(We open back in the basement. The light is dim...but suddenly, a lone bulb switches on. Jane and Butch carefully make their way downstairs.)

Butch: (Gulps) It sure is spooky down here. It's hard to believe that the show is happening right above us.

Jane: *Nods* It's sorta scary down here.

*There's a faint noise that cause Jane to latch onto Butch.*

Butch: (Grins faintly) I like it when you do that.

Jane: *Blushes* I wouldn't mind doing it if I wasn't so scared.

Butch: I know I saw Chuck come down here.

Jane: What's going on with him? I only got a little bit of it from Sally. And poor Rachel, she said he hasn't spoken to her all week!

Butch: I don't know. I'm worried, too. So are the other guys. He's barely spoken to us, and we live with him. (He looks around the room, shaking his head.) I was hoping we'd find Sally down here, or one of the other girls who seem to have gone missing. I can't shake the feeling that Sach is right and Chuck's involved.

Jane: *Shivers* Butch, I think someone's watching us.

Butch: (Looks around) I don't see anyone here...

Jane: *Gasps as she sees something out of the corner of her eye* Butch!

Butch: (He's leaning over a crate) What?

Jane: I...I don't know...I thought I...saw something...

Butch: (As he tries to pry open the crate) What did you see?

Jane: I don't know. It was dark.

Butch: Hey Jane, could you give me a hand opening this?

Jane: Gladly! *rushes over to him* Why are you trying to open a crate?

Butch: I'm wondering if there's some reason Chuck wanted to come back here. Maybe something about the building or the stage... (his eyes widen as they open the crate to reveal Sally laying in it, her eyes open but unseeing) or the people.

*Jane gasps loudly and manages to cover her mouth before making too much noise.*

Butch: (He shakes her) Sally? Sal? But she continues to stare ahead)

*Jane whimpers, scared for her friend.*

Butch: Jane, take her arm and see if you can help me get her out.

Jane: Okay... *leans in* Oh, Sally! *takes Sally's arm*

Butch: (As they lift her out) Jane, how much of Louie's food has Sally been eating lately?

Jane: Well...

Butch: We've got to get her to Slip. Remember how he was able to help her in the haunted theater?

Jane: *Nods* Yeah.

*We hear a soft chuckle from behind them.*

Butch: Jane, please tell me you laughed.

Jane: *Looks at Butch* I was hoping it was you!

Butch: Wasn't me. (Nods at Sally) And it sure wasn't her.

(Butch and Jane slowly turn themselves and Sally around...to see a smirking Chuck in back of them.)

Butch: Chuck! What are you doing down here?

Chuck: Finding you, apparently.

Butch: Help us get Sally upstairs. She looks like she did in that haunted theater last week...

Chuck: No.

Butch: Chuck, what's wrong with you?

Chuck: Nothing is wrong with me.

Butch: That's not what I'm seeing. You look pale, and you have this look in your eyes, the same one... (Eyes widen) Oh no...they didn't....they're not here....

Chuck: What look, Butch?

Butch: Those witches got to you again, didn't they?

Chuck: I don't know what you're talking about, Butch.

Butch: I do. Sheila and Zelda. They're here, aren't they, and they got at your mind. (Nods at Sally) And hers too, from the looks of it.

Chuck: *Smirks* I did that.

Butch: You? But you're not them!

Chuck: Me.

Butch: You what? You're not like them! You're not a real warlock!

Chuck: *Pulls the pendant from his pocket, letting it dangle* I used this.

Butch: (Narrows his eyes) They hypnotized you again.

Chuck: *Shrugs* And?

Butch: And you did it to Sally, probably with their help.

Chuck: I did.

Butch: Why? This isn't you!

(Butch pushes the two women behind him; Jane holds up Sally.)

Chuck: Why not?

Butch: You're a good guy and a good friend. You'd never do this to anyone! (Mutters to himself) You'd pass out first.

Butch: Chuck, I have to do this, if only to wake you up... (Hits him) Jane, get out of here!

Butch: Take Sally, too!

*Jane takes Sally's arm and directs her out of the basement as Chuck staggers.*

Butch: Stay the hell out of people's heads, and tell those bitches to do the same!

*Chuck regains his footing and goes after Butch.*

Butch: (Ducks away) You still can't hit as well as me.

*Chuck growls and swings at Butch again.*

Butch: (Ducks away again) Slip and I need to work on you with that. (He takes his own swing at Chuck)

*This swing connects harder than the first. Chuck goes down, but he's still conscious.*

Butch: Now do you get the point?

Chuck: *Glares up at Butch and shakes his head* No. *gets up*

Butch: Chuck, you know you can't beat me. You can't hit to save your life.

Chuck: I don't give up.

Butch: Chuck, I don't want to hurt you...but I don't want you hurting anyone else, either.

*Chuck shrugs, then goes after Butch again.*

(Butch dives away and aims for Chuck's stomach.)

*Butch connects and Chuck doubles over, gasping.*

Butch: (He has his fists up) Chuck, I don't want to do any real damage...but I also want to make you what you were again.

*Chuck suddenly dives at Butch. The two go rolling on the floor.*

(When the camera manages to focus on them again, we find Butch on top.)

Butch: See? I always win when we wrestle. )

Chuck: *Struggles trying to get Butch off of him* You never let me win!

Butch: That's because you're the only one I can really beat.

Chuck: *Pauses as a brief, familiar look crosses his face* Some friend you are.

Butch: (He grins) Chuck? Chuck, is that you? You know I don't mean it. You're the only one who doesn't treat me like I'm still a little kid.

*Chuck just blinks at him.*

Butch: (Frowns) They really have you under too, don't they?

Chuck: Under... *groans and puts his hands to his head*

Butch: Yeah. We need to find Rachel to have her get you out of this. Have you seen her? No one can find her, and she has scenes coming up soon!

*Chuck makes some unintelligible sounds.*

Butch: (He gets off his friend) Sorry for sitting on you. It was the only way I could get you to listen.

*Chuck rolls onto his side and curls up, holding his head again.*

Chuck: *Mutters* Don't wanna listen...

Butch: Chuck, please. (Puts his hands on his friend's shoulder) Think of the show! Think of Rachel! They may have gotten to her, too! Think of us!

Chuck: Show... *groans and tries to curl farther into himself*

Butch: Yeah, the show! The show must go on, you know!

*Chuck cries out, and then uncurls himself. He jumps at Butch.*

Butch: Whoa! It don't need to go on that fast!

*Chuck manages to get Butch on the ground, now in the opposite position. He stares down at him, gasping a little and with a relatively wild look in his eyes.*

Butch: Oh man, you're back to being a bad guy again!

Chuck: You're causing too much trouble.

*Chuck glares down at Butch, but there's something just not quite right about his eyes.*

Butch: Chuck, there's something wrong with you.

Chuck: *Takes up a handful of Butch's shirt* Is there?

Butch: Well, for one thing, you just tackled me. The Chuck I know would be almost terrified to do that.

Chuck: I'm not scared of anything.

Butch: My Chuck is scared of a lot of things.

Chuck: He isn't here.

Butch: I want my Chuck. Chuck, are you in there?

Chuck: *Pauses, for a moment, just long enough for a glimmer of recognition, then* NO!

Butch: Yes! (Frowns) Please?

Chuck: *Glares, all recognition gone*

Butch: I don't want to do this to you, but I will. Bring Chuck back. Our Chuck. Or else.

Chuck: *Leans in close to Butch; whispers* No.

Butch: (Screams in his ear) YES! (Hits him in the chin and gets off of him)

*Chuck is slumped on the floor, groaning faintly. He makes no move to get up or even move.*

Butch: I'm going to get you out of here. I'll see if I can get some of the ones who are helping backstage to try to get your brain working.

(Butch pulls his best friend into his arms and carries him upstairs as we fade out.)