(We open at Louie's. Louie is sweeping the floor as the boys enter the room.)

Louie: Hello, boys. Sachula, are you feeling better?

Sach: I feel fine! Why does everyone keep askin' me that?

Slip: Cuz you been actin' nuttier than you usually do.

Sach: That's just because you guys don't think I saw Vivian.

Louie: Who's Vivian?

Sach: Vivian is the girl I met this morning. The one in the car who vanished.

Louie: A girl just vanished? (Eyes widen) Was she the one who you said was murdered yesterday?

Sach: Nahh, that was the guy in the car with us. I never did find out what happened to her.

Slip: Yer still runnin' on that story?

Sach: Chief, I told you. It really happened!

Louie: Was he like this at home, too?

Slip: Yeah. He's drivin' me up a wall.

Sach: But you can't climb walls! You can't even climb trees!

*Slip pulls off his hat and wallops Sach with it.*

Sach: Oop! (He jumps up) I know when I'm not wanted. I'm gonna go for a walk. I'll meet you guys back here later. (He heads out the door. Butch frowns.)

Butch: Maybe you were a little hard on him, Chief. What if he really did see that girl?

Slip: Then where is she, hmmmm?

Louie: This is a big city, Slip. People come and go. Maybe she took that man to the hospital if he was dead. (He shudders at the last word.)

Slip: Do you know how many comic books Sach has? He's just makin' it up for the retention.

Louie: Do you think he ought to go out alone, then? Maybe he needs some medicine.

Butch: Should one of us go after him?

Chuck: Yeah, crazy or not, someone should watch him.

Slip: I ain't doin' it.

Whitey: I could go.

Slip: There. Go an' catch the crazy moron.

Whitey: I will, Chief! *heads off to catch up with Sach*

*We follow Whitey as he jogs down the street and catches up with Sach.*

Whitey: Mind if I join you, Sach?

Sach: Sure! As long as you don't tell me I'm nuts.

Whitey: I don't think you're nuts!

Sach: At least someone doesn't! (He puts his arm around Whitey) I knew you were my pal!

Whitey: And you're my pal! If you say it's true, Sach, then I believe you.

Sach: Thanks, Whitey! (He looks around) I didn't tell the others, 'cause I didn't wanna hear about it from Slip, but I really came out here to look for her.

Whitey: I'll help you.

Sach: Ok! (He takes him to the spot where the cab was) She was right here when I went inside, and when I came outside, she, the cab, and the man were gone!

Whitey: So the cab drove away with the man and her, too, probably. She wanted to do something with the body.

Sach: That's what I was thinkin', but I told her I'd call Officer Murphy to help.

*A convertible pulls up alongside the curb by the boys. Vivian is driving.*

Vivian: Hello, Sach.

Sach: (He grins, leans over, and hugs Vivian) You're back! You came back! I knew you would! (Looks in the back of the car) Did you take that guy to the hospital? What happened to him? Who shot at him?

Vivian: I'm afraid we don't have time for those answers now, Sach. *notices Whitey* Oh, who's your friend?

Sach: (Puts an arm around Whitey) This is my pal, Whitey. Whitey, this is Vivian, the most beautiful girl in the world.

Whitey: *Nods* Hi, Vivian.

Sach: Wanna go in Louie's and meet my other friends? They don't believe you're real!

Vivian: I'm afraid I don't have the time. Actually, I need you to come with me.

Sach: Me? I'd love to come with you, but why?

Vivian: I need your help. That is all I can tell you right now.

Sach: Can Whitey come, too? He's a good guy. He won't tell anyone.

Vivian: Yes, he may come, too.

Whitey: Thanks!

Sach: Great! (He jumps in the front next to Vivian; Whitey gets in back) So, where are we goin'?

Vivian: My family's mansion on the northern side's outskirts.

Sach: Wow, you're that loaded?

Vivian: Not quite...

Sach: Do you live there, then?

Vivian: I do live there, yes.

Sach: Did the guy who... (gulps) ...kick the bucket live there? Was he a relative?

Vivian: No, he wasn't a relative. He was a business associate.

Sach: If your business involves bein' shot at, you've gotta get outta of it. I don't want someone shootin' at you! You're too pretty!

Vivian: No Sach, my business doesn't typically involve getting shot at.

Sach: Can you tell me what you do, then? (He sighs) I'll bet you're a model, or maybe a star on Broadway. Or a nightclub singer.

Vivian: My uncle will explain when we get to the mansion.

Sach: Your uncle! I didn't know someone as cute as you could have an uncle.

Vivian: *Chuckles* That's cute.

Sach: Me? Cute? (Grins) No one ever calls me cute! Butch n' Chuckie, an' the Chief sometimes, but me...

Vivian: Really? That's a shame, because you are cute.

Sach: I knew you were my dream girl.

Whitey: This is so sweet...

(As Sach continues to stare at Vivian wistfully, she turns onto a quieter street. They pull up to a huge old Victorian mansion, complete with fancy trim and huge old towers and a small but pretty garden area.)

Vivian: Here we are. *brings the car to a stop in front of the main steps in the half circle driveway*

Sach: (He and Whitey both stare with their mouths open) Wow. And you live here? This place looks like a castle made to look like a gingerbread house!

Sach: (As a butler comes around to open the door) Do you really live here?

Vivian: Of course I do! *gets out; lets the butler close the door after her*

Sach: (As the butler leads them into the house, which is just as big inside and filled with antiques) Wow! Are you sure we didn't drive to one of the museums?

Vivian: *takes Sach's elbow* This IS my home, Sach.

Butler: (Turns to Vivian) Your uncle wishes to see you right away, Miss. (Frowns) Is this the man you told me about? The one you had the unfortunate encounter with earlier today?

Sach: Who are you callin' unfortunate?

Vivian: Sach, he isn't calling you unfortunate. He's talking about what happened to my business associate.

Sach: Oh. Sorry. We're with her. She likes us, especially me. She's my dream girl.

Butler: Very well, sir. (Leans over Vivian) Is he for real?

*Vivian just shrugs.*

(He leads them to a cozy library. An older man in a dapper suit sits behind a huge antique desk. Shelves of books and beautiful old paintings take up most of the remaining space in the room, along with a large fireplace with a roaring fire.)

Man: Hello, Vivian darling. I'm so sorry about that terrible mishap this morning. (Nods at Sach and Whitey) And these young men helped you out?

Sach: Yeah, she's my dream girl.

Man: (Smiles) How very charming. I'm Marcus Blake, Vivian's uncle and her superior in her work.

Vivian: They're both willing to help us, uncle. *takes Sach's elbow again* Sach was there this morning.

Sach: Yeah! I saw the guy die and everythin', but most of my friends don't believe me! The guy just disappeared! (Puts an arm around Whitey) Whitey believes me, though. He's the other smart one, besides me.

*Whitey nods, grinning.*

Marcus: I see. So, what do those friends usually call you boys?

Sach: My name is Horace DuBussy Jones, but my friends all call me Sach. (He sighs at Vivian) You can call me yours.

*Vivian smiles at Sach.*

Whitey: And I'm Whitmore Johnson, but the fellas call me Whitey.

Marcus: It's nice to meet you, gentlemen. Has my niece told you anything about our business?

Sach: Only that she doesn't usually get shot at.

Marcus: Not normally, no, but this might change in the future. We're doing a very dangerous job, gentlemen.

Sach: (Eyes widen) Dangerous! You mean, people might shoot at us, too?

Marcus: No, nothing like that. Sit down, gentlemen. (Looks at the butler) Arthur, bring me tea for my niece and our two new friends here. Some cakes too.

Sach: You said "cake." You got my attention.

Marcus: (As the Butler leaves) Gentlemen, what you are about to hear must be kept to the utmost secrecy. It is very top secret, hush-hush business.

Sach: We know how to hush-hush, right Whitey?

Whitey: You bet we do! There's secrets we learned in first grade we've never told no one!

Sach: Includin' the time the Chief stole the teacher's false teeth and hid them in the broom closet. Boy, was Miss Primsnitcher mad!

Whitey: *Nods* Oh, boy, I remember that!

Marcus: (Raises an eyebrow) Very amusing...but this is a bit more important than your teacher's false teeth. When the Nazis invaded France, they stole several valuable paintings from some of the country's most famous museums and sold them to high-ranking Nazi officers. When the Allies invaded France, they were unable to find those paintings. Our government organization, however, was able to track them down.

Sach: But why did that guy get shot?

Marcus: We've recently learned that a group of thieves known for selling valuable paintings on the international black market has gotten wind of the paintings. That man was one of our people. He was carrying information about the paintings and their possible location, including a small black book with names and dates of the paintings and the thieves who have been seen by our men.

Sach: Wow! That little black book must be pretty important.

Marcus: (Nods) It also has the information on the probably hiding place of the paintings. That's why John Devonham was killed. That's what those men are after. The information in his suitcase and that book. (Turns to Vivian) My dear, did you get it off of him before his untimely passing?

Vivian: *nods* I did get it from him.

Marcus: Good. You're going to have to be on your guard now, girl. (Turns to Whitey and Sach) And so will you gentlemen. You're going to help her make sure that the book gets into the proper hands.

Sach: (Puts his hand on his heart) You can count on us, Uncle Chief. I wouldn't let anything happen to my dream girl!

Marcus: And your friend?

Whitey: I wouldn't let anything happen to Sach or his girl.

Marcus: Wonderful! (He nods) You gentlemen may leave now. I wish to speak to my niece. She'll join you momentarily.

Sach: Come on! Let's go see if that Arthur guy has our tea yet.

Marcus: (As they leave) A most amusing set of young men, Vivian. Wherever did you find them?

Vivian: I ran into Sach quite by mistake. I needed a cab and hailed his. When I found him again before we arrived, he had his friend with him.

Marcus: Neither of them seem especially fit for the task at hand. They're both skinny and don't appear to be very bright.

Vivian: But I believe those are the reasons why they are both perfect. I thought I'd hit on something with only Sach, but with his friend, it's even better. Neither will have a clue of what they're doing or getting into.

Marcus: You do have a point. Those two imbeciles are about the most clueless creatures I've ever seen. (Frowns) You don't have...feelings...for the taller one, do you? The one who calls himself "Sach?"

Vivian: Uncle...

Marcus: Well, the way he was talking about you, I thought you were already married. We can't let personal feelings disrupt our mission, Vivian. You know that.

Vivian: I know that, Uncle.

Marcus: I'm glad. Perhaps we should find a way to get these boys out of here, before they learn far more than they should. (Winces as we hear a crash from outside) Or they destroy my household, whichever comes first.

(Arthur, Sach, and Whitey come in. Arthur now has the tea and cakes all over his nice suit.)

Sach: (He and Whitey are trying to brush Arthur off) We're sorry, sir. We didn't mean to run into you. We were just wonderin' when you were gonna be up with the tea!

Arthur: (Fighting to keep his composure) That's...quite all right, sir. I have other suits, and I can get more tea.

Marcus: Maybe it's time you boys took my niece out for a while. (Mutters to Vivian) Very, very far out.

Vivian: Yes, Uncle. Come along, boys.

(Marcus watches as Sach and Whitey follow Vivian. Whitey's the last one...and as he leaves, he sees Marcus and Arthur smirk at each other out of the corner of his eyes, but then shrugs and heads out.)

(Cut back to Vivian's car. Arthur lets them in again. Sach once again gets the front seat.)

Sach: Now can we show you to our friends?

Vivian: Sure, Sach.

Sach: (As they head out) Wow. So you're really a spy. You're prettier than any spies they have in the movies!

Vivian: You're so sweet.

Whitey: *Looking behind them* Umm...

Sach: Not now, Whitey. I'm busy. (He whispers into her ear) So, how about a date on Friday?

Vivian: *Her eyes briefly look into the rear view mirror* I'll let you know later, Sach. We're being followed right now.

Sach: (Looks behind them) But it's just a big black car... (Suddenly, we hear a gun shot) ...that's shooting at us. Stop the car, Vivian! Pull in somewhere! Anywhere! (Points to the nearest building) Macy's! We can get lost there! That's the biggest store around!

*Vivian does so, quickly pulling into a parking spot. They all jump out of the car as we fade.*