Are you seeing anyone?

Gabe: Ah, yes, I am, actually. She's...she's a riveter!

Sheila: That's too bad. (Runs her finger over his cheek.) You were one of the best men I ever had.

Gabe: *Pulls away* Don't touch me. I really need to go find the others...

Sheila: What's your rush? (She smiles.) We have time before the next act begins.

Gabe: I really have something else I need to do.

Sheila: You can do it later. (She puts her arms around him.) You smell good.

Gabe: No, really, I have to go.

Sheila: Why? Can't you stay with me for a while? (She tilts his chin down to meet hers.)

Gabe: No, I...no...

Sheila: (She gazes into his eyes) Look into my eyes....look deeply...

Gabe: I...

Sheila: Yes. You're experienced. Not like those wild men you run around with. You know what it's like to be with someone.

Gabe: Yes...

Sheila: You want a job. Something you can stick with that'll let you be a free man and still live comfortably. You can't be tied down. (Smirks) I can give that to you.

Gabe: I'd like that...

Sheila: I know you would. You want to be with me. You want a woman who'll challenge you. Not one of those silly little things you find on the East Side.

Gabe: I like a challenge.

Sheila: Yes, you do. (She gazes further into his eyes) You're more of a man than any of those little boys out there could hope to be. You look like a man. I like that.

Gabe: You like that.

Sheila: And you like me, don't you?

Gabe: *Nods* I like you.

(Sheila tips his neck towards her. She's about to kiss him when the door flies open.)

*Scruno has returned, with Duke, Bobby, and Whitey in tow.*

Scruno: I knew it'd gotten too quiet in here.

Whitey: Gabe!

Duke: Looks like the Wicked Witch of the East Side has her hooks in him. Routine 7!

Scruno: All right! *grabs the nearest item, which happens to be a broom, and swings at her back*

Sheila: (Ducks away) What are you doing, you morons?

Bobby: Savin' our pal from your hexin', lady.

(Three stagehands hear the ruckus and go after the boys.)

Whitey: Yeah, we already saw what you can do.

Sheila: (Turns to Whitey) How would you know? You turned tail and ran.

Whitey: I, uh...

Duke: Maybe he was the smart one. (He hits one of the stagehands in the chin, then ducks away as another one comes after him.)

*Scruno is fighting with another stage hand, and doing quite well.*

Sheila: (Makes a face as the stagehands are knocked to the floor) I can see this isn't the time or the place to continue. (Gives Gabe a quick kiss) We'll have fun later, honey. (She takes off. Duke goes after her. Bobby winces as he settles down on his bad leg next to Gabe.)

Bobby: Gabe? You ok, man?

Gabe: Hm?

Whitey: *Joins them* Oh, he's got that same glazed look!

Bobby: (Lightly slaps Gabe in the face) Come on, man! What did she do to you?

Gabe: *Winces* Ow...

Bobby: Gabe! Are you ok? What happened?

Gabe: *Groans* Man, she was trying to hex me.

Bobby: No kidding. She did it to Butch, too.

Gabe: *Eyes widen* Butch? Is he okay?

Bobby: Yeah, last we saw of him. He, Slip, and Sach went to search Sheila's office.

Gabe: *Frowns* Poor kid. He don't deserve that.

Bobby: (Shakes his head) Nobody does, Gabe. You don't deserve it, either. She needs to find a new hobby.

(Slip, Sach, and Butch arrive as Bobby and Whitey help Gabe to his feet.)

Sach: Hi, guys! (Frowns) What happened to Gabe?

Whitey: Sheila was tryin' to do the same to him she did to Butch!

Sach: What's with her? Can't she just ask a guy to go out instead of turnin' him into a nut?

Slip: She likes messin' wit' people.

Sach: I wish she'd mess with me! I'd go out with her. She's just gotta ask nicely.

Slip: I'm gonna get yer head examined one of these days, Sach.

Sach: You're just sayin' that.

Slip: No, I ain't.

Bobby: Slip, are you sure your arm's ok?

Slip: *Ignores the question* Did you guys find anythin' besides Sheila?

Bobby: Slip, cut it out. I know you. I know you better than anyone besides Sach and your brother. I also know about injuries...and that arm has gotta hurt.

Slip: So what if it does? What good would it do to complain about it? Ain't nutin' I can do 'bout it now.

Bobby: Yes, there is. You can put it in a sling and make an excuse about having done something to it when we go back onstage.

Slip: *Rolls his eyes* Fine. If it'll make you guys happy.

Bobby: Slip, don't give me that. You're in pain. I can see it. (He grabs a piece of fabric from a pile on the table next to them.) Here. Give me your arm.

Slip: *Hesitant* Do I hafta?

Chuck: Slip, just do it.

Bobby: Here we go. (He gets in front of Slip. We see his arms move for a few minutes. When he pulls away, Slip's bad shoulder is now in a make-shift sling of colorful calico fabric.)

Slip: *Breathing a bit heavily and eyeing Bobby* No offense, Bob, but I hate you right now.

Chuck: *Grins* That's a good pattern for you, Slip.

Bobby: Thanks, Slip. That's one of the nicer things you ever said to me.

Slip: Yeah, yeah...

Duke: (He comes back in, looking annoyed) Sheila's in her office, but two of her goons tossed me out before I could talk to her.

Sach: And they'd probably toss us out if we tried to get in there, too.

Chuck: And Slip's in no shape to get tossed right now.

*Slip just narrows his eyes.*

Duke: I say we split up again. The money's gotta be somewhere.

Bobby: Let's go in groups, but no more leaving each other alone. Even if Sheila isn't prowling around, we might run into her goons.

Slip: Right. I don't want anyone fallin' for her little tricks again.

Duke: Slip, you take Sach, Butch, and Chuck. I'll take everyone else.

Slip: Letís go.

(The boys go in opposite directions as we fade out on the prop room.)