(We open just as the curtain's closing and everyone is walking off-stage. The five boys turn to Sheila and Zelda.)

Sheila: Don't think we're letting you off this easily.

Slip: How could we ever think that?

Chuck: *Frowns* Where's Rachel!?

Sheila: Why should we tell you?

Butch: Because we've had enough of your games.

Zelda: Well, we're not finish playing yet.

Sheila: We'll be with your beloved little Rachel, when you find us.

(Sheila throws something. We see another puff of smoke like the one in the show, and they're gone.)

Chuck: NO!

Butch: (Frowns; takes Chuck's arm) Oh man...

Sally: Don't worry, Chuck. We'll find her.

Marsha: You bet we will!

Slip: Damn right we will.

Sach: Ok, guys. Where'll we start?

Butch: We've looked pretty much everywhere in the theater.

Slip: Then she's gotta be somewhere near the theater.

Sach: I don't think they'd bother all the nice people in the offices upstairs.

Bobby: Maybe not the offices, but there's gotta be closets up there.

Sach: But there's 12 stories on this buildin'! We don't have to check every closet, do we?

*Chuck takes a seat on the floor and puts his face in his hands.*

Slip: Chuck, yer actin' like a little kid. Get up. We’ve gotta find Rachel.

Sach: Maybe she ain't in the offices. Maybe she's in the basement or the storage area.

Slip: So let’s go find out. *grabs Chuck's arm and pulls him to his feet* C'mon.

(Cut to the storage area as a light flips on. Whitey, Sach, Chuck, Slip, and Butch enter.)

Butch: (He starts pulling things out of a closet) Chuck, do you think anyone would mind us lingering here like this after the show's over?

*Chuck just shrugs, frowning, as he wanders half-heartedly around the area.*

Sach: I found her! I found... (Pulls out a dressmaker's form in a black gown) Oop! That ain't Rachel! Doesn't have enough head!

*Slip whacks Sach hard with his hat.*

Sach: Well, it looked like a woman!

Butch: This is getting us nowhere.

Slip: *Watches Chuck lean unhappily against the wall* And it ain't helpin' Chuck none.

Butch: I wish there was a way we could convince those witches to tell us where she is!

Slip: They won't. We gotta keep lookin'. *sighs* Butch, can ya try talkin' to Chuck?

Butch: (Nods) All right. (He turns to Chuck) Chuck?

Chuck: *Doesn't look up* What?

Butch: (He puts a hand on his shoulder) We're doing everything we can. We'll find her.

Chuck: Yeah.

Butch: I can only imagine how I'd feel if it was Jane. (Shakes his head) I wish they'd just stop doing this to us and the people we love.

Chuck: *Faintly* Me too.

Butch: You're probably tired of hearing this, but...how do you feel now?

Chuck: *Shakes his head* I just want all of this over with.

Butch: Yeah, me too. (He smiles) Are you coming to the cast party at Louie's tonight?

Chuck: *Finally looks up at Butch; his eyes are wet* Only if we find Rachel.

Butch: We will. The other girls won't forgive us if we don't. She's their roommate. Did you see how mad Sally was?

(We hear Sach and Whitey tossing things around behind them, sometimes arguing over whether Rachel could fit into that box or behind that crate.)

*Chuck looks back at Sach and Whitey. His frown deepens.*

Butch: Well...maybe we ought to start looking around, too.

Butch: I don't think we're going to find her in here, though. We've already searched here.

*Chuck shakes his head.*

Butch: Maybe we could try some of the offices. Not all of them are open at this hour.

*Chuck shrugs.*

Butch: Come on. Let's go. (They head out, leaving the other three still tossing costumes and old Playbills around. Cut to a long, simple hallway. Butch peers out from behind a wall.)

Butch: Nope, no one here. Everyone must have gone home for the night.

Chuck: *Wraps his arms around himself* I don't like this.

Butch: I don't, either, but she has to be somewhere! They haven't had the time to put her anywhere outside the theater building.

Butch: (He looks up as we hear what sounds like footsteps) Hey, what's that sound?

Butch: (Leads him to a door) It sounds like it's coming from over here!

(Butch turns the door knob, much to his obvious surprise. Both men enter the darkened room. There's a single light bulb on in what mostly appears to be a series of desks and file cabinets. We can see a siloette behind the glass walls and door.)

Butch: (Grins at Chuck) Ok, who's brave enough to go in there first?

*Chuck just looks at him like he's got three heads.*

Butch: We'll both go in first. You cover me. (We hear menacing music as the two slowly make their way to the door. Butch finally grabs the door knob and flings it open...revealing Zelda touching up her lipstick while sitting behind a large desk. The office is pretty standard material, with a few large bookcases and plush chairs in front of two wide windows with splendid views of the street.)

Butch: Zelda? What are you doing here?

Zelda: *Looks at them in the mirror and looks surprised; turns to them* How did you find me?

Butch: You're the only office open on this end of the hall. I thought most of the offices were closed for the day.

Zelda: Not this one.

Butch: You woudln't know where Rachel is, would you?

Zelda: I'm not telling you, unless...

Butch: (He grins at Chuck, then smirks at Zelda) Unless what?

*Zelda smirks at Chuck.*

Butch: Why not me? I'm not that ugly, am I?

Zelda: I like him better.

Butch: Well... (He looks behind him; mutters to Chuck) Do you think you could blow her mind again?

Chuck: *His eyes widen* I...

Zelda: *Saunters over to Chuck; runs a finger along his jaw* Well? Do we have a deal?

*Chuck gulps.*

Butch: Zelda, just don't...do anything damaging to him or his mind. I mean it.

Zelda: *Gives Butch a patronizing smile* Hush, you.

Butch: (Whispers to Chuck) You can do it, man! She'll be putty in your hands.

Chuck: *Gulps again* Okay, Zelda. You've got a deal.

Zelda: I had a feeling we would. *She grins* Go to it, cutie.

*Chuck takes in and lets out a steadying breath, then brings a hand to her jaw. Slowly, he leans in and kisses her lips, gently.*

(Butch's eyes widen as Zelda relaxes. He has to grab her arm to keep her from ending up on the floor.)

Chuck: *Ends the kiss but remains close* Zelda, where's Rachel?

Zelda: *Swallows as she looks at him dazedly* Not yet...you're not done...

Chuck: I'm not playing games, Zelda.

Zelda: I'm not, either. That kiss was nice, but you can do much better than that.

(Butch smirks and begins to stroke her neck.)

Zelda: *Whimpers, not expecting Butch to join in* Oooooh, not fair!

Butch: What goes around, comes around. You've done this to us more times than I can count.

Chuck: *Nods* That's right. *gives her another kiss, this one much deeper than the first one; he wraps both arms around her waist*

(Butch continues stroking her neck.)

*Zelda moans, her eyes closing. She starts to sag in Chuck's arms.*

Chuck: *Ends the kiss, but again remains close, while Butch continues stroking her neck* Zelda, where's Rachel?

Zelda: *Whimpers* She's... she's...

*Chuck makes a face and nuzzles the other side of her neck.*

Zelda: *Moans* Top...top floor...Sheila's...there... *whimpers*

Chuck: *Whispers in her ear* How did you like MY game? *He pulls away from her; she sags to the floor, out like a light, but with a big smile on her face. Chuck runs both hands over his face.*

Butch: (Grins at Chuck) You're really GOOD.

Chuck: *Makes a face as he moves his hands from his face* Then why do I feel so dirty?

Butch: Because they force people to play dirty games. (Frowns) I probably shouldn't have told you to do that, but I couldn't think of any other way she'd give us the information.

Chuck: *Shakes his head* She never would've said if I hadn't done that. That's what she wanted. *sighs* I just wish I knew why it feels so different to kiss her than when I kiss Rachel. It's not just that I like Rachel and I don't like Zelda. There's just something strange about kissing Zelda.

Butch: There's something strange about both of them. Something not quite right.

Chuck: It's like...hm, oil and water trying to mix. Or electricity. It's so weird.

Butch: We'll try to explain it after we get the others and get to the top floor. I think we're going to need help. We'll never handle those two on our own.

Chuck: *Nods* Yeah. *he glances at Zelda, touches his fingers to his lips and feels a tingle* Weird.

(We fade out as the two head out, leaving Zelda passed out with a small smile playing on her lips in the office.)