(We open where we left off, with the boys in a stand-off against Chuck’s evil side, Sheila, and Zelda.)

Slip: Wait a minute, we ain't fightin' Rachel.

Sach: Yeah. We don't wanna hurt her.

Sheila: Then we keep both of them.

Sach: No!

Slip: You ain't keepin' no one.

Sheila: Oh, are we?

Sach: (Growls) No, you ain't.

Sheila: Try to get them back, then.

Sach: Let me do this, Chief.

Slip: *Nods* Do it.

Sach: You guys stay behind me for back-up. (He turns to Chuck and Rachel) Guys, I can heal you. (Looks at Evil Chuck) You too. Chuck, you're one guy, not two guys!

Evil Chuck: I don't want to be healed. Neither does he.

Sach: Yeah, you do. (He grabs Chuck's shoulder before he can move) Oh yeah, you do. You're both confused an' hurtin', but you won't admit it, 'cause you like bein' able to walk around on your own.

*Chuck nods while Evil Chuck scowls.*

Evil Chuck: Get away from him.

Sach: (Ignores Evil Chuck and goes right over to Chuck) Chuck, you don't love these dames. I don't think they can love nobody but themselves. You love Rachel, n' Rachel loves you.

Sheila: Child of darkness, get him away from them!

*Chuck regards Sach and tilts his head slightly.*

Sach: Remember what I told you an hour or so ago, Chuckie? You're smart, you're fun, an' you're a nice guy. You're like my little brother.

*Chuck frowns.*

Sach: (He nods at Rachel) You guys really love each other. Rachel helped you out when you were havin' a tough time.

*Chuck's fists ball at his sides, but he bows his head.*

Butch: This is where we come in. (He blocks Evil Chuck) Where do you think you're goin'?

Evil Chuck: Through you if you don't move.

Butch: I'm not goin' anywhere, an' you can't make me.

*Evil Chuck reaches out for Butch and swings a fist.*

Butch: (Grabs Evil Chuck's fist) I can't hurt you, but that don't mean I'm gonna let you hurt ME.

*Evil Chuck sucker punches Butch in the gut.*

Butch: (Doubles over; gasps) Cheap...shot...

Slip: *Steps in front of Butch* Watch it, pal.

Sach: (He pulls Rachel over to Chuck) You guys are crazy about each other! We're always jokin' 'bout how cute you are.

*Despite being right next to each other, Chuck and Rachel don't look at each other.*

Sach: Come on, guys! (He gently turns their heads to look at each other) Can't you even notice how much you're in love?

*Chuck and Rachel turn away from each other again.*

Sach: What's with you two? (Turns to Chuck) Are you mad at her? (Turns to Rachel) Or maybe you're mad at him.

*Rachel looks at Sach. How did you know?*

Sach: (Shrugs) You look like you're mad at him. Why don'tcha talk to him and see how he feels?

*Rachel folds her arms. She won't.*

Sach: Please, Rachel? Maybe he can tell you why he didn't take you out as much.

*Rachel doesn't move.*

Sach: Rachel...do it for me. I like you. I won't let Chuck say nuthin' that'll hurt you.

*Rachel still doesn't move, but Chuck does. He takes her hand and turns her face toward his with his other hand. They stare into each other's eyes for several moments before Chuck leans in to kiss Rachel tenderly.*

Sach: Now that's better!

Sheila: (Her eyes widen) I...no! Their eyes... (She starts for them, but Sach grabs her arm)

Sach: Don't. (Narrows his eyes at her)

*Their kiss deepens as Rachel slides her arms around Chuck.*

Sheila: Zelda, stop them!

*Whitey has a headlock on Zelda. He gives Sheila a little wave.*

Sheila: How...how did that little twerp...

Sach: My pal Whitey is stronger than he looks.

Butch: (He and Slip have Evil Chuck's arms) All under control over here!

Evil Chuck: *Struggles* Let me go!

Butch: No way. Not until you're back in Chuck's body where you belong.

Evil Chuck: I'm not going back in there!

Butch: Oh yes, you are!

Evil Chuck: No, I'm not! *stomps Butch's foot and elbows Slip's gut; he heads for Chuck and Rachel*

Sach: (He steps in front of them) You'll have to get by me first.

Sheila: That shouldn't be a problem. You're a coward, and idiot, and a fool.

Sach: Not where my friends are concerned.

Evil Chuck: *Shoves Sach* Get out of my way.

Sach: Nuthin' doin'. It would take a crane to move me.

*Evil Chuck launches himself at Sach.*

(Sach steadies himself and grabs hold of him as he runs into him.)

Evil Chuck: *Growls* I don't know what you are...

Sach: I don't, either, but I know I ain't gonna let you hurt Chuck n' Rachel no more.

Evil Chuck: I'm not going back in there!

Sach: (Quietly) You have to. You can't survive without Chuck. I can heal you. Make you feel better. You can't feel good, always bein’ mad like that.

Sheila: He's a Child of Darkness! You can't heal him!

Sach: Chuck the Second, why do you want to stay out here? You're a part of Chuck the First.

Evil Chuck: He's a...he's...uh... Shut up!

Sach: No, I ain't shuttin' up. Only the Chief can tell me to shut up, an' you ain't the Chief. You don't tell me what to do. You don't tell Chuckie what to do, either. He tells you.

(Butch gently puts his hand on Chuck's shoulder, trying to reassure him.)

Sach: (He holds tightly onto Evil Chuck's shoulders) What do you have against Chuckie? What did he ever do to you?

Evil Chuck: *glares at Chuck* He's a good person. I never get to have any fun. He's never even shoplifted!

*Chuck and Rachel just hold each other, Chuck watching his evil half.*

Sach: Maybe he don't wanna land in jail. (Grins faintly) Unless he got in there 'cause one of Chiefy's ideas didn't work.

Evil Chuck: He's no fun!

Sach: So compromise! Find a way to have some fun! Be a little naughty every now and then. Sneak candy when Slip ain't lookin'. Read books the older folks say not to. Go to movies with a lot of scary stuff.

Evil Chuck: I'd ask if you were serious, but I know you are.

Sach: Well, what do you wanna do?

Evil Chuck: I want to be bad! I want to do things!

Sach: Then do things. You can have fun and still be one person.

Evil Chuck: No. *looks at Rachel* People won't let me do things.

Sach: Rachel's been real nice to ya! She was a big help when you had all that trouble a while back.

Evil Chuck: Yeah, she was nice, but she could've been nicer.

Sach: You may be ready to...uh, do things, but the rest of you ain't.

Sach: (Turns to Rachel) Are you ready to...uh...do adult stuff?

Rachel: *Blushes, as does Chuck beside her* Do we have to talk about this NOW?

Chuck: *To his evil half* You need to return to where you came from.

Evil Chuck: *rolls his eyes* That hurt.

Sach: Yes, we do. Chuck - both sides of Chuck - can't think of nothin' else. He won't settle until we get this settled.

Chuck: *Glares at his evil half* You keep trying to get me into trouble with that line of thinking! Can't you just take a cold shower and let it go?

Evil Chuck: *smirks, raising an eyebrow* Maybe I just need something to NOT let go.

Sach: Chuck, everyone feels horny every now and then! When I do, I borrow the Chief's girlie magazines!

Slip: *Groans* I really needed ta hear that, Sach.

Chuck: *Loudly* I don't want to talk about this!

Sach: Chuck, if you don't figure this out, you ain't never gonna be one person again! You have to admit that you're two people. Yeah, you're a nice guy, but even nice guys get feelin's about girls.

Chuck: *Looks at Rachel* I'm sorry. I...I don't know how to deal with this. Rachel, I...I'm so sorry... *looks like he's going to say something else, but suddenly turns and takes off out the door*

Slip: *Groans* Aw hell. *Evil Chuck starts laughing.*

Sheila: (Smirks) Well well, it looks like he's a bit of a chicken.

Slip: Chuck ain't no chicken.

Sach: Rach n' I will go after Chuckie. You guys deal with the rest of 'em.

Sheila: (Smirks) Piece of cake.

Slip: That's what you think.

Rachel: *Joins Sach* Let’s get out of here and find Chuck.

Sach: (Nods) Yeah.

(Sach and Rachel follow Chuck back into the short hallway outside of the studio.)

Sach: Chuckie, wait!

Rachel: Chuck!

Chuck: *Without turning back* Go away!

Sach: I ain't leavin' ya, an' Rachel ain't, either.

Chuck: *Tries a door; it won't open; he groans* Let me out! *bangs on the door*

Rachel: Chuck, please...

Sach: (He gets in front) Just hear us out, Chuck.

Chuck: Why should I? You're not the one who’s having his personal feelings and emotions put on display for everyone to see! I don't like this kind of attention. *Leans against the wall with a thump and heaves a heavy sigh. Rachel moves next to him and gently puts an arm around his shoulders. She frowns when she feels him tense up.*

Sach: Is that what it is? You don't like the attention?

Chuck: *Looks at Sach with wet eyes* When have I ever liked a lot of attention?

Sach: Why didn't you say that was the problem before?

Chuck: Because I didn't know that's what it was. That's...that's why they keep going after me. They figured that by exploited something really personal, it'd hurt the most.

Sach: (Puts a hand on his shoulder) And that's why we keep comin' after ya.

Chuck: *Lowers his eyes* That's...that's part of the problem, too.

Rachel: What do you mean, Chuck?

Sach: Yeah! You know we don't wanna hurt ya.

Chuck: There's always someone around. If it isn't Slip, it's whomever Slip sends after me. Like right now. All I wanted was a few minutes to think on my own, to sort things out, but as soon as the door closed, it reopened, and there you were.

Rachel: We were worried with how you ran out.

Sach: Yeah! You scared us. I can tell you're still upset.

Chuck: Wouldn't you be upset too if you were being teased by an evil twin who doesn't really exist?

Sach: Yeah. Isn't there anythin' we can do to fix you guys?

Chuck: *A little hysterical* I don't know! It isn't like this has happened before!

Rachel: *Puts her hand on Chuck's arm* We're just trying to help.

Sach: (Nods) Yeah. You have to remember, we're confused, too. We don't want to see you like this.

Chuck: I just...I don't know. *Slumps down on the floor, folds his arms on his knees, and rests his head on his arms.*

Sach: Sometimes, you don't have to know. You just have to rest. (He plops down next to him)

*Rachel sits down as well and gently rubs Chuck's back with her hand. After a few seconds, we hear faint sniffling from Chuck.*

Sach: There ya go. You just needed to let it all out.

*Rachel continues to rub Chuck's back.*

Sach: Don'cha feel better now?

*Chuck shakes his head the best he can.*

Rachel: Sach, I think it's going to take just a little bit more than that to really help.

Sach: I need to rejoin you an' the other Chuck again.

Rachel: Any thoughts on how to do that?

Sach: (Shrugs) I guess the way I did it before - get them together, hold their hands, think "together," and see pretty lights.

Rachel: *Nods and smiles* If it worked once already, it can't hurt to try it a second time.

*Chuck mumbles something.*

Sach: Now, we've just gotta get Chuck's other half to do it.

Rachel: *Rubs Chuck's back again* What did you say, Chuck?

Chuck: *Lifts his head a little; his eyes are red; whispers* I'm not going back in there.

Rachel: *Frowns* But, Chuck...

Sach: You've gotta! We ain't never gonna get you two back together if ya don't!

Chuck: *Louder* I'm not goin'!

Rachel: Please, honey, you HAVE to!

Sach: (Deeper) Chuck, you have to rejoin with your other self. He's a part of you. You may go mad if you don't.

*Chuck looks at Sach. He's frowning deeply and on the verge of tears again.*

Chuck: *Whispers* Don't talk like that, Sach, please.

Sach: Charles, listen to me. You won't be whole unless I can join your parts together, but I can't do it unless you're both there.

*Chuck winces at the use of his formal first name, but looks down, away from Sach, and shakes his head.*

Sach: Do you want to be scared your entire life?

*Chuck doesn't respond.*

Rachel: Honey... *rubs Chuck's back some more*

Sach: What about your brother, and Butchy?

Rachel: Chuck, please...

Sach: (He pulls Chuck to his feet and gets up as well) Chuck, there's only one way we're gonna do this. I know you ain't gonna like it, but I have no other choice. (He grabs Chuck and swings him over his shoulder)

Chuck: *yelps* Sach!

*Rachel sighs, but she's grinning.*

(Sach carries Chuck into the main room. Slip has Evil Chuck's arms yanked behind his back. Whitey and Butch tie Sheila and Zelda up with heavy twine.)

Sach: Thanks, Chiefy! Ya got him all warmed up for us!

Slip: Runt tried ta slither away from me. *nods at Sach* Didn't go well out there?

Chuck: Sach, put me down.

Sach: No, it didn't. (He puts Chuck down, but he and Rachel hold his shoulder) He wouldn't come back in.

Slip: *Sees Chuck gulp and the worried look on his face; nods* Yeah, I can see why. Well, I got this guy. Whadaya want me ta do with him?

Evil Chuck: *Struggles against Slip* I want you to let me go! He doesn't want me back inside his head. That's why he's scared.

Slip: Shudup.

Sach: You have to be back in his head. Everyone needs a good side and a bad side.

Sheila: (Smirks) I don't.

Butch: Oh, hush. (Stuffs a rag in her mouth)

Slip: That's right. They balance each other. *gives Evil Chuck a nudge* Now git.

Evil Chuck: I'm not goin'!

Sach: (Takes his hand) Oh yes, you are. You can't exist on your own. You ain't real.

Evil Chuck: No! *tries to pull away from Sach, but Slip still holds him*

Sach: (He takes their hands) Ok, fellas, concentrate.

*Chuck looks on with wide eyes, while Evil Chuck is still struggling. Slip clips the back of Evil Chuck's head, dazing him slightly, but enough to make both Chucks blur. Rachel gasps.*

Sach: (He closes his eyes) You can't live without each other. Every man is both evil and good, light and dark. The light cannot live without the darkness.

Butch: (Mutters to Slip) Where's Sach been hearin' all this stuff?

Slip: Not a clue, but I'm glad he has.

*The blur finally begins to fade. We see one Chuck where there were two before. His eyes are closed, and he stands stock-still.*

Sach: Open your eyes, Charles. What do you see?

Chuck: *Opens his eyes* I see...Rachel...

*Rachel gives Chuck a small smile upon hearing her name.*

Sach: What else do you see?

Chuck: You and the guys...

Sach: How do you feel 'bout us now?

Chuck: *Blinks and sighs* I... *shrugs* I'm so tired... *sways*

Slip: Shit! *Hurries to Chuck just in time to catch his fainting body. Zelda chuckles a little.*

Sach: We've gotta get him downstairs or home to rest before Louie's cast party.

Sheila: He's going to need an awful lot of rest.

*Zelda nods her agreement.*

Slip: *Picks up Chuck in his arms* Let’s get him outta here and give those two hyenas a rest.

Sheila: Hey, what about us?

(The others ignore them as they head for the hall and elevator.)

Sheila: Don't leave us like this!

Zelda: This isn't funny anymore!

Sheila: I know you can hear us! Don't you dare... (The door slams) ...walk out like that.

Zelda: Come back!

Sheila: It's no use. They're gone. I can hear the elevator.

Zelda: *Sighs* Well, this is a fine mess we’ve gotten into. *Thoughtful* Do you think we'll ever be able to bring out the Child of Darkness again?

Sheila: I don't know. If we do it again, we may end up damaging both their minds for good.

Zelda: *Sighs again* Oh.

Sheila: For right now, we need to figure out how we're going to get out of here. (Makes a face) I wish we could just imagine we were anywhere else!

Zelda: *Laughs* Oh, yeah, just think about being somewhere else and end up there. *sighs* It would be easier.

Sheila: Maybe we could try to loosen these knots.

Zelda: *Makes a face* Not happening.

Sheila: Ooh! Can't you do something?

Zelda: If I could, I would.

Sheila: Wonderful. I'm the one who has to do everything again!

Zelda: Excuse me? I do my fair share!

Sheila: When you're not making goo-goo eyes at those boys.

Zelda: You're just jealous you haven't run into their friend Gabe lately!

Sheila: Can't you pick one Mahoney and stick with him?

Zelda: I have picked! I've been after the Younger!

Sheila: I've seen you eye both of them!

Zelda: I can still look! That doesn't mean anything!

Sheila: That's what you say!

(Fade out on the two women bickering as the camera pulls slowly away from them. Fade in on the Boys' apartment. Sach, Butch, and Whitey come in first, followed by Slip with his arm around a still-groggy Chuck. Everyone is back in their regular clothes.)

Sach: Ah, home sweet home. (Flops on the couch) I think I'm gonna listen to some Green Hornet.

Slip: *Settles Chuck in his easy chair; Chuck gives a slight grunt of thanks* Just don't turn it up too loud, Sach. Ya always get carried away wit' that show.

Sach: You never get into the good shows.

Butch: How do you feel now, Chuck?

Chuck: *Looks like he's trying to make his eyes focus* Weird... *sighs* and still tired.

Butch: We have time before the cast party. You can take a nap.

Sach: Wanna listen to the radio with me?

Chuck: *Barely shakes his head and closes his eyes.* No...

Butch: Let's go in our room. I'll make sure you get some sleep.

*Chuck's eyes reopen and look even more glazed than before he closed them. He gives a barely noticeable nod before he lets Slip help him to his feet.*

Slip: Here we go, Chuckie... *hands him off to Butch*

Butch: (He takes Chuck's arm) Come on. You need a good nap.

*Chuck gives a faint grunt and lets Butch help him.*

(Cut to Butch and Chuck's small room behind the calico curtain. There's barely enough room for bunk beds, a desk, and a shelf filled with books and sheet music.)

Butch: (Settles Chuck on the bottom bunk) Here you go.

*Chuck sighs. His half-open eyes glance dazedly at Butch.*

Butch: Do you feel...whole...again?

Chuck: *Gives him an small shrug* Guess so...

Butch: How did it feel to...you know...be split like that?

Chuck: *His glazed look turns to the ceiling* Hurt...

Butch: It must have hurt like hell.

*Chuck grunts, then rolls to his side and curls up in a ball.*

Butch: You get some sleep. We'll talk more before the party.

*Chuck sighs and relaxes. We hear his sleep-filled breathing immediately.*

Butch: (Softly) Pleasant dreams! (We fade out as he pulls the curtain aside and heads into the main room)