Short Stories, 1946-1955

Just what the title says - one-part stories about the original 1946-1955 Bowery Boys that Lauren and I wrote together.

Those Yankee Doodle Boys - The Boys celebrate the first Fourth of July after World War II.

On the Roof - The Boys try to install their first TV antenna on the roof, but Chuck isn't up to their antics.

The Bowery Boys and the Bachelor Auction - There's more than a few surprises in store for the Boys when they auction off dates with them for a local charity.

The Piano - The Boys find themselves having to take Butch's new piano upstairs the hard way.

Be My Bowery Valentine - Slip and Sally have a night on the town.

Nothing to Fear But Thunder Itself - Sach and Slip have a chat about being afraid during a nasty thunderstorm.

Sick Day - Sach concocts a potion to help a sick Slip feel better.

The Bowery Boys and the Wicked Witch of Central Park West - A lovely young woman who isn't what she seems lures Slip and Chuck into her clutches on Halloween night..

A Bowery Thanksgiving - The Boys spend their Thanksgiving at home.

The Bowery Boys On Ice - The Boys try to teach Slip how to skate.

East Side Story - Slip and Chuck are attacked by a group of street toughs.

The Bowery Boys and the Great Big Kid - Sach's new invention gives the Boys' friend Dan the mind of a five-year-old.