(We open right back where we left off, with the boys just out of Chuck's head and Sheila and Zelda watching.)

Slip: That's a hell of a ride.

Sach: How do you feel now, Chuckie?

Chuck: Alright, I think.

Sheila: Child of Darkness...

Sach: (Very deep growl) He's not a child of darkness, and never will be.

Zelda: What did you do?!

Sach: We went into his mind and flushed out the evil you planted there.

Zelda: No! *stamps her foot*

Butch: (Rolls his eyes) Boy, are you a baby.

Sheila: How did you...but none of you...

Sach: None of us are what?

Sheila: You're hardly magicians!

Sach: You'd be surprised what kind of magic a couple of guys from the Bowery can do.

Butch: Guys, we still need to find the other girls and finish the play!

Chuck: *Nods* That's right.

Slip: We'll deal with you in time.

Sheila: (Smirks) But Zelda and I are the only ones who know where those girls are. Even the Child of Darkness doesn't know.

Chuck: She's right, guys. I have no idea where they are.

Butch: Then you two are gonna tell us where they are!

Sheila: Why should we?

Slip: *shakes a fist* Because.

Sheila: That's a silly reason.

Butch: No, it isn't.

Sheila: Why should we tell all of you louts?

Butch: (Grins at Chuck) Because we're not all louts, right Zelda?

Zelda: Well, no...

Chuck: What're you...

Butch: (Mutters to Chuck) She's crazy about you, man. Go get her. You'll have her eating out of the palm of your hand.

Chuck: *Groans and mutters* Why me? *He slowly moves toward Zelda. As he nears, Zelda's eyes widen. There's even a slight twinkle in them.*

Sheila: Zelda, don't you dare give him any information! He's not one of us anymore!

Sach: I should say not!

Zelda: Uhh...

*Chuck stops directly in front of her so they're practically nose to nose.*

Zelda: Oh...

*Chuck leans in and nuzzles her neck. Zelda's eyelids flutter.*

Butch: (Mutters to Slip with a grin) This is how we're gonna find out where those girls are. We'll be lucky if she doesn't pass out before she gives out the information.

*Slip nods, keeping both eyes on his brother.*

Sheila: Zelda, he's not a child of darkness anymore!

*Zelda whimpers.*

Sach: Get 'er, Chuckie!

Butch: Sorry, Sheila. It's four to one.

Chuck: *Whispers huskily into Zelda's ear* Zelda... where are the girls?

(Sach grabs a paper and pencil, poised to write her response down.)

Zelda: *Whimpers again* Outside...in the alley...

Sheila: (Squawks) ZELDA, YOU TRAITOR!

Butch: Thanks!

Sach: That's what we needed.

*Chuck gives Zelda a kiss. She faints in his arms. He sets her on the floor.*

Sheila: Zelda! (Looks at Chuck) What did you do to her?

Chuck: *Shrugs* I gave her some undeserved, but very much-needed love.

Sach: (Closes his notebook) Let's get outta here, before she recovers.

Butch: Yeah. We don't want her tryin' to return that kiss.

Slip: C'mon.

(Fade out as Sheila tries to revive Zelda. Fade in on the dark alley. It's lined with trash cans, crumpled bits of paper, and old cardboard boxes.)

Sach: (Peers in; gulps) Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Butch: But we have to find the other girls, including Jane and Rachel!

Slip: Zelda said they're out here, and I believe her.

Sach: Yeah, I do, too. Chuck knows how to handle her. It's just so DARK.

Chuck: I just don't WANT to handle her.

Butch: (As they enter the alley) Hopefully, you won't have to again.

Sach: Yeah. If they try anythin' again, I'll take care of 'em.

Slip: I wish we had some light out here.

Sach: (Pulls a match out of his royal cloak) You called?

(Sach runs the match on the sidewalk. It sparks up a flame. He hands matches to the others as well.)

Butch: Just be careful, guys. We don't want to burn anything besides the matches.

Chuck: Hello, anyone?

Sach: (Yells) Hellooo out there!

(That's when we hear a distinctly female groan.)

Butch: Jane! (He rushes over to a pile of boxes and trash bags and digs through them) Hold on, honey, I'm comin'!

Sach: (Stamps on Butch's lost match) Yipes! Don't wanna burn up you two!

Slip: *Leans over with his match to shed some light* Here, Butch...

Butch: (He finally pulls out what looks like a rather dust-smeared Jane) Honey! Oh Janey, are you all right? Did they hurt you?

Sach: (He and Chuck are digging through the trash bags on the other side) There's another chick here, too!

Butch: Oh Janey (hugs her), please tell me they didn't do anything to you! I know what they can do to anyone they get their hands on. :

Jane: *Groans* Oooh, I'm okay, Butch. I was just worried, thatís all. I'm so glad you found us!

Butch: Me too. Have you seen Rachel? No one can find her anywhere, and Chuck needs her.

Jane: *Shakes her head* I haven't seen her since before we started the play!

*Chuck groans.*

Sach: (He carries another girl in his arms; the girl's hair has been cropped very short) Lookit what they did to this poor chick!

Slip: Shit. *Sighs* How is she otherwise?

Sach: (He squeezes her hand) I think she's ok. She just needs to sleep it off.

Chuck: Where's Rachel!? *Leans against the wall on the far left side.*

Butch: We all have to search the alley. Jane, do you think you're up to helping?

Sach: This girl ain't. (Nods at the young woman in his arms)

Jane: I think I can.

Butch: Ok, then. We'll all look around.

Sach: (He gently places the girl in a spot against the wall) Here ya go, miss. I'll be back in a minute! (He goes off to help the others.)

Butch: (As they all start throwing trash bags around) This is getting us nowhere!

Chuck: I can't stand this! *heaves one trash bag down the alley as far as he can*

Sach: Where could they have put her?

Butch: Yeah, and we can't do this for much longer. We really do need to get back onstage.

Slip: *Puts an arm around Chuck and reels him in with the others* We'll find her, Chuckie.

Butch: (He puts his other arm around Chuck) You can count on that.

*Chuck nods.*

Sach: (He picks up the girl) Come on, guys! We're gonna miss our cues!

Butch: Yeah! It's just about time for the big finale!

(We fade out as the others troop out of the room. Fade back in on the stage. Butch and Slip manage to just duck into what looks like a jail cell with painted metal rung "bars" as the curtain opens.)

Butch: (He sighs) I'm so sorry, Lord Terrance. I thought I could be a great warrior. I'm not. I'm just a poor little musician...and not even that, without my guitar.

Slip: *Shakes his head* You did as well as you could. I'm afraid there was no way to win while they have Lord Charles.

Butch: There must be some way to free him! I don't think he's really bad. That wi...those awful witches have done something to him!

Slip: He isn't bad. He's just lost, and they took advantage of it.

Butch: There must be a way we can break out and rescue him and the others!

(Just as Butch turns to face the bars of the dungeon, we hear a lot of giggling and a few "shush"es. That's when the door of the "dungeon" bursts open and people pour in from the wings!)

Sach: Hi, guys! Your king was so lonely for ya, he decided to invade this place!

Sally: Don't worry, Terrance. Lady Violette will always come for you.

Slip: *Grins* I knew we weren't alone!

Butch: Janey!

Sach: We found her in another part of the dungeon.

*Jane goes to Butch and hugs him.*

(Butch hugs her back, then swings her around in delight!)

Bobby: Whitey was able to reverse the spells on Lord Stratton, Lord Gorman, and me.

*Whitey grins, nodding.*

Buddy: We owe him our lives.

Bobby: Green is not my color anyway.

Chuck: *He has a clearly different demeanor from the last time he played his role* What a happy reunion.

Butch: Lord Charles. (Narrows his eyes and pulls Jane close) I won't let you take her from me again. And where's my guitar?

Chuck: I don't have your precious guitar.

Butch: Then who does?

(That's when there's a puff of smoke and sparkles...and we see Sheila and a still slightly-dazed Zelda run onstage. Sheila holds the guitar.)

Sheila: Hello, everyone.

Sally: (She gets in front of Slip) Get out of here! You're outnumbered!

Sheila: But not outgunned, as the case may be.

Zelda: *Nods* Uh huh...

Sheila: (Turns to Charles and hands him the guitar) I know what you'd love to do to this.

Butch: Don't!

*Chuck looks down at the guitar. The script calls for him to nearly smash the guitar, but he can't do more than just stare at it.*

Sheila: Oh, give me that! (She grabs the guitar from him and lifts it to smash it) You're getting sentimental, Child of Darkness.

Butch: (Screams) NO! (He lunges for Sheila and grabs her arm)

*Chuck makes a face, then goes to help Butch.*

Sach: (He and Slip grab Zelda's arms) Oh no, you don't! Don'cha dare try to help her! :

Sheila: (She manages to push both boys away...but Butch has the guitar) Forget that damn guitar! I have my own weapon! (She throws what seems like smoke and sparkles across the room, though it's really more of the appearing smoke.)

Chuck: Butch, play!

(Butch starts playing an instrumental tune. Sheila winces, pulling back. When she turns around, Bobby and Marsha block the exit.)

Marsha: Where do ya think you're goin'?

Bobby: It ain't nice to run out in the middle of a concert.

Sheila: (Turns to Zelda) Zelda, do something! Stop him!

Slip: Wouldn't consider it if I was you.

*Zelda just frowns.*

Sheila: (She grabs Chuck) You little...you turned on us!

Chuck: No, I've turned back to the good side.

Sheila: TRAITOR! (She aims a swing at him, but it lacks force)

*Chuck dodges. She just barely grazes him.*

Sheila: This is ridiculous. You're all better at fisticuffs than I am. That's not my area of study. (Grabs a sword) This, on the other hand, I've been taking lessons with for years.

Chuck: *Breathes out* Shit.

Butch: Chuck, sing! Everyone sing! (Grins) Even if you're not good at it.

Sach: He's right! Everyone make some kinda music! (He grabs a bow from the same place Sheila got her sword and plucks it like a guitar)

*Everybody else sings something.*

Sheila: (She drops to her knees) No! No! Stop! I can't stand it! (Puts her hands over her ears) And some of you have voices that sound like nails on a chalkboard!

*Slip starts yelling "Dixieland."*

Sheila: (Glares at Slip) What are you trying to do, kill me?

*Slip nods while he continues.*

Sheila: No! (Pounds her fists on the stage) No! Zelda, stop them!

*Zelda's staring dreamily at Chuck, who rolls his eyes.*

Sheila: (Groans) Zelda, could you forget your hormones for five minutes and help me out here? :

Butch: No, She...Sorceress. We want you to be gone from this land and our lives.

Sheila: Nooo! NOO! (Pounds on the stage) It isn't fair! It isn't fair! Ooohhhh... (Suddenly, a puff of smoke surrounds her and Zelda. When it subsides, they're both gone, leaving only their capes behind...both having just barely managed to run offstage during the smoke.)

*Chuck sighs and makes a *whew* motion.*

Butch: Lord Charles...how do you feel now?

Chuck: Better. *sighs* I let them get to me.

Sach: (He goes to Chuck) But you were swayed by them.

Butch: Too easily. What you need is friends by your side.

Marsha: And to figure out that, yeah, you ain't perfect, but that don't make you a bad guy.

Sally: Mistress Marsha is right. You're a very good man, Charles. You just listened to a very bad...um, some very bad people.

Chuck: I'm sorry.

Slip: You don't have ta be sorry. They took advantage of you.

Sach: (He puts his arm around Chuck) I am gonna have to punish you. Kidnappin' is against the law. I might be able to say you didn't really know what you were doin' and let you get off with sittin' in one of the nicer dungeon cells for a day or two with a good book an' some time to write, an maybe someone to talk to until ya feel better.

Chuck: *nods* Thank you, Your Highness... *sighs and mutters* I don't even deserve that.

Butch: Yeah, you do. (He takes Chuck's shoulder) You're a good man, Charles. You've done many wonderful things for people. I read your publications when I came back. You just let some very wrong people into your brain.

*Chuck bows his head and heaves a heavy sigh.*

Slip: I think it's time we headed home.

Sach: That's ok. (He grabs Chuck and Butch) Because of the bravery of these two men, I declare today a holiday! Let's all go eat banana splits at Louie's until our belly buttons fall out.

Slip: *Grins* Yer wish is our command, Yer Highness.

Sach: I sure hope so! I'm starved!

Butch: That's our King!

Slip: *Puts an arm around Chuck* Letís go.

(Sach puts an arm around Butch. The four walk off stage together as the others follow and the curtain falls.)