*We fade into a library that's jam packed with books. Sach, Slip, and Butch appear in the middle of everything.*

Sach: (Looks around) Oooh, a library! I wonder where the comic books are?

Slip: *Slugs Sach's shoulder* This is Chuck's brain, ya idiot!

Sach: (Rubs his shoulder) Well then, maybe we'll have to ask him where the comic books are. (Yells) Hey Chuckie, where's the comic books?

*Slip rolls his eyes. We see Chuck appear two floors up, leaning over a railing and looking down at them. He waves.*

Chuck: Welcome, fellas.

Sach: (Looks up) Chuckie, where's the comic books?

Butch: Chuck?

Slip: *Shakes his head* That ain't him.

Chuck: *Smirks* A prize for Slip. *motions around* Not bad in here, but kinda boring for my liking. Slip, your brother's a real nerd.

Sach: Chuckie's no nerd!

Butch: (Grins) Yeah, he is, but that's not a bad thing.

Chuck: Boring!

Sach: Then what's your idea of a fun time? (Grins) Personally, I think banana splits are really excitin'. Where's Chuck's kitchen?

*Chuck laughs, then moves away from the railing and disappears.*

Sach: Hey, come back here! You didn't tell me where the comic books are!

Butch: He was a real help.

Slip: That guy's really pissin' me off. *Nods at the others* C'mon, letís look around. Our Chuck's gotta be around here somewhere. *waves them along* Letís try this door over here.

Sach: I hope it's safe. Chuck reads all those books.

Butch: (Nods) It amazes me what he comes up with sometimes.

Slip: No kiddin'. *pushes the door open and pauses* What the hell?

Sach: What? What? Is it ugly? (He leans over Slip's shoulder)

Butch: Did you find Chuck?

Slip: It's a friggin' hallway!

*The door closes behind them and dissolves into the wall.*

Sach: (He jumps) Yipes! I guess someone don't want us to go no where else!

Butch: I feel like I'm in Alice In Wonderland.

Sach: Don't say that! I don't feel like joinin' no crazy tea party.

Slip: Chuck's been readin' too much. *starts down the hallway*

Sach: (Grabs Slip's arm) I'm stayin' near you, Chief. Somethin' might jump out at me.

Slip: Sach, will you knock it off? *leads them along the hallway* Okay, Chuck, where's the damn door?

Sach: Yeah! We can't keep walkin' forever!

Butch: It won't make for much of a story.

*A trap door appears in the floor just ahead of them.*

Sach: (Looks down) Looks dark in there.

Butch: I guess we don't have much of a choice.

Slip: Here goes nothin'... *jumps through first*

Sach: Uh...you know, I think I have to be onstage in a few minutes...

Butch: You don't have to be on until almost the end of the show. Get in. (He shoves Sach in, then goes in himself)

*We see Slip fall into a wheat field, then Sach, then Butch.*

Slip: *Groans* This is ridiculous. You two okay?

Butch: (Nods) Yeah.

Sach: I'm ok. I'm glad we fell on all this really tall grass.

*Slip brushes himself off, then looks up and around. He pauses, looking behind them. His eyes widen.*

Slip: *Points behind them* Fellas, lookit the scarecrow!

Butch: What scarecrow?

Sach: Now we're in the Wizard of Oz! Where's that little dog? Do I get to wear the fancy red shoes?

Slip: *Shakes his head* That scarecrow is Chuck! *Heads for where the scarecrow is hung. It is, indeed, Chuck, wearing a tattered brown shirt, old pants, and floppy straw hat, with straw sticking out everywhere.*

Butch: Chuck! (He follows after Slip)

Sach: Chuckie! (Runs over to the scarecrow) Did they hurt ya? My poor Chuckie!

Slip: *Joins Sach at the scarecrow and looks up at him* Dammit. *gently slaps Chuck's cheek* Chuck, wake up...

Sach: Chuck! Come on, buddy!

Butch: We're here to help you. There has to be a way to get you down! You don't belong up there!

Sach: Who strung ya up there, that bad Chuck?

Butch: Why would he imagine himself like this?

Slip: *Moves around behind; to Sach and Butch* Grab hold of him. I'm gonna try to get him off the post.

Sach: Aye aye, Chief!

Butch: (Takes his torso) I have his back!

Sach: (Grabs his legs) I got his legs! (Squeezes them) Boy, are they toothpicks. You've gotta start eatin', like me.

Slip: *Grunts, ignoring Sach* Almost...got him...

(Suddenly, Chuck's bindings give way. The momentum knocks all four men to the soft, green and brown wheat below them.)

Slip: Oof! Sach, what were ya sayin' about eatin'?

Sach: (As he scrambles off of Slip) Sorry, Chief! I can't help it if Louie's banana splits are the best in the Bowery!

Slip: Just roll him over. *takes one of Chuck's arms and starts to push him over to his back*

Sach: (Helps him) I hope they didin't do nuthin' bad to him. Worse than lockin' him up in his own mind, that is.

Butch: Chuck, are you ok? Can you talk to us?

Slip: C'mon, kid... *Gently pats his cheek again. Chuck's eyelids flutter.*

Slip: You can do it, kid, c'mon...

Butch: Come on, Chuck!

Chuck: *His eyelids flutter again; he frowns* Mmmm...tr...tra...

Slip: *Leans closer* Chuck, what is it?

Butch: Chuck, what's wrong?

Sach: (His eyes widen; he's looking behind them) Tr...tr....tr... (Points behind Slip)

Slip: Sach, shuddup!

*Chuck's eyes finally open, but he's still frowning.*

Evil Chuck: *Walks up to Sach* I think he's trying to tell you this is a trap. *closes Sach's mouth*

Slip: *Turns* You again! Let Chuck free!

Sach: (Slaps Evil Chuck's hand away; deep voice) You touch me like that again, buster, and you'll be missin' a hand.

Butch: (Puts his arms around Chuck) He's really hurting!

Evil Chuck: I'm really scared, Horace.

Sach: (Holds up a fist) You saw what I can do. Who do you think taught the Chief how to fight?

Evil Chuck: I know it was you! I'm just Chuck's evil side, you moron.

Slip: You free Chuck, or I'm lettin' Sach loose on you.

Evil Chuck: *Grins at them* Anyone else touches me, and he's gone. *points at Chuck* Simple enough for you?

Butch: (Gulps and pulls Chuck closer) No! Don't hurt him! Please!

Evil Chuck: Someone try me.

Sach: (He steps up to Evil Chuck and puts a hand on his shoulder) You're jealous of him...and afraid. Very afraid. You want what he's got...Rachel, a home with good friends, a way to find lots of excitement in an excitin' city. An' you think the only way to get that is to get rid of him.

Evil Chuck: Yeah, that's pretty close to it. Oh, by the way, you just touched me. *snaps his fingers; Chuck cries out and vanishes.*

Slip: You bastard! *growls, fists clenching at his sides*

Sach: You jerk! I didn't hit ya! (He lunges for him)

Butch: (Almost in tears) Sach, don't! Please don't!

Evil Chuck: *Side steps Sach and knocks him to the ground* I told you if anyone TOUCHED me. I didn't say PUNCH.

Slip: That does it. *Jumps at Evil Chuck while his attention is still on Sach; the two go tumbling to the ground*

Sach: (As he gets on his knees) Go get 'em, Chief! Knock his teeth out!

Butch: Chief...

*Slip and Evil Chuck are throwing punches. Most of them are landing.*

Sach: Come on, Chief! You can get him! Tear his head off!

Butch: No! (He tries to get between them) Slip, this is your brother!

Slip: This creep ain't my brother! *punches Evil Chuck in the face, narrowly missing his nose*

Sach: No, he isn't.

Butch: Sach, do somethin'!

Sach: An' get my own teeth knocked out? No thank you. Besides, I don't think that creep's gettin' anythin' he don't deserve.

Butch: (Turns to the other two) I don't know what to do. I just want him to bring Chuck back. OUR Chuck.

*Evil Chuck clips Slip's jaw and manages to pull away from him. When Chuck stands, we see his lip is split.*

Evil Chuck: *Touches his lip* Fat bastard. I'm not done with any of you...or him! *disappears*

Butch: No! (He tries to jump for him, but he's already gone) Noooo! Chuck!

Sach: (Puts an arm around Butch) Don't worry. We'll find him.

Butch: (Sniffles) I'm really scared, guys. If we don't find Chuck soon...

Slip: *groans, wincing* He can't go on like this.

Sach: Yeah. He's really goin' crazy. That guy wants to take over his life...but he don't understand that he ain't really Chuck. He's just kind of a shadow you can touch.

Slip: *Sits up, rubbing his head* An' a shadow with a damn hard punch.

Butch: Slip, was Chuck reading "The Wizard of Oz" recently?

Slip: *Groans* I loaned it to him.

Sach: No wonder this seems familiar. Where's Judy Garland an' that guy with the crazy rubbery legs?

Butch: I'll take Judy Garland. She's cute.

Slip: *Gets up* There's gotta be a yella brick road 'round here somewhere.

*We switch from the trio walking through the wheat field to a dark, foreboding fortress with a huge tower on one side. In the tower, we find Chuck chained to a stone wall by his wrists and ankles. His head is bowed.*

Evil Chuck: (He enters the tower, smirking) Hello, nerd.

*Chuck lifts his head just enough to glare at him.*

Evil Chuck: How do you like your new home? I sure do love the things you can imagine.

*Chuck spits at his feet.*

Evil Chuck: Watch where you put that. (He slaps Chuck)

*The slap turns Chuck's head. He winces, yet remains silent.*

Evil Chuck: (Leans very close into Chuck's face) What do you have to say for yourself, sissy boy?

Chuck: *Faintly* Go to hell.

Evil Chuck: Already done that. I like it here better.

*Chuck turns his head away, unable to look at his double.*

Evil Chuck: What'sa matter? You scared, baby?

*Chuck doesn't reply or turn back to him.*

Evil Chuck: (Grabs Chuck's face turns it to him) Are we so ugly you don't want to look at us?

Chuck: *Faintly* You're the one who's ugly.

Evil Chuck: You forget. We're the same person, baby.

Chuck: *Faintly* Stop calling me that.

Evil Chuck: Why? It suits you.

Chuck: No...

Evil Chuck: You know it does. Your family always babied you, because you're the youngest.

Chuck: *Whispers* I'm not a baby.

Evil Chuck: Why are you still livin' in a two-room apartment with your buddies and brother, then? Most guys our age are married with kids and jobs.

*Chuck closes his eyes and does't answer.*

Evil Chuck: And why ain't you become a great writer, like you wanted to?

*Chuck's eyelids squeeze together. He frowns deeply.*

Chuck: *Whispers* Go away...

Evil Chuck: And miss all the fun?

Chuck: *Swallows hard and opens his eyes a little* What...fun?

Evil Chuck: Seeing you squirm without that big, bad ape of a brother nearby.

Chuck: Slip... *frowns, but notices his evil double's split lip* He did that?

Evil Chuck: Yeah. Wish that damn Jones had never taught him how to hit like that.

*Chuck grins a little.*

Evil Chuck: What's with Jones, anyway? He some kind of medium or somethin'?

Chuck: Or somethin'. He can see spirits. Remember Edgar?

Evil Chuck: Edgar? That weren't real!

Chuck: Sach thought he was.

Evil Chuck: Yeah, well, we've all sorta questioned his sanity over the years.

Chuck: Sach is a good guy, sane or not.

Evil Chuck: He's an idiot.

Chuck: No, he isn't.

Evil Chuck: Ain't your brother always sayin' so?

Chuck: He just says that. He doesn't mean it.

Evil Chuck: They're coming here now, you know. (Smirks) They'll never get past my traps.

Chuck: Traps?

Evil Chuck: All over the place. (Smirks) And you're gonna help me.

Chuck: Help you? No, I won't!

Evil Chuck: Oh, but you don't have a choice. You're in my domain now, pip squeak.

Chuck: *Makes a face* This is MY brain, you bastard.

Evil Chuck: And I'm a part of it.

(Fade out as Chuck turns away and Evil Chuck smirks. The camera fades back in on yellow path that winds through acres of green fields.)

Sach: I didn't know Chuckie's mind was so BIG.

Butch: I wish we had a map.

Slip: I wish I had a gag for you two.

Sach: (Points to the tower in the distance, on the highest hill) Hey, lookit that castle! It looks like somethin' out of an old fairy-tale book!

Slip: *His eyes narrow* He's in there. C'mon... *Storms forward*

(Suddenly, as the mists separate, we see two shapely female forms in the path. Sheila, wearing a red dress, materializes first.)

Sheila: Hello, boys.

Slip: *Groans* Damn.

*Zelda materializes next, wearing a purple dress.*

Sheila: What's your rush?

Sach: (Frowns) Guys, there's somethin' wrong here...

Slip: No kiddin'. They're lookin' at us like slabs of meat.

Sheila: (Gently pulls Slip into her arms) Hello there, handsome.

Slip: *Raises an eyebrow* Handsome? Yer usually repulsed by me.

Sheila: Tonight, I find you...interesting.

Sach: Chief...

Slip: *Considers* Yeah? How interestin'?

Sheila: Very...intriguing.

Slip: *Smirks* So're you.

Sheila: Tell me more about me...

*Meanwhile, Zelda runs her fingers along Butchís neck and jaw.*

Sach: (His eyes widen) Guys, there's somethin' that ain't right...

(Butch starts running his hands over Zelda's sides!)

*Zelda lays her head on Butch's shoulder.*

(Butch can't help his sigh.)

Sach: Guys, they're evil!

Slip: *Grins at Sheila* Be evil to me.

Sheila: I thought you'd never ask. (She gently raises his hair and kisses his forehead with a smirk.)

*Slip's eyes start to blink, his eyelids growing heavy. Finally, he slumps to the ground, asleep. Zelda kisses Butch on the forehead.*

Sach: (As both young men slump to the ground) Guys!

Sheila: (Turns to Zelda) It worked. I knew those silly men would be foolish enough to fall for our charms.

Zelda: Isn't it lovely?

Sach: No! Let them go!

Sheila: Not at all. We can't have them foiling all of our plans.

Zelda: That's right. Besides, this is YOUR subconscious.

Sach: We ain't in my mind! We're in Chuck's! (Grins) My mind would have a lot more ice cream sodas.

Zelda: How lovely.

Sach: How can I wake 'em up?

Zelda: Like we're going to tell you.

Sach: (Holds up a fist) How about now?

Zelda: Nope.

Sach: You're gonna tell me...or I'll find a way to turn ya into frogs or somethin'. (Grins) You'd look much better that way.

Zelda: And we'll just disappear on you.

Sach: (Puts a hand on Zelda's arm; he frowns) You don't really like-like Chuck. Not like Rachel does. He's just another guy for you. Just a passin' thing. You like whatever happens to look good to you at the moment.

Zelda: Maybe.

Sach: (Glares at Sheila) I ain't even touchin' you. You don't care about nuthin' but yourself. I'd just get my hands dirty.

Sheila: That's how it is in my world, silly man.

Sach: That ain't how my world works. You ugly old hags wouldn't know how to treat a friend if one bit ya on the butt!

Sheila: Hag?

Zelda: I think we need to do something with him.

Sheila: So do I.

Sach: Oh...oh man...