(We open in what looks like a witch's room from an old horror movie, with a gray fabric backdrop depicting stone and lots of strange bubbling cauldrons and pots around. Sheila bustles around the room while Zelda stares at the window.)

Sheila: Staring like that won't make him return any faster.

Zelda: I can try, can't I?

Chuck: *Walks in; nods* Ladies.

Sheila: Hello, my child of darkness. (Frowns) There's something...different...about you.

Zelda: *Also frowns* Charles, you don't seem like your evil self.

Chuck: I had some trouble.

Sheila: (Narrows her eyes) You weren't able to capture the other knights and that blasted musician.

Chuck: *Shakes his head and sighs* No.

Zelda: *Turns to Sheila* I believe this deserves some type of punishment.

Sheila: I do, too. (She goes up to Chuck and whispers) What's wrong with you? You don't look right.

Chuck: *Frowns, putting a hand to his stomach* I had some trouble with Slip...

Sheila: Your brother. Did he hurt you?

Chuck: Well...

Sheila: We really need to keep him distracted somehow.

Zelda: *Joins them* And right now we need to return to the play.

Sheila: That's right. (She smirks at Chuck) I think we need to teach you a lesson.

Chuck: *Takes a step back* No, don't...

Sheila: Yes... (She pulls a large medallion from around her neck) We're going to have to handle you....

*Zelda smirks.*

Chuck: No more... *takes another step back*

Sheila: Zelda, take hold of his arms.

Zelda: Gladly. *grabs Chuck's arms*

Chuck: *Doesn't struggle* No, please...

Sheila: Keep your eyes on the necklace, my boy. (Swings it slowly)

*Chuck whimpers, but his eyes follow the necklace.*

Sheila: Stroke his neck, Zelda. It'll calm him.

*Zelda gently strokes his neck.*

Sheila: Yes, my child of darkness. You're ours. You're one of us. A creature of the night.

*Chuck whimpers again, frowning, but he still doesn't struggle. Zelda continues to stroke Chuck's neck.*

Sheila: Yes, my boy. Yes. Let go. Don't think. We'll take control of your mind.

Chuck: It's...my...mind...already...gone...

Sheila: Good. (She pulls away) What should we do with this little toy, Zelda?

Zelda: I think he needs a taste of what we're capable of.

Sheila: So do I. Why don't we show him how much fun it is to play with a toy?

Zelda: Let’s.

Sheila: All right, my child of darkness. Raise your right arm.

*Chuck pauses, and then raises his right arm.*

Zelda: Very good, but you weren't quick enough.

Sheila: Not at all. Spin around.

*Chuck only pauses a little before turning one revolution.*

Zelda: *Turns to Sheila* I believe you told him to spin... that wasn't quite spinning.

Sheila: All the way around, my boy...and keep going until you're told to stop.

*Chuck grudgingly starts to spin, albeit slowly.*

Zelda: That isn't fast enough.

Sheila: Faster.

*Chuck frowns as he starts turning around faster.*

Zelda: *Nods* Keep going.

*Chuck gets up to about a dozen revolutions. Then starts to wobble badly and falls to the floor, groaning.*

Zelda: Get up. We didn't tell you to stop.

*Chuck holds his head with one hand and attempts to prop himself with the other. He doesn't move.*

Sheila: Then you can lay there. (She gets on the ground and raises her hand over his arm, like she has an invisible thread over it) Move your arm.

*Chuck can't help but raise his arm. Zelda folds her arms over her chest and watches.*

Sheila: Put both your arms over your head.

*Chuck raises both arms over his head.*

Sheila: (Ties his hands over his head) Now, turn over.

*Chuck pauses, swallowing hard. He does as told. Zelda smirks.*

Sheila: (She yanks him to his feet) Let Zelda kiss you. It'll make you feel better.

*Chuck's eyes widen. Zelda runs her fingers over his jaw. She slowly kisses him, gently at first, then much deeper.*

Sheila: Very nice.

Zelda: *Pulls away from Chuck and smiles at him* He's so lovely.

Sheila: Are you ready to behave now, Child of Darkness?

*Chuck nods.*

Sheila: Untie him, Zelda.

*Zelda unties Chuck's hands. As she does so, she gives him another quick little kiss.*

Sheila: How would you like to help us deal with those knights you brought back earlier? We could send you into the woods to start setting up traps for your brother and the others as well. Zelda, send for those two young men in the dungeon.

Zelda: *Nods* Yes, Sheila. *heads out to retrieve the young men*

Sheila: How do you feel now, my child of darkness?

Chuck: I feel evil. *smirks*

Sheila: Ready to deal with your brother and help me with those two silly knights?

Chuck: Gladly.

(Zelda comes in, pulling Junior and Buddy in behind her on chains.)

Buddy: What's goin' on?

Junior: Yeah, what gives?

Sheila: Hello, gentlemen. We'd like you to take part in a little experiment.

Junior: What's with Lord Charles?

Buddy: Yeah, he don't look right!

Sheila: Oh, we've improved him. How would you like to show them how improved you are, Charles?

Chuck: I'd love to.

*Chuck walks over to Junior, takes his shoulders, and stares into his eyes. Junior's eyes widen. He seems to freeze in place.*

Buddy: (He steps back) Wha...what happened to him?

Chuck: He's a statue now. *goes to Buddy and takes his shoulders*

Buddy: No! (He turns his head away and tries to struggle)

Chuck: Look! *shakes him*

Buddy: (Closes his eyes) I don't wanna end up like Ju...Lord Stratton!

Chuck: *Shakes Buddy hard* Look at me!

Buddy: Please, no!

*Zelda props Buddy’s eyes open with her fingers.*

Buddy: No...Chuck...somethin' ain't right...

Chuck: LOOK!

Buddy: (His eyes widen) N..no... (But he, too, freezes into place)

Sheila: Wonderful! We'll cover them and put them in the garden.

Zelda: They'll make wonderful garden gnomes.

Sheila: Certainly. I have no desire to keep them as slaves myself. They're silly and stupid.

Zelda: They're all right, *smirks at Chuck* but I already have my favorite.

Sheila: We're going to put these two into the garden. Charles, why don't you go into the woods and deal with your brother and the others? You can do what you want with him and Lord Jordan. Bring us the little musician. We'll make sure he plays only for us.

Chuck: *Nods once* Yes, milady. *heads out*

Sheila: Let's take these two out to the garden. (Mutters to Zelda) And release them from the spell. I don't want these little nitwits.

Zelda: *Nods* I don't particularly want them, either.

*We "follow" Chuck into the "woods." It's actually just the darkened stage. Chuck blends into the dark, with the exception of a slight gleam of light reflecting off his eyes. At the other end of the stage, a light comes on. We see Slip appear, holding a lantern. He's followed shortly by Butch and Bobby.*

Bobby: These woods go on forever!

Butch: He has to have disappeared somewhere!

Slip: We're gonna find him. We can't leave him wonderin' around in the state he was in. I can't believe he ran off like that.

Bobby: I wish I knew how to counteract whatever those witches did permanently.

Slip: We keep gettin' part way through by knockin' out his evil side, but we're beatin' him up at the same time. He won't fight his evil side, or he's too scared to for some reason.

Bobby: We need to find Rach...the Lady Rachel. She can help him.

Slip: He mentioned her specifically. She's the only one. I wish we could find her.

Bobby: (Nods) She's probably the only one who can save Lord Charles. (Mutters to Slip) And Chuck.

*Slip nods, and then stops suddenly.*

Slip: He's here.