(We open as the curtain does, revealing a small set that looks like a throne room. Sach sits in the throne, with Slip, Sally, and Whitey around him.)

Sach: Come on! You're all my personal advisors. You should be able to know how to deal with this!

Sally: But Charles wasn't always so. You know that.

Sach: (Shakes his head) He used to be a good man. He was one of my best advisors, Lady Violet te. But now, it seems that he's been swayed over by that witch of a sorceress who lives in the Forbidden Forest!

Slip: He's my own brother. How do you think I feel?

Whitey: *Nods* He was a good friend and brother, but that sorceress got to him.

Sally: (Turns to Whitey) Lord Whitmore, you're our best wizard. Can't you create a spell or potion that'll counteract the sorceress' hexes?

Whitey: *Shakes his head* I can't combat their black magic.

Satch: She has a point. You are a wizard, aren't ya?

Whitey: Yes, I am, and I'm good...but I'm not THAT good.

Slip: *Puts a hand on Whitey's shoulder* It isn't your fault, Lord Whitmore.

Sach: There must be some way we can restore his mind! He isn't himself! He's a good man, not a creature of darkness!

Slip: I hope so, Yer Highness.

*Chuck steps out onto the stage, still in the same black garb. He stands with his arms folded.*

Sally: Lord Charles?

Slip: *Points at Chuck* Look...

Sach: (Mutters to Slip) He don't look right, Chief.

Slip: *Mutters back to Sach* No, he don't.

Chuck: Greetings, friends.

Sach: Lord Charles, what are you doing here?

Chuck: I'm looking for recruits.

Slip: Recruits fer what?

Sach: You'll not find them here!

Sally: Lord Charles, what are you doing?

Chuck: I'm standing in the throne room.

Sach: That ain't...that's not what she means, and you know it. What do you want of us?

Sally: That's right. What do you want here? I thought your mistress was now The Sorceress.

Chuck: Oh, but she is. She asked me to come here and find recruits.

Sally: We repeat - recruits for what?

Sach: For his sorceress, I bet!

Chuck: Of course.

Sach: We'll not be dragged out for that woman's hellish experiments!

Sally: Lord Charles, we want you back, and in your right mind. Your brother wants you back.

Chuck: Too bad. I like what I am now. I'm appreciated.

*Slip bristles at the comments. His eyes narrow when Chuck shoots him a look.*

Sach: But we appreciate you, too! We always have! Come back and be one of my advisors.

Sally: Please? (She goes to him) It would make all of us so happy.

*Chuck just smirks at Sally.*

Sach: Sa...er, Violette, be careful. There's something about him that's not quite right.

Sally: (Frowns) What do you mean? (Looks into his eyes) Charles, what's happened to you?

*Chuck looks deep into Sally's eyes, still smirking.*

Sally: (As Chuck reaches for her head) You...you...we... (her eyes start to flutter)

Sach: (Stands) What are you doin' to Lady Violette?

(Sally's eyes finally close. She collapses into Chuck's arms.)

Sach: Lady Violette! (He waves his scepter) Wake her up!

Chuck: Not a chance.

Slip: *Steps forward* You wake her up NOW.

Sach: That's right. She's the fiancee of your own brother!

Chuck: I know that.

Sach: (He rushes over to Chuck) Then let her go! Cease! Desist! And whatever else you've gotta do to put her down!

Chuck: No. She's coming with me.

Sach: (He runs in front of Chuck) I won't let you. (Whispers to Chuck) What are you doin'? You really made her pass out, didn't ya? I remember seein' that same look on ya last week when we were in that haunted theater.

Chuck: Get out of my way.

Sach: Nuthin' doin'. I know I'm a coward, but I don't let people hurt my friends.

Chuck: *Looks into Sach's eyes* Get out of my way.

Sach: No.

Slip: Yer Highness, get Lady Violette!

Sach: Ok! (He manages to yank Sally away from Chuck; her eyelids flutter in his awkward arms) Are you ok, Sal? Did he do anythin' to ya?

Sally: Uhh...ohhh...

*Slip then takes the opportunity to slam into Chuck. The two tumble across the stage floor.*

Sach: Chuckie...uh, Lord Charles! Lord Terrence! Are you all right?

Sally: Slip....

*Chuck ends up on top. He smirks.*

Sach: How did ya do that, Chu...uh, Lord Charles? Usually, when you two wrestle, the Ch..uh, Terrence beats the heck outta ya.

Chuck: *Ignores Sach and grabs two fists-full of Slip's shirt; pulls him up to look face-to-face* That's an illegal move, brother.

Sach: (In horror) Chuck, what are you doin'?

Sally: Ch..chuck...no...

Slip: *his eyes widen; mutters* Chuck, what're ya tryin' ta do?

Chuck: *murmurs* Teach you a thing or two.

*Chuck punches Slip square in the jaw. Slip slumps back to the floor, dazed, but conscious.*

Sach: Chiefy! (He hands Sally over to Whitey and hurries to Slip's side) Lord Charles, why did you do that to your own brother? (Mutters) Not to mention, it wasn't in the script!

Chuck: *Stands* Lord Terrence needed to be taught a lesson. *He starts laughing and throws down something that explodes into smoke and sparkles. When it clears, Chuck is gone...and so is Sally.*

Slip: *Sits up and looks around* Sa...Violette? Violette!?

Sach: (Gasps dramatically) Oh my! Lady Violette! He's taken her! The poor dear! (Mutters to Slip) This was in the script. He is supposed to grab Sally first...but I didn't like that look in his eyes. And hittin' you wasn't in the script.

Slip: *Groans and mutters* Caught me by surprise...

Sach: Lord Whitmore! See if you can do somethin' to help this man!

Whitey: Right, Your Highness! *Kneels beside Slip.*

Sach: Lord Terrance, did that slug jolt you senseless, or with less sense than you had before?

Slip: *Holds his head and glares at Sach* Shuddup.

Whitey: Your Highness, Lord Terrence will be fine once his head is clear. *Slip groans* It isn't clear yet.

Sach: Can't ya put a spell on him or give him a potion or somethin'?

Whitey: *Frowns* Your Highness, that seems to be your answer for everything.

Sach: (Whispers with a slight grin) Why Whitey, you ad-libbed! I didn't know you could do that!

*Slip groans again.*

Sach: Maybe we ought to get Lord Terrence to the infirmary. (Mutters) Let's go see if we can get him a drink while everyone else is settin' up the Inn set and talkin' about how scared they are of the Sorceress.

Whitey: *Nods* Yes, Your Highness.

Sach: Come on. (He and Whitey carry Slip offstage as the curtain closes)

(Fade out on the curtain. Fade in on a dusty, damp, dim room. The only light comes from a few small windows near the ceiling. There are boxes, crates, old furniture, large props, and racks of costumes set everywhere. A long stack of boxes is covered with a sheet; so are an old bed and chair.)

Sheila: (She looks around) It's not perfect, but it'll do on short notice.

*Chuck enters, carrying Sally in his arms.*

Sheila: Hello, Child of Darkness. (Smirks) I see you've brought us our first playmate.

Sally: Wha...Chuck...

Sheila: Did you have any difficulty with the others onstage?

Chuck: Minimal issues.

Sheila: Good. Now, lay her in the bed. She seems to be coming out of the mind control. You'll have to work further on her.

Sally: What...mind control?

*Chuck lays Sally on the bed. He pulls a pendant from his pocket and swings it in front of her.*

Sally: Wha...

Sheila: Just relax, dear.

Sally: No...

Chuck: *Softly* Relax, Sally...

Sally: No...not right...

Sheila: Stroke her head, like a dog's.

*Chuck gently runs his fingertips over Sally's head, while swinging the pendant with the other hand.*

Sally: (But her eyes are beginning to glaze over) Ohhhh...

Sheila: Yes, you almost have her! (She strokes her head) You concentrate on the pendant. Make sure she keeps her eyes on it.

*Chuck swings the pendant steadily, making sure to keep it directly in front of Sally's face.*

Sheila: (As Sally's eyes completely glaze over) I think she's ready to be your plaything now.

Sally: Yes....

Chuck: *Stops swinging the pendant* What do you suggest, milady?

Sheila: First of all, tell her that she's completely under our control. (Strokes her hair) And tell her to remain completely silent, no matter what. She cannot make a sound. She talks far too much for my liking.

Chuck: *nods* Sally, you are under our control. You are to not speak unless we say so. You must remain absolutely silent.

(Sally nods. Sheila continues stroking her.)

Sheila: Why don't you use her as a pet? Wouldn't that anger your brother?

Chuck: *Smirks* Yes... *strokes Sally's hair*

Sheila: (She pulls a plastic jewel-studded collar out of one of the crates) I think this would look quite nice on her. >:)

Sheila: (Hands it to Chuck) Why don't you have the honor of putting it on her? She does belong to you.

Chuck: I'd love to, thank you. *places the collar around Sally's neck*

Sheila: (She smirks and hands Chuck a feather) Why don't you train your pet? Have some fun with her. (Pulls out rope) We'll make sure she moves the way you want her to.

(Sally continues to stare straight ahead. Chuck strokes her golden hair.)

*Chuck tickles Sally's nose with the feather.*

(Sally opens her mouth to giggle, but she can't make a sound. Sheila ties her wrists and torso to the posts of the bed. Sally tries to move her head away from the feather, but Sheila moves it back to Chuck.)

*Chuck continues to tickle on various portions of her face and head. He occasionally drags it down her neck.*

(Sally tries to move her head, but Sheila holds it firmly. She wiggles her nose.)

*Chuck moves the feather along anywhere that her skin is uncovered.*

(She giggles, wiggling her body as well as she can. She tries to kick her legs, but Chuck grabs them and runs the feather over her feet, smirking as her legs jerk in his grasp.)

Sheila: You're doing quite well, dear boy.

*Chuck smirks and runs the feather torturously slow over Sally's toes.*

(Sally gasps and tries to pull away.)

*Chuck just holds her feet more firmly, and then drags the feather over her heels and ankles.*

(Sally gasps again, but she can't pull her feet away. Sheila strokes her head to calm her.)

*Chuck drags the feather slowly up one leg.*

(Sally jerks with the feather as it goes up and down.)

*Chuck drags the feather over thigh, and then the other.*

(Sally tries not to let out a groan as Sheila lightly strokes her hair.)

*Chuck moves the feather to the inside of Sally's thighs.*

(Sally tries to jerk, but Sheila tightens the rope around her torso.)

*Chuck moves the feather slower around Sally's thighs.*

(Sally opens her mouth to giggle, but Sheila puts her hand over it to close it again.)

Sheila: You're doing well, my child of darkness.

Chuck: Thank you, milady.

Sheila: You're welcome. (Nods) You're due onstage. Why don't you bring me another playmate? (She nods at Sally) We'll find a good place for this one while you're away.

(Sheila takes Sally's leash and the feather.)

Sheila: You're supposed to "capture" and "torture" several extras off-stage. Why don't you bring a few back here and have some real fun?

Chuck: *Smirks* Gladly.

Sheila: Go on ahead. I'll find Zelda and tend to our new pet. (Strokes Sally)

Chuck: Very well. *heads out*

Sheila: (She throws a sheet over Sally) And now, we'll say good-bye, my pretty one. (When she removes the sheet, Sally has, indeed, vanished into thin air. Sheila laughs evilly as she follows Chuck out the door and we fade out.)