(We open backstage. Sheila and Zelda pull Chuck aside into a small storage room just off the main backstage area.)

Sheila: What happened out there? How did they get to you?

Chuck: *Shakes his head* Butch hit me with his guitar. I think it confused me.

Sheila: That'll do it. I think we'll have to work on you again. That "potion" I gave you wasn't really a potion. It was just something to calm your nerves. (Mutters to Zelda) And that's all it was. I didn't have the time to make anything more elaborate onstage.

*Zelda nods, frowning a little.*

Chuck: *Takes a step back* Haven't I been worked on enough already?

Sheila: You keep getting out of it. We're going to need your help to get to your brother.

Chuck: *Makes a face and motions to his head* He keeps getting loose up here.

Sheila: We'll have to keep him from getting loose.

*Zelda nods, smirking.*

Chuck: How will you do that?

Sheila: (Whispers into his ear) Your...useful...side is just on the other side of the door. Let him out.

Chuck: But I...

Zelda: *Leans around the other side* It's crowded having both of you out front, isn't it?

Chuck: A little.

Sheila: So why don't you give your better half some attention?

Chuck: He...he won't let me come back out if I do...

Sheila: Of course he will!

Chuck: I... I don't know what to believe...

Zelda: Why, believe us, of course!

Sheila: (Whispers) You will believe us...

Chuck: I want to...

Zelda: Tell your other half to mind his own business.

Sheila: (Gently runs her fingers over his neck) We need your other half to help us deal with your brother.

*Chuck whimpers.*

Sheila: Now, come on. Let us talk to him.

Chuck: *His look hardens* Can you tell me how to lock up this putz? He's driving me crazy.

Sheila: Just push him in the door and throw away the key.

*Chuck's eyes glaze over for several moments. Occasionally, he flinches.*

Zelda: Interesting...

(That's when the door swings open. Butch, Slip, and Sach stand in front of the doorway, all looking very angry.)

Butch: Get away from him. Now.

Slip: What the hell are you doin' to him?

Sheila: Just helping him. He was terribly confused. We're settling his mind.

Butch: You're driving him crazy! (Turns to his best friend) Chuck?

Sach: (Takes Chuck's shoulders) Chuckie, speak to me! It's your pal, Sach!

Sheila: My dear boy, do you want us to get away?

*Chuck just stares at them.*

Slip: He don't even know who we are!

Sheila: (Smirks and rubs his neck) Maybe we just need to make some adjustments...

Butch: (Grabs her hand) Don't you dare!

Sheila: Do not touch me, little boy.

Butch: I'm not a little boy!

*Chuck's eyelids flutter, then close.*

Sach: (Shakes him) Chuckie! Chuckie, wake up!

Butch: What did you do to him?

Sheila: He's listening to us.

Sach: (Continues shaking Chuck) No, Chuckie, don't listen to them! They're bad ladies!

Slip: Sach, knock it off! You ain't helpin' him none.

Sach: (Gulps) Chief, I'm scared. I want Chuck to be ok.

Sheila: Oh, but he is.

Slip: No, he ain't.

*Chuck opens his eyes again. The evil gleam is back.*

Sach: (He jumps away and ducks behind Slip) Yikes! He has that nasty look again. Do something, Chief! Don't let him hurt me!

Butch: Where's Chuck? Our Chuck. The real one.

Chuck: *Smirks* He's locked up.

Butch: Unlock him.

Chuck: No.

Sach: (He goes to Chuck and puts his hand on his shoulder) Chuck, you can't do this. You can't keep locking up part of yourself forever.

Sheila: (Grins; mutters to Zelda) Why doesn't Jones talk like that all the time? When he speaks like a semi-normal human being, he actually sounds rather sexy.

*Zelda just shrugs. Chuck shoves Sach's hand off of his shoulder.*

Sach: Chuck, look inside. I can feel it on you. You know it's wrong. You know you feel torn. You're going to go nuts if you keep doing this.

Chuck: Get away from me, Sach.

Sach: No. I'm scared of ya, but I ain't gonna leave a friend. You're a good guy, Chuck. You ain't like this.

*Chuck leans closer to Sach and growls deeply at him.*

(Sach growls right back!)

*Chuck throws a punch at Sach.*

Slip: Chuck!

(Sach ducks and throws a punch at Chuck.)

*Chuck ducks and lands a punch to Sach's gut.*

Slip: Dammit, Sach!

Sach: (As he doubles over) You wouldn't....have done that...if you...were thinkin'...

Butch: Sach! (He throws his own punch at Chuck)

*The punch clips Chuck's jaw, but he moves and deflects most of it. Slip jumps at Chuck and tackles him.*

Sheila: Boys! Boys! There isn't room in here for this horseplay.

Butch: Chuck! Slip!

Sach: Chief...don't kill...kid...

*Slip and Chuck roll on the floor, throwing punches at each other.*

Sheila: Break it up! (She tries to get between them, but they throw her back)

Sach: (As he regains his breath) There's no gettin' between those two when they're fightin'.

Butch: Guys, this a bad place for wrestling.

*They finally roll against a wall, with Chuck's back to it and Slip gaining the upper hand. Slip stares at him, trying to figure out what to do.*

Sach: (He puffs his way over to Chuck) Chuckie?

Butch: Chuck...just tell us where you are. (Sighs) I wish that didn't sound so loony.

Chuck: No.

Slip: I hate ta do this... *gently thumps Chuck under the chin, which pushes his head back into the wall; Chuck winces*

Butch: Isn't there anyway we can rescue...well, you?

Sach: And where's Rachel an' all those other girls?

Sheila: They're around.

Zelda: Yeah, around.

*Slip growls and thumps Chuck's head, again causing Chuck to wince.*

Sach: Chuckie, we don't wanna hurt you. We wanna help you...the real you.

*Chuck snorts. He gets another thump and wince from Slip.*

Sach: Come on, Chuckie. Let us in. Let us help ya.

Zelda: No!

Sach: (He puts his hand on Chuck's shoulder) Let us in, Chuck. Let us help you.

*Chuck just looks at them and laughs.*

Sach: Chuck, we're gonna get in, whether you like it or not. Butch, Chief, put your hand on my hand.

Slip: Right. *does so*

Sach: Now, imagine yourself in Chuck's head.

Sheila: Chuck, don't let them in!

Sach: (Looks over his shoulder) Hush, lady! We're gettin' in, whether you like it or not!

*Chuck glares at them and tries to mentally stop them.*

Sach: Guys, concentrate! We've gotta get in!

(As the women watch, all four men close their eyes. Suddenly, they all seem to relax at the same time, their bodies drooping slightly. Sheila tries to grab Slip, but she jumps back as if stung.)

Zelda: What in the world...

Sheila: I have no idea what's going on. I've never seen something like this before. I guess you don't, either.

Zelda: *Shakes her head* Not a clue... *she tries to touch Chuck and gets the same result* Yow!

Sheila: It looks like all we can do is watch and figure out what they're up to.

Zelda: *Nods* Yeah.

(We fade into darkness as the camera moves from the two women and focuses on the calm-looking Chuck.)