The Riverside Rest

Welcome to the Riverside Rest...and slap on your hard hats, because we're in the midst of remodeling. The Rest is now strictly for writing - my essays and original stories, my solo fanfiction, and the fanfiction I've written with my best friend Lauren Miller.

The Bulletin Board - Here's where you'll find all the most recent changes in the Riverside Rest.

The Bedroom - Emma's Original Stories

The Children's Shelf - Emma's Original Tales for Kids, Teens, and Parents

The Back Room - Fan fiction for Emma's other interests.

The Bowery Boys' Basement Clubhouse - Step into the basement for fanfiction about those crazy guys from B-movie comedies of the 40s and 50s, the Bowery Boys!

Balki and Larry's Office - You'll find Emma and Lauren's stories about the 80s sitcom Perfect Strangers somewhere on the desk in the office section.

The Monkees' Music Room - Stories about those madcap 60s rockers can be found here.

On the Front Porch - Essays and links to my blog and Facebook page.

Questions? Comments? (Please, no flames!) Send them to!