We open back onstage. Sach is pacing. Whitey watches him.)

Sach: I can't believe this! Nobody can seem to find those lost girls!

Whitey: Sir, I mean no offense, but you're gonna wear a rut in the floor.

Sach: Do you know how many girls have been reported missin' in the past few days?

Whitey: Too many, Sire.

Sach: Yeah. We've gotta do somethin'!

Slip: *walks onto stage, carrying Sally in his arms* Your Highness, I've found Lady Violette!

Sach: (Practically jumps over to Slip) Ya did? Where? Is she hurt?

Slip: She seems okay, just out. We found her in the woods, Sir.

Sach: The Forbidden Woods?

Slip: I'm afraid so.

Sach: Oh...oh poor girl! She's lucky she's still in one piece! There's said to be monsters and demons and witches and all kinds of scary stuff in those woods!

Slip: *frowns* No kiddin'.

Sally: (Her eyes flutter) Wh...where am I?

Sach: Where are you? You're here, that's where!

Sally: (Looks up) T..terrance?

Slip: I'm here, Lady Violette.

Sally: Oh...I feel so tired...like I have no energy... (snuggles into him; murmurs) And you're so warm...

Slip: *Mutters* Sal, yer gonna make me ferget my lines doin' that.

Sally: But you feel so good...

Slip: *Normally to Sach* Sire, I think Lady Violette needs to lay down.

Sach: Yeah! (Mutters to Slip) And don't lay down with her. It ain't in the script.

*Slip makes a face, and then turns and heads off stage with her.*

Sach: (He turns to Whitey) We've gotta bring those witches out into the open. They're really gettin' to be a problem.

Whitey: Indeed, Sire, but how?

Sach: I'm gonna send Lord Terrance into the Forbidden Forest. We'll send our best men with him.

Whitey: Very well, Sire.

Sach: We'll need volunteers, too. Take them into town to find some of my best knights.

Sach: You know, the guys in the tin foil and tin can swords.

Sach: Ok, Lord Whitmore. You go get the other boys. I'll make an announcement that we're gonna find these evil sorceresses and get Lord Charles back.

Whitey: *Salutes* Yes, Sire! *Heads out. After he's off-stage, we hear a thud and his faint "I'm okay!"*

Sach: (Pokes his head in the wings; we can still see the rest of his body) Are you ok back there, Whitey?

Whitey: Yeah, I'm fine.

Sach: Ok. (He pulls his head out) Now, to make that speech...

(Cut to the front of the Inn. Marsha and Jane, wearing peasant outfits and capes, walk out of the "building" and into the square.)

Marsha: I'm glad we're walking home together. Five girls and four boys have disappeared in the past couple of weeks!

Jane: *Nods* I know! It seems nobody's safe.

Marsha: (She looks up) What's that noise?

Jane: What's...

*Chuck steps in front of the ladies.*

Marsha: (Frowns) Aren't you Lord Charles?

Chuck: I am.

Jane: What do you want?

*Chuck just chuckles.*

Marsha: I don't like that laugh. (Mutters to her) We've gotta go get help.

*Jane nods.*

Chuck: Ladies, what's your rush?

Marsha: I just remembered, I, uh, have a hot date! Bye! (She ducks around Chuck) Jane, run!

Jane: Oh! *tries to duck around Chuck, but he grabs her around the waist*

Chuck: Not so fast!

Marsha: Jane, I'm gonna get help! (She hurries off)

Jane: Hurry!

(Jane struggles as hard as she can in Chuck's arms.)

Chuck: Now now... *lifts her off the ground*

Jane: No! (She tries her hardest to pull away)

Chuck: My dear, I don't want to harm you, but if you don't cooperate...

Jane: Please, no! I won't let you harm me!

Chuck: *Turns her around in his arms so they're face to face* Then perhaps you should cooperate.

Jane: No! (Tries to slap him)

*Chuck drops her. He sprawls over her, pinning Jane to the ground.*

Jane: (Gasps) Chu...Lord Charles, what's wrong with you? You look like an evil demon from the folk tales!

Chuck: *Smirks* Perhaps I am. Now, will you come along quietly...or not?

Jane: No! No! (Mutters) Chuck, what's going on? I know you're the bad guy, but you're not supposed to look that scary!

Chuck: *Mutters* I must look the part of the bad guy. *out loud* Yes. *tries to lean down and kiss her*

Jane: No! (She struggles as hard as she can...and finally raises her knee into his important parts)

*Chuck winces and rolls away, but manages to grab her wrist.*

Jane: Get away from me! I've heard what you do to young girls!

Chuck: *Sits up better* What do I do?

Jane: You torture them and take their energy and make them look like monsters!

Chuck: Is that all? *gets up*

Jane: They say you turn them over to your mistress the Sorceress, who uses their bodies in horrible experiments!

Chuck: Maybe I'll keep you for myself! *picks her up again*

Jane: No! Get off! (She kicks and struggles as hard as she can)

Chuck: Oh no... *Drags her with him, laughing as he does so.*

Jane: (Tries to drag her feet) Oh no! (Yells as hard as she can) Help

Help! Marsha! Louie!

Chuck: *Clamps a hand over her mouth* You be quiet!

(Jane struggles, trying to kick at him.)

*Chuck frowns, but starts murmuring in Jane's ear.*

(Jane struggles, but her eyes start closing.)

*Chuck continues murmuring.*

(Jane's eyes finally close. She collapses in Chuck's arms.)

*Chuck laughs, picking her up completely, and carries her off stage.*

(As Chuck carries her offstage, Marsha runs onstage with Slip, Whitey, Bobby, Buddy, and Junior. Louie and Butch run out of the Inn at the same time.)

Louie: It's terrible! It's horrible! Your Lordship, we saw that warlock carry off poor Jane!

Butch: My poor darling!

Slip: *Growls* Dammit!

Marsha: I'm sorry, Your Lordship! We arrived too late to save her!

Louie: I'll bet he took her to the Forbidden Forest, like all the others!

Butch: No!

*Whitey puts a hand on Butch's shoulder. Slip just growls again.*

Marsha: (Turns to Slip, her blue eyes wet with tears) You've gotta find her, Your Lordship! She...she's my friend!

Slip: I know she is.

Butch: Let me come with you!

Buddy: But he's merely a musician, Your Lordship!

Bobby: And he's terribly young for such an undertaking.

Butch: No! I love Jane! I can help!

Slip: *Sighs* I hate to put you in danger, but in order to save her, we may need you. You can come with us.

Butch: I thank you, sir. (He bows)

Marsha: (As she and Louie wave) Be careful out there! Don't let them get you, too!

(We fade out as the others head for the woods, with Butch following behind.)