(We open right where we left off - with the girls leaning over Sach menacingly.)

Sach: (He sticks his finger in his coat) Don't touch me! I have a gun, and I ain't afraid to use it!

Sheila: We're not going to fall for that trick.

Zelda: That's just your finger.

Sach: No, it ain't! See? (Holds it up to them) Bang! Bang!

Sheila: Please. Stop this nonsense.

Zelda: That does it. *she snaps her fingers; Sach is wound with rope*

Sach: (Struggles) Hey! (He frowns) I ain't no mummy! Let me go!

Sheila: Now, weíll get rid of the other two. (Butch and Slip disappear in a black light.)

Sach: CHIEF! BUTCHY! Bring them back!

Zelda: We don't feel like it.

Sheila: For now, we'll stick you in the tower with your little friend. You can keep each other company.

Sach: My...friend?

Zelda: Yeah.

Sheila: (She waves her hand - Sach disappears in a black light) That gets rid of him. (Turns to Zelda) Why don't we visit our prisoners?

Zelda: Letís.

(The women disappear in a black light. As the black light fades, we fade out on them, then back in on the tower room where Chuck is still held prisoner. Sach appears here.)

Sach: (Looks around) Where am I? (Sees Chuck; grins) Chuckie? Chuckie, we found you!

Chuck: *Lifts his head and looks at Sach in disbelief* Sach?

Sach: Yeah, Chuckie, it's me! (Squirms in his bonds) Just a little tied up right now.

Chuck: *frowns* How are you here?

Sach: Those bad ladies made me appear here.

Chuck: How are you in my brain? You can't be here. They're messing with me again. *Chuck bows his head again as a few tears escape.*

Sach: (Shrugs as well as he can in the ropes) I dunno how I'm in here. The Chief and Butch are here, too, but those bad ladies made them disappear. (Frowns) Chuckie, are you all right? What's wrong? Did that bad you hurt you? Did those ladies try to jump on you again?

Chuck: *Looks up again* You can't be here. You're just going to disappear on me.

Sach: Who disappeared on ya?

Chuck: *Shakes his head* I just don't know what's real anymore.

Sach: Well, I'm real, Chuckie. You can count on that. So's the Chief and Butch, if we can get out of here and find them. (Struggles) I have to get out of this!

Chuck: Good luck. *bows his head again*

Sach: Aw Chuckie, we can do it! You just have to think you can.

Chuck: *Looks up with a wild look in his eyes* Don't you think I've been trying?! I thought I could when this first started, but they kept locking me up! Now I'm chained to a damn wall in my own mind! *thumps back against the wall*

Sach: Chuckie, you've been listenin' to them again.

Chuck: *Rattles his chains loudly* WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK!?!?

Sach: That you're a good guy who is better than this. You're a good writer. You got that job with the newspaper, right?

Chuck: How's that supposed to help me?

Sach: Well...if you weren't smart, you wouldn't have gotten that job. I'll bet you can do a lot of things they can't do.

Chuck: How smart can I be? I've been locked in my own mind.

Sach: You always beat the Chief at chess. That's a tough game.

Chuck: Yeah...

Sach: And you can make some good potato latkas.

Chuck: *Finally gives a small smile, though there's still something off in his demeanor* It's definitely you, Sach. Only you would include food in your spirit-lifting speech.

Sach: Well...you do. I wouldn't lie to ya, Chuckie. You're like another little brother to me.

*Chuck sighs, looking down again...but he's pulling on his chains.*

Sach: I love how you read to me at bedtime. You always make everythin' sound so dramatic! (Makes a face) Chiefy doesn't get into it like you do.

*Chuck cries out and gives a good tug on the chains. The chains dissolve, and he falls to the floor on his hands and knees, free from his bonds.*

Sach: You did it, Chuck! I knew you could!

Chuck: *Gets up* But I don't know if I could've done it without you, Sach. *goes over to Sach and starts tugging at his ropes*

Sach: Aw, Chuck, thanks!

Chuck: *Sighs as he frees Sach* I don't know how to beat them, though.

Sach: We'll figure it out together. (As Chuck helps him to his feet) Thanks, man.

Chuck: *Shakes his head* No, thank you, Sach.

Sach: How are we gonna get outta here?

Chuck: Well... *steps up to the bars and looks at them; puts his hands on the bars*

Sach: Maybe you could break them, or bend them, or twist them, or tickle them, or somethin'? This IS your imagination. You can probably do anythin' you want!

Chuck: Bend them... *concentrates on the bars and pushes on them. They slowly start to give; his eyes widen*

Sach: (His eyes widen, too) Wow! You've got one heck of an imagination! Push 'em harder!

Chuck: *Grunts* I'm pushing...

(Suddenly, the bars give way, breaking into bits! Sach's mouth drops open as pieces of metal go flying.)

Sach: Wow! What gym have you been goin' to?

Chuck: Wow...

Sach: (He peeks out of the door) Nobody here but us Bowery chickens! (Looks over his shoulder) It's ok, Chuck. Just a buncha stairs.

Chuck: *Frowns a little* Not funny, Sach.

Sach: I wish I knew where the other guys are. This is your mind. If you were...well, if you were you, where would you hide 'em?

Chuck: Um...well, I...I don't really know...

Sach: (As they walk down the stairs) When we found you, you were dressed like a scarecrow! Do you remember that? Or how we saved ya' an' got ya down before that bad you took off with ya again, jus' like Dorothy helped the Scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz?"

Chuck: *His eyes widen* I don't remember that.

Sach: That bad you musta made you forget it. (Eyes widen) Maybe they did the same thing to Butchy an' the Chief! Maybe they've got 'em hangin' somewhere, an' they don't remember nuthin'!

Chuck: Letís just keep moving. Maybe we'll run into them.

Sach: Ok. If they're doin' anythin' to the Chief, we'll probably hear him from half-way across your brain, anyhow.

Chuck: *Sighs* Sach, stop referring to the fact that we're inside my mind. It's really too creepy.

Sach: Ok. (They find themselves at the bottom of the stairs, facing another door) Hey Chuck, wanna knock this one to next Thursday, too?

Chuck: I suppose I don't have much choice. *puts his hands flat on the door and pushes*

(The door just falls open as if it was blown! Sach's mouth drops again.)

Sach: Wow. You're amazin'! I wish the Chief could see this! (He steps out of the tower) Shall we?

Chuck: *Nods and wraps his arms around his chest* Yeah, letís go. This is really getting creepy.

Sach: (He puts his arm around Chuck) I'll help keep ya warm.

Chuck: *Shakes his head* Sach, I'm not cold. It's just...I'm not comfortable with all this. I don't know why it's all happening, or how I even got split into two!

Sach: I'm a little scared, too, an' I'm worried about the Chief n' Butchy. Your bad self and those ladies don't like them. (He smiles) But we'll be ok as long as we're together an' you remember that you're not really a bad guy. You just have bad people in your mind.

Chuck: *Sighs* I just don't understand WHY.

Sach: How about we understand why when we find the other two?

Chuck: I just...we have to talk about something while we look for them. I've been left to my own thoughts too much. I just get depressed.

Sach: Then let's talk about somethin' fun. Wanna talk about comic books?

Chuck: I suppose I walked right into that one.

Sach: Who do you like better, Superman or Batman?

Chuck: *Sighs again* Batman.

Sach: I like Superman m'self. He can do anythin'!

Chuck: Batman uses his brain.

Sach: Ehh, he sorta scares me. He's so dark!

Chuck: The man lost his parents to some lunatic killer!

Sach: I know...but he still sorta scares me.

Chuck: That's the idea, Sach. He strikes fear into criminals! Why do you think he chose a bat?

Sach: Because they see better in the dark?

Chuck: Sach... *shakes his head*

Sach: I'd love to be able to fly. I wanna see the world like a bird does!

Chuck: Batman has vehicles and all sorts of inventions.

Sach: I'd rather just fly. Batman don't fly on his own.

Chuck: He doesn't need to.

Sach: Yeah, well, Superman knows how to have fun. He don't scare me.

Chuck: Superman hides behind a pair of glasses! I'd like to know how no one can tell that he and Clark Kent are the same person!

Sach: What about Bruce Wayne? That's not exactly the world's greatest disguise, either. He don't even bother with the glasses!

Chuck: He wears a cowl as Batman! Superman doesn't even have a mask!

Sach: His voice is different. The guy who plays Superman on the radio always talks deeper n' the guy who plays Clark Kent.

Chuck: *Rolls his eyes* So what? They do that with Batman, too. Frankly, if I was a billionaire playboy, I'd probably do something exciting like Batman.

Sach: I'd buy a thousand comic books.

Chuck: Sach, wouldn't you want to help people in need? And what about what Bruce Wayne did for Dick Grayson, huh?

Sach: Sure, I would! Superman helps people, too! He just does it differently.

Chuck: Bruce Wayne is a philanthropist. He took in Dick when his parents were killed because of the similarities with what happened to himself. Bruce could have passed Dick on to the orphanage or something, but he didn't.

Sach: (Shrugs) Superman does it 'cause he likes to do it. Even though he's kinda an alien, he still wants to make people happy, just like the people who adopted him made him happy.

Chuck: He IS an alien! He has every upper hand available to him. Batman had nothing but hardships thrown at him. His only saving grace was having the police commissioner and Alfred the butler around. The money just helped when he decided to do the Batman thing.

Sach: At least Bruce Wayne has girls throwin' themselves at him. I get the feelin' that even if Superman wasn't Superman, he still wouldn't know what to do with Lois Lane.

Chuck: *Sighs* I feel that way with Rachel.

Sach: Oop! There ya go, thinkin' about girls again. Why don't we just head along... (We hear a groan) What's that?

Chuck: *Shakes his head* I'm not sure. *look at Sach* And what do you mean again?

Sach: We'll talk about that later. (Grabs Chuck's hand) Come on! (They hurry off down the path as we fade out.)