Slip: SAAACH! *Hes turned in the driver's seat and glaring at Sach.*

Sach: (The screen gets wavy again as we fade back in on more normal black-and-white and Sach in the back seat) Huh? Wha? Where's Vivian? (Frowns) You ain't Vivian, Chief!

Slip: 'Course I ain't!

Sach: (Nods at the mansion in front of them) Oh good, we're here. (Leads them to the door and rings the doorbell) Arthur's the butler. He knows Vivian. He gave us tea n' everythin'.

Arthur: (Finally comes out) May I help you, sir?

Sach: Don't you give me all that "sir" stuff! You know me! (Indicates Whitey) You know us! We're the guys who were just here with Miss Vivian this mornin'!

*Slip folds his arms, his eyes rolling upwards, in almost an "I told you so" way.*

Arthur: I don't know a Miss Vivian.

Sach: (Laughs) Of course, you do! We were just here with her this morning! We talked to her uncle!

Arthur: The only person who lives here is a Mr. Marcus Blake, and he has no relatives, and certainly has no niece.

Sach: But...but...we were just here this mornin'! What about all the hush-hush stuff?

Arthur: I have never seen either of you before in my life. Now, please leave these premises, before I call the police! (He slams the door in Sach's face.)

Sach: Well, there's no need to get loud about it! (He turns to Whitey) I know we were here this mornin'! We both were!

Whitey: We were!

Sach: (Turns to Slip) Honest, Chief. (He leads them to the side of the house) An' we're gonna prove it to ya!

Slip: *Eyes widen* What're you talkin' about, Sach? That guy's gonna call the cops on us! My name was finally clear from our last issue wit' the cops a couple years ago last week!

Sach: No, he won't! I'll bet that uncle has Vivian in there someplace, an' we're gonna find her! (He pulls a window open) Come on! (He climbs in)

*Whitey follows immediately after Sach.*

Slip: Why'm I doin' this? *sighs, then follows them*

Sach: (Puts his fingers to his lips) Shh! (He leads them into the house...but then, we hear voices and footsteps) Yipes! (Pulls the other two behind a door)

(Arthur and Marcus walk by just as the boys manage to hide. Marcus smirks.)

Marcus: Is the girl secure in the basement, Arthur?

Arthur: *nods* Yes, she is.

Marcus: Good. And she wouldn't tell you what she did with the black book?

Arthur: Not a word about it.

Marcus: What could she have done with it? (He raises an eyebrow) Do you think she might have given them to those two idiots she picked up on the Lower East Side?

Arthur: She could have done anything with it, including that.

Marcus: You know, I think she was getting rather fond of those two. Especially the one with the hooked nose. (His grin becomes evil) If we could find them and hold them as collateral, perhaps she would be more willing to talk?

Arthur: It's possible it would loosen her tongue.

Arthur: How will we find them?

Marcus: Perhaps we could check and see if they've left yet. Didn't you say you just saw them at the door, asking about Vivian?

Arthur: Yes, but they probably did leave. I was very blunt with them.

Marcus: Perhaps we could send someone outside to see if they've left yet. I'll keep guards around the rest of the house, just in case they do try to come back.

Arthur: And I'll send someone to look for them

Marcus: I'll go and have (smirks) a second little chat with Miss Vivian. (He and Arthur head off in different directions. Sach turns to Whitey and Slip, his eyes very wide.)

Sach: Oh geez, Vivian's in a heap of trouble...and now we are, too!

Slip: *Turns to Whitey* Whitey, go get the police an the other guys. Me an' Sach can handle this.

Whitey: *Nods* Right, Chief! *hurries off and slips back through the window they came in*

Sach: Chief, didn't I tell you? There IS a Vivian, and she really IS in trouble!

Slip: *Sighs* Yeah, Sach, ya did, but how 'bout we rescue 'er first an' you can "told ya so" me until yer blue in the face later?

Sach: (Nods as they head for the parlor) And I will, you know.

Slip: I know ya will. Now c'mon.

Sach: (As they enter the parlor) This is where that not-Uncle met us.

Slip: Hm.

Sach: We've gotta find Vivian an' what her uncle's up to. Chief, you check his desk. I'm gonna go through the books on the bookcases.

(Sach keeps pulling out and pulling out books as Slip goes through the desk. Sach finally pulls out a large red leather-bound book. When he does, the bookshelf flips around...and Sach disappears!)

*Slip flips through papers from the desk. His eyes widen as he reads.*

(Suddenly, the bookshelf flips back. Sach twirls out, dizzy but grinning.)

Sach: That was fun. I think I'll do that again.

Slip: *Looks up, unaware Sach went for a ride on the bookshelf* C'mere, Sach.

Sach: (Stumbles into Slip) Yeeah, Chief? (Nods behind him) Chief, you've gotta try the bookcase. It's fun.

Slip: The...what? *smacks Sach with his hat* Will ya lookit this? That uncle guy is intendin' on sellin' those paintin's on the black market!

Sach: NO! That bad guy! Now we've really gotta find Vivian. She'll know how to stop this...criminal-type! (He pulls Slip over to the bookcase) And I think I know how.

(He pulls the red-leather-bound book, revealing the passage behind his ride-on-bookcase.)

Sach: Here ya go, Chief! I saw that passage when I was on my ride. Shall we go in? (He gets aside) You first.

Slip: *Eyes the passage* For once, Sach, ya done good.

Sach: Aw Chief, thanks. (Shoves him so hard, he almost falls against the bookcase.) Oop! Don't know my own strength, Chief! (Picks Slip up and tries to brush him off.)

Slip: *Whacks Sach with his hat* Just go! G-o-o!

Sach: But that's "goo!"

Slip: Well, GOO then!

Sach: All right, all right. (He heads in the passage, followed by Slip. What they don't see are the several men - including Marcus - who enter after them.)

Sach: (Cut to them going downstairs) This must be that basement.

(The boys head downstairs, wandering past dusty, open beams that look like the set for "Smuggler's Cove"...until they find Vivian between crates, tied to a chair and gagged.)

Sach: Chief, that's her! That's my Vivian! (He pulls the gag off) Vivian! Honey! Speak to me! Did they do any rough stuff? If they did, I'll tear them apart!

Vivian: No, but it's a trap!

Sach: Yeah, we know. We heard 'em talkin'. But we're too smart for 'em. We're gonna get ya outta here before they can come an' get us!

Marcus: That's what you think. (He and several of his men come down the stairs, holding guns) We saw you enter the parlor. (He walks up to Slip) I know someone was goin' through my desk. It was you or him...and he doesn't strike me as smart enough to be able to add two and two.

Sach: I can too! (He counts in his head) And carry the one...

Slip: *Glares at Sach* Don't hurt yerself, Sach. *turns back to Marcus* What're ya gonna do about it, hmmmm?

Marcus: (He points the gun at Slip; two of his men turn theirs on Sach) Vivian, dear, you have five minutes. Tell us where the black book is, or we shoot these two. It would give me great pleasure.

Sach: Oop! Can't we talk this over?

Marcus: The book, dear. Where is it?

Vivian: I won't tell you.

Marcus: Tell us, or both of them die.

Sach: No! Vivian, don't tell!

Slip: *Calls out* Routine seven!

Sach: Gotcha, Chief! (He hits one of the men in the nose, then runs over to Vivian to untie her) Honey, I got it! (Into her ear) I have the book!

(Slip and Marcus duke it out.)

Vivian: *Smiles* Great!

Sach: (He joins Slip) You know, you bad uncle, you. there's one thing I've always wanted to do to you.

Marcus: What's that?

Sach: This! (He hits Marcus on the nose. It's not that hard...but between that and the lumps Slip gave him, he winds up on the floor, out cold, as the police, Chuck, Butch, and Whitey arrive downstairs.)

Officer Murphy: Aye, boy. Looks like we've caught a regular nest of spies, we have! Sach an' Whitey were tellin' the truth after all!

Butch: Wow! (Turns to Chuck) Maybe the Examiner would let you get a big scoop on this! You could finally get your first byline!

Chuck: This is great! *pulls out his notebook*

Sach: (Turns to Vivian as Officer Murphy questions the others) So, how about that date tomorrow night?

Vivian: Sure! *gives Sach a big kiss*

Sach: (He grins, dazed, then turns to Slip) See what I told ya? You oughta believe me n' Whitey more often!

Slip: I ain't never gonna hear the end-a this.

Sach: No, you ain't. But for right now... (grabs Vivian and dips her, tossing the black book to Slip as we fade out on their clinch.)