(We open in a dark forest...a real one, not one made of cardboard and fabric. Butch lays on a bed of moss and leaves. His peasant costume is both simpler and more elaborate than the one he was wearing, and obviously better-made. There's a guitar next to him.)

Butch: Where am I? (Looks around) How did I get here? (Gets onto a log and rubs his eyes) If we ever get Chuck back, we need to have a LOOONNNGGG talk about his reading habits. (Calls out) Hello? Is anyone out there? Sach? Slip? Chuck?

Sheila: *Walks over to him* Hello, my little musician.

Butch: (His eyes widen at her gossamer black wings, silky, clinging black gown, and the wiry black crystal tiara) You? What are you doing here? It is you, isn't it? Sach calls you the Bad Lady.

Sheila: *nods* I am the Queen of the Dark Fairies.

Butch: I thought you were just some business owner!

(Butch starts to step back, holding his guitar close.)

Butch: How could you be queen of anything?

Sheila: *Smirks* You'd be surprised.

Butch: Where's Chuck and the others?

Sheila: They're around.

Butch: Where around? (His fingers start to strum over the guitar strings)

Sheila: You don't seriously think I'm going to tell you.

Butch: Do you see anyone else around I can ask? (He plays louder) (As he continues to play) Where are they, witch? I know my music does something to your magic. It did it to Chuck.

Sheila: *Winces* I have no time for frivolity. *aims some black dust at him; he freezes in place*

Butch: Wha...can't....move... (The guitar falls from his hands)

Sheila: *Picks up the guitar* Now, that's a shame. I'd hoped you'd hold onto this. I have no use for it.

Butch: No...don't...touch...

Sheila: What'll you do? I've already got it.

Butch: NO....let me go...please....

Chuck: Get away from him!

(Sach and Chuck burst into the clearing. Sach gasps.)

Sach: What did you do to Butchy?

Sheila: The little musician makes a rather nice statue.

Chuck: *goes up to Sheila* Let him go free.

Sheila: I don't think so.

Sach: Chuck, it's your imagination! Knock her out or turn her into a turnip or somethin'! (He kicks her in the behind for emphasis) Like that!

Sheila: Yow! *turns to Sach* Why you...

Chuck: I don't know... oh, I hate this... *concentrates on something*

*Sheila turns into a bird in a cage.*

Sach: (Picks up the cage) I think she's much prettier this way.

Butch: Chuck! (He grabs his guitar and runs over to him) You're all right!

Sach: Of course he is! He had me with him!

Chuck: *Rolls his eyes at Sach* Something like that. Are you okay?

Butch: (Nods) Yeah. She didn't really hurt me worse than what you saw.

Sach: I like this birdie, but she doesn't sing!

Butch: I know how to make her sing. (He starts playing his guitar.)

*The bird can't help but sing, though she doesn't want to.*

Butch: That's much better.

Chuck: Butch, any idea where Slip is?

Butch: (Shakes his head) No. I just kind of appeared here.

Sach: We ain't seen him neither. Chuckie an' I were in a tower!

Butch: A tower?

Chuck: They had me chained up in the tower.

Butch: The one we saw when we were on the yellow road!

Sach: Yeah! Poor Chuckie was in a bad way! But he's strong now. He can knock down doors and break through solid metal bars!

Butch: I always knew you had it in you.

Chuck: *Shrugs* Frankly, I don't know how that stuff happened. *sighs*

Sach: Because we're in your imagination!

Butch: That's right. No one controls your imagination but you. If you can imagine it, you can do it!

Chuck: It isn't logical! I just want ONE thing to be logical! *starts to walk off*

Butch: Chuck... (he catches up with him) the imagination isn't logical.

Sach: (Also catches up) Logic is overrated anyway.

Butch: Sometimes, things just happen. It's called magic.

Chuck: *Folds his arms, but keeps walking* I don't like it.

Sach: Magic is scary sometimes.

Butch: (Nods) Yeah. I don't blame you. I mean, what do you think we'd find if we were inside, say, my brain?

Sach: A lot of pianos.

Chuck: I didn't even know what to expect in mine! And nothing here I ever would have guessed was what my brain would be like. It's almost like looking into someone else's! It's rather disconcerting. *tightens his arms around himself*

Butch: That's because you're still letting those witches get to you. We need to find your other half and get you two put back together.

Chuck: *Mutters* I'm not letting them do anything.

Butch: Yeah, you are. Chuck, I know you could fight them.

Sach: Yeah! I've seen ya! We all have!

Chuck: No, I'm not letting them! I don't understand what you want from me! I...I feel like a stranger in my own mind!

Butch: Whoa! We just want to help you feel better.

Sach: Yeah!

Chuck: I don't know how, okay? Letís just go find Slip, please. *walks ahead of them, arms still wrapped around himself*

Sach: (Points up ahead) Look! (We can see fire over the tops of the trees)

Chuck: What the...

Butch: Did someone leave a campire burning?

Sach: That ain't no campfire! (He runs ahead)

Butch: Sach! (He and Chuck follow him.)

(Cut to the edge of the forest. A knight dressed in shining white and silver armor fight a large, scaly green dragon that looks like something out of a fairy tale book. The knight just barely manages to duck away when the dragon blows fire in his direction, singeing several of the trees behind him.)

Sach: Wow! Now that's a big lizard!

Chuck: *His eyes are wide* Oh my God...

Butch: We've gotta help that knight!

Sach: How? I don't wanna be barbecued by that guy!

*Chuck whimpers, rooted in place. The knight manages to catch a breather and pulls off his helmet. We hear a familiar voice yell at the dragon, "C'mon, ya overgrown lizard! Can't ya fight fair?!"*

Sach: (He perks up) Waitta minute. That sounded familiar...

Butch: Yeah, it did. (He runs over to the knight) Slip?

Slip: *Turns, his eyes widen* Butch! *sees Sach trotting up behind him* I'm glad ta see ya, but I'm a little busy here! *over his shoulder* Did ya find Chuck?

Butch: Yeah, we did. (Sach is dragging Chuck over to them)

Sach: Ta-da!

Slip: *Glances over* What's with him? *Chuck is still staring up at the dragon, slack jawed.*

Butch: He isn't taking roaming around in his own mind well.

Slip: *Grunts* It ain't exactly a walk in the park for me, neither. *The dragon aims for Slip again. Slip dives out of the way*

Sach: (As they jump behind some bushes) Ain't there any way we can handle this guy, before we all get lightly toasted and buttered?

Slip: I'm open to suggestions.

Butch: Maybe we could distract him. You have the sword, Chief. We'll get his attention off lighting up, and you can run him through.

Slip: I like that suggestion.

Chuck: *mutters* I'll stay here.

Slip: C'mon, you two distract, aní I'll make mincemeat outta him.

*Slip runs out, hollering and swinging the sword around his head.*

Butch: (He runs out, playing his guitar) I hope music really does soothe the savage beast. It works on Sach.

Sach: (Gulps) Well, here goes nuthin'. (He jumps out in front of the dragon) Nahh nahh, you can't get me!

*The dragon snorts at Sach.*

Sach: Try to fry me! Bet'cha can't!

(Butch plays louder and faster.)

*Slip waits for the dragon's attention to be fully diverted, then runs towards its stomach. He growls, plants his feet, and jabs upward with his sword, right into the dragon's stomach. The dragon lets out a piercing screech.*

Sach: (As the other three pull back) Wow!

Butch: I didn't know Slip could be so intense! (Turns to Chuck) You need to start writing books! This is great stuff!

*Chuck is still seated on the ground, head covered with his arms. He shakes his head. Slip runs out & over to them, sword still in hand and stained now. There's a puff of smoke around the dragon, completely covering it.*

Slip: Now what?

Sach: What's goin' on?

*Chuck groans as he lays on his side, curled up. He winces deeply.*

Slip: What the hell!? *goes to Chuck*

*The dragon is gone before the smoke clears. In its place, Evil Chuck walks out from the remaining smoke, a hand on his stomach. He's wincing and looks royally pissed off.*

Sach: You! The bad Chuck!

Butch: Want more music, buddy? I have a million tunes I haven't tried yet.

Evil Chuck: *Shakes his head and points at Chuck* I want him.

Slip: *Stands and steps in front of Chuck* Yer outta luck, pal.

Evil Chuck: There's only room enough for one of us. *winces and presses his hand on his stomach* And I'm not giving up without a fight.

Butch: (He does the same) You try to touch him, I'll play your ass off.

Sach: (He joins them) I may be a coward, but I don't let nobody, and I mean NOBODY, hurt my friends.

Evil Chuck: *winces again and motions to the wound on his stomach* See this? He's feeling this much worse than I am, so move aside and let me take over.

Slip: Nothin' doin', jerk.

Evil Chuck: I'm not looking to kill him! If one of us dies, so will the other! *winces again* We still need each other.

Slip: You tellin' the truth?

Evil Chuck: *nearly doubles over, still holding his stomach* Yes! It's just a matter of which one takes the lead, me or him... *groans*

Butch: He takes the lead. No questions. We're in his mind.

Sach: (Nods) He has to.

Evil Chuck: *Shakes his head* There's no way to know which of us will. *winces*

Slip: But you wanted to fight him, so you have an idea of how to take the lead. No dice.

Evil Chuck: *Groans louder* That isn't... *winces and takes some deep breaths*

Butch: (He and Sach help Chuck to his feet) Come on. We need you.

Sach: I'll help.

Chuck: *Moans* It hurts...

Sach: I know it does, buddy.

Slip: *Goes to Evil Chuck and helps him come closer* C'mon, you. Make sure ya donít cause no trouble when all this goes down Evil Chuck glares at him, but it's quickly replaced by pain.*

Sach: Ok, fellas. (He takes each man's hand and puts them together) Chuck, you do the pushin'. (He holds their hands together) Think "together" and "no more pain."

(Sach closes his eyes and looks more peaceful - and far wiser - than he ever has before.)

*Slip's eyes widen, but he remains quiet. He watches with interest. A haze covers over both Chucks. Once they're both full enveloped in it, there's a singular scream, and then a thud. The haze dissipates to reveal one Chuck laying in a heap on the ground.*

Slip: *Looks down at his brother* Chuck... *looks to Sach* Is it safe?

Sach: (Nods; voice is much deeper and gentler) Yes.

Slip: *Drops down next to Chuck and pulls his head up; gently pats his cheek* Chuck, can you hear me? Chuckie?

*Chuck's eyelids flutter. He moans, and then his eyes open. Confusion clouds them.*

Chuck: *Faintly* What... *groans, wincing*

Butch: Chuck! Chuck! (He takes Chuck in his arms) How do you feel now? (Sach also kneels by them.)

Chuck: *His eyes go to Butch, briefly to Sach, and back to Butch* I'm...tired. *his eyelids start to close*

Slip: *Leans over and pats his cheek again* Chuckie, are you you?

Chuck: *As his eyes close completely; faintly* Who else would I be?

Sach: Are you a good you, or a bad you?

Chuck: *Makes a face, his eyes still closed* Good. Now, can I sleep?

Butch: No! You have a show to finish!

*Chuck groans, but doesn't open his eyes.*

Slip: Letís get back out of his head and then see how he feels. We might have better luck.

Sach: Ok, then. Everyone hold hands an' concentrate.

(There's a light around them. When it subsides, they're all back in their regular clothes in the same place they left, with Sheila and Zelda still watching.)